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Date Posted:
June 12, 2020


Do you live, breathe and sleep ideas? We’re looking for a badass crafter of amazing things. You must have a proven ability to work in a high-pressure environment without eradicating all of your weekends. What’s that, you say? A place that actually wants you to have weekends? Like, to yourself? Guilty as charged.

Now, we’re not saying you’ll never have to pull a long shift or sustain yourself on a steady diet of RiNO’s finest pizza. But what we are saying is this: If you live in Colorado, we believe you should actually be able to live in Colorado.
Let’s get to the nitty-gritty.

While you don’t have to be an expert designer, photographer, typographer, illustrator or production artist, you should have a good working knowledge and understanding of all these roles, and be able to demonstrate that you can make good-looking campaign work with a strong design aesthetic.

Above all, as an art director, you should be passionate and have your ego firmly in check. You say you’re a rock star? Go get a record deal.

Still with us? Good. You’ve already shown the ability to look up a word and demonstrate a modicum of humility. Last test. Are you willing to think beyond media platform boundaries to create work that stands out in a competitive market? Great! One more point: BIPOC candidates are strongly encouraged to apply. Here’s what we’re looking for:

3 to 5 years of experience making beautiful things

You must:
Understand business objectives and audience demographics
Be able to translate creative direction and copy points from creative briefs into engaging and effective concepts
Be a team player and collaborate with fellow Amelians to arrive at strong thinking
Participate in strategic brainstorming, campaign development, and creative execution based on the creative brief
Design layouts and develop ideas for a variety of mediums (TV, Social, Digital, Print, OOH)
Concept and design presentations both internal and to clients
Maintain high standards of quality
Work on multiple projects simultaneously
Be adept at presenting ideas internally and externally to clients
Be able to give feedback and receive constructive feedback on productions (TV, Post Production)
Be able to think in words as well as picture. Perfect spelling, although appreciated, is not a deal-breaker

Required Skills:
Digital (web, social)
Extensive knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, AfterEffects, and InDesign
Basic knowledge of photography and a heightened appreciation for it
A proven ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously and effectively juggle demands and deadlines
Strong communication skills and a meticulous eye for detail
Advertising and Agency Experience is a must

Not Mandatory Skills but Good to Have:
Video production
Editing, Copywriting
A positive attitude and thick skin

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