Denver’s LRXD and Friday Health Plans Play up Bennies in New Outdoor Campaign


By The Denver Egotist / /

Friday Health Plans aims to make its members feel good. Version 2.0 of its advertising campaign by LRXD reworks the brand’s “That Friday Feeling” tagline with transit ads that connect it to the medical insurance’s benefits.

Friday Health Plans offers coverage that appeals to millennials and healthful-minded people with benefits they find most valuable — such as free doctor visits, free generic drugs and affordable plan options. Six new outdoor executions extend Friday to new times, experiences and places. Other campaign elements include social, display, pre-roll and native media.

“Last year’s campaign did a great job creating awareness of this new insurance company, but this year we wanted to push the benefits our target consumers desire in a health insurance carrier to the forefront,” said creative director Andy Dutlinger. “We kept the fun tone and visual style from last year’s campaign and created messaging that sets up humorous events that can be alleviated by the benefits Friday provides. In this case, that ‘Friday feeling’ is the feeling you get knowing you simply don’t have to worry about anything life throws at you.”



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