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Commerce City
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Date Posted:
February 12, 2019


We are looking for a packing and shipping manager + Artist assistant.
We are a husband and wife artist team with 2 employees currently. We make screen prints, drawings, paintings, sculptures, and block prints and sell them through our websites, galleries and other venues.

On a typical day:
You will be packing and shipping art for part of the day,
and then working on special projects,
For example:
-photoshop prep work for printing processes,
-website design (using wordpress)
-creating proposals and presentations (indesign, photoshop, illustrator)
-Prepping/finishing canvases

The opportunity to create something that you are proud of every day.
To contribute to the growth of an artistic company that loves people (employees, customers and everyone else). A company that wants to make the world a better, more interesting place. 
We make art with our hands and are constantly inventing new creative processes to express complicated ideas.
Get paid to learn and grow. Learn more and work more here in two months than you will in years of college. 
Tools to go far in this world.

Are very comfortable with computers and are willing to learn new apps and programs as needed.
Are willing to work hard at a very difficult job!
Can start and finish a project with efficiency and quality. 
Have a desire to minimize multitasking and distraction.
Can stay focused and present, and put your personal life (texts, emails, personal social media) on hold while you’re here working.
Can be flexible and ready for the job to evolve unpredictably. 
Can deal with the stress of an intense deadline, work quickly and also carefully with delicate artwork.

This position starts at $15/ hour. Approx 32 hours per week, flexible. Potential for more.
If you’re worth your salt, your pay and hours can increase quickly.

How To Apply

Email [email protected] and attach your cover letter and resume.

Must know Photoshop, Indesign and Wordpress or other web program; be computer savvy.
A plus if you are familiar with, Asana, Shopify, other Adobe programs, Bluehost etc..

Look at our websites: and
and instagram @arnamiller and @raviamarzupa
And decide if you are a good fit before you apply.

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