Boulder’s Victors & Spoils Closes


By The Denver Egotist / /

Nine years after opening its doors, Havas has closed its Colorado-based agency Victors & Spoils. Built on crowdsourcing, the agency was often criticized because — although it was able to tap global talent — the model often asked people to work for little to no money and paid for only ideas that “won.” Despite its issues from the creative side of the business, many clients did buy into the concept and the agency had its day of working with blue chip clients, including Harley-Davidson and Adidas. A Havas spokesperson told Adweek that V&S is closing because the group is “shifting our focus towards the most modern and relevant areas.” The statement also mentions increased investment in AI, conversational commerce, customer journey mapping and blockchain — ie. the latest industry buzzwords. Let’s pour one out today for those who remained until the end and wish them good luck in finding what’s next. 


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