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Date Posted:
April 10, 2019


I am looking for a Smart Home Tech for the task outlined below:

Replace existing WiFi equipment that is being rented from Comcast/Xfinity with new equipment (Modem and Router from Netgear) that is engineered for improved network capacity, multi-gig cable modem web access. Recently I upgraded my Comcast/Xfinity account to at least 1 gig download speeds. Although, I am unable to access the full capacity of the WiFi, until I upgrade my existing Modem and Router equipment.

My understanding is that an aspect of this will be to manually set up the Firewall on the Modem, which will be automatically updated moving forward via Comcast/Xfinity (note: let’s confirm that protocol). Also, set up the new Router network, while considering various options for additional security measures.

Additionally, I would like to subscribe and utilize the VPN Nord service. At this point in time, I am not quite certain how this will work in conjunction with the Netgear Nighthawk Modem and Router, including the pros and cons of using such a VPN service. I would like help briefly researching it, making smart decisions, helping me set it up and test, concurrent while we are setting up the WiFi Network with the new Nighthawk equipment.

Special Issues :
I would like to begin this task in the morning and during business hours. Just in case we need to call Comcast/Xfinity Customer Support to troubleshoot. Ideally, contacting Xfinity won’t be necessary because they are a hassle to deal with. Nevertheless, it will be prudent to take these precaution measures in case the person hired for this role requires support.

This task will involve setting up and thorough testing. After we get the new WiFi network set-up, we can begin discussing various other related tasks which we may decide to do later in the week.

It’s noteworthy, that when I read some of the reviews (pros/cons) of the Nighthawk Modem and Router, is that the equipment becomes hot (i.e. temperature). This Wifi Network will be the foundation to my Smart Home network overall. It will be on, all the time, continuously 24/7. Therefore, let’s be mindful of this potential issue, as well as, protocols for rebooting during power outages and so forth.

I realize this may not matter that much, but I do use Apple devices. This includes, a desktop Mac Mini, Ipad, two Iphones, and the Apple TV which hosts most of my TV entertainment portals. This consideration regarding my Apple Devices, may become relevant when trying to connect to the WiFi network, setting up and testing the devices.
I do have multiple guests, people who work at my home office. If it can be done easily, I would be interested in setting up multiple WiFi Router access user credentials.

To apply to this gig, please respond to this ad by emailing: [email protected].. To be considered, you MUST provide a CV, your weekly availability, hourly rate, and when you are ready to begin with this initial project. Thank you for your consideration.

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