Abbie Goetting

Denver, Colorado

Member Since: 4/2/2018

Abbie is a Creative Director & Designer offering a decade of agency-level expertise to clients seeking thoughtful branding, packaging, and marketing solutions. Proven by a diverse list of successful projects for huge global brands, focused regional organizations, and budding product startups, Abbie understands how to engage an audience with provocative thought and polished style to begin a lasting brand dialogue. Experienced as a member of agency and in-house teams, Abbie naturally fits into leading roles with her diligent process and collaborative charm. Currently, Abbie runs an independent creative practice in Denver, Colorado, pursuing the immersive, fulfilling challenge of entrepreneurship. How did Abbie’s career begin? Given a deluxe box of crayons at eighteen months, a tiny toolbox at four, and endless encouragement thereafter, Abbie has been creating since the day she could hold a pencil. She completed her creative foundation at Syracuse University, graduating cum laude with a BFA in Communications Design. When Abbie isn’t solving problems for clients, she continues making things in her free time. From carpentry to fiber arts to gastronomy to language, Abbie loves honing new skills and exploring new ideas. On weekends, she escapes to the mountains with her canine sidekick, Gunner, or settles into the luxury of a lazy morning with a cup of coffee and a good book.Your Description