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Date Posted:
August 4, 2020


We are looking for an individual (no companies, or recruiters) to help with web design.

We are a small team primarily located in Denver and Arvada, but we have teammates across the US and Canada. I (Danny) run the business, and also do front-end development. We staff our projects with exactly the people needed. So we try to stay a small tight-knit team, and grow as projects require.

* High competency in designing for the web.
* Comfortable adapting to the style of various industries.
* Strong understanding of how things break down for different screen sizes.
* Generally a good sense of UX (but we have a UX designer on the team you will collaborate with).

Bonus Points:
* Some development knowledge. Not enough to build a site, but enough to understand limitations of technology and how the design might translate to code.

What To Expect
We have one project potentially landing soon (2-3 weeks out for design) that will be top priority. It will likely be 60-100 hours spread over 2-3 weeks. If all goes well, we are also interested in establishing longer term relationship with a designer that can help as stuff comes up.

Work can be done remotely. We often communicate over chat, or quick video calls throughout the day as needed.

Pay is related to your experience. Let us know your rate (or range) and we will see if it fits.

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