Ravi Zupa Arts LLC | Artist Project & Business Manager

This job post has expired

Type Of Work:
Commerce City
Date Posted:
August 8, 2019


Ravi Zupa Arts LLC is looking for an employee to work 24 hours per week with growth possibilities. Core responsibilities include maintaining website, managing fine art print releases, social media and marketing projects. The essential function of this role is to free up the artist to devote his time and energy to making art. The ideal candidate will be comfortable with computers, websites, chaos, social media, and have a well rounded business acumen with experience in, or passion for, the fine arts industry.

Administrative Duties
-Maintain website
-Prepare art for sale online (photograph/scan artwork, create Shopify listings, light coding and
design in Wordpress, mailing list, etc)
-Assist bookkeeper with end of month maintenance
-Communicate with galleries (e.g. details leading up to a show, follow up)
-Communicate with vendors (bookkeeper, lawyer, CPA, etc.)
-Communicate with wholesale and commission clients
-Grow wholesale clientele
-Oversee packaging and shipping activities/employee

Marketing & Media
-Build media outreach lists
-Write and distribute press releases
-Establish and maintain relationships with media outlets
-Keep blog updated with relevant, timely news about artist
-Manage much of artist’s presence on social media
-Update website to remain fresh, relevant and current at all times

Much of this job involves finding and executing creative solutions. Must be very familiar with all social media platforms, as well as Mailchimp, Wordpress, Shopify and Photoshop. Must be willing to quickly learn any other computer program, application or general process needed to “get the job done.”

Starting wage is $15/hour with a one month trial period. The artist works out of his home studio in Commerce City and enforces a strict policy of no remote work, but is very flexible on scheduling.

This is a very satisfying, fun, exciting, unique place to work with an amazing, supportive team. It can also be very difficult, sometimes stressful, often changing and demanding work with intense deadlines.

PLEASE DO NOT APPLY if you are not prepared to work hard, be flexible, creative and fully engaged.

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