Ella Trujillo

Taos, New Mexico

Member Since: 9/20/2018

I'm an illustrator and artist who specializes in painterly, vibrant visual story-telling. Most notably, I have worked with The New York Times, The Atlantic, Slate, Pitchfork, and NPR. I have experience working with many different industries and clients but I specialize in editorial illustration and visual storytelling. That said, my broad range of skills makes my work appropriate for a multitude of projects. In working relationships, I believe in solid communication, clear expectations and mutual respect. When not making art, you might find me wandering the esoteric sections of the local library, taking apart your computer or mushroom hunting. Features & Clients: The New York Times The Atlantic Pitchfork Slate Live NPR and affiliate WHYY In These Times The Free Library of Philadelphia The Kempe Foundation Authors, musicians, filmmakers, beermakers, food makers, movers, shakers and more.