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Like a monkey wearing a tuxedo, I take fun seriously. I'm Geoff Allen, an art director and graphic designer located in beautiful Denver, Colorado. When I started FUN IS OK, I made a promise to myself to constantly “play”. Play with the concept, Play with the message, Play with the layout. Some people say that a straight line is the fastest way from A to B... but who the hell wants that? When you approach your work as fun, it opens up a whole new world of ideas and allows your imagination to wander. And that's where the real magic happens. Years of running around on the design playground has allowed me to work with some incredible brands and like-minded people. People who are willing to put it all on the line for what they believe in. Win, lose or draw. To help tell their story, I often combine my backgrounds in both art and design. My work has gained recognition from AIGA, Communication Arts, Print Magazine, Creative Quarterly, HOW Magazine and Event Marketer. Winning awards is great for the ego, but having happy clients is better for the soul. My mom always said that I play well with others. So let’s grab a drink and make something great together.
 Life is too serious. 
Remember… fun is ok.

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