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Well, we’ve established that we think Chipotle’s new advertising sucks. And the new menu sucks. And the massive redirection in tone of voice sucks.

Now, if this were McDonald’s or BK, we wouldn’t give two shits. But this is Chipotle, a national company that was formed right here in our own back yard (right next to the University Of Denver campus) by Steve Ellis, with an $85,000 loan from his father.

And if that wasn’t enough, some great local agencies have helped to make the brand something we could all be proud of. Now, that great attitude and work has been pushed aside for blandness. But we’re not taking this lying down.

So, click on the image below and you’ll get a full-sized pic of our Cheapotle Plea. We’d like you to email it to Chris Arnold, the “Director Of Hype, Hoopla and Ballyhoo” at Chipotle. Maybe if enough of us fill up his inbox with it, he can pass it on to the various other morons responsible for the “new direction,” and put a stop to bullshit advertising and menu ideas.

Oh, and here’s his phone number as well. If you’d like to chat.

Chris Arnold
Director Of Hype, Hoopla and Ballyhoo,
Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc.
T: 303-222-5912
E: [email protected]


  1. Killian April 21, 2009



  2. Zach April 21, 2009

    They won’t change back to the

    They won’t change back to the old logo, especially if the new CMO is the co-founder of the company that designed it.

  3. sarah jacobcon April 21, 2009

    The new CMO is the co founder

    The new CMO is the co founder of Sequence, the brand consulting firm, not co founder of Chipotle. The new ad campaign is a “test” they are doing for the Denver area. Either way, I agree – it sucks.

  4. josh April 21, 2009

    facebook group please. must

    facebook group please. must digital riot.

  5. Zach April 21, 2009

    @Sarah Jacobcon. Thank you,

    @Sarah Jacobcon. Thank you, that is what I meant to write.

  6. Justin McCammon April 21, 2009



  7. Charlotte April 21, 2009



  8. Lee Perlman April 21, 2009

    Illegal Pete’s has

    Illegal Pete’s has queso!!!!!!!!

  9. paul suggett

    paul suggett April 21, 2009

    And trivia questions. If

    And trivia questions. If you’re going in today, the answer (at the County Line Road location) is Mutt Cutts. Got me a free drink for getting that one.

  10. lisa wharton April 22, 2009

    ooooh. i love the trivia but

    ooooh. i love the trivia but never have it at the one i go to. GRR.

    so – i sent it and got a speedy response!! that was at least awesome.

  11. A April 22, 2009

    Sent. No more student drinks

    Sent. No more student drinks either.

  12. alex April 22, 2009

    the new chipotle stuff is

    the new chipotle stuff is boring and now blends right in with all other fast casual and fast food brands. any idea who the agency is? i’m guessing it’s not sukle, ttd, (or any of the other local agencies the egotist tends to brown nose) or the work would be GOLDEN.

    careful, egotist, your true colors are starting to bleed through.

  13. paul suggett

    paul suggett April 22, 2009

    That’s right Egotist. The

    That’s right Egotist. The fact that you mention the name of the agency (Butler Shine) and you shit on work from agencies in Colorado all the time is no excuse for ragging on bland work outside of Denver.

  14. squareassspoongeballz April 22, 2009

    wow you guys(TDE) sure have a

    wow you guys(TDE) sure have a chubbie for chipotle

  15. B April 22, 2009

    I went to Chipolte today

    I went to Chipolte today because all this burrito talk got me hungry. As I was waiting in line I scoped out the new menu, it was confusing to say the least. All I wanted was the same burrito I get every time, that has never let me down (now the hardest thing to find). In front of me was a young business women who just wanted a couple tacos, she ordered the new number 4, “The Taco Kit”. Bad Idea. The worker lady behind the sneeze guard proceeded to ask the women in front of me what she wanted on her tacos. She then put the ingredients in small plastic cups, one for rice, one for beans and one for salsa. The women in front of me now asked for the ingredients to be put in her taco. The woman behind the sneeze guard was now confused. She called for the manager who could explain in better English that you are supposed to make the tacos. He did. It still made no sense. He gave the lady in front of me free lunch. I had to stand in line for an extra ten minutes. For my one minute burrito. This campaign makes no sense. Not to me, not to the employees and not to the customer. I should get free lunch for having to put up with all this stupidity! I’m a brand loyal!

  16. squareassspoongeballz April 22, 2009

    great, more packaging at a

    great, more packaging at a time where less is more, more or less…

  17. alex April 23, 2009

    they mention the agency

    they mention the agency where, snugget? didn’t see it in this “plea” but maybe i’m just not as brilliant as you and no, i haven’t followed the whole recent “this sucks” thread. sure, they rag on local agencies but the work from a select few seems to have a glowing sheen, no matter what. have you noticed that, or are you too drunk on the kool aid? directing too much content to notice?

  18. AskACopywriter April 23, 2009

    Sent. And Chris Arnold

    Sent. And Chris Arnold replied.
    Not with a form letter, but with a thoughtful and passionate response.
    Made me believe that they’re smart enough to ensure that the Chipotle brand and experience will come out of this test run just fine.

  19. paul suggett

    paul suggett April 23, 2009

    You’re a funny guy “Alex.”

    You’re a funny guy “Alex.” Something tells me you don’t work for one of those good agencies in town though.

  20. josh April 23, 2009

    I wrote a letter to CHipotle

    I wrote a letter to CHipotle and Chris also responded in about 30 minutes last night. I posted my letter on my blog.

  21. Kay April 25, 2009

    Ok, we’ve all seen burritos.

    Ok, we’ve all seen burritos. But

  22. David Burn April 25, 2009

    I think Chipotle started in

    I think Chipotle started in San Francisco, then moved to CO.

  23. Flip April 27, 2009

    No Bueno.

    No Bueno.

  24. sarah jacobcon April 27, 2009

    Chipotle was founded in CO

    Chipotle was founded in CO and the owner recently moved from Denver to New York. No Cali . . .

  25. Verita April 30, 2009

    Please clarify who the “great

    Please clarify who the “great local agencies” are that “have helped to make the brand something we could all be proud of.” Your facts are way off the mark.

  26. The Denver Egotist April 30, 2009

    @Verita TDA in Boulder for

    @Verita TDA in Boulder for advertising. Xylem for interactive. Read this and this for more on the matter.

  27. cb April 30, 2009

    FYI, McDonald’s owns

    FYI, McDonald’s owns Chipotle.

  28. Verita April 30, 2009

    FYI, McDonald’s divested over

    FYI, McDonald’s divested over three years ago when the company went public.

    TDA and Xylem – about one year each on a 16 year spectrum.

    The mis-information here is absurd.

  29. The Denver Egotist April 30, 2009

    TDA and Xylem did the best

    TDA and Xylem did the best work the brand’s ever had, Verita. Why do you think Chipotle is so fickle now, jumping from one shop to the next? They need to bring their account back home where people understand their roots and the essence of the brand.

    Also, what “misinformation” is it that you keep referring to? Feel free to point out facts we’ve stated incorrectly.

  30. chipotlenerd May 19, 2009

    I have worked for Chipotle

    I have worked for Chipotle for nearly 6 years and seen a lot of changes. Here are some things to clear up some misinfo on here. – Chipotle was founded by Steve Ells in Colorado but he got the idea while he was living in San Fransisco. – McDonalds never owned Chipotle. They were the financial backer from 1998-2006, invested $300million and made $1billion off the deal. They never made day to day decision and let Chipotle have a free reign on expansion. This is why for many years it was not uncommon to be “hook up” just by being a regular. There is a “manager comp” button on the POS screen that at the cashier or manager’s discretion they can give it to you for free.
    -2006 McDonald’s devested and Chipotle went public. At this time is when I noticed many changes in the company. Installation of cameras and “big brother” style online monitoring. This actually has made things a lot better because we don’t have as many people stealing and when a customer does get hooked up, its 100% legit because the manager on duty has to sign the reciept and keep it for records.
    The shit thing is that Chipotle no longer has free reign with their money. It is the investors who call the shots. So instead of having an unlimited descression, its about $25/day for comps and that includes credits. So instead of being able to hook up the guy who eats Chipotle 4 times a week, we only have enough comps to hook up the asshole who wants to take advantage of the situation because “that bitch dun fucked up my burrito aint no meat on it” or whatever.
    Anyway…so this new advertising and new menu SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

    As previously stated, it is everything that is wrong with everywhere else BESIDES Chipotle. It is for now only a test market in Denver but I fear that they plan on launching this shit nationwide. Please, please, please people plea. Your voices can make a difference! Chipotle needs you. Don’t let corporate investors who only care about their bottom line and profit margin fuck with OUR burritos.

  31. Joey B May 20, 2009

    Why a company would spend so

    Why a company would spend so many years building an incredible brand where price, though reasonable, is hardly the main reason people consume it, then piss it away and become Taco Bell, is beyond me. As a lifelong brand manager this drives me insane and makes me angry but as a lifelong Chipotle customer it makes me sad. I think a lot less of them for it and I don’t like feeling that way. And I think if they don’t figure this out that it’s the beginning of the end for them and that makes me sad too. Don’t lose your way Chipotle!!!

  32. john May 21, 2009

    jesus don’t you have anything

    jesus don’t you have anything else to do? who freakin cares? stuff happens. move on. to cali and get some in and out burget. and then bitch when one day they sell out and go corporate. yay. whining.

  33. Tom Humbarger May 21, 2009

    Just checked out Chris Arnold

    Just checked out Chris Arnold on Twitter. His link is For being the director of hype and hoopla, he’s pretty low key and not embracing the Twitter world at all. Only 26 tweets and 59 followers which is pathetic. Maybe they need a new guy to hype!

  34. audrey k May 22, 2009

    sent..amen to all!

    sent..amen to all!

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