Denver Agency Spotlight: Cultivator

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Cultivator Advertising & Design, Denver

Year Founded:

Physical Location:
2737 Larimer Street, Unit B, Denver

Online Location:

Agency Philosophy:
It’s a roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty, let the work speak for itself kind of operation. We are not big on mission statements, marketing acronyms or proprietary marketing processes. Suffice to say, if our work and the care we approach it with doesn’t keep clients and employees around, then all the talk in the world is just that.

Client List:
• New Belgium Brewery
• Red Robin Gourmet Burgers
• Kettle Brand Chips
• Anthony’s Pizza
• RockResorts
• Keystone Resort
• Calistoga Ranch
• Cherry Creek North
• East West Partners
• Professional Ski Instructors of America
• Breckenridge Brewery
• ink! Coffee
• Boa Technologies
• Brunton
• Great Divide

Personnel Count:

Best Recent Work:
Anthony’s Pizza billboard, box manifesto, and box quote.

Brunton coffee maker and solar panel print ads.

Great Divide bombers, Yeti 4-pack, and packaging roundup.

ink! coffee icons.

Keystone A51 terrain park Andreas Wiig and Mike Clarke promos.

New Belgium “2˚ below,” “Conceived here,” and “Save our rivers” print ads.

Red Robin “Balloon,” “Flip,” and “Spin” coasters.

Riverfront book cover, kit spread, and kit opened.

Spyder Keri Herman, Matt Hayward, Sean Field, and Tucker Perkins, print ads.

Best Achievement in the Last Year:
Keeping everyone employed and focused.

3 Things The World Doesn’t Know About Cultivator That It Should:
1. If we don’t answer the phone after 5:30 PM, we might be at the Larimer Lounge.
2. We make our own furniture.
3. We get uncomfortable talking about ourselves in a self-serving manner.


  1. Jason Cormier November 16, 2009

    I have a great deal of

    I have a great deal of respect for these guys. They have been intentional about sticking to their roots while at the same time not being afraid to adapt to the changing (digital) environment. As one who runs an all digital (social media) agency, I’m always impressed with great creative that manifests beyond the monitor.

    Cultivator has an Atlas-Shrugged approach to building what works for their clients… they think big, tell the truth and do what they know how to do better than most.

  2. C13 November 16, 2009

    Real nice feature. Glad to

    Real nice feature. Glad to hear this crew is doing well. They’ve got a solid philosophy, and it shows.

  3. Justin Fuller November 16, 2009

    always inspiring.

    always inspiring.

  4. shrederland November 16, 2009

    good stuff

    good stuff

  5. Christopher Cox November 16, 2009

    They are awesome. Some of the

    They are awesome. Some of the best work in town.

  6. Brian Suter November 16, 2009

    Killer work & philosophy.

    Killer work & philosophy. Good stuff!

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