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Type Of Work:
Remote (Denver)
Date Posted:
May 19, 2020


Are you looking for an experience where you learn valuable job skills AND guidance? Where you learn to become a better designer AND learn about the business of design? Where you can ask for advice and actually get it? Move beyond just getting coffee and learn skills you’ll carry through your career.

Part internship, part mentorship, our 2020 Internship Program is always on the lookout for creative and energetic design interns. Our clients are primarily in the hospitality, lifestyle & fashion industries, so a LOVE of pretty pictures, fun and engaging content is a must! Think this could be you? then please read below for all the details…


We are looking for a graphic design *superstar* intern to join our team for the SUMMER. What does that mean?

• You’ve got a great concepts & strong typography skills
• There’s thought behind your work
• When you start a project – you reach for your sketchbook before your laptop
• You’re inspired by more than just graphic design, but by interiors, fashion, photography, etc.
• You crave inspiring imagery and interesting clients
• You treat this job seriously, no flakes allowed
• You’re looking for REAL design experience, not just grabbing coffee

DOES THIS SOUND LIKE YOU? good! keep on reading…

Skills you’ll utilize and learn:

• research and concepting
• creation of mood boards, comps and photoshop templates
• project management + admin
• file organization
• print collateral design
• website wireframes & design
• designing email & promotional materials
• web & print production

Please check our site: bit.ly/sfg-mentorship

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