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Alexandra Butterbrodt

Isn't it the best feeling when you struggle, give it your all, power through and come out successful in the end? Knowing that you can't sit back and wait for the easy way out. To be able to tell yourself, you deserve it? This is how I take on every opportunity and challenge that comes my way. I look at it like a mountain to summit. I go into every project with everything I've got, knowing that giving up is not an option. I am a designer with a love for the outdoors and action sports. I understand that I succeed as a designer when I surround myself with my passions in life. I never turn down the opportunity to try and learn about something new. I am open to ideas, advice and criticisms about my work, because I know that you will not grow as a designer if you don't at least try. My name is Alexandra Butterbrodt. Graphic Design; is my thing. I have a Bachelors of Science in Visual Communication (aka graphic design) from Arizona State University. My skills in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop have developed over the past 5 years that I have been working with the programs. I currently work in CS4 version of Adobe Creative Suite. I have experience in typography, book design, layout and construction, exhibit design, information design, branding, logos and poster design. I love being hands on and being a part of the design. I work well on any stage in the process of a project; from developing a concept to the conclusion and construction of the final product. I see every project through to the end paying close attention to each detail. My range of style allows me to design across-the-board for any project that may come my way. In the summer of 2010, I interned for a full service design and advertising agency, Moxie Sozo, based in Boulder, Colorado. During my time there I was put on a variety of projects, that ranged from web design to packaging design. I was required to manage multiple projects at a time, while collaborating with fellow designers and meeting strict deadlines. I have also designed for several freelance jobs and assisted with the design for a 125 page conference book for the American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education.

Alexandra Fallon

Graphic designer looking for freelance and/or full time employment. I am a creative professional who offers marketing, branding and online solutions through eye-catching design. I strive to provide effective products that are above the mark which in turn result in abundant client return. My ability to translate new ideas into designed material is achieved by my knack for attention to detail as well my hunger to be challenged. I am always ready for new and compelling projects. Whether it be for the greater good of a non-profit or a never been done before, cutting-edge concept, I'm glad to take it on.

Alexandra Hayes

I graduated cum laude from the Savannah College of Art and Design (Atlanta). In the Summer of 2009 I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. I am currently working for YFYJupiter as Sports Authority's on-site project manager and graphic designer.

Alexandra Owens

Although I originally started my design career in traditional printmaking and photography studios, I'm currently working mostly in digital media and am taking web development and web architecture courses at the Rhode Island School of Design.

Alexandra Varone

I recently graduated in December 2011 from the University of Colorado at Boulder with degrees in Studio Art and Technology, Arts, and Media. I am currently looking for a design position in the Denver/Boulder area.

Alexandra Wolken

Alexandra is student of Graphic Design at Colorado State University. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, she has studied abroad in Vienna, Austria, finding new inspiration and a diversity in design. Graduating in May 2011, Alexandra is pleased to be entering the real world of design. Her process is a simple, problem solving method with a ‘less is more’ approach. Currently holds the Creative Intern position at [wire]stone Contact: awolken38@yahoo.com 314.323.5914

Alexi Grojean

A recent graduate of Fort Lewis College in Durango Colorado who is extremely dedicated and knows how to pay attention to detail. By looking at my resume and talking with my references you will quickly learn that I am a hard working individual who enjoys life and living in Colorado.

Ali Burnle

Ali Wilson

Freelance graphic designer. Logo design. Small business branding. Small business marketing.

Alisa Carswell

Deadline-loving, insanely organized, super ethical, big picture, detail person seeks a full-time position as senior graphic designer with a Denver graphic design firm. I am enamored with design history, obsessed with successful branding and devoted to super happy clients!

Alisa Templeton

We spend around 90% of our time indoors. Our interior environments should be meaningful, engaging, supportive and environmentally sustainable. Offices should make us want to show up for work. Homes should make us feel at home. Retail environments should make us want to buy things. In theory it sounds so simple. In reality it takes vision, creativity and collaboration. I earned my BA from the Art Institute of Colorado, where I learned to practice Interior Design, and an MS from Colorado State University where I learned to think deep thoughts about Interior Design. I look forward to a career of combining the practice and the deep thoughts into a variety of interiors.

Alisa Zuniga

I have a passion for art and design and I strive to utilize my creative skills as a artist in photography, video, web and print industry. My mission is to continue to be challenged, grow and develop as an artist. I not only have a passions for art and design but for sports, the outdoors, and Colorado living. Skills: Recognized for delivering exceptional customer service, strong creative design and technical skills, excellent time management skills, over five years experience working as a manager in a copy and print retail business, productive worker under pressure and an effective and positive team player, and can manage and juggle multiple projects. Design Proficiency: Typography / Typographic Rules and Standards / Logo Design and Development / Branding and Corporate Identity / Concept and Page Layout / Posters, Brochures, Newsletters, Editorial, Menus / Color Correction / Photo Restoration / Photography / Printing Pre-Flight / Project Planning / Videography / Digital Art / Story Board / Wire Framing / Illustration Technical Proficiency: Photoshop / Illustrator / Indesign / Web Design / Dreamweaver / HTM 5 / XTHML / CSS3 / JavaScript / Premiere / 3D Studio Max / Director / Video Editing Word / Excel / Powerpoint / Publisher Please feel free to see my design work on my personal website at www.aconcepciondesigns.com.

Alisha Fund

Sherlock Holmes once said, “You know my method. It is founded upon the observation of trifles.” Equipped with powers of deduction and a full set of skills, I aim to solve cases of design by studying the details, spotting the patterns, and pulling all the parts together to form a solid design solution. I find inspiration in the little mysteries of life. In this way, I like to engage people with my design. I invite you to gather your wits about you and join me.

Alison Cox

Plug in to AC power! I'm a graphic designer seeking employment with a small to midsize firm. With experience at a local marketing agency, as a solopreneur, and for Cricket Communications, I have designed for many types of output, including packaging, signage, vehicle wraps, presentations, print and web.

Alison Lebofsky

I am Alison, a 22 year old graphic designer currently living and enjoying life in Denver, Colorado. I have several years of experience in fine arts, graphic design, and marketing. I believe in a balance of work and play in design; keeping the passion fresh so it shows through all designs, while still maintaining professional goals and objectives. I have a strong passion for creative design, and strive to be as unique as possible. I absolutely love what I do.

Allan Toh

Passionate, dedicated, bubbly, thinks differently.

Allie Seidel

I am a recent graduate from Oklahoma who moved out to Denver to begin a career in design. I have a BFA in Graphic Design and minor in Art History. I am looking to get my start as a designer may it be freelance, part-time or full time.

Allison Binder

I am a recent college grad trying to put my degree to work. Just moved to the Denver area from Alabama and am looking to start my career here :)

Allison Boozer

I’m a Photographer and Graphic Designer living in Denver, Colorado. My background is in Photography and Digital Media and I strive to create strong pieces that take on a new life through print. I have over 5 years of experience in Graphic Design, Web Design & Development, Photography and Art. Other skills include: Custom Promotional Designs, Event photography, wedding/engagement photography, Fine Art, Custom Brochure layout and design, Posters, Website design & development, etc. Please visit http://www.allisonboozer.com to view these projects and learn more.

allison bozeman

+ design + letterpress // eco-crafted paper goods a design studio with a collaborative approach. a print shop with an eye for craftsmanship in place of perfectionism. we love pattern and perspective. we honor history with modern technology. we heart handmade and live for a story well woven. we use { and re-use } every last scrap.

Allison Dryva

Allison has been in the design and marketing world for over 10 years. She graduated with a degree in Public Relations and a minor in graphic design. Graphic design won her over, but having a background and great understanding of the business world makes her designs not only look great, but make great business sense at the same time. Her specialties include, but are not limited to: logos, business cards, brochures, Wordpress website design, catalogues, t-shirts, retail signage.

Allison Lake

Searching for the perfect wave, not literally of course.

Allison Lake

Searching for the perfect wave, not literally of course.

Allison Lake Clayton

Aklay Design Artist + Designer 843.670.2093 aklaydesign@gmail.com

Allison Peluso

I'm a soon to be design graduate from the Creative Circus in Atlanta, GA (graduating/book complete by June 2012) I'm wild about design, advertising, good craft, illustration, and most things related to animals, the outdoors, and sci-fi. Originally from Massachusetts, I have a bachelor's degree in Marketing Communications from Emerson College in Boston. I'm hoping to make Denver or Boulder my next home. Learn more about me/my work at www.allisonpeluso.com or send me an email allisonlpeluso@gmail.com

Allison Seymour

Freelance. Art Direction. Publication Design. Graphic Design. Marketing Communications.

Almenia Candis

Transplant from Atlanta looking for a creative team to join in the realm of logo design and branding. Moving to the Denver, CO area in mid-August.


I am a digital media specialist focusing on graphic design, videography, and front-end development. My skills include Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, HTML (HTML5), CSS (CSS3), and JavaScript. Check out my digital portfolio at alylysh[dot]com.

Alysha Scheidt

I am Alysha Scheidt, a Graphic Design degree-owner from Indiana University. While beginning my undergraduate study as a Chemistry major, I have since then developed a strong passion for package design as well as print media and graphic identity. I also have worked at Buffalo Wild Wings for nearly the past five years as a bartender and server. In my spare time, I enjoy researching the latest fashion trends, getting some physical exercise, and watching probably too much National Geographic. What do I have to offer? Everything. The foundation of skills you are looking for, the fresh face, the professional attitude, mind and perspective you need. I have the technical skills necessary and more importantly, the drive and ambition required to make every project I touch a success. Search no more, The Next Great Graphic Designer has been found! Oh ya, and I can do MATH! The Short List... - High Level Skills in the Adobe® Creative Suite - Experience with Quark - Fair Knowledge of HTML/CSS - Thorough Understanding of Design Principles - Strong Understanding of Composition - Meticulous Attention to Detail - Multitasker Extraordinaire - Self-Starter & Overachiever - Customer Service Skills that are Bar None

Alyson Howard

I am actively looking for exciting opportunities here in Denver to further my skills and knowledge in the design world.

Alyson Howard

BFA Communication Design Metropolitan State College of Denver Fall 2010

Alyssa Evans

A graphic designer new to the area

Alyssa Montoya

I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with a concentration in Graphic Design and a minor in Business Administration at Colorado State University. Currently I work as a Production Artist for the Zephyr Graf-x. I am highly experienced in using programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw. In addition, I have experience working within a businesses regulations, working for a manager and working towards their wants. Long term my goals are to own my own Graphic Design Business.

Alyssa Yatabe

My name is Alyssa Yatabe and I am a graphic designer, a rock climber and an aspiring backcountry gourmet chef from Phoenix, Arizona. I am well-versed in typography, layout design, branding and concept development. I currently work on the print marketing team for Fender Musical Instruments Corporation, turning out catalogs, ads, packaging, shirt designs and other various campaign collateral materials. In May of 2011, I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Visual Communication. While attending ASU, I was selected for InnovationSpace, a multidisciplinary program where teams of students from different fields worked together to create innovative solutions for real-world sponsors. My team worked with Dow Corning focusing on personalized medicine and designed a full product system enabling people to monitor their health in real-time. In the fall of 2012, two other young women and I decided to take our passion for the outdoors and launched an entrepreneurial venture called Nox Design. Nox is an innovative concepts and solutions company focused on creating outdoors-related product and promoting outdoor community engagement for fellow explorers and adventure seekers. My primary role is graphic designer, but I also work with my partners in everything from the product research and concept development to the logistics and business details. Outside of design, I spend most weekends out rock climbing, hiking and exploring Arizona’s wilderness.To view my portfolio work, visit my website at www.alyssayatabe.com!

Alysse Johnson-Strandjord

Hello! I am an enthusiastic graphic designer working at YYES. I’m responsible for handling a variety of design projects in a collaborative environment. In addition to designing, I assists with project management and studio needs. I have strong print and web design skills, a specialty in flawless production execution, and an eye for minute detail. I strengthen my skills daily through workshops or online classes. I’m attentive, personable, and absolutely love working with my colleagues and our clients. I look forward to new design conversations, especially over a cocktail, so please feel free to shoot me a note.

Amanda (Babcock) Schuler

I believe design exists in that sweet spot between mind and soul. It takes concept and strategy just as much as it does passion and fearlessness to really create effective work. It's the challenge of finding just the right balance that I love. Reach me at amandajschuler@gmail.com.

Amanda Benson

Ready to do some good!

Amanda Byrne

My name is Amanda and I graduated from the Art Institute of Colorado in 2011 with a B.A. in Interior Design. Since then I fell into starting my own small boutique firm here in Boulder and have completed many projects and have dabbled in many different aspect of the design field. Before I pursued interior design I studied graphic design and industrial design and have always found inspiration in any form of good art.

Amanda Coburn

Design + Illustration

Amanda Cordsen

Once upon a time there was a designer who worked on print, packaging, interactive, and much, much more.

Amanda Knowles

Current Graphic Design student located in Fort Wayne Indiana with ambitions of moving to Colorado upon graduation. Right now looking for an internship for summer 2014 in the Denver area.

Amanda Larsen

My background is mostly in print and web design however I'm open to exploring new fields. I love working with branding, identity design and typography.

Amanda Lesh

I'm a graphic designer with a love of design, illustrating, screen printing, and pattern making.

Amanda Mitchell

Currently, I am a student at Metro State College of Denver in Communication Arts, completing my Bachelor's Degree. I received my AA in Graphic Design from Community College of Denver. I enjoy print design, especially posters; as well as identity and branding.

Amanda Perez

More often than not you'll see me smiling. I am an enthusiastic and fervent person who will jump at any opportunity to be enriched with culture and memories. I grew up outside of a small town in the Sierra-Nevada mountains, not far from Yosemite. Hitting the trails, slopes, lakes and rivers were all just a part of my daily life and have contributed greatly to my fun-loving nature. To this day, I am still active and still love the outdoors. I am a recent graduate of the Academy of Art: School of Graphic Design. Through this program, I developed a keen eye for typography, layout and branding/identity across print, web, UX and package design. I'm extremely immersed in the print and design community and am continuously expanding my knowledge of the design world. I will identify the bakery down the street by its use of typography in its signage and not the quality of their scones.

Amara Murray

Freelance Designer

Amarides Montgomery

Recent NYC ex-pat turned Senior Interface Designer for Deloitte Digital | Ubermind in Denver, Colorado.

Amber Kurtz

Hi there! My skills and experiences have not only been developed through a good education and hard work, but also through an array of different job positions from working as an in-house graphic designer for a financial marketing department to designing in a retail atmosphere to gaining experience in the print industry. I love creating something visually appealing for people that will not only work for them, but showcase their business. Whenever I tell someone that I am a graphic designer, I always get the response, "Really? That's so cool!" I love it! It reaffirms my decision for choosing a career with such rewarding outcomes. My long-term goal is to continue learning and growing my skills in all areas of graphic design to keep up with this ever-changing field. If you or your company is looking for a graphic designer that has talent, passion, a driven personality, sense of responsibility, confidence, good work ethic, experience and a fun, humorous personality please send me a message!

Amelia Towle

Most recently I was a Digital Intern at Skiing Magazine assisting in web production and design. Publication proved to be both fast paced and creative; an environment which I believe I am most fit for. I appreciated my daily responsibilities and executing real-life work; it was an experience that gave new meaning to “owning” the work I take part in. In the end, I found myself wanting to take on even greater responsibility in concepting, designing and creating. My ultimate goal has always been to go into Creative Advertising. With solid experience in: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and Dreamweaver, as well as HTML, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Advertising and SEO, I have the skills to combine my passion for Concepting, Visual Design and Digital Development. I am also aware that in such a digital age, it is imperative to always stay moving and evolving. Since graduating, I have completed the "Web Application Development Certification Program" through Boulder Digital Arts as well as their "Adobe Illustrator Hands-On Intensive Course" and "Intro to SEO". I am eager to share my creativity and ideas in a new and inspiring environment. I am confident that I will make a positive contribution to any team, and that my dedication and enthusiasm will set me apart from others and take me far in my career. With a can-do personality, competitive nature and good sense of humor I approach all experiences with tenacity.

Amy Aurelio

13 years' experience in journalism and graphic design. I am seeking a service-based position where my education, professional skills, and volunteering experience will contribute to the success of a dynamic non-profit and/or educational organization.
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