MacBeth, A Very Serious Play

January 24, 2020
07:30 pm to 09:30 pm
2132 Market St. Denver, Co 80205
Miscreant Theatre Collective
$20 - $30

In the attic of Dunsinane some very important things are about to happen. After a totally cool and super bloody battle MacBeth and bff Banquo meet three creepy spiders, who are also witches, who tell MacBeth that he will soon be king… WHOA! When three spider-y witches get involved in the war games of children, dynasties will fall, kings will rise and some people are like for-real going to die!

Join Denver’s newest group of theatre outlaws as the Miscreant Theatre Collective are about to bring Shakespeare’s dark masterpiece to the stage in a way that, hopefully, you have never seen it before!

While supplies last be sure to pick up our VIP ticket package for juice and apple sauce at the king’s banquet!

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