• Brazilian Creative Club Debuts Video for “Anger” Campaign Via FCB Brasil

    by / September 10, 2019 /

    Continuing their "Anger" campaign — created by FCB Brasil for its 44th annual show — Clube de Criação (Brazilian Creative Club) has released a video made by LOBO/Vetor Zero to announce the jury and awards ceremony.The concept of the piece is: "You get really mad until you get an idea that makes people go mad.” Combining 3D and 2D animation techniques, the piece showcases different angry reactions by creative professionals to phrases that appear in their routine at work.

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  • Denver Art Museum Values – Via Practice Studios

    by / August 13, 2019 /

    The Denver Art Museum is the hub of this city's great cultural frequency. World-class exhibitions and programs set the stage for the artistic energy and vitality of Colorado's emerging prominence. As the museum moves into a new era, they felt it was important to define the values that guide its staff and community. Practice produced a series of animated vignettes that illustrate the core principles of this ess[Read More]

  • The Raven and The Writing Desk: “Hands/Heart” – Via Denver’s Aaron Ray

    by / July 26, 2019 /

    This video for Hands/Heart by The Raven and The Writing Desk is the result of a lot of nights and weekends while Aaron Ray was at Legwork and between being a part-time Dad. He took it on as a way to practice some new techniques, but also just to work on something that was purely from his point-of-view conceptually and stylistically. It is his first personal work released as an independent animation director after the closing down of Legwork Studio. You can learn more about the projec[Read More]

  • Animated Campaign for Everpillow by Infinite Moon – Via Denver’s Bionic Giant

    by / July 8, 2019 /

    Steve Van Diest — founder of Denver-based Infinitemoon and creator of the increasingly popular Everpillow — approached creative agency Bionic Giant to produce a series of fun animated spots to spark imaginations and dreams of a good night's sleep.

    Bionic Giant illustrators crafted seven short animations highlighting the brand’s all-natural materials and full customization. Each spotlights Everpillow[Read More]

  • Denver’s Legwork Studio is Dead, RIP

    by / July 2, 2019 /

    There's simply no debating that Legwork, for many years, set the bar that the rest of us hoped to reach. We always looked forward to seeing their work because it contained a level of intelligence and creativity that the majority of marketing sorely lacks. They worked side by side with many of the best agencies and clients in the country and consistently crushed expectations. They leave us with one final reel, a[Read More]

  • BBDO Takes Mountain Dew on a Cross-Country Roller Coaster

    by / June 18, 2019 /

    Director Andy Baker teamed up with BBDO NY to create a monumental summer campaign for Mountain Dew. Celebrating the entire U.S. of A., they developed 50 individual animated films for each state along with one cohesive national spot. 

    Spreading the love across America, the animated films highlight the many iconic landmarks and symbols we all know and love (or will soon learn) that make e[Read More]

  • Drink Right, F*** Right

    by / June 14, 2019 /

    "Drink Right, F*ck Right is a responsible drinking campaign with an absolutely true and new insight," says Eduardo Lima, Executive Creative Director, at Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo. "Who has never gone beyond the point? Drink Right, Fuck Right has the mission of educating everyone to drink without excesses."

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