The Peace Pointer Creates a Moment of Second Thought on International Day of Peace


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Two Norwegian advertising creatives, John E. Njoki and Kim Follesøy-Thuen, have made a nonprofit campaign for the International Day of Peace. The Campaign focuses on preventing online hatred and will be launched this Friday on the International Day of Peace, 21 September.

Over 25% of adolescents and teens have been bullied repeatedly on the internet because of their gender, race or sexual orientation. And with a soaring increase in hate, sexism and racism from online communities — all the way to the white house — it’s more important than ever to make a change for a more positive online experience for everyone.

Since the 60s, the peace sign has been an international gesture. Now it’s being introduced online to help fight for peace and equality in a time and place where it is most needed. The Peace Pointer is a plug-in for Chrome and Firefox browsers that turns your mouse pointer into a peace sign — a constant reminder for you to make the web a better place whenever you post, comment, share and take part in a online discussions.

The plug-in was created by two Norwegian creatives John E. Njoki & Kim Follesøy-Thuen and is being launched on The International Day of Peace, this Friday, September 21. 


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