2010 Paper Fashion Show Winners


By The Denver Egotist / / Art Director’s Club of Denver staged their annual Paper Fashion Show last night. It was a really great time and a classy event that’s evolved a long way since its humble beginnings. Here are two pics and a vid featuring the winners. 1st Place – Designed by Museum of Outdoor Arts People’s Choice – Designed by Philosophy / Section 45


  1. section 45 March 19, 2010

    I posted about 40-50
    I posted about 40-50 additional images here on our flickr account:


  2. Jay R. March 19, 2010

    Thanks S45 and TDE!
    And if

    Thanks S45 and TDE!

    And if you’d like to see more pictures, ADCD board members Mark Stevens and Randall Bellows took awesome shots. Mark’s have now been posted on the Art Director’s Club of Denver’s Facebook page. Check them out.

  3. Brian Son March 19, 2010

    There was some amazing,
    There was some amazing, amazing pieces. Congrats to the two winners. The Philosophy/Section 45 piece had to be seen in person, huge.

  4. richard feldman March 19, 2010


  5. paper cut March 20, 2010

    2nd place looked like
    2nd place looked like fabric… classy.. Third place was a tie.. check those out on photo streams.. Not sure who the designers were on those.. but nice. My favorite in addition to first place garden was the wedding dress and little bo peep.. they were understated and classic. Some specular work. And thanks to Mark and Bellows for the great photography.

  6. cranky March 21, 2010


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