Legacy Foundry | Part-time Marketer for Fintech Startup


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Type Of Work:
Date Posted:
January 10, 2020


We’re an early-stage, Denver-based startup that would love a great marketing mind on our team.

We’ve created an interesting product that clearly addresses a major need in the marketplace, and we have great traction in our sales channels. But we’re lousy at explaining our value proposition to the software’s end users.

This would be a part-time, contract position to start, with the potential to turn into something bigger as we grow.

Ideal skills:

- GREAT at taming ambiguity. We haven’t launched our product yet, so we’re still defining what, exactly the product is -- and that makes defining our marketing messages even more interesting and challenging.
- Amazing at getting inside software users’ heads
- Skill with online marketing (AdWords, Facebook ads, etc.)
- Experience working with startups and/or technology products
- Some understanding of the financial services/wealth management industry

For bonus points, you might be...

- At least decent at video production/editing
- Interested in receiving equity as part of a compensation package

More about us:

- We’re a Denver-based company, mostly driven by a passion for the potential social impact of our product. We’re technically a fintech company, but education, behavioral psychology, and gamification all play a role in what we do. We’re legitimately nice people, and the company is a no-jerk-zone that embraces open, transparent communication. For more, check out legacyfoundry.net/.

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