Ian Mitchell

Denver, CO

Member Since: 3/10/2019

Ian Mitchell "Doctacon" is a Graphic Designer, creative and lover of all things bicycle. Not always in that order. He moved from St. Louis, Missouri in 2000 to study graphic design and enjoy mountain life in Colorado. After graduating he proceeded to work in the fast paced world of newspaper print advertisement. However, he was hungry for more and relocated to Colorado's front range for more exciting opportunities to explore his passion for all thing design and marketing. It was there where he began to really hone his creative and technical skills, working for top brands along the way. Currently he resides in Denver, Colorado where he freelances under the name Doctacon. Ian is available for contract production art and design work as well as full-time opportunities with stellar companies. Gallup Signature Strengths: Achiever • Strategic • Learner • Input • Ideation