Ladd Forde


Member Since: 10/7/2019

Ladd Forde is humble when it comes to discussing his work, but his portfolio and work history – which includes everything from action shots to architectural photography to editorial fashion spreads – speaks for itself. The Denver-based photographer grew up in Aspen and began experimenting with photography by taking photos of his friends out skateboarding. For Forde, photography isn’t just a means to an end. He’s passionate about his work, and he has traveled to places like Nepal and Uganda to explore and understand different cultures. “I was trying to get a good overall detail of what their culture is like,” Forde explains. “And to do my best to be honest with it all. I feel like you see a lot of pain in the media, but it’s not all like that. There’s happiness, too. And I think I got a good mixture.” As a commercial & editorial photographer, he explains that, “It’s all in my hands. To me, what I love about the job so much, is being able to work with a team of people to develop a concept, a story and then being able to light and shoot it the way I want to, to achieve that concept, is, to me, the most fun thing in the world.”