Medianoche Premier & Malibu Medianoche Bottle Release

October 2, 2019
12:00 pm to 09:00 pm
508 8th Ave Greeley, Colorado 80631
WeldWerks Brewing Company

We’re releasing two new Medianoche variants on Wednesday, October 2 as part of our GABF week celebration– Medianoche Premier, Vol. 1 & Malibu Medianoche. Prices, limits, and more details will be announced in the weeks to come, but here’s a teaser about the beers to tide you over in the meantime…

Medianoche Premier, Vol. 1
Medianoche Premier represents the pinnacle of our barrel aging program and each entry is a unique and inimitable blend, showcasing the most flavorful, complex, and expressive casks in our inventory. For this inaugural entry, we blended nine different barrels, originating from five different types of spirits, and ranging in age from 15 to 23 months, with the average age of the blend landing at almost exactly 19 months:
~22% double barrel aged for 20 months, first in 8-year bourbon barrels for 9 months, then in 11-year bourbon barrels for 11 months
~22% aged 16 months in 12-year apple brandy barrels
~11% aged 23 months in 12-year brandy barrels
~11% aged 23 months in 10-year rye whiskey barrels
~11% aged 21 months in 14-year bourbon barrels
~11% aged 19 months in 10-year bourbon barrels
~11% aged 15 months in 12-year Jamaican rum barrels

Malibu Medianoche
When we managed to get our hands on some freshly emptied 12-year Jamaican rum casks, we knew we wanted to do something special with them, so we resurrected one of our most-requested draft only variants– Malibu Medianoche. After aging this batch in the Jamaican rum barrels for more than 15 months, we finished the beer on more than 1.5 lbs/gallon of toasted coconut and raw coconut, along with Madagascar vanilla beans, resulting in a rich, complex, dessert-like beer that evokes island life as much as it does fall in Colorado.

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