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Chrissy Greenough

I have worked in many industries since 2007, including healthcare, government, consumer product, non-profit, economic development, education and cultural institutions, among others. I have an understanding of the cross-functional benefits of design practice within business and seek to enhance business models by leveraging these benefits.

Christen Koerner

I am a skilled graphic designer with experience. I enjoy helping others and I am eager to learn more. I am determined and hardworking. I welcome challenges to my life because I become stronger. I’m reliable, organized and detail oriented. I am seeking a company where my skills can be used to assist in reaching goals and where I can grow as a designer.

Christian Bakken

My goal is to help organizations align resources and creative assets to answer the challenges of the modern business world. I am a social media marketer, print, web, mobile designer, Drupal CMS designer, webmaster and so much more. I seek the opportunity to grow and continuously learn as a relevant working professional, photographer and as an artist. Specialties Graphic Ad Design - Logo, Print, Publications, etc. Drupal - CMS Web Design - Design, Hosting, back-end, etc. Social Media Strategy - Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, etc. Online Marketing - Email, Newsletter, Blog, Ads, SEO, etc. Customer/Client Relations - Networking. Print Production - Paper, Apparel, Banners, Brochures, etc. Photography - Studio, Portrait, Stock,Urban & Landscape. Expert of Mac and PC Platforms (OS, trouble shooting more) Adobe Creative Suite Software Microsoft Office Software

Christie Day

Graphic, Mobile & UX Designer with more than 7 years experience. Multitalented, enthusiastic and passionate. Specializes in engaging graphics and interfaces.

Christina John

I am a graphic designer, and currently finishing up my degree. I worked for a firm in Lebanon (Middle East) for about 6 months. It is a marketing design firm, and I have gained experience in areas that were never brought to my attention here in America. I have European and Middle Eastern design qualities, so I have a different view to designing. Graphic design has been something I've always loved doing, and I want to expand my knowledge and experiences.

Christina Doti

Just recently moved to Denver, Colorado, and am looking for freelance or a full-time position in the Graphic Design field. Graduated in 2010 from Eastern Illinois University with a B.A. in Graphic Design and minor in Biology.

Christina Morales

I am a graphic designer based in Denver with a BFA in Communication Design and experience in marketing teams. I am great at multitasking and meeting deadlines. My passions include art, social media, and professional sports.

Christine Ramirez

Interaction designer and an art director of sorts. Making it my mission to make life's interactions more delightful. And I also race bicycles.

Christine Ulerich

Since graduating from Purdue University in 2011 with a BS in Interior Design, I have worked in the design field for 2 years gaining experience in various areas. I've held an Interior Designer position at a residential design firm, as well as a sales associate at a furniture showroom. Between these two positions I have improved my skills of space planning, material and furniture selection, 2D and 3D modeling, networking and marketing, surveying, building construction, product knowledge, and connecting with customers and co-workers. I am now seeking a full time job in the design field where I can be challenged in my creativity, as well as build upon the skills I have. Additionally, I am currently studying for my LEED certification and hope to obtain it soon.

Christine Vilda

I am a recent graphic design graduate, earning an AAS in Multimedia Graphic Design from Community College of Denver with a 4.0 GPA. In addition, I have a B.A. in Psychology from Michigan State University. Currently I work as Desktop Publisher in a large copy and print center, giving me 1.5 years of production experience, as well. I am looking for a full time, entry level position to break into the Graphic Design field and gain some professional experience.

Christopher Branson

The Kern & Letter Company is the typographic design studio of Christopher Branson. Specializing in art installation, fine art, illustration, hand produced goods and typography. We are concerned with merging shape and form to experiment with the notion of "proper legibility."

Christopher Chester

Ambitious creative, specializing in design and marketing, seeking

Christopher Paul Hernandez

I'm an experienced Graphic Designer (BFA) with internship experience in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Also, I am an enthusiastic problem solver, eager to provide impressive skills, education and creative energy towards any goal.

Christy Gould

Graduated from Trinity University with a degree in Engineering Science. Has skills in web/graphic design and photography.

Christy Schwindt

Available for freelance! Expert in Brand Strategy and Communication Design.

Christy Wedge

Graphic Designer

Chrizaline Mariz Pineda

Multimedia Arts Graduate Looking for a Graphic Designer position

Cicely Gordon

Highly motivated, visual storyteller passionate about exploring emerging design software and technology to create beautiful, intuitive layouts. Excels in turning disorganized environments into smooth running operations and thinking outside the box to improve accuracy and efficiency. Self-starter and quick-learner who thrives on exceeding expectations.

Cindy Elsmith

I love to design websites and company brands, I feel like a first impression is very powerful and like to give my client a crisp clean clear one that will impress potential clients. I want doubts or uncertain thoughts to fade when people see my work so my clients can have the best shot at retaining the clients and jobs that they are striving for. I get a great feeling every time I provide a client with a new image they can use in the world of business and marketing which makes my job rewarding.

Cindy McElhiney

I am a B2B marketing and communications professional with more than 15 years of experience. I have held progressively increasing support and leadership roles involving both strategic planning and tactical execution. I have a strong understanding of traditional marketing processes and principles, as well as strong technical, web and social skills. I am known for handling high volume of work and staying focused in deadline-driven, high-pressure environments. I am currently seeking a marketing, communications, design or writing position for a progressive company that values someone who can provide immediate and lasting value to the organization.

Clark Wolter

Senior graphic designer with over 10 years experience in print, packaging and website design for local and national clients.

Clarke Hall

Graphic designer from Cincinnati, Ohio

Clay Beatty

My childhood consisted of Legos™, airplanes, inventing, and salvaging any piece of paper I could find for more drawing space. Seeing my potential - both for making a life in art and for spilling model paint on their carpet - my parents hired a private art teacher. I studied pencil, pen, acrylic, oil, and pastels. Some time later I discovered the digital world through Microsoft Paint. I replicated Stone Temple Pilot's album, "Purple", and Rage Against the Machine's self-titled album's cover artwork. Since then I've become pretty great at Photoshop, InDesign, and AfterEffects. I received my BFA in Graphic Design and a minor in Computer Animation. I've been working professionally here in Denver for the past 6 years. When I'm not designing or building lego spaceships, I'm loving the outdoors, playing volleyball, snowboarding, or growing vegetables in my garden.

Clint Martin

Designer/Art Director/Dabbler

Clinton Carlson

I am an art director, illustrator, information designer and educator with nearly 15 years of experience. I specialize in Brand Identity design, information design and design of health communication methods for small communities.

Code 96 WordPress Design

Custom WordPress Design and WordPress Theme Development, Code 96 has an expert team to build you an impressive site. WordPress Business Design - our specialty.

Cody Mitchell Murri

I moved to Denver about a year ago from Milwaukee, WI. I have been working as a full-time freelance Design and jr. Art director, and am looking for that next step in my career. I love design, but thrive on the ideas.

Cody Moiseve

Interactive Designer at The1stMovement. I love interaction within design and how a person can be influenced by a single logo, idea, or concept. I drive to create impactful, meaningful design that can change the way people think.

Cody Thompson

I am a designer focused on creating seamless interactions, unique brand strategies, and designs for people to engage with.

Colin GilroySmith

A graphic/ web designer and illustrator with years of experience working as a freelance artist, Colin enjoys creating eye catching works of art and design in a variety of mediums. He is a resourceful and highly talented artist with a passion for creating images that tell a story. From digital to more traditional methods Colin has the tools and skills necessary to achieve your design needs.

Colleen Hauff

I am a Massachusetts resident looking for an internship in Colorado. I am currently a graphic design student at Fitchburg State University. I would love to get a career in advertising.

Collin Day

I am a recent graduate of MSU Denver bursting with creativity and a desire to prove myself.

Collin Lennek

Hello! My name is Collin. I was born on the sixth day of 1987 in Denver, Colorado. I like to work in a variety of mediums, with an emphasis in vector based graphics. I am currently available for hire & collaboration.

concept VIZ LLC

concept VIZ is a premier design studio offering world-class technical animation, design and business development services for cutting edge products, ideas and companies. Is it a bolt and a fastener, a cog in a wheel, or a multi-billion dollar state of the art system design? concept VIZ can help your company communicate it's products, ideas and dreams.

Connor Dudley

I am photography and digital media student at the University of Colorado Boulder expecting to graduate at the end of Fall 2014. My specialties fall within knowledge of Adobe Creative Suites however I do work as well within web design and video editing and animation.


BFA with a duel emphasis in Digital Design and Photography from The University of Colorado Denver. Strong skills in Photography, Graphic/Print Design, Motion Design, and Interactive Design. Proficient in the Adobe Creative Suite.

Conor McMahon

What’s my story? Well, if you are a brewer reading this, I want to eventually be just like you. I have been home brewing as a hobby for 5 years. I have been a professional designer for 10 years. I want to switch my profession with my hobby. My true passion has always been brewing beer. That’s why I created The Wild Strain. It’s not only the name of a beer branding company, it is, hopefully, the future name of my brewery. I came up with the idea because some of the best beers I’ve ever tasted didn’t have a logo or even a label. I judge a beer by the beer, then, I help breweries give their beers a voice. In turn, breweries can help me with brewing experience and knowledge and eventually help me bring my dream to life. What can I do for you? Labels and logos are an important part of the overall drinking experience, and in my opinion, should be treated as such. By specializing in label and logo design, I can help craft beer brands. When designing for beer, I consider how the beer was crafted. The malt build. The strain of yeast used. The hop character. The history of the style itself. From there I take beer brands from web to retail. However, we always make it about the beer first. If you’re looking for a beer designer, want to talk beer, or brew some beer, drop me a line.

Conroy James

My Pen Name is Conroy James and I am Working in a Website Designing and Development Company as a Professional Content Writer.

Cora Seymour

New to the Denver area and looking for employment of any kind. I'm an illustrator/graphic designer/ DIY extroidinaire that's proficient in both Mac and PC platforms as well as the entire Adobe Creative Suite. I'm a hard worker, very organized, and have a BFA in Illustration from The Art Institute of Atlanta. Creativity is a part of life intended for happiness and I'm ready to share my happy with Denver and the world!

Corey Gobbo

I am a creative and motivated graphic designer. My area of specialty is printed media and I enjoy creating all kinds of digital art.

Corey Meadows

Highly motivated Art Director. Mostly dealing with off line deliverables that include conceptualizing and designing, Logos, Posters, Brochures, Annual Reports, POP, Billboards, Magazine & News Paper Ads.

Cortland Langworthy

relish studio, digital communications agency, web development, branding, motion graphics, animation, games

Cortney Parsons

With a background in design and marketing, I have a unique and comprehensive understanding of what makes design effective. In today's market this understanding is essential, as marketing and design are consistently converging. My understanding of each perspective allows me to create a design that is more than just aesthetically appealing. It communicates. It extends a relationship. It fuels recognition. It amplifies differentiation. It works.

Cortney Tucker

Lucky Frog is a Phoenix, AZ design firm. Our clients are both large and small, and are located locally and nationally. Principal, Cortney Tucker, is an award-winning designer, whose combination of agency experience and entrepreneurial spirit has propelled her success. After graduating from University of the Arts - Philadelphia in 1998, Cortney worked at a select few agencies in the NYC/CT area. Her experience on the East Coast led to work with an impressive list of clients and fueled her passion for creating unique, intelligent and memorable communications. After relocating to Arizona in 2005 and experiencing the freelance market, Cortney decided it was time to take her passion in a new direction and founded her own firm. With a network of design, marketing and copywriting talent, Lucky Frog specializes in unique and effective branding, identity, print and web communication. Services include, but are not limited to web site design, branding & identity, print communications, packaging design, marketing collateral, point-of-purchase and direct mail.

Cory Campbell

720.439.4306 Desultorysublimation/ Tumblr, Google+, Society6, Linked in, Gmail.com, Madefreshly, Twitter, Instagram, Fancy,

Cory Doney

You know, that thing that gets ya going. For some it’s coffee, and for others it’s a lifestyle of “doing”. Livit is a fusing of skiing, cycling, motocross and my passion for design.

Cory Grunkemeyer

UX Designer

Courtney Bryan

I am a recent MFA grad of Edinboro University of Pennsylvania in Printmaking. I have worked as a Graphic/Web Designer for a university in Texas before attending school to get my MFA. I am looking to relocate to the Denver area as soon as possible. I am a great worker, I work well with both coworkers and clients and look forward to talking to you soon.

Courtney Hilow

[ Let my work speak for itself at www.courtneyhilow.com ] The way I see it is this: people need to wake up. Graphic design is a critical key in accomplishing the attention grabbing of the masses. I thrive in coming up with new, dynamic ideas and eye-catching artistic elements with the purpose of waking people up in the chaotic, time constrained society we live in. My resourceful, eclectic nature also allows me to create freely, without limits. My niche is combining hand-made elements with the digital elements to savor the priceless nature of fine art. Typography is definitely my expertise, however. Like a yin-yang, I am very balanced. I possess both organizational skills and creative ability which allows me to come up with ideas quickly, but with purpose and quality. My balanced nature also allows me stay focused while multi-tasking. Further, I am inspired by the ideas of others and enjoy working with a team. I love working in environments that challenge me to think critically about design. The status quo is boring. I want to work to develop new techniques and styles to really capture the attention of the public.

Courtney Keller

An expert designer, illustrator and e-commerce storefront design specialist located in Loveland Colorado and working for companies world-wide, Courtney is currently accepting freelance short-term and long-term contracts. Courtney is very experienced with the PageDNA and BigCommerce interfaces, as well as HTML, CSS, and the Adobe Creative Suite. Her storefront designs are intuitive and easy for the non-technical to use. She maintains storefronts for several multinational and S&P corporations. Courtney graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute with a BFA. She designs and illustrates for the web, print and for apparel, instructional design, web2print sites, design using Page DNA, Constant Contact, Paperless Post, and contracts as a creative consultant. Specialties: Graphic and Web Design, HTML5 and CSS, Production Design, Website Maintenance, Illustration, Concept Development and web2print Consultation utilizing the PageDNA infrastructure, eCommerce store building using the Shopify interface

Courtney Kraig

Hello! I'm a passionate, enthusiastic and focused freelance graphic and web designer who loves creating unique, clean and useable design in both print and electronic mediums. I have 15 years experience designing and producing a wide variety of promotional materials such as, posters, brochures, newsletters, magazines, special mailers, publication ads, presentations, web sites, email blasts and logos. I have great creative ideas along with awesome client communication and personal skills.

Courtney McArtor

With an exceptional education from the Columbus College of Art & Design, and 7 years of experience in design and marketing at DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse), I am a valuable asset in the creative world. I have a professional background in package design, marketing materials, store signage, outdoor advertising, web & email content and photography direction. I’m passionate about what I do. I bring a strong work ethic, positive upbeat attitude, and fresh thinking into effective design solutions. With a unique creative eye, and an attention to detail, I breathe craftsmanship into my work, from concept to creation. I am currently seeking a full-time position in either package design or graphic design. Interested in working together? Feel free to contact me: courtneymcartor [at] gmail.com

Courtney Shaw

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create." Albert Einstein

Craig Holden Feinberg

Craig Holden Feinberg was born in 1980 and spent most of his childhood in Columbia, Maryland. He received his BFA in graphic design from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he was awarded the Thesis Citation and Faculty Award. After graduation he moved to Denver where he worked as a design consultant on integrated design projects for several corporations. Intent on furthering his design experience, he applied for and was accepted at Fabrica, The United Colors of Benetton Communications Research and Development Center in Treviso, Italy, where as a multi-disciplined designer created graphic design for international print advertising campaigns to support Fabrica clients and publications. He has been published in COLORS magazine, VORN magazine, FAB magazine, Fabrica Files/Fabrica 10 a book published by Electa. Awards include, The 2004 Reporters Without Borders campaign out of Paris, France, and Silver Prize winner of the 2004 Design Do! competition sponsored by the International Design Center Nagoya (IDCN), in Nagoya, Japan. Craig has lectured in Italy, England, Germany, Japan, The National AIGA Conference on Image, Object, Space hosted by Katherine and Michael McCoy in Colorado, The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, and a three-day workshop at Western Michigan University. Before moving back to Denver, Colorado, Craig worked closely with the World Health Organization, International Council of Nurses, Fabrica Features, FAB Magazine, United Colors of Benetton, Krvkurva Laga bag, Arte Fiera, La Ghirada Health Center, Cameroon Wildlife Aid Fund, and the Warsaw Children's Hospital at Fabrica. Craig has been published in the latest book by TASCHEN called, Contemporary Graphic Design. Currently, Craig is working on a book project with Charlotte & Peter Fiell, the former design editors of TASCHEN. The book is called, "The Little Book of Shocking Food Facts" which will be released at the London Book Fair in 2010.

Craig Van Wechel

I have been a free-lance graphic artist for over 20 years. I currently art direct two different bi-monthly publications and also work with local non-profit art communities publishing show catalogs. Illustration is another service I offer. I am also proficient with several different programs including Photoshop, InDesign, Quark Express, Illustrator and others.

Creative CoLab+

Creative CoLab+ is a diverse group of dedicated designers, coming together to create a unified experience in design. Our talents range from interior, architectural & industrial design to furniture, jewelry, graphics & branding. We aim to look at all aspects of a project through multiple design views, in order to create a more well formed concept that is nurtured in all ways to be above and beyond the ordinary. We providing a unified, sustainable design experience to our clients and the community

Crista Bjornson

Young, dedicated and enthusiastic, I'm always hungry for new creative endeavors. Working as a full time designer with a heaping spoonful of side freelance projects. I've fallen in love with Colorado and would like to make it my home. crista.bjornson@gmail.com

Cristal Aurelia

I am a freelance Conceptual Designer, Illustrator, Prop Creator, and Photo Stylist. I'm not afraid to cross platforms and mediums, and I love the challenges and deadlines that the freelance world provides. Experienced with a high level of proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, and InDesign, as well as Painter and 3ds Max. I play well with others in a collaborative project but can go solo without much supervision as well effortlessly adapting to most any job environment. You owe it to your next project to check out my portfolio and contact me! :-)

Cristián Ochoa

Cristian is a Colorado native, though his family is originally from Mexico. He was born on Friday the 13th, making him the human equivalent of a lucky penny. He studied at the Art Institute of Colorado and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design. He received their prestigious Portfolio Excellence Award when he graduated in 2010. Cristian also received several Merit Awards from the Art Institute during his studies there. Objective: I’m highly organized, detail oriented, a quick learner, optimistic, and focused. As a graphic designer, I strive to create the most effective solutions at the highest standards. Design is the fundamental soul of a human-made creation that ends up expressing itself in successive outer layers of the product or service. — Steve Jobs Technical Proficiency Platforms: Macintosh Computers and Windows Computers Applications: + Fluent- Adobe CS5 Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat Pro, Microsoft Office + Basic Knowledge: Adobe CS5 Dreamweaver, Flash, After Effects, Lightroom, Soundbooth Languages: Fluent in English & Spanish Design/Creative Proficiency - Ad Design - Typography - Web Design - Email Marketing - Page Layout - Magazine Layout - Brand Identity - Package Design - Photo retouching - Photography - Some Experience with setting files for offset printing - Color Theory - Working under pressure with deadline


Art Direction and Design.

CryBaby Design

CryBaby Design offers a uniquely fresh design approach for your branding, print, web and integrated marketing needs. We partner with clients that range from non-profits to Fortune 500 companies in a variety of industries. We assist entrepreneurs, corporations, non-profits and social initiatives that improve food, health and protect wildlife and the environment. We believe in a clean, fresh and uncluttered approach to whatever we design and will provide a cohesive and unified solution for your brand. Consistency is key as your message is seamlessly carried across integrated media. Check out our work: http://crybabydesign.com/ Our specialties include: Branding: Brand Strategy, Naming, Identity, Corporate ID, Graphic Standards Print Media: Collateral & Marketing Materials, Promotional Materials, Print Advertising, Annual Reports, Packaging, Signage, Trade Show Design Web/Interactive: Creative Direction, UI/UX Design for Web and Mobile, Site Development, E-Commerce, Database Programming, Hosting Solutions, SEO, Interactive Presentations, Rich Emails and Newsletters, Banner Advertising, E-Marketing Design, Social Media Integration

Cryptarchy VFX

Creative & Visual Concept Design Business

Crystal Lucero-Becenti

I am a graduate of the Art Institute of Colorado with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design. I have a total of 6 years industry experience. I have had the pleasure of working as both a Graphic and a Web Designer, as well as have had experience in photography, copy writing and editing, web design, interface design, and social media marketing as well.

Crystal Russell

We’re more than just a resource. At TVL Creative, we aim to redefine the paradigm of service provider. We are trusted source for quality-rooted interior design, home remodeling, and custom creations. We handle everything from estimate development to project build-out and from furniture selection to furniture design. If you can think about it, we can design it and deliver it with the enthusiasm and energy you would expect from a Denver-based business. Whether you need a kitchen remodel, bathroom facelift, new home design, or simply an aesthetic touch-up, TVL Creative is your happy place. Any space, any challenge, any location. We look forward to being your designers, providers, and most of all your friends. TVL stands for ‘This Visionary Life’, which is embodied by the company in every sense. It’s what we bring to the table and what we strive for in every single project: vision, unmatched creativity, and an unbridled sense of passion for our work. TVL Creative is a multi-disciplined design firm located in Denver, Colorado that offers impactful interior design and remodeling services for residential and commercial spaces. We are young, contemporary, and exceptionally driven. TVL Creative is fueled by a highly advanced connection to the digital world and the most innovative approaches to design out there. We love what we do. We believe that good design completely changes lives. We aim to change the world of design by creating fascinating results that are available to everyone and accessible by many. TVL Creative was founded by Crystal Russell, a Denver native with a lengthy design background and boundless passion for everything creative. Crystal brings her varied skills to the table to manage TVL Creative as a multi-disciplined company; tapping into her experience with interior design, graphic design, media design, and fine art to create design solutions that are provocative and unique. After being disenchanted with the overly formal and relatively unwelcoming air of other design providers, Crystal established TVL Creative as a company rooted in openness, genuine friendliness, and raw design enthusiasm. We can’t wait to meet you!

Cultivated Web Designs

Hi there, my name is David Logan and I am a web designer living in a small town called Johnson City in southwest Kansas. I am a freelance web deisinger who enjoys creating unique designs for all types of clients. While my primary role usually involves making things look awesome by way of website and interface design, I also do web programming and development as well as some graphic design. I have a passion for design that pushes me to always try and learn something new in order to create the freshest web sites on the Internet. I love what I do and when all is said and done, I hope that it shows in my work.

Curtis Simpson

Graphic Design student at the Art Institute of Las Vegas

Cyl Barbosa

We offer a full range of graphic design services, tailored to fit your needs and your budget. We start by understanding your objectives and target audience and guide you through the design process to best accomplish your goals.

Cyndi Koehl

Product Development and Web Application Development


UID portfolio

Dale Zurawski

I'm a Graphic Designer / Art Director who has recently relocated to Denver Area. With successful retail consumer experience and the building of various brands in an ad agency environment, I would love to have a new challenge. As a former Sr. Art Director for a major advertising agency in Cleveland, along with my professionalism in concept development, art direction, design, product photo direction, production, and on-press experience, my passion for the work continues to grow. I'm looking for long-term employment possibilities. My background includes an understanding of traditional and contemporary design styles with the knowledge of branding, from concept through completion. I have professional skills in creating national to global consumer or B2B advertising, along with packaging design, point of purchase, FSIs, new product launch and sales meeting literature. I am self-motivated, flexible and I have the ability to work successfully under pressure. I have expert use of the Macintosh platform, I am technically proficient in CS Adobe InDesign, CS Adobe Photoshop, CS Adobe Illustrator.

Dalina Dominguez

Graphic design student from West Texas

Damon Carlstrom

I am an Advertising graduate from the University of Oklahoma. I love creating and designing, both traditional and digital. Web Design and UI/UX design interests me the most. I am looking for a position at an agency or a digital production company.


Juxtaposing health and design one impression at a time

Dan Chudy

Dan Chudy is an artist and graphic designer who has created artwork and designs for skateboarding companies, public relations firms, hotels, restaurants, schools, lighting manufacturers, screen printing companies and clothing lines.

Dan Colgan

I'm Dan Colgan, a digital design professional with a background spanning ad agencies and large corporations including Ogilvy & Mather, Wilson Sporting Goods, Beam Global and Sears Holdings among others. When I'm not creating on the computer, you can find me exploring on a bike or a board, shooting live concert photography, or traveling to new places. I focus on creating clean functional design solutions through interactive, web design, and brand identity.

Dan De Mars

I am an industrial designer by trade with years of experience in product development, brand strategy, exhibit design and space planning. I have also had experience in graphic design, print production and other areas of design that make me a well-rounded designer. See what I have to offer and how my fresh, creative thinking can keep you ahead in the marketplace.

Dan Hart

Sr. Art Director, UI/UX Designer and Developer living in beautiful Colorado and loving well placed pixels on websites, mobile devices, and desktops.

Dan McCullough

I am an interactive web designer with the mastery of all things digital media, applying lessons learned through previous adventures in graphic design. I enjoy Volkswagens, good beer, lots of indie music, Apple computers, Reuben and French dip sandwiches and other various nerdy things. I dislike heights, bad drivers, cheap socks, and dirty cars. If you want to crush the evils of bad design on your next project, contact me.

Dan Satterfield

Something clever and slightly funny. stay tuned...

Dan Schrad

I spend far too much time working. But I wouldn't if I didn't love it.

Dan Schwab

Marketing and Publishing Executive, with expertise in Graphic Design, Production, Publishing and Organizational Management who can create, design and publish high impact media that result in significantly increased revenue growth and profitability. Specialties: Eighteen years experience in Graphic Design and Publishing with expert knowledge in all aspects of pre-press production and procedures. Unparalleled at gathering information from disparate sources into a single multimedia product with an integrated message. Business-minded Graphic Designer and Publisher where design and results merge. Proficient in high stress situations that demand calm deliberate action on a firm deadline. Web Design and Publishing experience for a variety of clients. Expert in Adobe Creative Suite applications Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop; as well as QuarkXPress. Basic knowledge of Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Flash. Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite including Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

Dana Walker

Production Designer, Environmental Graphic Designer & Graphic Designer. The majority of my experience has been from working in the sign industry for 10+ years. I design with fabrication in mind. My developed knowledge of materials, fabrication processes & installation methods allows me to create solid conceptual designs. I'm currently in a position where I'm soaking up all I can from a local architecture firm. It' s pretty exciting to be learning new things! I studied Industrial Design at Metro State University in Denver. My degree is 87% complete (what does that even mean?!). I would love to finish when time will allow it. I am crazy about furniture design, motorcycles, cats, cooking and reuse/repurposing. I'm open to freelance work or interesting/random projects.

Dancinee Jennings

I'm a stay at home mom with plenty of time to design your website, logo, business cards, etc! You name it, I design it! -BA in Graphic Design -Over 5 Years Experience -Fast And Detail-Oriented -Strong Knowledge Base in Adobe Design Suite & Corel Draw My pricing is affordable compared to the big-wigs out there! Email me to see my portfolio and get a quote!

Dani Gudowski

Graphic designer and maker. Coffee drinker. Illustrator. Love making things by hand, I think the only way things sing is when you make it yourself. I have a lot of print experience, a little less web experience but I'm really funny and easy to get along with. Every office needs a Dani.

Daniel Alt

Graphic, web, and type designer based out of Denver, CO. Clean minimalistic graphics and typography produces projects with a strong concise message.

Daniel Cornelius

I'm currently an Art Director/Brand Leader. You can contact me at daniel_cornelius@hotmail.com for any inquires or if you just want to talk about design.

Daniel Delli-Colli

All-around badass, working in Denver and living in Golden.

Daniel Evan Garza

illustrator, cyclist, amateur letterer, and owner of a small print shop. Lately interested in calligraphy, lettering, and brush pen illustration.

Daniel Skaff

I am a graphic designer and product illustrator for Neve in Boulder, Colorado. I also am interested in freelance graphic design, product design, and product illustration.

Daniel Venegas

Hands on designer/art director focused on creating compelling visual design for a variety of media: web identity, motion, UX, UI, web & mobile applications, brand, logos, print, exhibits and product prototypes. I am a self taught digital designer with a degree in Industrial Design.

Danielle Danchetz

Graphic Design. Colorado native.

Danielle Langston

Hello, My name is Danielle Langston and I am a recent graduate of the University of Colorado Denver where I obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Digital Design and a minor in Photography. I am currently an intern for Workhorse Creative Company where I create design materials dealing with graphic design, branding, web design, and motion graphics. Please take a look at my website and email me with any questions or comments.

Danielle Lynch

I am a Graphic, Web and User Experience Designer. I'm passionate about what I do for a living. Feel free to contact me with any questions: designer-danielle@hotmail.com

Danielle Vala

Graphic Designer, living in Denver and working for Adrenalin, Inc.

Danielle Vala

Designer, maker, do-er living and working downtown Denver. Lover of all things print, web, brand identity design-based. 4-5 years agency experience. Big Smiles.

Danny Burau

Currently working as a creative director for a health and fitness company focused on kids, I have spent about eight years working in advertising and design doing all manner of work from print, outdoor, radio, packaging design, identity and logo creation, illustration, brand management, script writing, managing photo shoots, presentation, print production, website design (not coding), and animation production. Based in Rhode Island, getting ready to move back to Denver.

Danny Papageorge

I'm a 24 year old Graphic Designer. I do Branding, Print, Web, Interactive, and Illustration.

Danya Anderson

Established graphic art and strategic design freelancer with 7 years agency exp and 6 more solo. Capable web, print and identity designer. Conceptualization to production. Located in Colorado with the will and ability to travel.

Dara Pieper

I'm a Denver based, multidisciplinary designer. I received my BFA from the University of Colorado Denver with an emphasis in Digital Design. I believe in honest design and have a passion for brand strategy and typography. I really enjoy creating cohesive packages that offer design solutions through web, motion, and interaction design.

Darcy Hinrichs

I am an illustrator, graphic designer and fine artist. I design and create illustrations for various needs such as logos, brand identities, stationery design, publication design and advertisements. I have experience using programs such as Adobe CS3, Quark, Microsoft Office, Scene7/IPS and MediaBank. I received an Associate of Arts degree in Art Education from Western Nebraska Community College in Sidney, NE in May 2002. I went on to further my education and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Design from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, PA in June 2008.

Darcy Hinrichs

I am a designer and illustrator from Sidney, Nebraska. I have been drawing for as long as I can remember but didn't really seriously consider going into the creative field until I was working on a degree in elementary education. A mentor of mine actually pulled me aside and practically shook me, saying, "Why are you wasting your talent?!" It obviously made an impression and well...here I am! I have been working in the design industry for over 10 years. I have an Associate of Arts degree in Art Education and also a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design with an emphasis in Illustration. As I mentioned before, I have been drawing for as long as I remember and I think that because of that, it has been and probably always will be a strong asset. I don't think that there is a day that goes by that I don't draw something. Granted, I'll admit that a good share of my sketching is probably done on sticky notes and meeting notes but it still counts. A lot of times, it helps me to focus, helps me to brainstorm ideas at given times, provides an organized path in my 'spaghetti-brain' to problem solve. I feel functional when I can draw. It just makes 2+2=4 for me. I illustrate and design for various needs- logo/brand identity, business collateral, advertising and also specialize in stationery and event design. I love bringing joy to others through customized design for important life events. I have been working in stationery design for over 10 years. There is something so beautiful, so wonderful and so rewarding to create work that you know is going to bring a smile, touch someone's heart, be thoughtful, memorable...I can go on and on. It's such an honor for me to be able to provide my talent to such a wonderful field.

Daren Blunt

A Graphic Design and Marketing professional with an extensive history in most facets of design and marketing. Working in the industry for about 12 years has given me a wealth of skills and knowledge that has helped me excel over the years. A few of my favorites include print production, ad design, Sales and marketing collateral, brick and mortar as well as digital and interactive design, search engine marketing and campaign management. Technical Skills; Pre-press - Color theory - Design and layout - Adobe Suite - Campaign management - Digital design (HTML, CSS & JavaScript) - Promotional Marketing (vendor research & purchasing) - Direct mail design & Mass e-mail design - Client needs analysis - Database management - ROI analysis. I feel as though I have primed myself with the skills and expertise to not only be a great designer, but also share my expertise to help any company expand and grow.

Dave Minnery

I'm no longer at Coleman (goodbye 90 hour weeks and free coolers). So… what's next? I'm excited to see.

Dave Schneider

Based in Colorado since 1999, I’ve worked with a wide range of clients as a graphic designer, interactive designer, and art director.

David Andrew Flurkey

B.A. Art, (Minor, Graphic Design) University of Wyoming. Self-Employed Digital Artist/ Photographer. I sell Photography/prints, digital art/ abstractions, retouch work, paintings, sculpture, lapidary,and "old school" actual paintings! Anything artistic is in my comfort zone. email: zeitgeistein@hotmail.com

David Barona

pentool hero, photoshop pirate, perpetual learner, flan connoisseur, fontbook worm, tree hugger, beatkeeper, .png freak, artivist, caleño.

David Boersma

David is the Art Director behind Mojave Creative Lab. He is a graphic designer and web developer out of Denver, CO and has worked on behalf of a multitude of world-renowned brands, particularly in the outdoor and travel industries. When not behind his computer, like every other Coloradoan, he’s typically found tucked away somewhere in the Rocky Mountains backpacking, snowboarding, or climbing with his wife and two dogs, cooler in tow.

David Charles Hamlin

Submaterial produces thoughtful and precisely hand-crafted interior accessories for modern environments. Pared down to essential elements of pattern and texture, these works explore the territory between objects of art and objects of design. Natural materials such as leather and sustainable felt and cork are fashioned by hand into beautifully surfaced works, all made to last in the United States. Each design has an underlying modularity which allows it to be recreated as a custom work, changing color or scale to suit the intended environment. Since 2001, designer David Hamlin has focused his attention on creating modern wall décor, screens and artworks for architects and interior designers. His Construct wall hanging series introduced at the 2002 ICFF was celebrated for its innovative use of materials and was featured in Elle Decor, Metropolis, Architectural Record, Interior Design, Azure and The New York Times.

David Curry

Creativity is a great motivator because it makes people interested in what they are doing. Creativity gives hope that there can be a worthwhile idea. Creativity gives the possibility of some sort of achievement to everyone. Creativity makes life more fun and more interesting. One very important aspect of motivation is the willingness to stop and to look at things that no one else has bothered to look at. This simple process of focusing on things that are normally taken for granted is a powerful source of creativity. Let us be about setting high standards for life, love, creativity, and wisdom. If our expectations in these areas are low, we are not likely to experience wellness. Setting high standards makes every day and every decade worth looking forward to.

David Daugherty

Powder seeker and design specialist. Looking for full time and freelance opportunities.

David Diaz

I have been in the military for quite some time now. I have four deployments and a small trip to Haiti. I found my passion for design when I moved to Colorado from Indiana and attended Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design. I now have a BA in Graphic Design and I am looking forward to having a long lasting career with a company that I know I will sure come to love.

David Espinosa

About what I do: I'm an experienced graphic designer looking to expend my creativity and skills. I've got 12 years of graphic design experience focusing mainly in retail print advertising, but I'm looking to expand into branding and online design. I'm a self starter, highly organized, detail oriented, goal driven and plays well with others. About me: I'm a born and raised Texan but I've fell in love with Colorado. I've been married for 6 years and have a 16 year old cat named Quiche. I love playing all sorts of games (video, board game, table-top), riding my mountain bike, camping, photography, going to renaissance festivals, riding my motorcycle and I snowboard very poorly. I have a quirky sense of humor and am very loyal to my friends and family.

David French

Motivated creative professional seeking a leadership role in an organization that fosters collaboration, creativity, and goal-oriented design.

David Latta

I am a graphic designer in the Boulder area. I have been designing for 9 years, and I have been a photographer for 10 years. I enjoy freelance, but I really want to find a great design team to be a part of.

David M Laskowski II

I am a communications designer currently in Denver, Colorado. I enjoy traveling and getting lost. I find myself always on the look out for my next cup of coffee. I love to push pixels and pull ink! I am selectively freelancing and on the prowl for an internship or position in print, web or interactive design.

David M. Taylor II

Graduated from college, still learning and developing as an artist. Having a slow time finding a career path but still determined to showcase and passionate about art.

David Nardone

Production Team Lead / Senior Designer / Creative Director of Running Times — Moxie Sozo // Boulder, CO

David Selhime

Based out of Northern Denver I'm a fine artist gone digital, looking for an in in the design industry. I love creating and pushing my ideas to their furthest extent. Currently finishing a degree in Multi-Media Technology from Front Range Community College. Strongest skill is idea conceptualization, turning ideas into reality. Dream job: working with a group of off the wall artist/designers to create awesome work for print or web. Knowledge base: Adobe Creative Suite, Mac OS, FCP, HTML, CSS, ActionScript 3,Art History and some Photography.

David Slayden

Executive Director, Boulder Digital Works

David Stone

Editor, compositor, motion graphic design, color correction. Working with Autodesk's Discreet Flame and Smoke, Adobe Design CS3, Adobe After Effects CS3, and Apple's Final Cut Studio 3. 15 years experience working with clients ranging from advertising agencies to corporations, political candidates to broadcast and cable channels. Clients include: J. Walter Thompson - Ford, Crispin Porter + Bogusky - Burger King and VW, Dish Networks, Food Network, Rehab - Red Robin, Hallmark Channel, Discovery Channel, Kermit Channel, CBS - Chicago, CBS -Minneapolis, FedEX, Level 3, Talk America, Saint Barnabas Healthcare Systems, The University of Chicago, and over 40 political clients and PACs.

David Westman

Creative & Communications Director DMX Direct, Inc.

Davis Richard

looking for new things

Dawn Barnhart

On top of more than 16 years of design experience, Dawn is well versed in technology strategy issues and brings a well-rounded view of user interface and design management to her work. She has extensive experience with start-ups and in design consulting

Dawn Brink

I am a recent graduate from Ferris State University with a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design. I would like to move to Denver and work as a designer. Design is something that I am passionate about.

Dawn Manfredonia

Transplated from New York, I am a highly motivated and skilled ★digital artist★ with 4+ yrs. experience in advertising. In my spare time I like to tool around in Photoshop. I teach Photoshop at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design to young developing designers.

Dawn Putney / Toolbox Creative

Toolbox Creative designs brand culture, innovative ways of thinking, marketing systems and processes — it’s about more than great looking logos (although we’re really good at that, too).

Dawn Wheat

Freelance graphic designer with 10+ years in graphic design. Advanced knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark, InDesign, with some experience in video editing and web design. Painting and illustrating background, with writing/editing experience. I have worked with small business, large corporations with multi-brands, as well as art galleries and a yoga studio. Currently in NM, but relocating to CO asap.

Dawna Joelle

Hi, I'm Dawna. In 2011, I received a BFA from Metro State University of Denver where I studied graphic design with a concentration in branding and print design.

Dawood Suleman

Dayne Pillow

I was the Creative Director/owner of There & Back Magazine, a Colorado-centric outdoor magazine. My strengths and passions are in publication, and promotional design. Magazine spreads, posters, event invitationals and the alike.

Dean Boyer

I'm a big fan of designing things. Big fan.

Dean McCready

I help individuals and companies develop and implement visual strategies that will produce their desired results. These results are executed throughout a variety of media, including print and web.

Dean Olson

Graphic Designer :: Production Artist

Debbie Clapper / gneural

gneural is a multifaceted design studio run by Debbie Clapper, primarily focusing on custom patterns, typography and illustrations.


Currently in pursuit of BFA in Digital Design.

Denis Frolov

Graphic designer, production guru, photographer


Derek T. Osterlund (D.T.O.) is a artist and designer currently working in Colorado. Derek has been creating art since childhood and has received many honors and awards. Drawing upon the experience of professional training and education. Derek is equipped with the motivation and design skills to tackle your next project.

Derek Berardi

An urbanist at heart, I am a designer who is always searching for opportunities to build Denver's local cultural identity. Over the past few years, I have helped a number of local businesses build develop their branding and aesthetic. In addition, I've grown a monthly networking mixer to more tightly bind small business and creative entrepreneurs in Denver. I'm eager to lend my skills and energy to innovating, polishing and supporting organizations/efforts that are contributing to Denver becoming a more creative/progressive city.

Derek Berry

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Design Arts, Architecture and Global Studies. When I'm not on my computer designing, I'm biking. When I'm not biking, I'm sleeping.

Derek Lawson

I am a strong designer and am constantly striving to learn and grow in any way I can. I recently graduate from the Digital Design program at the University of Colorado Denver. 5 years of freelance design experience, 2 years of entrepreneurial experience.

Derek Vigil

web designer and front-end developer

Derick Senn

Colorado based graphic designer capable of fulfilling a wide range of graphic needs on multiple platforms. Able to complete heavy workloads with strict deadlines. Team player who does what it takes to get the job done. Extraordinary work ethic and devotion to customer service makes me an ideal employee.

Derrick Vincent Burton

I'm a graphic designer with a love for illustration. I began drawing when I was 5 years old and have been an avid doodler ever since. I'm a huge fan of hiking and backpacking. Originally from Boise, Idaho I came to Colorado for schooling and discovered my love for design.

Design & Image Communications

We design and develop brands to help businesses succeed. We specialize in creating unique and relevant design for the financial, healthcare, retail, business to business and nonprofit markets.


Art director. Admirer of beautiful type. Pop culture aficionado.

Devin Gustafson

Went to school for advertising, landed in print, trying to move to the web.

Devina Celeste Ramirez

I am a graphic designer who has recently received my BA in graphic design from The Art Institute of Colorado.

Devon Gibbs - Graphic Designer

I'm a graphic designer with over seven years of experience.

Devon Taylor

I am an artist. I am a writer. I am a designer. Curiosity is the key to my world. My art and work are shaped around those things that invite exploration.

Devon Taylor

I am currently a graphic artist at The Creative Alliance.

Diana MacLean

Bubbly. Ambitious. Tough. Graduated from Penn State in 2008 with a Bachelor of Design. Worked for a magazine for the past year- first on the production end, and then designing magazine layouts, art directing photo shoots, and illustrating. I am currently freelancing ... and my new website is up.

Dillon Morton

I am a recent graduate from CU with an obsession for design, web, art, and music looking to thrive in a challenging & exciting position that will provide the experience needed to manage a branding and web development firm

Donna Su Jean

Independent Design Professional Package design, print production, graphic design, photo-retouching. Proficient in InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat. Available to work on-site and remote.

Doug Sandlin

A well rounded, experienced graphic and web designer who is looking for the next challenge. Always searching for both free-lance or permanent opportunities that are fast paced, highly creative and fun.

Douglas Koke

I offer a host of creative services including web and graphic design, motion graphics, branding, videography, photography, video editing, user-experience/interface design, apparel design, and copywriting. My mission is to partner with clients, companies, and agencies to create memorable, engaging media that provokes, informs and entertains its audience. I've been deeply engrossed in visual media and content creation for 12 years, working as a freelance designer, web contractor, and senior designer. I spent the last 4 years residing as Creative Director for a national streaming media provider. I've recently come full circle to work again as independent. I'm extremely proficient in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Flash. I'm also highly adept in Photography, HDSLR film-making (shooting & post-production) and Pro Tools audio. I have a fair amount of experience with Cinema 4D, HTML and CSS, as well. I've worked in leadership and collaborative roles with clients as diverse as Focus On The Family to The Sex Pistols. My practical experience ranges from projects for small, local businesses to designing for large-scale enterprises like HBO, V-Moda, and Clear Channel. My approach to design and life is founded in honesty, a solid work ethic, and personal integrity. If that resonates with you, I'm your guy.

Douglas Landry

Design gives me a sense of freedom; and the outcome influences and broadens my perspective. Whether it is using electronic tools to create something on screen, using my own hands to craft objects, snowboarding down a deep powder line, or riding a wave. I am intrigued by opportunities to exploit even the smallest of adventures everyday. My creativity is illustrated by a simple slash on my snowboard or a single brush stroke on a piece of paper. My personal style reveals who I am in the particular ways in which I invite collaboration as well as the ways in which I aim to contribute something of significance to society. I am a graduate of the graphic design and multimedia program at Champlain College in Burlington, VT. My coursework and internships provided me with guidance and direction. The support and critique of mentors and friends extended my skills and continue to inspire me in all that I do. I am available for full-time or freelance opportunities. Let's talk about your questions, your plans, and your ideas.

douglas mazza

My name is Douglas Mazza (aka mazza creative), and I have been a brand design professional for over 12 years. Feel free to check out all of my work at mazzacreative.com

Drake Fontana

dfon Identity Designs

Drew Bentley

Hey CO, My name is Drew Bentley. I am a graphic + web designer who is currently working as an Art Director for an athletic co. in Mpls, MN. I am looking for an new opportunity to live, work, and grow in the design industry around the Denver area. I am a passionate individual with a strong work ethic who cares deeply about cycling and the outdoors. If you are a design or branding agency in search of a Mid-level Designer/Art Director, please contact me at bentleygraphic@gmail.com and I will send you a presentation of my latest work. Thank you, Drew.

Drew LaBarge

GETTING MY PROFILE TOGETHER. Just give me a bit. designer, illustrator, entrepreneur

Drew Roper

Currently working as a member of the Design Team on the Barack Obama 2012 re-election campaign. Will be moving to Denver January 2013.

Drew Sima

Graphic Designer and Experience Designer

Driscoll Creative Services

Inspired Concepts. Real-World Design Solutions. Greetings, Friends! Thanks for the opportunity to introduce myself. I'm Wendy Driscoll, owner of Driscoll Creative Services. I’ve been a professional graphic designer for over 16 years, owning a successful full-time freelance business for over 10 years. You’ll find me a dedicated, professional, reliable, creative partner on any type of design project... from logo and branding development, to every type of collateral material, including direct mail, advertising, newsletters, promotional signage, product packaging and Point of Purchase, to web site design, to large format tradeshow exhibit design and production. I’ve created effective, memorable marketing communication pieces for a wide range of clients from Fortune 500 companies, to large firms, to sole proprietorships, in a variety of industries including medical, technical, and consumer. Visit my web site to see a more complete portfolio of my work. Let's design!

Duffy Weiss

Graphic artist / web designer currently working at a sign shop in Mandan, ND. I am very comfortable with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver - also some proprietary software for sign shops; Gerber Scientific products - Omega 4. I love being a graphic artist, and end up doing it even after hours for freelance and my own projects. Aside from my work, I enjoy spending time with my family (wife and three kids) - riding my motorcycle, and vegging out on the sofa playing xbox 360 whenever I have the time. The main reason I've signed up for the Denver Egotist, is to eventually move to the Denver area, but of course I need employment there before moving - so if you're looking for someone who loves photoshop and illustrator, and loves challenging new creative projects - then I'm your guy! oh, and I'm willing to relocate if necessary.


Google me

Durand Cosca

I really enjoy making your plan visually appealing and effective. I have the experience of working with a team on big projects and working independently on small projects. I am excited to put your vision to life and help to impact your business.


An idea person for Companies seeking idea generation.

Dustin Bolinger

Graphic Designer with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Electronic Imaging. I have worked with apparel, catalog layout, color correction, packaging, image resizing for web, image clipping, digital photography, vector illustrations, vinyl graphics and screen printing.

Dustin Ogden

I am a recent graduate of The Art Institute of Colorado with my Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design.


Experienced Graphic Arts Specialist, slightly obsessed with the science of color. In my down-time, you might catch me drumming with the Mile Highlanders. (a bagpipe band in the Denver area).

Dylan Bannecke

I am a recent graduate from the University of Missouri with a BFA in Graphic Design.

Ebb+Flow Design

COMPANY INFORMATION: For the last seven years Ebb+Flow Design has specialized in user-centered brand development and brand extensions, identity design, web + interface design, print and web-based publications, and marketing collateral. E+F works closely with our clients to ensure a successful outcome that brings value and perpetuates the importance of design and usability in visual communications. We work with our clients to help discover and develop a strong understanding of who they are and where they want to go with their brand. We work to extend and rejuvenate existing brands as well as to create fresh new ones. Here’s some examples of the types of services we provide: – Positioning and brand voice generation – Tag line creation – Competitive analysis – Company + product naming – Initial trademark research – User experience design recommendations – Web design and production

Edgar Fleming

UX & UI Designer located in San Francisco, CA

Elia King

I’m a designer who makes his home base near Fort Worth, Texas. With over ten years of experience in marketing and design, including work for print and web, I’m passionate about projects that are both strategic and creative. I have partnered with clients in a variety of fields — including education, non-profits, fundraising and development, retail, and corporate sales — to tell the story of their brands in compelling ways. I do most of my work with Adobe CS5 in an Apple environment, but I’m also PC-friendly, and am comfortable with HTML, CSS, and PHP. I also have a growing fondness for WordPress.

Elisa Guerrero

I love typography and think it can help you make or break a statement. I believe that design is and will continue to be, a form of expression and influence the way we view people and the world around us.

Elise Edson

Human Factors Engineer specializing in medical device design and research.

Elise Reynolds

I am a graphic designer and creative person who loves to create and is passionate about incorporating great design into businesses.

Eliza Shrestha

Hello, my name is Eliza Shrestha. I am a graphic designer currently located in Castle Rock, Colorado. I received a BFA with a concentration in Communication Design, from Metropolitan State University of Denver. I am a quiet dreamer, always thinking of new projects and possibilities. My strength as a designer is my ability to generate endless concepts.

Elizabeth Blasi

Hello. I am a visual designer specializing in UX research and data visualization, and am currently studying at Parsons in NYC. I plan to facilitate in bridging the gap between design and other domains in order to introduce valuable services and ideas to others.

Elizabeth Fowler

I am a multi-disciplined designer who brings a wide breath of knowledge in print, web, packaging and broadcast to the table. I have experience in building companies from the ground up and am passionate about bringing clients success through creative problem solving.

Elizabeth Houtz

Graduated 2012 BFA in Graphic Design Independent Graphic Designer and Illustrator

Elizabeth Ludwig

Young passionate professional looking for a growing company that can utilize my exceptional communication skills, strong attention to detail, and ability to multitask under pressure. Adept in learning skills quickly with a dedication to producing quality content and possesses unparalleled dedication to the project at hand.

Elizabeth Nelson

Elizabeth graduated with degrees in Business Marketing and Painting which landed her a Marketing Director job for Atrium Log Homes, LLC. Here she worked on all aspects of B to C sales via email marketing, print advertising, website design, and trade show displays. She later went on to perfect her B to B skills with MediaBiz working closely on all advertising and promotional campaigns. Feeling the strong pull to be even more creative, Elizabeth reunited with her passion by returning to school, achieving certificates in both Graphic and Web Design. With her new skills and background in business administration, Elizabeth has started her own freelance graphic design business, Creative Allure Design. It's Your Move. Make IT happen. Website: http://creativealluredesign.com/ Portfolio: http://www.elizabethnelsoncreative.com

Elizabeth Strunk

I am a graphic and web designer trying to find a voice (and a job) in the design world. I am inspired by fashion, interior design, vintage posters, and the blogging community. I enjoy reading biographies, shopping for vintage treasures and of course creating colorful designs. Send me an email at emstrunk@gmail.com if you would like to connect!

Elizabeth VandeSande

I am currently an Undergrad at the University of Northern Colorado studying Visual Communications and marketing. As a result, my interests lean heavily toward advertising and design. Upon my graduation I will be seeking opportunities to combine my graphic design expertise with my knowledge of marketing on a business level.

Elle Tolman

I've got a passion for branding, a knack for organization and the drive to pursue all things creative. I've been described as articulate, intuitive, and ambitious, and strives to utilize teamwork, inspiration and iteration to effectively solve creative problems and make the world a more beautifully designed place.

Ellen Bruss Design

EBD is a Denver-based design and brand consultancy. Our clients know us for an approach that's friendly and inquisitive. One that helps them leverage design to gain interest and understanding for their brands. We view every project as a collaboration, working closely with clients to make sure that their goals are realized.

Embry Gillet

I am recent graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder (May 2012). I majored in Studio Art with an emphasis in photography and digital art. I minored in CU's TAM program (Technology, Arts, and Media ) through ATLAS. I am currently seeking a full-time paid position in the design and/or marketing fields.

Emily Alley

*I'm currently looking for full-time work*My name is Emily and I am an award winning artist based in CO. I've been developing my creative talents as a designer for the past 7 years. Through my progression I've learned that great design can be born on a napkin, but must be built with a solid strategy, an eye for detail, supportive typography, and empathic insight. Because I am in competition with myself, each project that I create is sure to be the best I've ever done.

Emily Bennett

My name is Emily Bennett and I am a recent Auburn University graduate. I am currently searching for a professional Graphic Design position.

Emily Carlton

Proud alumna of the University of Northern Colorado. I am currently a graphic designer in higher education (Texas A&M University). Lover of the great out-of-doors.

Emily E Fern

Graphic Designer with over 6 years experience. Experience in Adobe CS5, Digital Printers (Konica Minolta, Canon) with Perfect Bind attachments. Large paper cutters, laminaters, and UV coating machines.

Emily Lennon

I am a 6th generation Coloradan. I grew up in the Capitol Hill, Congress Park & Park Hill Neighborhoods. I graduated from East High School and the University of Colorado with a degree in political science. I come from a family of morticians and funeral directors, we use to own the mortuary McConaty, which is now called Horan & McConaty. I love the outdoors, being with friends and family. I like to cook and I LOVE to bake. I enjoy bringing my creations to share with coworkers. I am currently attending classes at the Community College of Denver for an associates in Multimedia Graphic Design.

Emily Musumecci

Graphic Design | Photography | Sociology

Emily Parcell

A perpetual problem-solver, I approach design challenges from the user’s perspective. From concept to completion, I design beautifully effective solutions that blend creativity with strategy.

Emily Valentin

I am a senior Graphic Designer at Millikin University. I am a hard worker and fast learner. I'm currently looking for an intership to finish off my college career on the right note.

Emily Walkup

I focus in creating a wide variety of design pieces for both print and digital media. I live in Denver, Colorado and currently work as a Development Associate & Creative for Asian Hope and extending into the freelance business. I have a passion to create advertising pieces and concepts that are off the wall and eye catching. Adobe Creative Suites is my favorite set of tools for the computer but I love to dabble in a variety of drawing, painting and printing styles to get my hands dirty. I often use these mixed medias in my graphic design work. Looking to make just as big of an impact in an advertising agency or design company through advertising campaigns, brand identity, logos, website design, and print media. Holding a BA in Creative Advertising and a BA in Graphic Design from Drake University I have developed a well balanced eye for design as well as customer driven appeal. Exuding the qualities of a leader I am able to adapt and learn from the people around me. I will bring dedication, confidence, and passion to any position or project I’m faced with.

Emily Wolf

As a designer I believe my goal is to elevate one's experience with a brand. I currently am specializing in advertising, retail and promotions but have a heart for branding at my core. Interested in creating great work? Maybe we should chat.

Emma Keleher

Entry level graphic designer.


I'm a passionate designer specializing in both web and print media. My skills range from web design and development, print design, photo editing and manipulation to traditional art. I offer freelance services at affordable prices.

Emrich Co.

Indiana native. Moved my midwestern work ethic to Colorado. Founded Tenfold. Now on my own, designing and Illustrating for like-minded craftsmen and women.

Enkhchimeg Erdenebat

Future graphic designer.

Eric Baird

Eric Baird has been catching the eye of consumers and audiences with his imaginative and striking visual communication. Eric creates distinctive visual solutions for corporate, cultural and entrepreneurial clients worldwide. His thought provoking work cultivates loyal relationships and helps audiences make well-informed decisions. He excels at translating complex information into market-forward messaging that yields results.

Eric Benjamin

I'm a 20-something visual designer. I'm a nights and weekends entrepreneur addicted to travel and coffee. I love right-brained minimalist thinking.

Eric Brettillo

Accomplished professional with solid design and marketing experience, delivering unique/creative solutions to drive sales, attract and maintain customers, and build a premium corporate brand. Proven ability to consistently assemble and lead teams, effectively communicate cross-functionally and execute strategically to achieve organizational objectives.

Eric DeLand

I am a highly motivated and adaptive design professional with a proven ability to meet deadlines while providing aesthetically pleasing material. I utilize a blend of practical experience and education in both graphic design and photography to create compelling works that accomplish project goals.

Eric Doctor

Recent Rice University graduate with production experience seeking creative employment in the Denver area.

Eric Erickson - designer

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work. I am a communication designer and art director currently living in Longmont Colorado. I've been fortunate enough to spend the lesser part of 2 years working with the amazing crew at Cultivator Advertising + Design in Denver doing what I love. I hold an MFA in printmaking from California College of the Arts and am a graduate from the Portfolio Center in Atlanta specializing in design and art direction. I'm always looking for a good project. If you've got one please feel free to contact me at PonderingType@gmail.com

Eric Frazier

Denver based designer and custom die-cut sticker maker.

Eric Hines

I have experience working in outdoor industries and lifestyle/fitness brands. Over my career I have worked on such brands as The North Face, Oakley, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, SRAM/Avid, Devil's Thumb Ranch and Powerhouse Gym. Within these brands I have had the opportunity to create advertising, packaging, branding and conceptual design. I obtained a BFA degree from Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State University). I have also taught at the collegiate level for Metropolitan State College of Denver and Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. Areas of Experience: branding and identity, web design, print design, advertising, packaging and conceptual idea development. Additional Skills: welding, fabrication, woodworking and silkscreening

Eric Purtell

I’ve been working in Graphics and Print Production for the last 5 years while living in Albuquerque,NM. I attended the Academy of Entertainment & Technology in Santa Monica, Ca. where I studied Animation/Art. I am currently living in Denver, Co and enjoying time exploring the new town I call home.

Eric Schroen

As a Denver-based graphic designer, Colorado's natural artistry serves as a platform of inspiration for my personal life and my work. I thrive on an active lifestyle and take advantage of the landscape this great state provides. From commuting on my bike, backpacking in the mountains, to cooking with organic and local foods, I maintain an eco-conscious and healthy lifestyle. In my work, I am able to express my passion for the intricacies of this artform and create progressive yet timeless pieces. From the kerning between letters, the white-space around objects, and every path, point, and pixel on a page, I find true satisfaction in every detail.

Eric Stanley

I'm Eric Stanley, young, highly caffeinated young designer cutting his teeth in Colorado Springs. Born and raised in Minnesota, I packed up an moved to Colorado this past August in search of striking it big in the fast paced design world. I am a brand identity, print and web designer with a passion for pixel perfection. If you're looking for a fresh faced, hard working designer to tackle a project or join your creative team then look no further. I would fancy an email/tweet/message from you!

Erica Birkman

Hello there, I'm a graphic designer. I am motivated by what I love and how I live. I understand that design does not follow culture; it creates it. I strive to change minds, touch hearts, and make a difference (no matter how minimal). I believe in play, imagination and fun. I am capable of the entire design lifecycle, from brainstorming and paper napkin mockups to pixel-perfect designs. Creativity is my product; design is my process.

Erica Gallo

My name is Erica Gallo and graphic design is my zeal! As a multifaceted designer, I strive to make advertising more than an economic superficial trend. Solid communication skills, research, and design knowledge give me the power to make advertising more ethical and engaging in today's world!

Erica McCary

Born in New Jersey and into the decade of teased hair, Jordach jeans, and Cabbage Patch dolls. I was an average redheaded, freckled faced kid who swore her much darker skinned parents adopted her. So I drowned my sorrow in fruit punch kool-aid, played make believe, and took to any creative outlet available (usually coloring). A couple decades later, I’m still drinking fruit punch. Oh, and I am creating things. From print to web, I’ve really expanded my portfolio since my coloring book days. My clients range from global brands like GFT, to small town restaurants like Pints & Quarts Bar and Grill. I love to create ads—to conceptualize, design, and occasionally write. I’ve also had experience designing publications and web-based marketing material. I like to think of myself as more than a designer. I’m a visual storyteller, a thinker, and problem solver. And I color in my spare time. Throughout my life my work has been recognized by my parents and competitions, like the ADDY Awards and the Creative Smackdown. Wanna talk more? Feel free to give me a shout at ejmccary@gmail.com

Erik Cox

Creative Director/Designer

Erik Rodne

I've been doing design work for about a decade now. Working in a variety of advertising agencies over the years has given me opportunities to work with clients to produce creative solutions for web, video and print media. I received my Bachelors degree from South Dakota State University in Graphic Design with a minor in Computer Science. I'm proud to say that I always start with pencil and paper for any design project and do most all of my own production / development work. If you care to learn a bit more then pop on over to my website.

Erik Villasenor

I am originally from Southern California, I was stationed at Ft. Carson, Colorado Springs while in the Army. I met my wife, and fell in love with the Colorado lifestyle, and I have loved it here since. As far as design, I do not shy away from white space, I design within a grid, and I believe that you can never sketch enough.

Erik Vincent

Envrionmental graphic designer. University of Cincinnati alumni. Graphic design degree. 5+ years experience.

Erika Abrams

I design for print and web, primarily for nonprofit and arts organizations.

Erika Brask

Creative Director

Erika Karsky

I am a graduate from South Dakota State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design and Advertising. I am originally from Rapid City, SD and moved to Denver in the Fall of 2010. It has been such a great experience moving here and I have met so many wonderful people and seen so many wonderful places. Love camping and hiking, spending time with my friends and family and of course, any form of caffeine. I am excited for this new chapter in my life and can't wait to see what's in store for the future!

erin aggeler

303.570.7606 | contact@erinaggeler.com www.erinaggeler.com

Erin Behrenhausen

Denver-area graphic designer with 13+ years experience and a kick-ass portfolio.

Erin Clare Shea

Erin Clare Shea, a Denver native, is currently an MFA candidate and Annenberg Research Fellow at University of Southern California's Animation and Digital Arts program in Los Angeles. Available for freelance hire in the following areas: • Website design + development • Custom WordPress theme development • Logo design • Motion graphics • Infographics

Erin Hennessy

I recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Stout, majoring in graphic design. I recently updated my website so check it out!

Erin Jewell

My Name is Erin Jewell. I am a Graphic Designer with a passion for logos and print design but, i'm not afraid of web work either. To get to know a little more about me please visit my website www.erin-jewell.com

Erin Sands

Having just moved to the Denver area, I am currently seeking my next career opportunity in the Graphic Design field. I am an accomplished graphic designer of 13 years with expertise in graphic design, desktop publishing, art direction, typography and layout, photo manipulation, Photoshop generated design, interactive design, Adobe Creative Suite, brand identity development and integration, conceptual development, basic Flash, basic HTML coding, and more. I excel in taking a concept and turning it into something that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but integrates seamlessly with a strong marketing message, and most importantly, accomplishes the marketing objective. I am recognized for being a solution-oriented self-starter who is open to constructive criticism and others' ideas, and I enjoy team collaboration, being challenged and learning new skills. I perform effectively in a fast-paced, results-oriented environment and strive to use my specialized skills to help clients reach their goals. I invite you to view my portfolio at http://www.ejsandscreative.com

Erin Weaver

I spent the first few years working as a designer and production artist, fine-tuning my skills in both areas. I transitioned to web just over two years ago. My experience includes working for a small Denver-based design studio, as an in-house designer at a small outdoor equipment company, and currently as a web designer at a digital agency in Denver. I am a typography geek, lover of effectively used whitespace, and appreciate simplicity and craft.

Erin York

I am a designer. These days, this title encompasses a broad range of necessary skills, including the mastery of both traditional and digital media, using techniques such as static and animated illustration, and being able to conceptualize and initiate broad ideas for brand identity and marketing campaigns. As a bonus, the ability to craft the perfect words and language to accompany powerful visuals is a talent I’ve honed to benefit clients, employers and audiences alike. Need someone to don many hats and take your communication to the next level? Look no further. Visit erinyork.com for more.

Estelle Staffieri

I have just graduated from The University of Northern Colorado with a B.A. in Graphic Design and a B.S. in Marketing. I am currently looking for an internship in the Denver area.

Esther Ball-Babois

Born and raised in the Netherlands, my European style, work ethics and standards blend in nicely with the American desire for innovation and technology. My 8+ years of design experience in the graphic design and the web design field includes working with several different agencies ranging in size and ambition. Inspiration can come from something as simple as a single line, European Street Art, Japanese Design, Pop Art, or well executed Information Architecture. Specialties: User Friendly Websites, UI/UX Design, HTML and CSS Coding (by hand), familiarity with jQuery, Logo Design and Identity Development, Promotional Print Design & Pre-Press Production.

Evan Bronstein

Recent graduate from University of Colorado Denver. BFA in Digital Design.

Evan Cotgageorge

Crafting beautiful visual solutions, built on your message, focused on your goals and executed with the least possible fuss.

Evan Huwa

The jakshop™ works with organizations to create epic ideas, designs, and videos that enhance the lives of your customers and community. Whether you need to create or recreate your entire brand or just have a special project, the Jak Shop will help you create something that matters.

Evan Lloyd Brogan

29 Year Old Graphic Designer. Graduate of the University of Notre Dame. Highly creative at heart, attentive to detail, with emphasis on the thoughtful crafting of brand-appropriate, engaging concepts. Exceptional understanding of print production, file setup, and organizational structures. Enthusiastic photographer, familiar with all things photo related: camera operation, lighting, direction, post processing and photo retouching.

Evan Lockhart Borman

artist. designer. film maker. man.

Evan Reisberg

Will complete my Bachelor's of Art Degree at UMBC in the Spring of 14. Have been working as a freelance designer now for 5 years. Would love to grow as a professional designer with a company, as well as being on the cutting edge of the industry.

Evan Wieland

My name is Evan Wieland and I am a Graphic Designer in Denver Colorado. Actually I’m an Everything Designer, nothing is safe from food to furniture, pottery and bicycles. However, I am most passionate about working with pixels and paper.

Evan Wirths

Coming soon...


I am a new resident of Colorado. I graduated in May 2010 from Illinois State University with a degree in Graphic Design and I'm currently looking for work in the area.

Evangeline Bauerle

In love with art, design, music, life.

Evelyn Wilder

Designer, mom, gardener.

Eylem Eser

A recent graduate graphic designer. I love creating new things and using my imagination. Because of that graphic design is not just a job for me, it is also a lifestyle.


I’m love design especially web design and user interface design. I was interested to learn new things in web design and UI/UX. And have sense of humor I am willing to give total support the organization that I am in, with the experience and capability that I have in web design and UI/UX, in order to achieve organization’s goals and create mutual benefits.


graphic design

FF Design

FF Design is an Independent Design Studio specializing in Print, Web, Branding, Typography and Illustration.

Fifth Creative

Visual Communication

Forix Magento

Forix Magento, based in Portland, OR, have expertise in creating easily accessible custom Magento website design. With our professional Magento services, you can be guaranteed of unique and reliable solutions for your e-store. Just call us @ (800) 818-2361

Fort, Inc.

We are a Denver based web design and branding studio.

Four Design

FOUR DESIGN CREATES HIGH-IMPACT VISUAL MARKETING and communications, including website design and development, logo and branding, corporate identity, business systems and marketing collateral. Offering a full suite of graphic design solutions for any size business, Four Design brings over ten years experience to help take your company to the next level. We can operate as an extension of your team and take on specific project elements, or provide all the design, print and production assistance you need.

Fox Chung

Hi. I’m Fox Chung, and I’m not your typical graphic designer. Graphic design to me is more than just art. It is understanding your target market, creating work that exceeds expectations, and ensuring products are delivered within budget and on-time. I have been working in the design and marketing industry for 10 years. My experience ranges from developing brand identity systems and websites, to creating and managing marketing campaigns. Being creative, determined to succeed, budget-conscious, well-organized, and understanding the business side of the industry are all things that have made me successful at my job.

Frances R. Jemini

I am an architectural and artistic designer specializing in Architectural Design, Interior Design, Artistic Design, Site Design, Urban Planning, Project Management, Construction Management and more. I also create original mixed-media artwork as displayed in the photo albums in my Issuu Portfolio. I also have years of experience in the areas of grant and proposal writing, accounting, bookkeeping, marketing and digital/print media and design.

Frances Willis

Fashion enthusiast, out-of-the-box thinker, and hopelessly creative. Loves denim on denim outfits, meeting new people, and multi-tasking.

Freelance Layout/Book Designer - Juvelin Aripal

I am a graphic/layout designer who have made various projects for a number of clients based from Philippines, Los Angeles, Malaysia, and Hong Kong in a freelance basis. I worked in a publishing company as Editorial Coordinator cum Layout Artist. I am specialized in book cover design, inside layout/page layout, newspaper layout, ads, logo design, brochure, calling card, ID, flyers etc. I am looking for freelance, homebased/project based layouting jobs. It is a profession I am familiar with and experienced in. I have experience in large format printing as printer operator and graphic artist. I am well verse in Adobe Photoshop CS3, Indesign CS3, Adobe Acrobat, and Microsoft Applications. I am familiar with Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Pagemaker, etc. I can do rush works, multi-tasking jobs, and able to meet deadlines. As your partner, I can work and handle the creative and technical aspect of your projects. The assurance is that you can count on me to deliver quality and creative works you would equally expect other top and more expensive design studios or freelancers would do for you. My difference is I offer these at a much lower cost. I am looking forward to hear from you and discuss any design projects or manuscripts you feel would be suitable for me. Please let me hear from you soon. I am available anytime to answer questions, concerns and queries regarding quatation or layouting rate. CONTACT INFOS: Cel. no.: +639301964653 Email: nilevuj22f@gmail.com YM: juvinne_angela22@yahoo.com SKYPE: juvinne_angela22


fresh to death

Gabby Frahry

Hi! My name is Gabby. I have recently graduated from Northern Michigan University. I'm a native of Colorado Springs, CO and a frequent visitor of Arizona, Illinois and Michigan. Like most graphic designers, I enjoy expressing myself through my art and design. I've used various themes and concepts in my body of work, and I hope to do so moving forward. My goal is to create effective, smart and fresh graphic design while continuing to learn.

Gabe Pacheco

I am a Graphic Designer with 24 years experience using both MAC and PC operating systems. Certified in Adobe Creative programs. Dreamweaver, Flash and basic HTML. In my 21 years, which 15 years have been with the same design company I have literally created 1000's of designs for clients. Please see pachecokustom.com for my portfolio and artwork. I also have a large following in automotive illustration. I have clients in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, France, Italy, UK and many in the U.S. - for these clients I have done Automotive Illustrations and paint scheme renderings, T-Shirt and Logo designs, Graphic Design, Brand Re-imaging, Tattoo Flash, Pencil Renderings and Portraits. I am available and can be contacted pachecokustom@gmail.com

Gabe Re

Denver based Designer + Art Director


Web Designer / Graphic Artist

garima thakur

I am a designer, recently graduated from University of Florida, Currently working in a beautiful place called mackinac island and looking forward to moving to colorado in fall..

Garrett Deheer

Graphic Designer | Amelie Co | gtdeheer@gmail.com

Garrett Campagna

Freelance Graphic Designer, Developer, Art Director, Photographer, etc I just want to design good things for good people.

Gary Wiese

Early riser. Father to none. Designer & Art Director


I am a 24 year old graphic designer that designs for print, digital, and web. My three favorite parts about being a designer are designing brand identity, typography, and websites. I'm most excited about moving back to Denver in March!

Genevieve McKenna`

Seeking a junior level position.

Gennie Stafford

Graphic designer, with marketing skills including proposal writing and copyediting. On the side, an accomplished knitwear designer.

Geoffrey Moody

I am an Industrial Designer looking for a dynamic company that has fun, celebrates individual successes, and is ready for innovative designs. I focus on product design, concept design, 3D modeling and graphic design. I am acclimated to hard work and time management. I exceed at sketching, conceptualization, and innovative design. What set’s me apart is a fresh and unique perspective on design and the ability to empathize with the target consumer. Like other design artists, I work autonomously, but I also work well in a collaborative team environment. I have a keen eye for efficiencies and I am highly motivated to succeed. I like to explore many avenues of product design such as; electronics design, soft goods design, ergonomic design, and foot ware design.



George Van Der Volgen

I am George Van Der Volgen, and I am a Multimedia/UX designer temporarily based in Central New York. With more than 6 years formal training, and experience designing pixels and bits for an array of purposes, I have become the quintessential "creative swiss army knife". I can quickly identify the DNA of any project, brand, identity or product in order to evolve, mimic or revolutionize it to meet the desired end result. While I am a creative and dynamic person, I am also very upbeat and optimistic. I am deadline oriented, strategic, and efficient, while simultaneously acting to raise the morale of everyone around me.When I'm not designing, I'm enjoying life to the fullest by way of many various sports and outdoor activities, spending quality time goofing around with my best friend and fiance Jenna, cooking good food, reading, videogaming, or attempting to try something new and expand my knowledge.

German Murillo

I have been working as a digital artist in the art department of Crispin Porter & Bogusky for the last five years. Skills I want to perform are in the print production field, graphic design, layout development, mechanical set up, digital retouching, book creation, prop construction, presentation set up, packaging design, new media. I feel very comfortable working with art directors, designers and creative directors and I am so pleased knowing that my co-workers enjoy working with me, because I like to be a team player; although self motivated at the same time. Some other talents: I have experience as a photographer, I have some knowledge of video and video editing, some illustration and handwriting skills, I am bilingual, Spanish is my native language, I have previous experience with hispanic marketing, and with digital and interactive advertising agencies.

Gerrica Hightower

I am a young designer from Las Vegas. I have been interested in art my whole life. I have a bachelor's degree in Graphic Design with a minor in Art history from UNLV. I just moved to Denver to start a new chapter in my life. I look forward to every new day, because life gives is new opportunities everyday to make our lives wonderful.

Gertrude Bodaford

I have a Bachelors of Fine Arts from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Interior Design. I have worked in a high end residential architecture firm, and have a background in retail.

Giant Interactive

Giant Interactive is a leader in preparing creative content for distribution via existing and emerging media platforms. We create award-winning interactive experiences for DVD, Blu-ray, tablets and mobile phones, digital distribution and many other forms of new media. Combining creativity and craft in every step of the process, Giant understands that while technology is important, putting that technology into action is paramount. With offices in New York, Los Angeles and Denver, we are well positioned to offer services to major media clients worldwide. Giant has earned numerous awards, due to an exceptional track record for innovative and creative products. We are the go-to company for high-end, professional digital media services. Dynamic and innovative, Giant boasts a staff with unmatched qualifications in the interactive media industry. That experience, combined with a commitment to quality and service, helps us ensure the best results. Specialities: Mobile and table app development, Motion graphics and graphic design, DVD & Blu-ray production, Digital production (encoding for iTunes, Hulu, etc.), Bonus (aka Value Added Material) production, Digital distribution via FlixFling.com

Gissele Casco

I am a recent college graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Communication and Media, as well as a minor in Drama Theatre, from NJIT. However, because of my inquisitive nature and love for the arts, I have explored different fields of media and entertainment including performing arts, video production, photojournalism, and most recently graphic design. I spent a year working as a web designer at The Star-Ledger, a well-known newspaper distributed throughout the state of New Jersey. Most recently, I spent two months interning as a web/graphic designer at a local Hispanic magazine called, HolaDiscount. Moreover, I have excellent knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver, as well as HTML, CSS, and Microsoft Office. Additionally, I am bilingual, a quick learner, and an extremely versatile/hard worker.


Designs and Illustrations made by yours truly. I'm an artist, singer, and lover of the world, with a big passion for all kinds of tastes and colors.

Giulia Chioetto

An enthusiastic multi-tasker and learner of the arts. I strive to work for innovative projects and people to grow artistically and personally. Specializing in digital illustrations and designs with a passion for pop culture and international styles. Fluent in Spanish and Italian and lover of the subtleties of life.


Hello my name is Gordon Wyne and I am currently a freelance graphic designer with three years experience. I graduated from Colorado State University in 2008 with a BFA in Graphic Design. I have a solid foundation in typography and illustration with knowledge and experience with the Adobe Creative Suite. I have worked on projects ranging from restaurant menus, coupons and promotional signs to recruiting brochures and public relation posters for Colleges. I bring all my skill and dedication to any project I am involved in and take pride in finding the very best visual solutions for any given problem. My ultimate goal is to move from freelance work to full time in house design. I believe I posses the skill and dedication that would make me a valuable asset to any company in need of graphic design work.


I am a Graphic Designer from Alabama, relocating to Denver, Colorado.

Grant Blakeman

i make magical things on the internets.

Grant D. Miller

I am a passionate and thoughtful designer interested in science, skeptical thinking, and practical philosophy. I have a wide range of skills and experience in digital media, print, software design, video and photography. I enjoy working with self motivated people who have a genuine and committed interest in the work they do.

Greg Coleman

This fall I'm swapping the Big Apple for the Mile High City!

Greg Ewing

I am a multimedia and graphic designer. I love all aspects of the design field. I love to be outside snowboarding, snowshoeing, camping, hiking and playing soccer. When I am not outside I am designing anything I can get my hands on.

Greg Friedrich

I am a graphic designer with a BFA from the University of Iowa and nearly 10 years experience working for an in-house design department within the Federal government. I love creating designs that are clean and balanced yet clever and striking. I am conceptually-minded with a borderline obsession for details. My expertise is in print design but I have a base knowledge of web programs and I am working hard to improve in that area (including courses at RMCAD and Boulder Digital Arts and on Lynda.com). I work great in a team but I also have experience working remotely with little supervision. I have excellent communication skills and worked directly with clients on a daily basis. I was often requested by clients once I had worked on a project for them and received formal praise on numerous occasions including twice earning Employee of the Year for my contracting company.

Greg Hammond

I am a Graphic Designer looking for employment in the Denver area. I received my associates in Graphic Design in 2011, and have since been working at various retail jobs and doing design on the side. I currently work at Gear For Sports, a custom sportswear company dealing in embroidery design and screenprint. At this job my primary roles have been double proofing orders, coloring images, and assisting in art approvals. Through my design experience and schooling I have dealt with print, campaigns, layout design, packaging, branding, illustration and painting, and more. I am hoping to find a full-time position where I can continue to learn and grow as a designer and become a valuable part of a larger team.

Greg Jesse

Having great design ability in this field is a give-in if you want to be successful as a designer. My strengths not only lie in my ability to design outstanding work, but also in my ability to develop great concepts. I have great ideas and the vision to implement them in any medium. My work really begins to shine through as my conceptualization skills meet my ability to visualize the concepts I develop.

Gregg Lulofs

Accomplished Design Director with broad retail marketing experience encompassing strategic planning, brand development, interactive marketing, advertising, social media integration and planning, public relations, sales promotion, trade show and visual merchandising. Ability to develop, implement and monitor quality standards across all creative deliverables while achieving continuous, improved business performance.

Greta Schmidt

just on the planet to do great work and enjoy it.


A fight to rid the world of poor design.

Gustavo Esquinca

Jack-of-all-trades designer with an obsession for details.

GwenAnn Hua

I am a passionate designer from Denver, Colorado. I love creating clean, smart, and effective design for users. My specialties are website design, identity / branding, and print. I also like to do motion graphics and paint.

Gwin Coleman

Gwin Coleman has 12+ years of experience in the Graphic Design industry. She has a long list of clientele ranging from Cosmopolitan Magazine to the U.S. Army and everything in between. Gwin was born in Carmel, CA and moved to Columbia, MO as a teenager. In 1995, she moved to Indianapolis to finish her college education at the Heron School of Art at IUPUI and finished with a dual degree in New Media Arts and Science through IUPUI's Informatics Program. Since then she has been working hard to gain the experience necessary to start her own business as a graphic designer. She currently resides in Denver, CO. She loves the creativity of this city and being her own boss allows her to flow that creativity into her work. Yoga, camping, snowboarding & being silly with her friends are just a few things she enjoys. Her energy and ideas are endless....

Hakim K

Digital creations / Web design.. I would like to discover a hidden room in our house and an extra day in the week, and I dream of finding the best Brie known to man.

Haley Goldstein

Graphic designer with experience in branding and identity, packaging, typography, environmental graphic design, editorial design and more.

Hanan Nesheiwat

Hello! My name is Hanan. I am a Communications Designer from New York. I gained my degree from Syracuse University, School of Visual and Performing Arts in May 2009. I am a multifaceted designer, with experience and interest in strategic branding, packaging, advertising, editorial, exhibit design, and publication. I am also a very conceptual designer, knowing great ideas are the mode of great work. I believe good design focuses on simplicity, creativity, and clarity of concept. I am relocating to Denver, Colorado and looking for a company to grow with.

Hannah Jubal Miller

I'm a contracted designer for Do More Good (merger of CSK Group and Hanon McKendry). I regularly do freelance photography and design work. Contact me hannahjmiller@me.com

Hannah Luree Odland

I'm 23 years old. I am a native Wisconsinite, born just south of Lake Superior. As a teen I skateboarded, swam and hung out with differently-abled kids through a program called ARCh. My grandmother taught me it’s important to laugh at yourself. I have been making and performing my own music for nearly ten years. I’m a graphic designer at a small agency in Madison, Wisconsin. I am a bicycle commuter, avid cat lover and snowboarder. I believe in doing what’s right for myself, the people in my community, and the place we all live. I am my own worst critic, I love forever yogurt, and people. I play ultimate frisbee, longboard, and I love to read. Fart noises might possibly be the funniest thing in the world. I’m driven, charismatic, and passionate about all I do. Why Colorado? You, me and the mountains, baby.

Hannah Purmort

I enjoy solving problems through effective and thoughtful design. With five years of experience in Branding, Web Design, and Art Direction, as well as having a strong foundation in traditional arts, I am able to provide an informed and unique point of view to any creative endeavor. Please get in touch if you would like to work together.

Hannah Raasch

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Hanni McNellis

I am currently looking for a web design/development position. I know HTML and CSS and am experienced with PHP. I am also proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign. I have built several sites with WordPress, as well as with HTML templates. I absolutely love this career because it allows me to be creative every day, I get to problem solve, and it is a field where I can constantly be learning.


HK Kundariya, CEO of a leading web design & development company. I am a professional designer working with creative & professional Web Design Services team who deliver a great & attractive website for making an excellent impact on viewers.

Harikrishnan Panicker

Harikrishnan Panicker is a graphic designer/ illustrator. He did his Masters in Design at the Industrial Design Center, IIT Bombay and then worked with MTV India where he was the senior graphic designer and created designs for channels like MTV, Vh1 and NICK. Currently a freelance illustrator in Denver, Colorado, he spends his time experimenting with printmaking, screen printing and working for clients like MTV World, Nickelodeon, ThinkCling, 22 feet and Invisible Rabbit.

Harry Barrick IV

I graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, which consisted of two concentrations, Environmental Studies and DIgital Imaging & Publishing Technology. WIth the economy struggling, I have obtained some freelancing opportunities to gain some experience and show what I am capable of designing for numerous clients. I have surprised the clients with my abilities including myself on designs that I have produced over the months here in Colorado. The experience has taught me to broaden my horizons on the designs and excel in different categories for design purposes such as school, science, health awareness, etc.

Harvey Morrison

I make striking, simple, effective designs that communicate your unique message. I am in love with vibrant colors, geometric forms, and bold typography usage. I draw inspiration from the mountain landscape I live in, from my love of interwar period and modern design, and from my fascination with fashion and fabrics. I combine these elements in dynamic and visually striking work tailored to the message of you my client. My goal is to make print media pieces that jump out from the page and make your audience pay attention!

Hawaiian G

Graphic Designer/Illustrator with voice over talents to boot.

Hayley Johnson

student. graphic design. texas.

Heather Bybee

Currently a Packaging/Graphic designer with experience doing design research, concept generation and sketching, 3-D form building, 2-D graphic design, and print production. Process focused and enjoys working in multi-disciplinary environments and collaborating with others to develop innovation.

Heather Gott

Designer and photographer. I am graduating from Kent State University with a B.A. in Mass Communication/Information Design and a B.S. in Spanish Literature

Heather Kant

Heather Kant is a one of a kind creative leader in the world of design! She has been creating eye-catching designs for printed marketing materials and websites for over 10 years. She has worked with leading companies in the printing, CD/DVD duplication, affiliate networking, and marketing world. She could contribute creativity and a positive attitude to any company looking for a top graphic designer. She is seeking a full time design opportunity in the Denver area. If you would like to see her online portfolio. Please feel free to visit her website at www.hkdezigner.com or give her a call at (480) 244-7641.

Heather Malone-Bogle

Highly experienced and diversely skilled graphics artist with talents in both print and digital to include web and Flash.

Heather Pettrey

Friedrich Nietzche said "The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude." The goal of every project I take on is to develop the right solution through thorough investigation, concept development, and design process--with my client, not just for them. Let me help your design take flight...

Heather Rebholz Gonzalez

Graphic Design and Art Direction for branding, products and packaging

Heather Syltie

Providing top notch graphic design, photography, marketing, advertising and brand/identity for my clients. You can see more of my work at my website/linked in account. Thanks! Heather

heidi hebb

fresh off route 70 from new york to denver. textile designer with a BFA from FIT. likes: coffee, snowboarding, reading and fashion. not necessarily in that order. 5 years professional experience in visual merchandising, showroom managing, and apparel/outerwear sales for 2 major snowboard companies. also a designer. most recent freelance project was for ny-lon in nyc; designing home textiles for urban outfitters.

Heidi Nelson Brandariz

We live in Pine, CO just 6 miles from The Lodge. When we are not working, we spend time with our rescued dogs and horses. We love to hike, fish, camp and drink coffee :) I love organic cooking and believe passionately in respecting the environment. We are restoring a 1907 lodge in Pine Grove, CO to create a coffee house, organic bakery and restaurant. I was a Landscape Architect for over 20 years...Yawn, now I'm something else... do more of what you love! Visit our website at www.lodgeatpinegrove.com or our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/TheLodgeAtPineGrove for updates.

Henry H Tolman

I am a native Rhode Island who currently lives in Brooklyn, NY but is eagerly looking for work in Denver or Boulder Colorado in order to move and start a life there. I play sports, I love to ski and have been since a child. I paint murals as a hobby and do graphic design and advertisement as a profession. I am easy going but fastidious in the work environment.

Hernán Sosa

I'm a designer and illustrator always in the look for challenging projects. The bulk of my design work is publishing magazines and tourism guides. My illustration experience is mainly children's picture books.

Hero Design Studio

Hello Advertising Agencies. Hero Design Studio is a team of designers, developers, illustrators and writers who provide the extra capacity you need for projects you can’t turn down but don’t have room for.

HeyDay Creative

HeyDay Creative is a Denver-based website and graphic design studio that empowers start-ups, entrepreneurs, civic organizations and non-profits with effective brand marketing. SEO-friendly websites. Beautiful logos. Jaw-dropping print design. We have you covered. You can even hire us to speak “developer” with the reclusive guy who codes your website.

HighBridge Creative

We are a creative agency working with national and international clients to conceptualize, launch and manage smart, effective brand strategies. In an ever-changing world, we believe connection requires constant adaptation in both form and function. Our interdisciplinary approach keeps the aesthetic and functional in sync, creating rich two-way relationships with your clients and audiences. We look forward to hearing from you!


Born and raised in Southern California, I grew up painting surfboards and designing for family and friends. In 2011, I graduated from Westmont College in Santa Barbara, Ca with a Bachelor of Arts degree - emphasis in graphic design. Since then, I have designed private label clothing and marketing materials for Surf Ride Inc., painted custom surfboards for pro surfer Lakey Peterson, and currently work for 2XU North America as the teamwear graphic designer. I am looking for a graphic design position in Denver that will fuel my passion for art as well as challenge my skills daily. Please take a look at my website for examples of my work. Thank you!


I have a love for package design, event design & photography.

Holly Craychee

I like to think of my work as having a minimalist, free-spirited elegance that is both personal and professional. In the last 17 years I've designed everything from snowboards to corporate style guides. My commitment to you is to provide the most strategic and appropriate branding that reflects exactly who you are and why you are unique.

Houdini Douglas

Typographer, Typographing, Typographist

Hugh Graham

User Experience Guy, Interactive Storyteller, Interaction Designer, Artsy Fartsy Type, Denizen of Denver

Ian C. Helm

I'm a classically trained graphic designer, art director and writer with over ten years of production experience in television, film and web, and over fifteen years of digital design background. My style is infinitely versatile and although I'm already well versed in painting, drafting, sculpting, illustration, carpentry and more I'm always looking for new skills to develop. If you want the best looking product possible and work-horse reliability, if you want your art department to run like a top and your costuming/sets/props to wow for mere pennies, I'm your man. Let's make something incredible together. Check out my portfolio for more information, at www.fusedmuse.com

Ian Cooley

Designer/Artist specializing in UX and research. I'm currently living in San Francisco, but will be back in Denver in summer of 2011.

Ian Gilliland

Hi, my name is Ian Gilliland and 1st Born Unicorn is my personal portfolio website. I am a Denver, Colorado based designer, illustrator and animator and on this website you will find a sampling of print design, logo design, typography, layout design and animation. I pride myself of being able to do a little of everything and find that it comes in handy! I graduated in 2011 with a degree in Environmental Design from the University of Colorado and am currently pursuing an advanced degree in Character Animation. I have a wide range of experience and am passionate about learning as much as I can. When I am not working as a designer I can be found playing sand volleyball, soccer or traveling. I have loved traveling my whole life and have visited over 65 countries with the goal of visiting every country in my lifetime!

Ian Maghanoy

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life’s realities.” - Dr. Seuss

Ian Mawle

Oh hi there, I’m Ian. I’m a multidisciplinary designer currently based in Oxford, UK but moving to Denver, Colorado in July 2013. What can I do for you? Well besides brainstorming, branding, illustration, print and web I also bake a pretty mean cake. If you’re looking for a morale boosting, well of creativity with the drive to work independently and a passion for team work, then I’m the guy for you.

Ian Mitchell

Ian P. Mitchell - Graphic Designer Currently - Freelance and For Hire www.doctacon.com

Ian Smith

Hello, my name is Ian Smith and I am a graphic designer and illustrator based out of beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado. My captivation with design stems from: 1) a long relationship with drawing, 2) a prolonged fascination with typography and color theory, 3) a knack for visual organization. I love illustrating fantastical, surreal objects, places, and creatures while also employing the use of strict guidelines when setting type. My interest is web design is growing at an exponential rate and I am constantly learning new ways to create and design.

Ian T. Nordeck

i'm a designer || print is my passion || furniture is my creative outlet || architecture is my inspiration || animation is my aspiration || sketchbooks are my way of life || destroygrinder@comcast.net

Idelle Fisher

Web and Print Designer

Ink Lounge Creative

Ink Lounge Creative is a small multidisciplinary creative studio, located 10 minutes south of downtown Denver, Colorado. Our tasty studio is a mix of several ingredients: our passion for graphic design - our inspiration to make things by hand - our desire to work with and help other people. We feel fortunate to have an environment that continues to allow us to experiment in style - while applying our experience and thinking to solve the needs of the project. From branding and marketing initiatives for businesses and organizations, to illustrating and screenprinting art prints, to teaching a group of kids { or adults } to screenprint. No one day is typical - but the results of our work is. Good stuff for what you need all blended together in one studio.


A Pratt Institute graduate. Communication Design: Graphic Design degree. Fell in love with Denver and left NYC behind. Really looking forward to finding my niche in this wonderful city.

Inspired Site Solutions

Inspired Site Solutions is a Denver web design company offering custom websites, search engine marketing, social media marketing and support services.


Dynamic Visual Designer

Irene Mendelsberg

With over 25 years of experience, I relish in a relentless pursuit of creative problem solving — with a notable passion for branding and all things print.

Ivan Junge

I'm always willing to have a conversation about doing print and web contact work for your company. And, if the right job finds me and I find it that job it would be great! Ideally I will be managing a team of designers, while dabbling some myself. Something in the Boulder area is my first choice. If you like dogs you're on the top of my list. I have worked in Denver and am not opposed to doing the commute for someone special. Bison Design Group is an integrated marketing and creative design company that delivers cost-effective solutions for small businesses. With our marketing and brand identity packages we help you discover what makes you stand apart from the rest—and bring it to life!

Ivet Garcia

I am a recent graduate from The Art Institute of Colorado with an Associate’s degree in graphic design. Currently working freelance while looking for an entry-level position that will allow me to learn, blossom and grow in the graphic arts field. I’ve got a great imagination and a cultural background that makes my ideas authentic and suitable to many different viewers. I believe that it takes concept and strategy just as much as it takes passion and bravery to create exceptional work. I am hardworking, personable individual and am determined to out-do myself with every creation.

J. Corey Woessner

I am a designer living in Denver, CO. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in biology with a chemistry minor, I decided to switch gears and concentrate on design. I know, quite a leap, but I always had a passion for design. My passion for design and past experience has lead me down an interesting road. In brief, my design career began with an internship as an illustrator at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. The internship lead me to my current post as a designer, developer, illustrator and photographer for The KONG Company. I like creating clean, innovative designs employing all types of media.

J. Reid Thomas

A Denver based graphic designer always welcoming the opportunity to work for new clients. Eager to learn, committed to work and poised for success, my work focuses on achieving business goals through simplicity and clarity in design. My goal is to help you to define your goals clearly and work with you to deliver realistic, affordable and positive design solutions. Contact: jrt@jreidcreative.com

J.D. Easton

Ownership and operation of a freelance sign design firm that provides innovative designs to sign companies & design firms across the nation.

Jace Harmer

I (Jace) am a graphic/web designer based out of Denver, CO. I believe in a minimalistic approach to design, working on a tight grid system. This is evident in both my digital and printed works. I am available for contract work. Feel free to contact me about your next project.

Jack Estenssoro

A unique individual. jackestenssoro@yahoo.com http://www.behance.net/jackestenssoro

Jack Koloskus

Denver kid, born and raised. Currently pursuing a BFA in Graphic Design from California College of the Arts in San Francisco. I live and breathe design and am always interested in a taking on a new challenge or investigating a new approach. I get excited about working with people who get excited about what they're working on. If you have a project in mind or are interested in learning more, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Jack McDaniel

Web, graphic design and marketing specialist. I come to design with a unique perspective. I spent Jack McDnaielmany years in the business world as a Key Accounts Representative and several more as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for two different companies. I've worked pre-production in a print shop and have guest lectured to the Advanced Web Design class at a couple of local colleges. Many of my sites - all hand-coded - have been listed in 'Best-of' galleries around the web. All of this means I understand how to properly communicate with your target audience. No one knows your business as well as you do. My job is to listen, learn and interpret your dreams and goals and produce them on paper or into pixels. While all designers love to create beautiful works of art, my first job is to help you effectively communicate to your target audience. Each industry has its limitations. What works for one won't necessarily work for another. I look for a solution that is unique to your business. I have a lot of experience across several media. So, whether it's printed brochures or advertisements, a logo that needs designed or a website you need built, I can make it happen with a quality, professional look.

Jackie McCaffrey

I’m a highly focused and ultra-creative art director and graphic designer able to juggle multiple deadlines across many platforms. For the past two years I have managed roughly five different publications ranging in content and needs. My ability to stay organize allows me to multitask and keep a level head. My attention to detail and outside of the box approach to visual information pushes the boundaries of design. I have experience in packaging, exhibit displays, publications, corporate identites, branding, advertising, and illustration. I can jump from one thing to another seamlessly, providing new and innovative creative solutions. My ultimate goal is to present information in a clean and effective manner for both the print and digital platforms.

Jacklynn Pham

Designer. Goldfish owner. Gumption-haver.

Jacob Imlay

Jacob Imlay is a Denver based creative working in motion, web, and static based digital mediums. He graduated in the spring of 2011 with a BFA from the University of Colorado Denver. Currently he lives and works in downtown Denver as a freelance graphic designer.

Jacob Midgett

I am an apple picker and bicycle kicker I climb 12bs and tall trees I make biscuits, bows and mischief I replace intake manifold gaskets I run trails, hike mountains, ski moguls I chase bulls and elk bugles I swim in glacier lakes and hot springs I tell of a time when I told ghost stories and drove horses I flick a fly, tie ties, and work with my hands I can fix anything from the break of day to a broken heart I am a stump hunter and closet football punter I kiss and tell her “I love you” I do, yet am more than, design

Jacqueline Edwards

A happy, giggly, tall, outgoing, engaging, driven Graphic Designer working in Denver. A graduate of Ferris State University where I earned my bachelors degree Graphic Design. I plan on perusing different fields of graphic design to satisfy my constant drive to learn and explore new material.


Jaime Kloch is an experienced creative services professional with the energy and commitment to get things done—strategic thinker, multi-tasker, self-motivator and team player. Accomplished print designer with keen knowledge of page layout, color and typography and the printing process. Talented web designer with the proven ability to transform creative concepts into online reality, while achieving high-end results including increased traffic flow, maximized lead generation, enhanced sales revenues and improved cost effectiveness. Proficient in both Mac and PC platforms.

Jaime Huhn

My name is Jaime Huhn and I am a graphic designer in Laramie, Wyoming. I currently work at the Laramie Boomerang, which is the Daily Newspaper in Laramie, Wyoming. I am originally from Waukeshau, Wisconsin then attended college at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, Colorado. After receiving my degree from UNC, I relocated to Laramie to start my career as a graphic designer. I have been at the Boomerang over 2 years and am always looking for new, exciting opportunities in the Denver, Colorado area.

Jaime Petsel

Hey All! My name is Jaime and I have been working as a freelance graphic designer since 2009. I enjoy all types of design work..from making my own jewelry, sketching in my free time and working on my laptop at all hours of the night! I am passionate about design and always put my creative eye first, as to see that I am not surrounding myself with design disasters. Though I might admit I've been a victim to some of those design fails before! My true passion is painting and calligraphy. I love the fine arts, and use them for graphic design bases and stepping stones. I feel that my knowledge and passion for the fine arts puts me at a leaping advantage when it comes to design projects! I am open to all comments and suggestions! I also am available for any type of design work, I am a hard worker and can get the job done efficiently and effectively! Thanks for your time! email: jaimeqp123@gmail.com

Jake Buckley

Graphic designer that can't stop being creative

Jake Hubbard

Jake Lee

Exploring the medium of design through print & digital.

James Chaney

Hello, I am a communications designer with a BFA from Metro State. I have worked for PostNet, Circuit Media, the Center for Visual Art and the Denver Art Museum where I have gained a strong background in corporate design. My focus is on designing for publications, print products and web development. To find out more about my career experience, please contact me at jamesmaxwellchaney@gmail.com to see my resume.

James John

My name is James John and work as a professional web designer in one of the leading web design company. I have written various blogs and articles on website related topics with the expertise and experience I have. I like to improve my skills by sharing the information with the readers.

james m paul

Creativist: Specializing in custom art and design for web, mobile and print mediums. I have over ten years experience in design and direction for both web and print. Over the years, I have worked as both art and creative director in advertising, journalism and new media on the East and West Coasts, as well as the Rocky Mountains. I am an expert at Adobe Creative Suite programs such as Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign, and have created dynamic two dimensional character animation in Flash. Other web 2.0 specialties include HTML, CSS, Golive and Dreamweaver, among others. I have worked for such agencies as J Walter Thompson, Schematic Interactive and Vanguard Direct, and I currently teach industry-related courses at New York University. I have a great understanding of visual art and how it applies to branding and marketing and possess the rare combination of artistic / technical skill, and the charisma needed to effectively lead a team and sell ideas to clients.

James Moore

James currently designs and resides in Denver Colorado. A graduate of MSCD (2005, 2nd degree) and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (1994, first degree), James worked at Art & Anthropology, Inc. for over three years as Senior Designer. Areas of focus include print, identity, exhibition, logo, collateral, event and web design. James also currently designs custom luxury closets for The Container Store part time. Come see me there if you need a hand with some miraculous organization!

James pyott

Results–oriented, creative professional experienced in a wide range of media and disciplines including print, digital and art direction. Self–motivated and flexible designer with real world experience in the creative/marketing process. A leader with excellent motivational and technical skills. Strong understanding and experience in corporate branding, layout, color theory and typography. I also have a passion for the fine arts, a watercolorist and pastelist who regularly shows and sells his work. I believe my experience in the fine arts has made me a better designer and that my experience as a designer, has made me a better artist.

James Qualls

graphic Design, freelance Web-development,

Jamie Alden

I have been in the advertising field for eight years and in an agency environment for over six. During this time I have created new brands and revamped old ones. Worked solo on small projects and collaborated with a team on large ones. Through it all I have worked to constantly expand my knowledge base and keep up with the latest trends in design, marketing, social media, and content management. Please visit my website, www.hirejamealden.com, for more information on my professional background and to see examples of my work.

Jamie Claeys

I currently hold the position of ‘Lead Designer’ at the University of Colorado at Boulder. In this position, I am directly responsible for designing marketing campaigns, developing and implementing brand strategy and overseeing a team of student graphic designers. My skills allow me to fluctuate my work load and give bigger projects more time and care, thus, I am usually working on three to four projects a week while overseeing other projects. My most successful project while working for the University was a complete overhaul and restructure of branding for The Connection, a business run within the UMC walls. My branding helped to drive revenue, increase profit margin, and drive traffic into the building. The Connection considers the work that I have done for them to be deeply successful and highly motivating to the student population.

Jamie Gibbons

Designer // Illustrator. Behind the screen going on 4 years now. Started off as a film graduate, ended up marrying a bomb tech and due to the military, lived all over the map. Along the way, took on freelancing in production and design, then fell in love with illustration. Currently reside in Denver and plan to be here for a good while. Worked on a variety of projects and campaigns. Spend my personal time illustrating pinups and contributing to Girls Drawing Girls.

Jamie Jo Vittetoe

Old school values. New school thought. You can find me living life, conquering the world, and designing stuff.

Jamie Padzensky

After graduating in May from the University of Kansas with a degree in Graphic Design I moved to Portland, OR to try my design skills in the big city and adventure at the same time. I dipped my hand in freelance for several companies and organizations after realizing how much I miss working in a collaborative environment I moved back to Kansas searching for the perfect company hopefully in Denver or the surrounding area. I'm looking for a company where I can strengthen my design skills through collaboration, process development, and still believes print is valuable.

Jamie Sieb

I am an observant and determined designer. I want to empathize with people and communicate clearly in a playful manner within the non-profit sector.

Jamie Waugh

I love fine art just as much as I love design and because of this identity crisis, to me the process is just as important as the finished project. Clients have a ton to say but don't necessarily know how to say it. They're looking for someone who can uncover what they're all about and communicate it with the world. When you find the right words there is more opportunity for an effective piece. In turn, your clients' consumers can honestly say, "hey thanks guys for not wasting my time."

Janan Graham

I'm a senior Visual Communications Design student attending Purdue University. My expected graduation date is May 2011. I currently work for the Marketing Department at the Purdue Memorial Union and have done so since May 2009. Since starting college in the 2007 my passions have been divided into design and running. It was also during that time that I became interested in communication, more specifically how we communicate with one another. I have taken various courses in Sociology to help me examine human behavior and why we do the things we do. It is in this interest that I create the designs I do. Design is about more than ones self. It's about communicating.

Jane Rabadi

Earning a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art from Sweet Briar College, Jane pursued a career in Fine Arts and Arts Administration. In 2007 she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design from Metropolitan State College of Denver and is currently working at a Denver agency. Her clients include Aga Khan University, Wake Forest Health, Lancaster General Health, Montefiore Medical Center, University of Central Asia, Fletcher Allen Healthcare, GE and CenturyLink. She has also designed collateral for the Denver Office of Cultural Affairs, Colorado Business Committee for the Arts, Denver Art Museum and the Western States Arts Federation and continues to work with freelance clients. Jane was born in Indianapolis, Indiana to a Jordanian father and an American mother, and has lived in Denver, Colorado for 15 years. She continues to travel, create works of art and be an active member of her creative community.

Janet Choo

I currently working as user interface designer in a mobile development company. Currently looking a permanent job to pursue my career goals. To view more about my work, you may link to my online portfolio in coroflot.

Jared Brown

A full circle has been formed with art at the beginning and design in the end. There have been other career paths explored along the way, which have allowed me to appreciate where I am today. Taking each varied element that I have experienced and incorporating it into my design process creates uniqueness. This is my calling, this is my passion!

Jared Caruso

Design, Animation and Illustration!

Jared Comis

I am a User Experience Designer. I am passionate about creating great experiences and interactions. I design mobile apps, responsive websites, and applications. As a designer I make it my goal to advocate for the user through user centered design principles.

Jared LaRock

Web / interactive designer

Jared Rippy

Multidisciplinary designer specializing in branding, illustration, and art direction.

Jared Wolf

Creative Director at The Band Inc. and Delivery Agent.

Jared Wolf

Mutimedia Designer with strong emphasis in UI and UX interactive design work.

Jarrod Joplin

Designer, Typographer, Photographer, Creative Thinker.

Jarrod Stanley

I am a 24 year old graphic designer currently working in Boulder at Wall Street on Demand.

Jasmine Franklin

Music, Art, Culture and my environment influence everything that I create and are also my greatest passions and always will be. I try to find new and better ways to engage and entice the viewer. Being a graduate from The Art Institute of CO I know that I still have to learn to walk, to run in this big world of design.

Jason A. Heisey

Designer, Front-End UX Developer, and Adventurer. Making things look and function well while keeping the end user in mind is what I do.

Jason Agur

At Agur Design we love the process of creating designs that will stand the test of time and represent the business’ values. A graphic treatment must speak for the company to tell the basic story behind the business or product. We love the challenge of telling that story by creating a simple, clean, but strong design that will allow your business’ voice be heard.

Jason Anderson

I'm a freelance graphic designer that moved to the Castle Rock area in 2010. I have a background in print design and advertising.

jason bays

Just a farm kid who went to art school and wanting to keep an eye on his mountain time zone colleagues.

Jason Flamming

Afternoon internet citizens, The name's Jason who lives in Melbourne from down under Australia. Signed up to chat with friends on the net, I'm on the net most of the time. I have a day job working as a finance consultant in the area of credit cards there are many types of credit cards and try to advise clients to getting the best one for them whether that be a balance transfer,rewards, frequent flyer points, gold, low annual fees, low interest. Frequently there are cards with very good interest rates so I will ask friends to change to that one instead best credit card

Jason Hines

Originally from Colorado, I have been working on my passion for good looking advertising and design for six years now. Currently I have traded the mountains for the beach working at TBWA\Chiat\Day in LA. Please email me If you like what you see and want to chat about a project. Jasonhines123@gmail.com

Jason Horvath

Contact email: jasonrhorvath@hotmail.com. Passion: Media Entertainment in various mediums such as video, audio, and graphics. Both production and post-production of a marketing and sales. Skills: 5+ years experience and over 20 various media design software platforms learned to advanced level including video editing (Final Cut Pro, Avid, Sony Vegas), Photo Editing & Composition (Adobe Suite/Photoshop/Illustrator), Audio Editing and composition (Logic, Ableton, Audacity).

Jason Mason

Hi, my name is Jason Mason. I am 26 years old and a colorado native. I have a bachelors degree in graphic design from Colorado Technical University. I have a wonderful 2 year old daughter McKenna. I love to spend time with my family and do all the outdoor activities that colorado offers. I have a great determination for getting work done but at the same time enjoying myself in the process. What separates good designers from great is the passion to continue to learn and grow and that is a quality I am proud of.

Jason Nickel

Full service design studio which produces a broad range of print and web based media. My partners and I provide creative solutions to help our clients achieve their marketing goals. We help small businesses and startups grow!

Jason Rapert

Having worked with some of the largest, most influential and well-known creative brands in the country—such as Kellogs, Mars, Disney, Hallmark, Carter's and Hanes—I bring a wealth of talent, experience and knowledge to every project I work on. My expertise in branding and licensing, design, illustration, art direction and photography gives me the unique ability to be creative with all aspects of a project, utilizing all mediums and executing with greater depth. But most importantly I care deeply about telling the brand story for each client as creatively, loyally and effectively as possible.

Jason Simko

Studying in both the United States and Europe, my background in fine arts includes several forms of traditional and non-traditional media, as well as art history. Through years of experience with a diverse range of clients, I have learned how those same fundamentals can be applied to new forms of communication and design. I have developed a style that successfully harmonizes pure illustration and artwork with effective graphic design solutions.

Jason Turner

Here's a little about myself..

Jason Wyatt

AAS in Graphic Design and a BAA Visual Effects & Motion Graphics. I love what I do.
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