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September 23, 2019


This part-time position is for assisting in social media content development, scheduling, posting, listening, and community management for a small social media agency. The position offers a minimum of 10 hours per week, and maximum of 15 hours per week, and pays $30/hour. Think you may be the perfect fit? Here’s what the ideal candidate should offer:

∙ You’re fresh out of college, likely with a degree in marketing or communications.

∙ You’ve got experience with managing accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Other platforms like Snapchat and TikTok are a plus.

∙ You’ve got a working knowledge of Hootsuite, Social Studio, or similar programs to manage online postings on different platforms.

∙ You know how to communicate with the general public online; you’re helpful, kind, empathetic, and an open communicator.

∙ You’re a word-savvy grammar nerd. Correct spelling and proper punctuation matter to you, even on social media.

∙ You acknowledge and respect your client’s goals, and you make their mission a priority in your work.

∙ You’ve been praised for your communication style; you communicate clearly, competently, and thoroughly.

∙ “Follow-through” is your middle name.

∙ You know how to manage your time; the thought of being late, missing deadlines, or not answering emails in a timely manner makes you recoil.

∙ While multi-tasking isn’t ideal for our overworked brains, you’ve got the ability and confidence to switch seamlessly between clients, projects, and self-guided work.

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