Golden, CO

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Dustin is a photographer, angler, paddler, camper, road tripper, hiker, camper, cyclist, snowshoer, snowboarder but most of all he's an adventure seeker. While always looking to see what's around the bend or over the next ridge, he finds himself in some pretty amazing places surrounded by interesting people, eating good food and always with his camera at the ready. Based out of Colorado, with roots in Texas, Dustin has knowledge and access to a vast array of beautiful landscapes and honey holes. Born and raised in Arlington, TX Dustin would carry a point and shoot camera around with him documenting his friends goofing off and having fun. He took a photo class in high school but it wasn't until college that he found a passion for taking photos. He graduated with a degree in Advertising and Fashion Photography and went on to assist and learned from some of the best photographers in Dallas and from around the world. Honing in on his passion for photography, Dustin started building a portfolio and shooting assignments for newspapers, magazines and businesses from around North America. Dustin has photographed everything from corporate events and weddings to food and portraits and enjoys every photographic opportunity he gets. His favorite assignments are shoot people doing what they love to do. This led him in the direction of shooting editorial, advertising and portrait assignments in the outdoor industry as well as the corporate world.

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