Denver/St. Louis-Based HLK Crafts Hypothetical Beer Labels for International Beer Day


By Egotist / /

In many ways, beer is the creative fuel of the modern advertising industry. To celebrate the agency’s favorite libation and to commemorate International Beer Day, the creative team at HLK crafted beer labels that combine their deep love of beer with agency tropes that we all can relate to. 

The result? Nine hypothetical beers that we’d be happy to crack open at the end of a long day of unfiltered client feedback. They’ve shared them on their social channels and are asking fans and the beer drinking community to join them in celebrating, selecting your favorite. They’ll turn the winner into a prototype (and see where that takes them).

Our vote goes for Looming Deadline Coffee Stout. Caffeine & alcohol; one surefire way to jumpstart that early heart-attack.


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