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December 11, 2019


The Digital Marketing Specialist oversees recruitment and brand marketing across digital channels (search, mobile, social media, OTT and others) with the specific aim of helping Colorado School of Mines (Mines) achieve its [email protected] goals of becoming a “top of mind, first-choice” institution for potential students, faculty and staff and industry partners. The position designs, builds and launches paid and unpaid digital campaigns in collaboration with the Mines marketing team, Office of Admissions, campus clients and vendors. The Digital Marketing Manager routinely tests and retools approaches, channels, landing page designs and more to assure the greatest effectiveness and ROI when deploying both domestic and international campaigns aimed at recruiting students to Mines. The position will report to the Chief Marketing Officer and will work closely with campus stakeholders promoting Mines.

Digital Marketing Execution:
Build complex domestic and international digital campaigns that promote and build the Mines brand. Likewise build complex, multi-tiered campaigns that drive awareness and applications for Mines undergraduate and graduate programs. Construct campaigns within multiple ad ecosystems, including those maintained by Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and so on.
Tailor campaigns to specific audiences including alumni, current students, specific employers, community partners, and distinct geographic and interest demographics.
Continuously monitor, test and adjust campaigns to ensure that Mines is meeting its student recruitment goals as well as its overall brand awareness and perception priorities.
Regularly fine-tune and/or rebuild campaigns based on actionable data collected internally and via network tools.

Campaign Strategy Development:
Plan and build aggressive digital campaigns based on client and institutional goals, budget, time, etc. Ensure all campaigns raise the visibility, reputation and renown of Mines while also meeting the goals of the individual campaign (such as recruiting students to a particular program or event).
Interface directly with campus clients or as a part of a team to develop campaign goals, integrate plans and systems, and curate campaign content and materials.
Identify the latest trends and technologies and the opportunities they hold for Mines and our individual campaign efforts. Use this information to propose new approaches and tool investments aimed at making the advertising more effective, more distinctive, easier to deploy and more trackable.
Implement new approaches to help Mines best utilize its time and resources in promoting the institution and its programs.
Build quarterly plans that align with Mines strategic goals, budgeted enrollment targets and emerging needs. Include in those plans a budget projection and be prepared to justify that investment with supervisor and campus clients.
Construct strategy that maximizes available budget and resources, while also effectively right-sizing campaigns to available budget when funding is constrained or unavailable.

Tracking, reporting and tailoring efforts based on data and insights:
Build campaigns in ways that ensure that outcomes can be tracked with organizational tools as well as vendor-provided dashboards.
Produce regular, comprehensive reports on ad performance and audience activity that will help justify expenditures and inform future strategy and investments
Bring insights on user journeys to the Web Content and Development team along with specific requests and directions on needed additions and revisions that will streamline and better direct potential students through the website and recruitment funnel.
Capture and share news of ROI with campus clients. Benchmark results to national best practices and ongoing or recent Mines campaigns

Content Creation, Team Engagement:
Responsible for requesting and directing content creation and curation efforts.
Review and implement new software needed for initiatives.
Persuade partners and offices to develop new creative and messaging approaches to augment and improve marketing campaigns.

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