Scott Fassett

Denver, CO

Member Since: 5/16/2018

Hey there. I’m Scott. ‘Scoots’ to most of my friends and coworkers. ‘Scotty’ to my wife and my mom. ‘I SAID NO’ to my 6-year-old. At the end of the day, I find my purpose in positivity. Making others feel their best and seeing them succeed brings me joy. Emboldening my team to eschew the safe idea gives me a rush. Pushing them not just to make the idea great but to make the way they sell the idea even better fills me up. Making designers write concepts and writers find visual inspiration is good for them AND makes me giggle. Win-win. Humor, humility, empathy, and accountability are the most important tools in the creative director toolkit. That goes for a one-on-one to talk professional development, or a whiteboard brainstorm where everyone struggles to read a lick of my writing, or a big pitch to 11 solemn, poorly-saturated Zoom rectangles. Being a creative director isn’t about me…it’s about making everyone around me thrive. Not just my team, or my clients, or my family, but EVERYONE.