Denver’s Sukle Releases Their Year 2 Generation Wild Campaign


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Great Outdoors Colorado, an organization that builds and protects Colorado’s parks, trails and open space, wanted to solve a problem. Kids today aren’t playing outside as much as they used to and as a result, they’re missing out on incredible benefits like increased creativity, less stress and reduced ADHD symptoms. Plus, kids who don’t play outside don’t end up caring about preserving the outdoors later in life. So, GOCO challenged Sukle to inspire these app-addicted youngsters to trade their phones and tablets for rocks and stinkbugs.

Their idea was to create Generation Wild — a brand that would inspire moms to send their kids outside to get grass stains on their jeans, fill their fingernails with dirt, and learn the valuable difference between moose prints, deer prints, and mountain lion prints. 

In its first-year, the campaign demonstrated measurable success in changing attitudes and behaviors. This year’s media campaign seeks to inspire parents to set their kids free and serve up new tips and resources to help them get their kids outside more often.


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