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September 10, 2019


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CapitalValue Advisors is an investment bank located in the heart of Cherry Creek. CoPilot is a startup on behalf of CVA and your responsibilities would span both. The investment bank has doubled in size in the last two years and we are looking to add onto the team!

What does an investment bank do (CVA)? They assist in the sale or recapitalization of companies. So think, similar to a broker selling your house, it's a close analogy. They help you realize any pitfalls you might run into along the way as well as providing access to a pool of buyers and investors.

What does CoPilot do? CoPilot is an online tool used to help business owners and CEO's identify and solve risk within their company, potentially adding millions in value to their company. We are working with a product development team as well as video production folk to help us roll this product out early 2020. This is an incredibly exciting time to be a part of this team!

Who are you?
You are someone with a keen design sense and possibly someone with a penchant for creative writing. You're someone that wants to learn and grow quickly, and doesn't mind working late here and there. This is a very fast-paced industry and not to sound trite but it's true, we work hard and play hard...and learn a ton while doing so.

You wouldn't think a really creative opportunity comes out of an investment bank but think again! The owners of this bank have a soft spot for creatives and understand what really good branding brings to the table.

Your responsibilities:
On the investment banking side we will need help with management presentations. Management presentations are usually built in PPT and are branded toward our clients, so there's variety. These are used in meetings where our group is presenting to interested buyers.

On CoPilot: this will be your largest responsibility. We are using LinkedIn as our main channel to start spreading the word about CoPilot and we need help with the maintenace of our posts. This is where we'd like for someone to learn our voice and assist in the weekly plan of our posts. We will also need help pulling imagery for posts, creating infographics, other graphic support imagery etc...

Best of all, we want our LinkedIn page to have somewhat of a professional voice but also a humorous undertone. Like I said before, these finance guys aren't the usual and we've figured out that you can be professional in this space and still be human. It's what's made us successful.

What you'll need:
We have Mac here that you're welcome to use while in the office. If you'd like to bring your own laptop, that is fine too but ask that all your working files are always kept available on our servers here.

Programs you must be proficient in:
Indesign: complete proficiency
Illustrator: complete profiency
Power Point: complete proficiency
Excel: basic proficiency
Word: basic proficiency

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