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Brand Strategy

Egotist member

+Rose Torres+

Hello! I'm an online marketing strategist and project annihilator. My specialty is in brand awareness, social media, market research and design. My current project is in Real Estate Marketing. Ask me about it!

A BRAND New Idea

I have owned a Colorado marketing/advertising/public relations firm, consulted with Fortune 500 Companies nationwide, built Australia's most valuable brand, managed a $350 million marketing budget, and just last year created a digital marketing agency for Publicis in Australia/New Zealand specializing in mobile marketing. I have a strong background in brand strategy and over twenty-five years of experience in helping companies and brands across a diverse range of industries communicate and engage with their audiences. I am available to support agencies and clients with new insights into integrating mobile marketing, building stronger brands, creating new brands, and growing companies through strategic (and functional) integration of marketing and sales.

A. Scott

Aaron Dover

Creative, brainstormer, teamplayer

Abby Laine Parsons

Communication grad with natural ability to work with, and talk to anyone and everyone. Creative by nature. Looks outside the box. Learns very quickly, and needs little supervision. Experience in customer service, sales, volunteer work, office assistance, and compiling data for market research. High Energy and free spirited.

Abigail Ehler

Seeking a marketing position in a fast-paced agency with opportunity to advance. Capabilities Overview: Team player Top performer in sales roles Strong writing skills Strong client relation skills Excellent MS Office skills Extremely Internet savvy -- Motivated - Eager to Learn - Persistent - Enthusiastic - Thrives in Fast-Paced Environment

Abigail Plonkey

Brand design is more than just your logo or brochure, it is the three dimensional experience of your brand and its promise. Brand design is driven by cross-discipline perspective that considers all aspects of the brand, creating a relevant integration between experience, environment and business. We are storytellers, graphic designers, visionaries, we bring ideas to life using words and images. We develop brand strategies and framework from which we build the brand's DNA through naming, identity and visual systems. The brand expression can also be communicated through environmental graphics, signage and wayfinding, print and web communications, brand standards and prototype design.

ACTIVE LifeStyle Marketing

ACTIVE is a Consulting Marketing Agency & Freelance Creative Firm developing and executing strategic, sustaining business solutions for a variety of clients and industries. passion+action+life

Adam Dyer

A mixed bag of experience, currently working as an Account Planner, I have a background in Account Service, Market Research and Copywriting. I am a master of taking seemingly chaotic information and streamlining into actionable insights that lead relevant and useful brand strategies.

Adam Gardell

A creative and driven professional looking to start a career in marketing with an entry-level position.

Adrian Van Wyk

With almost 20 years international experience as a multidisciplinary designer offering a broad spectrum of abilities that range from global brand design and implementation to environmental graphics. I have a proven track record delivering effective and unexpected creative solutions across the world in a variety of different corporate projects. The world we’re moving in is changing the way consumers think, and with that, the role of brands. It’s about taking calculated risks and being willing to do things differently. Allow the consumer to interact with both the tangible and intangible elements of the brand. They are absorbed by immersion in a physical or virtual brand experience characterised by the qualities of education, escapism and entertainment. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Agne Jaruseviciute

♦ Digital ♦ Branding ♦ Marketing Metrics & MROI ♦ Quantitative/Qualitative Analysis ♦ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Experienced project manager and marketer, recent MBA, International Marketing graduate from Daniels College of Business, University of Denver. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ★ Looking for management level opportunities in Boulder, CO and surrounding areas ★ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Experienced in : • Branding • Social media marketing, • Advanced marketing strategy development, • Research and benchmarking, • Fluency in the language of digital media (impressions, CTR, CPMs, eCPMs, etc.) • Fluency in the language of online measurement (uniques, pageviews, visits, referrers, etc.) • Customer segmentation • Image editing • Customer experience management, • International business consulting, • Domestic project management, • Event planning, • B2B and B2C sales • HTML / CSS - basic proficiency • Ability to travel domestically and internationally up to 50% ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ★Always ready to learn new skills★ ★ Looking for management level opportunities in Boulder, CO and surrounding areas ★

Alea Houghton

Graphic Designer/Sales

alex mckee

Strategist, Account Planner, Creative Director - or perhaps more appropriately: The Long Island Iced Tea of Advertising. Account Jock, Marketing Strategist, Brand Development, Copywriter, Blogger, Content Producer, Big Picture Thinker, Interactive, Digital, Social Media, Online Community, Traditional, Event, Experiential, Promotions, Business Development Guru, Team Leader, Action Sports, Youth Marketing, Lifestyle, Sustainability, Music, Technology, Film, Fitness, Food, Wine, Beer. And that's just the tip...just for a second...just to see how it feels. Get a hold of me: thechuckrocker@yahoo.com

Alex T Kaye

A thinking man's thinking man...if you will. Interested in anything that makes people/the world tick. A guy passionate about marketing, craft beer, and generally nerdy things.

Alex Thome

Communications Specialist at the University of Colorado Foundation, recent MBA Marketing graduate from the University of Colorado at Denver

Alex Valderrama

Cranium Studio provides brand transformation, brand development and unique visual communications for many businesses including healthcare, medical, and high-technology industries.

alexa dunnigan

strategist, entrepreneur, creator, problem solver, lover of beautiful things + thoughtful design discovering what makes people + brands tick, makes me tick. founder/creator | the AMMO woman marketing manager | mywedding brand strategy | darwin marketing and planning | customer insight group, inc. digital marketing | daniels college of business visual merchandising | anthropologie fashion pr | joy yafee {milan, italy} MBA // finance BSBA // marketing

Alicia Drown

Hello! I'm Alicia, a product strategist with mobile and start up experience.


I have been working as a SEO analyst for couple of years.

Allie K Nickle

I'm a marketing professional and design enthusiast. Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, I stayed true to my roots by attending Colorado State University for a Bachelors in Interior Design and a Masters in Management Practice and Marketing. My experience has led me down an interesting road and to a few conclusions thus far: I'm a marketing nerd, love design and I live and breathe brands that I'm passionate about and fortunate enough to work for. My experience has also helped me realize that working in house on brands allows me to explore, develop and grow a brand to the best of my ability. If I'm not so immersed in a brand that it's up to my ears, then I do what I can to make that happen. Those who know me will attest to the fact that I love brainstorming sessions and the ability to bounce ideas off each other - you never know what crazy ideas will come up! When I'm not working, you can find me working on home remodel projects with my husband, learning new tricks anywhere from online tutorials and classes to picking someone's brain over coffee, baking something completely delicious and unhealthy, or hanging out at a local brewery.

Allie Kranick

Music, baseball, FSU. Creative Marketing Associate at Ibotta. Writer and Social Media Editor for DRaysBay. www.linkedin.com/in/alliekranick/

Allie Scott

I want to make a difference - in the workplace, in my career, in the community, in the world. I'm not quite sure how to do that yet, but I am figuring it out along the way. I enjoy being cheerful and having a great day and I think this helps me be a successful individual in the big business environment. I like working closely with others & in teams to accomplish tasks, and I believe getting opinions from others can only aim to grow your horizons. I want to work for a company who enjoys giving back to the community & who cherishes their employees. I hope that the company culture is bright, giving, and charismatic, as I see those qualities in myself. I want to work hard for something I believe in. I do not want to grind my days away, but rather be excited to work & to thrive in an environment that promotes it. I work hard. I come in early. I'll stay late. I always want to learn.

Allison Reyes

My name is Allison Reyes and I am a CSU alumni with a B.S. in business administration focused in marketing strategy. For over four years I have been a successful professional marketing contractor with the majority of my work concentrated in event marketing, website and content creation, branding and re-branding development, and social media advancement. I have acquired practice in planning and executing marketing initiatives on local and national levels, and ability to communicate with diverse groups of people has been paramount to my accomplishments within this industry.


I am currently a Sales Assistant at Entercom. Entercom owns very popular radio stations in Denver including ALICE 105.9, 99.5 The Mountain, KOSI 101.1, and Studio 1430AM.

Amanda E Faith

Dynamic and results driven hospitality professional with a verifiable record of identifying opportunities and uncovering solutions to drive brand and company growth reaching a broader client base through innovative marketing and sales techniques.

Amanda Johnson-King

Marketing and Branding Manager at Odell Brewing Company

Amanda Rick

I am a Colorado native seeking a job at a company I can make a career at. I am interested in the creative side of marketing as it ties into the strategic and analytical side of the business. I am detail oriented, enjoy working on a team, and love to learn new things.

Amy H Cole

Having worked at a nonprofit for four years, I have a wide variety of experience. Having earned my MBA in May 2012, I am now looking to apply my education in a start-up environment. Mostly, I am interested in meeting new people, helping others see their dreams realized, and develop my marketing experience.

Amy Howerton

Marketing professional

Amy Scholl

Brand Connections is an independent global media and marketing company that specializes in Making Marketing Easier for Marketers™. We reach consumers when they pursue their lifestyle passions, motivating them to engage and share brand experiences. We provide tailored solutions that link critical marketing disciplines to help marketers connect the dots to deliver a better business outcome. Starting with our client’s business objectives, we use our insights-based approach to develop strategic recommendations that reach the targeted consumer with a multi-channel solution, seamlessly integrating disciplines from out-of-home, digital, mobile, social, promotion, sponsorship, experiential, CRM and retail activation. Our turn-key services, from strategy through execution, have connected hundreds of Fortune 500 and Challenger Brands with more than two billion consumers. Connecting with consumer passion drives engagement, trial and loyalty, delivering superior results. Brand Connections is majority owned by Veronis Suhler Stevenson (VSS), a leading media and communications private equity firm. Brand Connections is headquartered in New York, with offices in Chicago, Boston, Denver/Vail, Dallas, Orlando, London and Dublin, and with sales teams in 13 European markets.

Anabliss Design + Brand Strategy

For over 15 years, Anabliss has helped companies exemplify and distinguish their brand from the competition. A strong brand is the foundation for marketing that connects your customers to your vision, voice and values. Specializing in print and electronic media through all phases of strategy, design and management. • Identity & Logo Design • Brand Development • Website Design & Development • Marketing Collateral • Advertising & Events

Anastasia Petrovek

I graduated from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado at Boulder in May 2011 and have been working as an Inside Sales Representative in the Denver area. I am seeking a job in either advertising or marketing, both of which are my passion. I would love the opportunity to manage and market brands, and think that my enthusiastic and driven attitude would serve as a great attribute to all sorts of teams.

Andrea Shin

I am the founder of Shin & Company, headquartered in Denver, Colorado. The “& Company” part of the equation relates to the group of talented writers, editors, designers and web developers I work with to execute marketing plans, create brand strategies and generally make the train run on time. I’ve been called a mastermind with a talent for collaboration – with an innate ability to find the essence, the secret, the ultimate bullet point that launches an idea, helps a business grow, reframes the conversation. Despite that sentence, I really do get to the point. As fast as possible. Time is money – right? Right. Bottom line: at Shin & Company, we connect businesses with customers. Using the latest technology, tools and good-old-fashioned experience and elbow grease. With 15 years of experience in the b-to-b publishing, advertising and marketing industries, I understand how to measure, track, optimize and develop marketing strategies that WORK. I’ve launched products, created brand strategies, managed events and conferences (herding cats is easier), cultivated fans, and was responsible for several multi-million dollar business lines.

Andrea Suponcic

Marketing professional with 12 years strategic campaign planning and brand management experience in the US and international markets. Areas of expertise include marketing strategy, branding, budgeting, advertising, promotion, sponsorship, public relations, and all aspects of event management. Experience hiring, training, and managing multiple direct reports as well as directing local agencies to execute campaign strategy and achieve revenue goals. Portfolio available at www.andreasuponcic.com.

Andrew Coate

I'm at my best when there's too much to do, not enough time, and "oh yeah, it has to be super slick and totally AWESOME." Call it productive creativity. Or maybe creative productivity. Whatever it is, I enjoy the challenge of being stretched in many directions at once and seeing what comes out of that. My professional journey has led me down many diverse paths in many directions, teaching me something at each stop. Most of those little lessons felt insignificant at the time, but have become pieces to a ridiculously AWESOME puzzle that's finally coming together. My resume and references talk about what I can do: http://www.linkedin.com/in/andrewjcoate Other things I care about, in no particular order: Local | Community | Collaboration | Twitter | Instagram | Okay, All Social Media | Evernote | GTD/Productivity | Minimalism | Mutemath | Clouds | Trains | Dreams | Running | Hiking | Vegetables | Fish Tacos | Wine | Hand Made Screen Printed Concert Posters | The Word AWESOME Professional Goals: Be in a position where I can curate, then daily interact with, a vibrant, passionate community of fans, followers or customers; and to care as deeply about the product or cause as they do.

Andrew Rushmore

I'm a highly driven individual with experience working with start ups all the way up to big name brands such as Red Bull and Symantec. I am in the process of relocating to Denver from Michigan and welcome any new contacts. My background is heavy in digital marketing, including strategy and analysis. I have a focused approach to client work, seeking solutions that may be unseen through research that confirms the decisions I help clients reach. For a full resume please drop me a note! I am also an experienced freelance photographer looking for work in the following areas: - Product Photography - Portraiture - Weddings (willing to assist to build local portfolio) - Events (Corporate, Concerts, you name it)

Andrew Straley

VP of Digital Production @ LRXD

Andy Burgess

Specialist in arm waving and question asking in the sustainability space. Exec. experience leading sales, product and marketing teams, but most at home in marketing and product creative processes. If we aren't doing it better today than we did it yesterday, I'm not satisfied. Always looking for bright folks that can help.

Andy Ruemenapp

I'm a 26 year old Marketing Professional in Denver, Colorado. I graduated from Hope College (Holland, MI) in 2006 with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management. I focused on marketing, human resources and communications. For the past three and a half years i've worked as an Associate Event Manager and Sponsorship Consultant for Velocity Sports & Entertainment, a sports, lifestyle and entertainment marketing agency located in Norwalk, Connecticut. I worked mainly on the IBM, FedEx and AT&T accounts planning single and multi-day corporate hospitality events geared to generate revenue and drive business between our clients and new and existing clients. I was the lead on the IBM USTA/US Open sponsorship last year and helped run an extremely successful program. I'm looking for Marketing work in the Denver/Boulder area.


Relocating back to Denver and looking to see what's out there!

Angie Hoagland

Brand Marketer with cpg and restaurant experience.

Anne DeGraw

MSU Professional Writing Senior. Marketing & Media enthusiast. Lover of the mitten state, sunshine, and window shopping.

Antony Bruno

Antony Bruno brings 20 years of experience as a reporter, editor and conference organizer to clients ranging from the newest of startups to venerable Fortune 500 firms. He specializes in content, messaging and community development strategies  Most recently, Bruno served as Executive Director of Content & Programming for Digital/Mobile at Billboard magazine for seven years. In that time, he oversaw the publication’s digital entertainment coverage for both print and online platforms, and produced several digital media conferences for which he oversaw the programming, marketing and sponsorship activities. ​ Prior to Billboard, Bruno served as Assistant Vice President of Wireless Internet Development for CTIA—The Wireless Association, where he helped establish the organization’s Wireless Internet Caucus. While there, he facilitated regular executive strategy meetings between carriers, content developers and technology enablers, and also developed all CTIA educational programming for conferences and seminars. Past roles include stints at RCR Wireless News, launch editor of FierceMobileContent, and a freelancer for various mountain sports magazines. ​ Bruno is an expert in digital entertainment, mobile, and social media. He is a sought-after speaker and moderator and has appeared at such industry events as CES, SFMusicTech, SXSW, CTIA, FutureSound, and many others. His insights and quotes have appeared in such publications such as The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, USA Today, CNBC and NPR. Past and present clients including Beatport, Beats Electronics, Next Big Sound, digitalmusic.org, and many others ​ Bruno holds a Bachelor's of Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Journalism. An active skier, outdoors enthusiast, gardener and cook, he resides with his wife and daughter in Denver, CO.

AOR, Inc.

Marketing is not brain surgery. It’s not making the world safe for democracy or helping little old ladies across the street. But, done well, it can sell your product. At AOR, we gain a deep understanding of your market and craft a strategy to position your product so your market knows it, believes in it, and wants it. It’s not magic. It’s not trickery. In fact, advertising was once defined as “truth well-told.” And we’d like to tell your truth, really well.

Araba Wilson

I’m a strategist that wants to utilize my experience, passion and personality to work for your brand(s).

Ariel Rosemberg

Marketing, skier, music lover, adventure seeker, chocolate lab owner, traveler.

Ashley E. Kingsley

Ashley E. Kingsley is Co-Founder & Co-CEO at Daily Deals for Moms and EnlistMoms.com. Ashley saw an opportunity in with the emerging social couponing burst and launched Daily Deals for Moms in April 2010, early by industry standards, now in 26+ markets across the United States. Ashley has extensive experience in social media, grassroots and word-of-mouth marketing, public relations, business development, strategic partnerships and company startup. Ashley is a web savvy social engineer, early adopter and avid promoter with broad knowledge of what drives consumer interactions online and offline. Ashley is a published writer and blogger and continues to engage in emerging media practices. Specialties Social Media Marketing Strategist, Viral and Grassroots Marketing Campaigns, Social Networking, Business Development, Writer, Blogging, Public Speaker, Company Start Up, Sales, Event Planning, Strategic Partnerships, Networking.

Audrianna Ivy

Award-winning visionary strategist bringing diverse experience spanning 14 years across multiple sectors of marketing. Creative and innovative team player with a proven track record of creating ground-breaking experiential event marketing strategies to drive business development and create brand sentiment. Highly skilled in orchestrating brand activation, immersion, driving trial and product education utilizing integrated cross-marketing campaigns.

Austin Redd

Skilled visual communicator driven by a desire to continually learn. Inspired by the process of collaboration and effective design.Utilizing various design software and an extensive knowledge of design theory projects are completed on-time to any audience.

Becky Ebenkamp

I dig Jazz.

Becky Ohlin

"I can't tell you how wonderful it was to work with someone as talented and as organized as you are...We got exactly what we needed and then some. Both [my partner] and I felt spoiled over how well you treated and respected our time + effort. Thank you for everything Becky; it really was a great experience." - Developer I worked with who asks to remain anonymous

Becky Seely

A social media maven with experience working with a variety of clients from Fortune 500 companies down to small businesses. Experience with all aspect of marketing. Website creation, graphic design, media buying, etc.

Ben Coldham

I am a man who adores travel, art and a good rack of ribs. Born and raised in London, through Chicago and now in Denver, I am an unapologetic Bears/Bulls/sports fan and a firm believer that very hard work and a positive, productive attitude will accomplish anything!

Beth Barbee

Senior brand strategist and marketing communications specialist with 15+ years experience working with consumer, B2B and nonprofit brands at any point in their business lifecycle. Expertise in translating complex business challenges into clear, compelling and actionable brand strategies.

Beth Windheuser

Advertising student and intern looking to find beauty in everyday life one step at a time.

Big Buzz

Healthcare Marketing Backed By Real Research.

Blufrog Studios

Blufrog Studios is a marketing, branding and creative development agency integrating strategies that differentiate their client's in B2C/B2B markets, segments and touch points. Larry Baird - Creative Director | Principal

Bob Connolly

10 year ad guy, but have been working in CPG marketing for the past 6.

Bob Monzel

WSI is an international company committed to driving online brand management, leads and reputation for mid-sized companies through the latest search technologies, education and internet marketing best practices. We have effective, award winning Internet strategies that help medium-sized businesses and enable them to compete with larger companies in either local, national or international markets. The core value of WSI is our extensive Network of production who are experts in search, paid advertising, website design/development and reputation management. We have the scalability to manage $1000/month SEO to $30,000/month SEO/PPC campaigns. Our staff are immersed in Internet Marketing strategies and our growing partnership with Google helps keep us at the forefront of evolving search best practices. These production facilities are carefully selected and approved vendors and authorized suppliers, each an expert in their respective fields; and of course, our Internet Consultants. How does this benefit our Customers? Because our network is so large, the costs are scalable to the level of work, thus making our prices very competitive to the marketing agency who has to charge you for all of their overhead costs. When you work with WSI you benefit from the one-on-one availability of a local business professional and the cost-savings and stability of a large international company. Because our network is so large, the costs of research and development, technical production and specialised services are shared among all of our Internet Consultants, allowing us to share the savings with our customers. I am an certified Internet Marketing consultant based in Denver Colorado. With 20 years of experience in public relations, communications and marketing for fortune 50 companies and PR agencies, I have the breadth of experience to guide internal marketing staff, or become a company's outsourced marketing staff.

Brad Crabtree

Nine years of marketing, online strategy and digital communication mixed with a healthy dose of event planning, public speaking and international travel has given Brad a unique set of skills and a taste for adventure. Brad has consulted for, launched, and managed traditional, online, and social marketing campaigns within industries including wine and spirits, professional athletes, music and events, and non-profits organizations. ◄ Specialties ► Social Media Marketing - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest | Email Marketing | Content Management | Online Branding | Coaching. ◄ Previous Clients ► • Tuscan Sun Wines | Arta Tequila | The Halo Group | DaySpring Church

Brand Assets

Over the past decade Brand Assets has earned a reputation as a foremost strategic branding and design partner to businesses. Our innovative ideas have created a competitive advantage for our clients in the aerospace, medical, energy, software, oil and gas, food & beverage and hospitality industries. Success has a way of breeding success, and our client base continues to grow and expand along with our reputation for getting results.

Brandi Coulombe

I'm currently the E-Commerce Marketing Manager for The Duck Company in Arvada, CO.

Brandi Hart

Your next secret weapon. Copywriting. Grant-writing. Web design. Graphic Design. Product development & design. Marketing & branding. Project management. Much more! I am a published writer and speaker on the subjects of brand development and e-marketing, with specialization corporate, non-profit, and entrepreneurial environments. 10+ years' experience, stellar references, an impeccable work ethic, and insatiable curiosity all add up to a candidate who deserves a closer look! B.A. in English. Fluent in French. Some Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.


With decades of experience in brand building and home offices in Denver, Colorado, BrandJuice is a collective of Brand Experts from diverse backgrounds. What we have in common is a focused love and facility for innovation and business growth.

Bree Thomas

Experienced in working with large, global brands developing end-to-end marketing plans with an emphasis in digital strategy. Passionate about leading innovation through iterative processes. Passionate about driving brand story through unique applications. Specialties include: team leader, digital strategist, business/general management, financial management, consumer strategy/UX, brand strategy, contract negotiation, new business pitches, end-to-end marketing strategy and campaign design/coordination, agile frameworks/processes

Brett Gallagher

I am currently living in the Detroit Michigan area and plan to move to Colorado within the next few months. I am seeking a position in marketing, digital media, advertising and/or other related fields. My goal is to have the opportunity to work in an environment that allows for personal growth and the best learning experience as possible. I have experience in account management dealing directly with clients as well as working in a team environment. Most recently I have been involved with digital media and integrated marketing strategies with clients everywhere from real estate, sports and entertainment.

Brian Elkins

Senior Strategy Consultant, Heart+Mind Strategies

Brian Hawkins

Brian owns bhawkins inc which does brand management, advertising and retail store design for many of the worlds biggest cycling companies. He also owns The Fixture Project which creates and sells retail fixtures for bicycle retailers all over. And lastly, he can ride a bike backwards and balance anything at all on his chin.



Brit Tucker

Creative-driven + Fun Attitude + Entrepreneurial Spirit. From the agency world to the brand side, I have more than 6 years of brand marketing experience. I'm currently the community manager for Food Should Taste Good where social media, digital and network marketing are my world. I'm also the owner and editor of the internationally-recognized and award-winning wedding blog, Landlocked Bride, and a published stylist. And, I'm a self-professed eco-nerd and fashion-loving vegetarian.

Broo Leosz

I am a recent transplant from Boston, fresh off a travel sabbatical and ready to delve into a new challenge. I'm a highly-creative, intuitive marketing professional with mid-level experience in brand management/strategy, advertising, project management, corporate ID, product launch support, trade show strategy/execution and web site management. My marketing and advertising experience is in the medical device, publishing and multimedia industries. Please visit my portfolio under "Website" for examples of past projects that I have managed.

Bryan Kimbell

Experience ranges from merchandising and layout of a new retail store, to building a brand strategy for a major professional sports team in addition to managing online advertising, SEO consulting, Google AdWords and Analytics for an agency and clients. I would like to live and work in beautiful places and have fun doing it all. I am an optimist and a realist (yes they can go together) and thrive in dynamic situations offering learning opportunities and challenges. I am not a "yes man" though - so if that is what you are looking for, move on. If you are looking for someone to critically think about how to build customer loyalty or how to build your brand, than you are in the right place. Specialties Brand/Positioning Development & Execution • Strategic Marketing • Project/Staff Management • Values-Based Leadership • Creative Problem Solving • Retail Management/Operation • Business Development

Bryan Kimbell

I'm a marketing and brand strategist. Find me here: brandfolder.com/brandfolder

Bryce Nelson

I am a freelance copywriter, blogger, social media manager, and content creator who loves interesting work as much as a great fish taco. I write original, thought provoking, and shareable content for awesome clients. I live in the beautiful state of Colorado, drive a sweet van, and love the outdoors.

C.had R.eiling

I believe in working for a company that believes in me. I believe in working not just at the highest conceptual levels on campaigns, but in getting my hands dirty in their implementation. I believe in balancing creativity with solid analytics.

Caitlyn Roe

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.”

Cal Phillips

Meet Eco Paint, Inc. Painting contractor, Eco Paint Company, and Cal Phillips providing superior house painting, paint contractor services, and painters painting interiors, exteriors across Denver Metro area. In business over 30 years, with thousands of satisfied customers, from Loveland, Boulder, Aurora, Denver of course, to Colorado Springs. Providing some of Denver's best professional painters, painting one job at a time. Inventing the term "Eco Paint" back in 1993, long before Green Earth Friendly, Eco Paints became a retail item, having both meanings as economical, as well as ecological. Careful with every ecological choice we make, promoting "Eco Paint" when advisable. 7 Groups benefiting: 1) Newborns/Infants 2) Painting during pregnancy 3) Senior Citizens 4) Those with breathing concerns. 5) Those avidly concerned about our ecology. 6) Those wishing for lasting paint color retention. 7) Those looking for interior painting ideas and techniques History: Established in 1977 Started painting homes back in 1977, putting self through college. After graduating, continued working in homes, with various home improvement projects as Cal's Home Improvement as a sole proprietor. 1993 was incorporated as Eco Paint Specialist's Inc. painting 1000's of homes across Denver's Front Range. 2010 renamed company to Eco Paint Inc. for search engine optimization purposes, as we are the originators of a world wide popular term for Green Earth Friendly Paint. Did not trademark the phrase, making millions, but still proud none the less of inventing the term. The phrase Eco Paint, customers would ask me back in 1993, what does that really mean? Quick to tell them we are economical, as well as ecological in the steps we take, as we still are today. Painting interior walls, ceilings, and trim to painting exterior siding, trim, decks, and fences with some of the best painters in our area, across Metro Denver and Colorado. Specialties: Painting contractor, Eco Paint of Denver CO. Welcomes You! Pro painters painting homes, offices, and businesses in Denver, Arvada, Aurora, Boulder, Broomfield, Castle Rock, Centennial, Colorado Springs, Englewood, Highlands Ranch, Golden, Lafayette, Littleton, Lone Tree, Louisville, Northglenn, Parker, Thornton, Westminster, Wheat Ridge Colorado. Specializing in complete interior, exterior painting services also including drywall repairs and textures, wallpaper removals, deck cleaning and staining, siding repairs and replacements, and OSHA, EPA Certified, Lead Abatement Contractor.

Cali Harris

I'm looking for my next adventure. (Which I'm sure will include an amazing team + company!) I know about: Building relationships... that are meaningful. Developing communications & marketing strategies... that work. Managing projects... effectively. Leading... quietly. I believe in: Integrity Working hard Being nice Having fun

Camilla Calhoun


Carl Ritger

Recently relocated from Philadelphia, PA, I am a creative professional currently working with a marketing consultancy in Wheat Ridge, CO, as well as a promotions and arts advocacy group in Boulder. My work primarily focuses on brand strategy and social media management, with an emphasis on copywriting and content development. I also record and perform experimental electronic music under the Radere moniker, with releases on notable labels worldwide, including Moodgadget, Futuresequence and Full Spectrum, among others.

Caroline Kirkland

Creative self-starter with 10+ years of sports marketing and event management experience. Adept at targeting key markets and bringing brand values to life through strategic cross-platform activations. Finds innovative solutions for brand expansion and content partnerships. Proven track record of building long-lasting relationships and eliciting buy-in and collaboration across geographically dispersed organizations.

Carolyn Bugg

Strategist with broad experience working on insight-based projects for both consumer product brands as well as corporate brands. Proven leader with a consistent track record of delivering strong business results across a broad range of categories and industries, working with clients such as Procter & Gamble, Kraft Foods, Vanguard, Johnsonville, Kellogg’s, Wendy’s, Powerade and Mazda.

Carrie Langford

Recently moved to Boulder from Chicago. My work experience is in sustainability consulting, marketing, and client management. I am interested in working in a collaborative environment that encourages innovative thinking and teamwork.

Casey Berry

Owner of Imbibe LLC.

Casey Deppen

I am a Communications major who loves refined advertising. I enjoy reinventing companies and brands. My work is filled with creativity and passion which fuels my success. I love people and I love to talk. Lets work together.

Casey Hopkins

I'm a class of 2009 graduate of Champlain College, having received my bachelors in e-Business Management. I'm very passionate about Social Media Marketing, SEO, SEM and every form of internet based marketing. After traveling to South Africa for a project with the United Nations my senior year of college, I have become a firm believer that social technology can and will change the world. By using free tools such as social networks and creative solutions such as gamification, doing good has become easier than ever. I've worked with car dealerships, internationally recognized characters, nonprofit organizations and most recently, genealogical data. My career has been a whirlwind of different opportunities and clients so far, but I've loved every second of it and can't wait to take on the next big thing. Online Marketing: Community Management & Growth, SEO, SEM, Social Marketing Best Practices, Google AdWords & Analytics, Facebook Ads, KissMetrics, SEOMoz, Social Networks (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Reddit, etc.) Web Programming: Meta Data, HTML*, CSS*, Sequel Pro* (*working knowledge) General / Technical: MS Office, Content Creation, Marketing Emails & Newsletters, Balsamiq, Project Management

Cassie Augustine Jones



Chad Moore

To the table I bring twenty-two years of experience in and around the outdoor industry. From retail to passionate brand advocate, I have truly run the gamut. Nestled into those twenty-two years are six years spent at an experiential marketing agencyand finally, a few as an entrepreneur. My wheelhouse includes – Brand strategy (online and off), experiential + consumer marketing, creative design, cycling, fashion, shoes, photography, technology, food, coffee, wine and blurring the line between professional and personal life.

Chandra Roam

Ambitious emerging marketer who is very interested in the aspects of branding, PR, copywriting and advertising. I have an inherent interest in the marketing industry because it gives me the opportunity to think in challenging, creative, new ways every day. To me, marketing is the foundation for value creation; whether that value is to the firm, the client, the community, or the economy, marketing makes it all possible.

Charmagne Kobal

VP Account Services and Operation

Chris Schmidt

I graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia in December of 2009 with my Bachelor's degree in Business Administration - Marketing. While at school, I was the Director of Marketing for our student run campus television station and was in charge of the station's social media. I am looking for employment in Denver/Boulder.

Chris T.

I'm a self described advertising nerd who has spent the past five years employed in consumer strategy and brand planning capacities at two different subsidiaries of a multi-national agency holiding company. The only catch is that these jobs - as well as the bulk of my life - have been in the all-too-flat cornfield that is the Midwest. I'm currently planning a move that should put me in the Denver metro area no later than June, and am looking to for opportunities in a Strategic Planning, Customer Intelligence, or even New Business context. If your agency or company is looking for someone to fill one of these roles, please reach out as I am a great asset given my experience and background.

Christina Schroeder

I am a writer and a strategist. I started rabble+rouser in 2005 after spending nearly a decade as VP of marketing for one of America’s best-loved brands—Weber grills. rabble+rouser was born out of my love of branded content. While at Weber I lived it and breathed and believed in its power to move brands and people. In the few short years since we opened shop, rabble’s work has earned national attention and a boatload of awards (which really only matter to our moms) including Davey, Best-of-Show-Integrated Campaigns, a Webby Award nomination, Communicator awards, PRSA awards, a Reader’s Digest Best of America Award--even a James Beard nomination. Additionally, our work has been featured in Communication Arts, Forbes, AdAge, Wired, Mashable, and other national media.

Christina Vickstrom

Compliance Analyst at Adperio

Cilia Kohn

Writer, marketer, publicist and all-round communicator back in Denver after a three-year hiatus. I headed east in 2008 to earn a master’s degree in journalism. After joining the ivy ranks, and a successful stint at the British Consulate-General in New York, I'm bringing my decade of pr/marketing experience and a fresh, international perspective to the Mile High city once more.

Connor Green

I am a recent graduate from Iowa State University where I received a BS degree in Business Marketing. I will be relocating from Ames, Iowa to Denver, Colorado and looking forward to the exciting and dynamic environment of Denver. I am young and motivated to start my career. The following are some of my areas of expertise. Strategic communicator; creative and effective marketer to new businesses,; recruitment; public relations; brand awareness; team leadership and advertising.


Larry is an accomplished Art Director and Designer with exceptional energy, creativity and skill. He has a true passion for what he does—and that comes across in the originality and quality of his work. For the past 17 years, he has been a leading member of multiple award-winning in-house marketing teams for some of Colorado’s top global enterprises. Enterprises such as TeleTech, Hallmark Entertainment Network, Cactus, Integer Group, Qwest Cyber Solutions, Sedgwick, Marsh, and Goodwill Industries of Denver. He has worked with all levels of small business and global management, including the Chairman and CEO, to effectively define and communicate the company’s brand, mission and core competencies through both global print and online sales + marketing efforts. Excelling as a designer, art director and creative director, he has earned top recognition and awards throughout his career while continually contributing to the goals and success of his team and organization.

Courtney O'Rourke

Communications Strategist raised on curiosity, kindness and wanderlust. New Englander turned Coloradan. In love with travel, twitter and @iamwooddog.

Craig Dermody

Craig Dermody 4417 Jeannette Drive Metairie, LA, 70003 504-957-4174 craigrobertdermody@gmail.com I believe there is opportunity for me to benefit your company in a variety of ways. I obtained my Master of Science in International Affairs degree in December. This degree has allowed me to travel around the globe. Along the way I have confidently worked alongside people from many different cultures, developed knowledge of international business, and created a vast network of international contacts as well. Keeping close ties with my international contacts has given me considerable knowledge of social networking on a global scale. Also, due to my experience abroad, I understand the need for customizing marketing techniques when working in different international regions. At this stage in my life I know I am a confident and hard working individual who does not admit defeat when the going gets tough. I have been a competitor all my life and recently I completed a 50-mile kayak race through the Panama Canal over a 3-day period. There are goals in life that are difficult to achieve but I am a quick learner and strive to do my best every single day. I am interested in learning more about your business and believe I have the ability to contribute to what already is an exciting and successful company. Please contact me when it is convenient, as I would like to schedule an interview if possible. Sincerely, Craig Dermody

Craig Salveta

I'm an agency alum turned MBA graduate (as of May 2012 at least). I have several years of marketing strategy experience, particularly in digital media and e-commerce. Through the MBA I have expanded my skill set to a variety of areas, including brand positioning, pricing, business development strategy, and many more. I am an open connector and am looking to build my network in Denver (I'm new to the area from Michigan), so feel free to drop me a line (csalveta@gmail.com) or @CSalveta on Twitter.

CreativeXchange Marketing

CreativeXchange Marketing is a full-service marketing, web and PR firm in Denver, Colorado. Our team has more than 50 years of well-rounded experience in both traditional marketing and internet marketing.

Cristina Veraza

I was hired out of college by Procter & Gamble in Mexico, worked in their cosmetics, fabric softeners, hair care, baby products in Mexico and Central America. I decided to stay home with my kids when my husband was recruited by Coca-Cola USA. During the last 5 years I have freelanced in a couple of marketing and research companies in the USA. I am fluent in English and Spanish.

Cynthia Johnson

I want to learn many new things.

D'Lea Martens

Friendly, smart and brutally honest strategic business and marketing consulting. I know how to create dynamic growth strategies for brands and organizations by understanding and connecting with their constituencies. Strategy areas include new product innovation, target audience identification, brand positioning, message development. Specific skills include: qualitative consumer research, ideations, concept testing, ethnography, annual strategic business and marketing planning.

Daniel Carter

An entrepreneurial self-starter with strong communication ability, tactical critical thinking skills and a passion for modern-day innovation. Thrives in a free-thinking environment and when addressing strategic initiatives and insights. A sharp-minded people person with natural abilities in leadership, analysis, research and business development. Qualifed for management, strategy, and developmental roles in marketing, digital and start-up environments. Capable of guiding development, managing execution, timelines and budgets. Proficient at generating successful marketing strategies and tactics in both traditional and digital environments.

Daniel Lingenfelter

I am an accomplished sports management and marketing professional (MBA) with over 10 years experience in collegiate and high school coaching and athlete management and supervision. I also have frontline experience working in high profile political campaigns and as a result developed exceptional deadline driven skills in event planning and a proven ability to manage multiple projects. I am considered a quality oriented outcome-based thinker with demonstrated ability to perform effectively under pressure in a fast-paced, results-oriented environment. Major strengths include strong analytical, problem-solving, decision making and follow-through capabilities and an ability to translate complex information into understandable formats and concise terms.

Daryl Gerboth

Hello there.

Dave Bryson

Highly accomplished business development professional combines Bachelor of Arts degree with over 10 years of experience in the marketing, financial services, and sporting goods and apparel industries. Competitive, results-oriented, decisive leader, with proven success in establishing and maintaining relationships which prove mutually beneficial. Excellent communicator and innovative problem solver with strong analytical ability as well as commitment to excellence and integrity. • Skilled in B2B account acquisition, retention, management and post-sale support. Plan and conduct sales presentations and negotiations with executive-level decision-makers. • Comprehensive experience in strategic planning, new business development, team leadership and all aspects of sales and marketing.

Dave Britt

Expert in brand, product, and account management, with experience in developing strong marketing strategies and driving sales. Demonstrated success at growing brands and launching of new products. I have skills in graphic design using Adobe CS.

Dave Santucci

A talented marketer and strategic communicator for destinations, non-profits and the right companies. Former CNN Emmy award winning Producer, Georgia Aquarium VP Marketing and Communications and Chattanooga CVB VP of Marketing recently relocated to Denver and looking for freelance or full-time opportunities. I guarantee my work and never miss deadlines. Talents include brand development, writing marketing plans, communications strategy, content marketing, digital marketing, social media strategy and content, public relations strategy and media pitching. I can be reached at davesantucci@me.com or 720 287 9650.

David Baur-Ray

David is a pure strategist and a solutions maven. In short he's promethean, boldly creative and original in ideas. His primary passion and purpose in life is creating tangible ideas and solutions that can improve the world. He enjoys walking on the precipice of the vanguardian edge. He doesn't build business models, he builds world models. Most people do not think like him. Contact him to improve your business today.

David C Skul

High-touch. Long-term. One-stop. It’s a lot of hyphens, but it defines in large part what sets 5280Creative apart as a successful marketing agency. The care with which we attend to our clients’ needs; the value we place on creating lasting relationships; and our expansive offering of marketing and advertising services – all combine to support our clients in powerful ways.

David Gannon

Denver Digital Strategist. Runner, amateur photographer, guitarist, Apple geek, and backyard gardener.

David J. Eloi

Developing Brand Affect & Relationships: I create and implement “first-ever” marketing programs for small businesses. I am the 2010 Colorado AMA - Golden Peak Marketing Scholar recipient and a MBA Student - Regis University. Contact me. eloi.david.j@gmail.com

David Rubin

Creative solutions professional with a focus on brand strategy. I want to refresh, modify and improve our surroundings. Think Thought takes a good idea and makes it better. We make the abstract concrete. We construct a brand and enhance its digital presence. We are a creative think tank for hire.


Job Searching

Derek Cann

Graduate Student -Marketing University of Colorado Denver

Derek Koenig

Perfect alchemy of strategy and execution in creating brand platforms that win awards and make money.

Domoto Brands

Domoto Brands is your strategic partner dedicated to building honest, holistic brands that people love and trust. Domoto Brands works tirelessly to make brand leadership real. We understand that organizations are challenged by growing consumer expectations, emerging global competition, and significant pressures to do more with less. Our clients trust us because we are catalysts in achieving brand leadership while positioning organizations to capitalize on the opportunities of the future.

Duncan Horner

VP of Marketing at the Vail Valley Foundation. The VVF is a non-Profit Organization staging large scale arts and athletic events in the Vail Valley community at the same time as supporting grass roots efforts in building a sustainable community through its education programming.

Ed Kane

Young professional looking for a challenging and rewarding career

Elise Ertel

Howdy, I'm Elise. I wear cowboy boots and make no apologies for living a wonderful life. I believe that thoughtful design can make lives better - more efficient, less wasteful and more fulfilling. I want to explain this message through my work to encourage meaningful communication about existing symbiotically with our environments.

Elizabeth (Liz) Jaite

Relocating to Denver and ready to move mountains.

Elizabeth Nelson

A seasoned marketing professional with years of project management, account management and brand strategy.

Elizabeth Stewart

Before returning to the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2010 to complete my degree in Marketing, I worked for three years as a bookkeeper and office manager in Aspen, Colorado. Prior to this, I was studying Journalism at Colorado State University. I currently work as an Interview Coordinator at Airflow Essentials and am intent on pursuing a career in the field of Marketing & Advertising since my graduation in May 2012.

Elsa Pollock

Marketing Coordinator for a Mortgage Software Provider

Emily Talbot

Highly driven, self-motivated M.B.A. with a concentration in Entrepreneurship & Innovation. Incredibly organized and able to multi-task effectively. Creative, strategic, analytical team member with strong verbal and communication skills. Thrive in a fast-paced, challenging environment. Responds quickly and well to new responsibilities and changes. While getting her undergraduate and MBA at the University of Denver, Emily found opportunities to work with a wide variety of world-class spas and hotels. After graduation, she has developed expertise in every facet of Spa operations including, retail, training, staff management, market analysis, logistics and distribution.

Eric Elkins

CEO of social media agency WideFoc.us, @DatingDad (http://datingdad.com), author of @13thclock novel.

Eric Kidd

Entrepreneur. Sports junkie. Oreo addict.

Eric Kiker

Our mantra is "Clients with Fire." The companies that get the most out of us are VC/PE firms, well-funded start-ups, entrepreneurs and companies ready to break through to the next level of distribution and sales. These types of clients aren't looking for marginal improvement; they're on the attack, because the competition wants to destroy them, consumers want to ignore them and still, they have the audacity to think they can win We share that audacity. We've demonstrated it for clients such as Naked Juice, Atkins Nutritionals, Corazonas Foods, Chiquita, Fresh Express, Dots, Activate Drinks, Hunter Douglas, Janus, Red Robin, Noodles & Company, KC Masterpiece and more. Thanks for reading.

Eric Poore

Graduated from CU-Boulder in May of 2011 with a Bachelors Degree In Marketing and Concentration in Finance. Working as a Sales Specialist at REI-Boulder as well as interning with the marketing department at Mix1 in Boulder, CO. I am looking for a Marketing position where I assist companies grow their business, position their products/services, and connect with their customers. Outside of work I enjoy skiing, mountain biking, hiking, running, climbing, and pretty much anything else that you can do outside. I am open minded and driven and live life with a "work hard, play hard" mentality. In my mind businesses must be customer centric do what they can to bring to market quality products and services to build customer loyalty.

Eric Sutfin

I’m Eric, and call me crazy, but I can’t help but try to spice life up a little bit. It is too short not to live it to the fullest, or so I’ve been told. Playing outside, whether it being traveling, climbing, snowboarding, hiking, baseball or frisbee with the friends, I just can’t seem to keep still. I’m that guy who you can’t sit with through a whole sci-fi movie because it’ll have been ripped apart. I enjoy picking up on human traits and tenancies and joking about them, stimulating a different perspectiveS and conversations about them. Why not, right? Change is a good thing, it is where you push and learn your limits. I am ready for some more of that, as a graduating senior of the University of Colorado, I am looking forward to entering the ad world and assist in rewriting the narrative surrounding advertising. Brand insight and strategy are where I excel.

Eric Weaver

Twenty years in the advertising and marketing biz. Specialties: online, social, branding.

Eve Hersh

I'm a social media- and content-managing gal looking for work in Denver. I'm interested in brand strategy and planning, consumer behavior and insights, qualitative market research, and community management. My extracurricular interests and skills include volunteering (I'm a former domestic violence victim's advocate, currently serve on the Board of Directors for Girls Education International, and am also training to run a half-marathon for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society), drawing, and talking backwards. I also bake a mean cupcake (and when I say "mean," I mean it).

gabriel puerto (gaby puerto)

Multimedia bilingual creative director,strategist, writer, art director and all things digital.

Garrison Everest: Brand Development > Design | Web | Packaging

At Garrison Everest (serving Denver & Boulder, Colorado) we specialize in the innovation and communication of brands through web design, graphic design, package design, search engine optimization and internet marketing. We help you tell the story of your unique product or service that seeks to relate, identify and resonate with your target audience to invoke profitable business responses.

genesis inc.

Genesis was founded in 1967 to help organizations reach their potential. Since then we have successfully positioned brands for clients in a wide variety of industries, around the globe. Genesis is known for original thinking that makes a difference. We are media-neutral and at home in many disciplines, including strategic positioning and brand development, investor relations, corporate strategy and scenario planning, user-centered design, customer experiences, advertising, identity, web content development & site design. We are experts at discovering ways to help brands break away in a crowded marketplace, looking at and leveraging all aspects of the go-to-market opportunities to create real brand value.

Gillian Antell

I am an outgoing and motivated optimist with extensive public relations, marketing and social media outreach experience from my past positions. I hope to further develop my interests in marketing and social media's influence on consumer behavior in my next position.

Gina Nykerk

After spending nearly a decade working in online marketing - doing everything from customer support and business development at an Inc. 500 tech start-up, to complete brand management for a USDA-governed, non-profit food commodity - I decided to land somewhere in the vast middle and branch out on my own as an email marketing and social media consultant. While my areas of expertise are in email marketing and social media, I realize they are just two (very important) pieces of the larger marketing puzzle. I thrive when helping clients figure out their big-picture marketing strategy, but I also love getting into the nitty gritty specifics and execution of a campaign. Large or small business or project, I am interested in participating. My core services include speaking, training, strategy, planning and execution in the following areas: Online Marketing Strategy | Lead generation (sales) campaigns | Lifecycle Identification Campaigns | Launching email marketing for your business | Growing your subscriber list and follower base | New product campaign launch | Email makeover and strategy session | Editorial calendar and content development

Greenhouse Partners

A brand strategy and communications firm.

Halperin Creative

Halperin Creative is a Brand Strategy & New Media company based in Denver, Colorado. Being "creative" is our passion. Being "strategic" is our business. We're passionate about design and focused on solutions. We relish in helping clients identify their brands and promoting their unique brand assets. We combine clever creative with innovative technology to get the word out to audiences who matter. We know that design without strategy is a shot in the dark and we wouldn't dream of leaving marketing to chance. Products & Services: Strategy: Branding & Brand Development, Messaging, Advertising, Marketing Design: Print & Web Design Technology: Web & App development, Enterprise solutions

Harrison Liss

I currently work for a brand licensing agency in New York called Brandgenuity. We are a full service agency that represents established corporate brands such as Food Network and Harlequin Books. I am responsible for prospecting and pitching potential clients. In addition, I manage several accounts for brands including MGM, Pabst Brewing Company and FX, and handle product development across numerous categories. I also assist in development of strategic plans for prospective and current clients and prepare new business pitches. I have past internship experience in account planning and production at advertising agencies. I can be reached at hsliss@gmail.com or 301 602 6905.

Heather Cardone

My name is Heather and I'm a contributor and creator of content. I live for the brainstorm and making ideas on paper come to life. I consider myself a creative problem solver and am a firm believer in finding a way to make things happen. Currently, I help develop online content for some of the largest retailers out there, including Walmart.com, SamsClub.com and CVS.com. I also help to create branded online experiences for CPG companies like Procter & Gamble, Nestle, Dell, SC Johnson, Clorox and many others. In the past, I've worked as a Production Coordinator, acting as on-site event and video producer for corporate conferences and events all over the country. I also have experience trafficking projects through a small creative agency as well as in freelance graphic design. Born and raised in Treasure Island, Florida, I was a beach kid with big dreams. I majored in Mass Communications & Advertising at the University of South Florida and I'm always learning and up for new experiences. When I'm not strategizing or writing, I'm usually at the beach or in the kitchen. I like painting, discovering new music, people and places with my husband, and kicking the soccer ball around too. Thanks for stopping by and please, feel free to reach out and say hello!

Heidi Hillenbrand

Outdoor enthusiast and Student at BDW.

Holly Fisher

I am the Creative & Solutions Manager for a digital marketing company in Denver.

Holly Shellner

Opinionated marketer, brand builder and all-around geek. I am a dynamic and versatile marketing professional with more than 15 years of experience driving organizational and market expansion through strategic design and direction of creative marketing programs, digital media solutions, and communication strategies. I can successfully connect brands with consumers using both traditional and innovative marketing techniques.


Huemanitas is an independent “New Majority” Denver owned and operated strategic marketing group providing culturally intelligent communications solutions and is a certified Minority Business Enterprise.

Hunter Anderson

I am Hunter Anderson. I am a recent graduate of The University of Arizona's Eller College of Management with a degree in Management Information Systems and an emphasis in Operations Management and Sports Marketing and Management. You can read more about me on my online resume found at www.hwanderson.com

Ian Woods

Marrying the art and science of integrated marketing.

Izzy Abbass

Background in mobile and television (actualy, why is there no mobile category on here), now working with start ups.

J O S H U A + S A T T E R F i E L D

An ambitious creative professional with the proven abilities that include, but are not limited to; Project Management, Branding, Marketing, Writing, and Production. One who can quickly grasp the complexity of projects, calculate variables and then address to execute efficient results. Confident in independence and humble in team oriented atmospheres. I value time. I respect people. I am loyal. ... and I like Jean Claude Van-Damme movies.

Jack Guest

Moving to Denver in late 2012.

Jaimee Miller

I’m a hybrid: accomplished in marketing and communications -- and agency senior account management. My passion is strategy, writing and editing. I’ve designed and led brand marketing, PR, and incentive initiatives for global brands and start-ups. Along the way I’ve become a go-to writer/editor for everything from business articles and case studies to blogs, marketing emails and proposals--all aimed at promoting product and generating sales. I’ve spent most of my career in the agency world promoting and safeguarding the brands of a wide variety of clients: industrial, technology, healthcare, manufacturing, financial services and more. This experience is complemented by a marcomm role on the client side for an e-commerce software company. I’m a well-respected team leader and communicator with a reputation for delivering only the best in work quality and service.

James C. Pintsak

Strategic professional with ten-year record of success in marketing, brand development, and advertising account management. Adept at creating integrated, high-profile campaigns that produce results. Creative problem solver, effective communicator, team contributor, and multi-tasker that meets deadlines and exceeds expectations. Proven ability to prioritize and simultaneously manage multiple projects, employees, and deadlines. Expertise in: Strategic Planning, Brand Development, Research & Testing, Corporate Identity, Message Development, Marketing Communications, Employee Engagement, Media Planning, Interactive

James R Silvester

2013 Colorado College graduate of Behavioral Econonics. Young professional especially resourceful at bridging strategy and technology to create systems that scale, automatically. Focused on solving problems and building relationships in the social/high-tech entrepreneurial space.

James R. Moreau

Brand development and community management are my specialties. Conversation and engagement are the byproducts.

Jami Fassett

I own Up & Up Creative, which is a design and branding agency exclusively serving nonprofit organizations. Why nonprofits? Because I am passionate about helping organizations that make a positive difference in our community and our world. And life is just too short not to do work that we can be passionate about. Also, I believe in the value of high-quality design and branding and the power it gives each organization. It is my mission to help nonprofits experience this power.

Jamie Sorrells

VP with experience in management, marketing and sales. Decisive leader with success in new market identification, strategic positioning, sales development, channel strategy and creative problem solving. Tendency to thrive in both entrepreneurial and growth organizations. Core Competencies: Insight & Strategy ▪ Brand Development & Advocacy * Marketing & Sales Management ▪ New Business Development ▪ Customer Loyalty * Team Building ▪ Creative Problem Solving ▪ Public Relations * Social Networking ▪ Mentoring & Coaching ▪ Presentations ▪ Operational Efficiencies

Janine T

A brand strategist with a unique blend of right and left brain skills. Loves creative campaigns, brand development, social media and chocolate chip cookies.

Jared Gibbons

My name is Jared Gibbons. I'm a philosophy graduate from The Ohio State University, entrepreneur, and freelance writer. In 2011 I co-founded the Instagram printing service, Snapstagram. I'm highly active on Twitter and Instagram, love drinking coffee, and chatting ideas. I take pride in producing and sharing quality content and products.

Jason Bills

Bald, bitter and branding. Experienced, passionate and focused music and branding agency executive with extensive knowledge of account direction, creative team management, event design and production, interactive media and experiential marketing.

Jason E Bean

I am a recent graduate with a BA in Advertising. I am moving to Denver to start my new career in the advertising and/or marketing industry. I am a hardworking, ambitious, organized, detail-oriented individual. I am extremely reliable, winning several perfect attendance awards, named to the Dean's List, and inducted into the National Honor Society for America's Private Colleges, 3.9 GPA. I have learned a considerable amount about advertising, marketing and graphic design using the Adobe Creative Suite. This knowledge give me the confidence I would be an asset for all companies.

Jeff Exstrum

Creative professional with a passion for brands: developing, growing, educating, launching, realigning - you name it. Experience providing strategic communications, marketing and creative direction for a variety of industries including higher education, government, military, small/home office and international corporations.

Jeff Lesser

I am a Boulder native and have been to many other places and still find Boulder to be one of the most incredible places. I take pride in being multi-faceted and being able to fit into many niches. I am an alumni of the University of Colorado, I studied Economics. I do marketing and am looking for work.

Jeff Schomay

Jeff Schomay specializes in the art of impact, including teaching/training, marketing/branding, web and graphics design/development, film/writing, fine art, and entertainment.

Jeff Tucker

I'm a recent graduate from the University of Alabama with an M.S. in Marketing and B.A. in Advertising. I have real world experience in branding, account services, marketing research, and project management. I hope to eventually put myself in the seat of a creative director but am currently trying to establish myself within the industry.

Jenna Koval

I will be graduating from the University of Montana in the Spring of 2013 with a BA in communication studies. I am looking to make the move to Denver (greater Denver area). My focus is marketing/ brand strategy. I have worked on marketing/ brand design/ consulting in a number of different fields from hospitality/ food industry, preforming arts, non-profit and design. For more information and a copy of my resume with references see my website (soon to come).


A dynamic marketer that specializes in brand management.

Jenny Vandehey

Consumer Insights & Strategy Specialist - JD Power & Associates, Web Intelligence

Jereme Neujahr

I am a recent graduate of Miami University's Farmer School of Business with a Bachelor of Science in Business, Marketing; duel minor in Management & Leadership and Business Legal Studies. I am currently seeking full time employment in the marketing industry.

Jeremy S Yarsin

I have over 7 years of direct marketing experience on a variety of different levels. I first started my marketing career at a start-up in charge of brand development. I used market research and testing to develop a selling plan - where to sell our products, how much, what product attributes were seen as value-adding, how do consumers currently perceive our product offerings? While I was there, revenues increased by more than double in 2 years. I used that experience and business model to launch my own company, Ravenous Chocolate, which saw remarkable growth and success in and around Vail and then Boulder/Denver where I relocated to. I grew that company from revenues in the 000's to revenues in the $100,000's in just under 14 months. To do this I used social media and advertising to affect consumer perception, never changing any product attributes. I also designed packaging and other campaigns and collaborated with an outside firm for more advanced identity creation. In 2010, I sold the assets of the company, retaining all of its IP. The areas of segmentation, targeting and positioning are those that I excel at - who are we trying to reach? What makes that group desirable? How do we reach them?

Jeremy Tanner

Detroit to Boulder and loving every minute of it.

Jeremy Worley

I have a passion for telling the stories of ideas, people, and products that strive for truth and the hope of a more beautiful present. This can take the form of project management, ideation, graphic design, account coordination, customer service, social media development, and integrated marketing development. I bridge the gap between ideas and execution. I drive ideas into action and connect with people in order to continue renewing and re-creating the world around us. I'm currently looking to join a marketing and creative team that I can learn, contribute, and grow with. If that's you or someone you know I would love to hear from you. E-mail me at jeremy@theworley.co and find me on Twitter at @the_jworley

Jess Peterson

Recently received my Bachelor's in Journalism (specializing in Advertising and Public Relations) from The University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Denver-bound and looking for work in either Account Planning or Community Outreach.

Jessica Black

Strategic marketing executive with over 12 years experience in the marketing and advertising industry. Accomplished at implementing marketing and advertising campaigns for luxury real estate, health care, higher education and various service industries with focus on lead-generation. The ability to balance company goals with customer needs and plan and implement successful strategies has become my expertise in addition to successful conflict management and resolution skills. contact: jessicawblack@live.com

Jessica Hogan

I'm just a girl that's been in some aspect of advertising for a little over 10 years now. I love helping creative folks do their thing by providing thoughtful insights and inspiration. The part you don't see is the rigorous and inventive research and planning that comes before the insights. I've also been known to freelance from time to time...developing brands (many from the ground, up) and the subsequent marketing strategy, planning and execution needed to make the brand successful in the marketplace. If you have a business in need of some clear, strategic direction for your brand(s), give me a shout. I have a network of very talented creative friends that I can tap into to help execute the work so you don't have to track them down yourself. Finally, I'm currently tied to the bizarre and blooming world of social media, so I've got that experience to boot.

Jessica Hughes

I received my bachelor's degree from University of Oklahoma in Liberal Arts. I then moved to Tampa, Fl to attend The University of Tampa, where I received my MBA with a concentration in marketing. Upon graduating I took a job with The Home Shopping Network working in the merchandising department now working as an assistant buyer. Looking to move to the Denver area I would like to get a job within the marketing field. I would like to use my experience in retail/merchandising in the marketing field.

Jessica Moseley

After recently relocating back to Denver I would love the opportunity to use my marketing and teamwork skills to better help grow one potentially lucky company.

Jessica Nicolella

Make It If You Can stitches together ideas that help make what you love into what you do for a living. I can help you define your company's brand, get your message to the masses, and maintain and build relationships with your audience. jessica@makeitifyoucan.com

Jill Bartholomew

I'm a former English/Sociology major gone Marketing MBA. While I enjoy the data purpose-driven decision making that marketing allows, I also love the creative thinking process side of marketing. I'd like to say that I've grown up, but just like any good marketing campaign, I'm evolving, and branding, rebranding, and reshaping myself as I have new experiences and meet new people.

Joan Doolittle

As a senior leader in a marketing agency, I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to get the job done, no matter what time and budget pressures there may be. I also know that getting the job done well is almost always about the people involved: shaping and motivating teams of designers, writers, programmers; listening closely to clients (and their clients); helping everyone work together toward solutions that deliver results. Nothing is more satisfying to me than when a team, and each person on the team, is enabled to reach beyond what’s already been done and produce work that is truly inspired.

Joe Hobbins

I am a marketing and communications professional with four years of agency experience, building campaigns for brands like GE, Citibank and Blue Cross Blue Shield. I specialize in helping clients extend their brands into the digital and social world. I can be reached at joe.hobbins@gmail.com

Joe Sexton

An insight-driven marketing MBA with an insatiable curiosity for consumer behavior, a passion for cultural immersion, and a diverse creative background as a musician and producer. My previous life spent both in the creative trenches and the retail consumer-sphere has led to an obsession with behavioral economics, trend-spotting, and uncovering the cultural grit that makes people who they are. This background combined with an in-depth understanding of business operations and strategy gives me a unique perspective on people and brands. I am currently looking for opportunities to create great work and learn from others who share my creative/cultural obsessions in an Account Planning role.

Johanna Alperin

Marketing & Branding & Creativity. It's what I live for. I have worked at various levels in the marketing industry over the last 6 years. I am confident that my education and employment background make me a great candidate to join your team; my graphic design experience is only a plus. I have effectively preformed creative marketing for an interior design & architecture firm, two non-profit chambers of commerce, and an orchestra. Please consider my personality traits. I am zealous in my nature, a strong leader and team player, detail oriented, a problem solver and most of all a creative guru! I think out the box, love to brainstorm and constantly surprise myself with my ideas and solutions. My resume and letter's of recommendations; both fully detail my qualifications for joining your team...email me to see them! I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss the possibility of employment. If you need any additional information from me please don't hesitate to ask. In advance, thank you for the consideration. Respectfully, Johanna Alperin, Your next ALLSTAR 303.249.1791

John Marquis

Creative Director

Jon Ketchum

Hi I'm Jon. I'm a Denver designer, writer and photographer with a love for lifestyle branding.

Jon Miller

Specializing in brand leadership and high-end production across all forms of media. The mountains, the open road, powder days, a beautiful vista, the thrill of a high performance machine, fresh air, blue skies, high-speed carving on any chariot that will move me, and a big dose of adrenaline. These are all at the top of my list of favorite things, and it's those simple experiences that I live to connect with—and share. For 14 years, I've been gratefully emplyed by the leading shopper marketing ad agency network in the world, TBWA/The Integer Group, and have been well trained in brand and promotional marketing strategy—specifically the theories and disciplines of Disruption, Media Arts, and Shopper Culture. As my career grew, the more I thought about and learned why I have certain affinities for some brands over others. I realized that the brands that inspired me the most, do it because they all seem to really love what they do. This is where I thrive, and it is my purpose. Developing awesome brand experiences that enable people like me to enjoy life, and live it to the fullest. Amidst all of the fun, I have a great respect for the potential impact I can make on a business's strategic objectives. There's nothing more satisfying than to listen to every side of a problem, and find a simple and unexpected way to solve it from multiple angles. Whenever I lock in on an idea that I'm passionate about, I cultivate and execute it to its' greatest potential through an unstoppable and passionate work ethic.

Jon Wilkins

Database Marketing focused consultant with experience various industries. I have coined the title, Data Diplomat and you can learn more at my woiebsite.

Jon Woods

Jon excels in project planning, concept integration, experience execution, and bringing online communities to life. Jon's experience at brand reimagining, integration of business organizations, managing virtual marketing efforts for sales channels, plus his understanding of new media applications proves a valuable asset in translating a digital mindset into a real life brand experience. Jon is also the founder of the Ralphie Report, a website covering the University of Colorado athletics. Started in 2008, it is now one of the largest online CU communities and employs a staff of five year-round writers.

Jordan Gurrentz

As a recent graduate from the University of Texas' #1 rated Advertising program, I have hands-on experience in project management, brand management, and promotions. While in college, I served as a Student Brand Manager for Red Bull and had marketing internships with Live Nation and Gibson. With Red Bull, I used my knowledge of the local scene and my proactive approach to help build a stronger relationship with this unique brand by utilizing guerilla marketing, networking with other Austin-based organizations, and planning fun, interactive events to engage the consumer. In my internships, I tracked marketing efforts, helped manage events, and participated in other marketing efforts. In addition, through my experience in booking for and managing multiple Denver-based bands, I have a strong Colorado network.

Jorian Stuckey

My name is Jorian Stuckey. I'm a senior at CU Boulder studying art, psychology and web technologies. I'm interested in marketing, specifically with social media, and am looking for an entry level position or an internship.

Joshua Nettles

Probably the best...

Juan Camilo Lozano

Brand Strategist + Experience Designer

Julia Hawley

I am the proud owner of the little t-shirt company that is making a BIG impact: EcoJoia. I am also developing a new brand called Switchcloak, which is an outdoors activewear apparel company...very much inspired by everything Colorado! I have had my hand in just about every aspect of 2 apparel start-up companies, which were born of my inspiration and drive. I stay true to my values in business, have maintained a good reputation with partners/suppliers, and maintain a focus on sustainability in everything that I do. I am a devout entrepreneur and love the process of conceptualizing and implementing new ideas, products, websites, and brands. I specialize in managing finances, design, e-commerce, team management, product development, photography, branding, and 'taking the bull by the horns'.

Julie Morris, MBA

Experienced sports marketing and brand strategy (NBA and iHoops). Developed NBA youth marketing brand and campaign development– NBAHoopTroop.com… league-wide brand strategy, cross promotional media development…NBA Media Manager, media sales, branded content development, sponsor activation…iHoops Associate Director, Marketing, company brand strategy and development, national and local campaign development, grassroots activations.

Justin Sulaski

I'm a freelance graphic designer soaking up Colorado life in the mile high city. I'm in my final semester at Red Rocks Community College. After graduating with an associates degree in graphic design I plan to further my education at Metro State University. When I'm not designing you can find me playing beach volleyball at the oasis in Broomfield or enjoying Denver's awesome music scene.

Justin Williams

Justin has been helping brands like OtterBox, AT&T & Apple leverage word of mouth to drive sales ever since he dropped out of Engineering school and found his calling in Marketing. Justin graduated from THE Ohio State University with a Bachelor's in Marketing. While he was there, he worked in AT&T's College Influencer program, leveraging experiential campaigns and social media to launch Apple's iPhone 3G and AT&T's 3G network. From there Justin moved on to Business Development & Channel Marketing for then startup, OtterBox. In addition to helping with digital marketing campaigns, Justin traveled the country placing Otter's product with new retailers & helping drive sell-through with his accounts. On any given day you would find Justin in airports across the country with suitcase full of OtterBox samples, handing them out to anyone with a smartphone. This proved to be quite a successful word-of-mouth campaign, as Otter is now ranked as the 70th fastest growing company worldwide by Inc 500.

Kaitlin Ryan

A driven and accomplished Online Marketing Communications Specialist with five years of progressive experience developing and deploying effective digital marketing strategies. A capable leader who is trusted to complete complex projects creating and meeting goals and through planning and action. Specialties: Web content development, SEO, SEM, PPC, social media, website management, project management, content development, community management


Living in NYC, hoping to move to Denver or Boulder for a change of pace in my life. Been part of the advertising community for many years in San Francisco, Chicago and New York City. Now hoping to move to the client side to work on a brand that I am passionate about that also fits my personality and values.

Kassandre Linstroth

Brand and Marketing Consultant with an MBA in Integrated Marketing and Brand Management.

Kassidi Warnock

I am a young professional and recent grad from CU Boulder specializing in digital strategy and account planning. I have roots in graphic design, but my experience ranges from small business, to digital agency to non-profit. I'm looking to jump into a company that molds big ideas and high expectations into valuable results. Colorado girl, volleyballer, coffee guru, dog lover and wearer of many hats.

Katarina Myers

Currently managing three campus cafes with the help of two assistant managers and an excellent staff of over 40 students. I am an undergraduate student passionate about marketing and supply chain management. I am looking for an internship for Fall 2013, Spring 2014 or a career after graduation in May of 2014.

Kate Echter-Wright

I'm a strategist and a designer. Echsentrik Strategy & Design, LLC is my company, and we're ready to help you boost your company's image.

Katherine Seltzer

I work in the Experiential and Strategic Marketing industry with a strong background in Entertainment Sponsorships for clients across health and beauty, beverage, confections and sports performance industries, including: Schick, Playtex, MIKE AND IKE, Hot Tamales, Naked Juice, Lipton Brisk, and adidas.

Katie M Sickling

I am a recent graduate of the University of Miami looking for work in the Denver/Boulder area in marketing.

Katie Pratt

I am currently a marketing student at Metro State. I will be graduating in December 2010. I am looking for a job in the brand or product realm of the marketing world.

Keith Brenner

13 year design professional and freelance designer looking to move back to Denver.

Keith Enockson

Proven Experience in: Marketing - Branding - Social Media - HD Video - Advertising - SEO - Website Management Notable Past Employers & Clients: ABC Television - A1 Fiberglass -Infuze Creative - Bank of the West - The Colorado Restaurant Connection - 5S Restaurant Management - Enockson Design - BSI Designs Notable Industries I've completed work for: Broadcast Television - Manufacturing - Construction - Financial - Food & Hospitality - Restaurant - Health & Wellness - Reputation Management - Health Insurance - Sports (Baseball) - Real Estate - Dentistry - Creative Contact: keithenockson@gmail.com -or- 720.209.1800

Kellerey Agency :: Best Boutique Marketing Firm Denver, CO

Kellerey Marketing, Branding, Communications & Innovations Firm - Denver, Colorado & San Francisco, CA Our boutique marketing, advertising, design and public relations firm is dedicated to small and mid-sized businesses for professional marketing services at a price that small companies can afford. Kellerey agency started as Fake Grape in 1995 by building hundred of websites and shopping cart programs. Fake Grape was acquired in 2012. Kellerey's customers grew & so did our business, which has now evolved into a unique, strategic full service agency with the help of professional programmers, designers, social media marketing and search engine optimization specialists. Kellerey Marketing Agency Denver bridges the gap affording its clients a chance to compete in a world that was before dominated by big agencies and deep pockets. Kellerey Agency Denver has no expensive agency layers which our clients love and it helps keep the costs down. Unlike large agencies who will assign a “junior” account manager to your company because you’re not spending tons of dollars, you’ll call the agency and talk to the CEO if need be. Your success is our success and our goal is to grow with our clients. Voted the top marketing communications design & creative firm Denver, Boulder, San Francisco & San Diego

Kellerey Agency :: Best Boutique Marketing Firm Denver, CO

Kellerey (/ˈkell(ə)rē/) Agency is an independent boutique, creatively driven marketing, communications and advertising agency that creates strong and provocative relationships between innovative companies and their customers. Our full service brand-marketing firm develops and executes creative solutions. Our innovative solutions satisfy your marketing objectives, turn heads, and persuade customers to buy! Kellerey’s independence is reflected through our work and culture. You'll find examples of this on our site through our creative portfolio, blogs and from our client testimonials. Kellerey Agency has a global client base. Our offices are in Denver, CO, San Francisco and San Diego, CA. (Formerly Fake Grape Marketing & PR Agency founded in 1995 which was acquired in 2012) Kellerey Boutique Marketing Agency Capabilities: Brand Development/ Marketing Strategies • Mobile/ Wireless Innovations • Marketing Department Support • Print/ Web Design • Social Media Strategy/Management • Sales Planning/ Lead Generation • SEO/SEM/PPC • Advertising (online, offline, social, strategic) • Application

Kellie Conner

I am a Marketing and Management major at the University of South Carolina. I will be relocating to Colorado following my graduation in December.

Kelsey McKee

Management consultant with experience in the high tech and retail sectors. Fluent in French, with global mindset refined through Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship for the French Ministry of Education. Creative professional with proven skills in collaboration, communication and delivering results. Experience includes market research, process improvement, change management, and strategic analysis.

Kent Van Oort

Passionate, hands-on leader with an exceptional record of creating, building and leading highly successful integrated marketing organizations.


A little about me... well, I'm kind of a jack (jane?) of all trades. Some call me a writer, an artist, a marketer, IT help desk - kidding. But, I'm really all of those things rolled into one. With a degree in Digital Communications (hence the name of the profile) - I've got experience in different areas including communications/writing, art and design, and business. I've been lucky enough to use all of these skills in my roles over the years and am looking to expand on them even further. So how can I help you?

Kerry Sherman

Brand Specialist/Co-Founder of chronicleMG, a Denver based marketing agency specializing in Brand Strategy, Creative Design, Digital Marketing, Public Relations and Music Marketing.

Kevin Masten | President, Social Media Strategist

Does your brand stand out from the swarm? BrightHive is a boutique marketing agency that helps businesses engage customers through a powerful brand experience and an integrated online strategy. Attracting attention online has never been more challenging. Your website, blog and social media interactions are the voice of your company and often the first impression someone has of your organization. BrightHive™ New Media Marketing helps you define the image and messages that will make your company stand apart from all the others. You won’t find pay-per-Tweet pricing here because we believe every business is unique and should be treated as such. What you will find is that we believe in doing great work for, and creating lasting relationships with, our clients.

Kevin Smith

Owner and Principal at Systemic

Khaleelah Jones

Experience in PR/media relations, marketing, copywriting, social media and strategic planning. Successful track record creating brand awareness, driving website traffic and building lead generation through successful multi-channel marketing campaigns. Demonstrable skills creating and implementing cross-functional teams that achieve results on time and within budget.


Currently negotiating with Reality for my personal real estate in the Sphere of Existence.


Solving today’s challenge with an entrepreneurial spirit. Providing solution orientation on business development, market research for organization from startups to turnarounds to increase market share or create market penetration. TV, radio, social media, direct mail, print, banner ads programs developed for full campaign execution to satisfy a client’s marketing needs. Who do you want to talk to, what do you want them to know , and what do you want them to do.

Kitzel Ruth

Enjoys Community. Social Media for small businesses.

Kristina Kurtz

Hi there! I just moved to Denver from west Florida to be around people I love and give this amazing city a go. I'm currently available for freelance writing as well as marketing and branding consulting.

Kurtis Poppe

Creative Liaison for Helium. Helium is a Colorado Springs based marketing consultant, specializing in graphic design, web design, social media, and brand identity.

Kyle Dunbar

I am a recent Marketing/Sports Business graduate from the University of Oregon. I am a hardworking leader that figures out a way to get any thing done.

Kylee Decker

Communications Strategist & Account Manager

LaBov & Beyond

We're an entrepreneurial firm that believes it's where you start from that determines your destination. We focus first on our clients' business needs, and then develop strategy and execution to solve branding challenges. We specialize in working with multiple-location corporations that sell through channels such as dealers, distributors or reps; both business-to-business and business-to-consumer. We are currently looking to partner with two brands in the Denver area seeking help to improve their sales channel, owner communications such as magazines or mobile apps, or corporate sustainability reports.


Looking for a screenprinter or a smaller start up business looking for part time help

Land & Sea Co

Land & Sea Co. offers brand discovery & design for the trailblazers. We believe history is shaped by the stories of the trailblazers. Those passionate, driven people who aren’t satisfied with the status quo. - the innovative and the inspired - those who know they can make the world a better place, and won’t stop until they do. We want to guide them to greatness. We want the world to hear their stories. Contact us today to take your brand further.

Laura Loeffler

Just your atypical witty unconventional tenacious marketing girl with a serious habit involving the Boulder start-up community.

Laura Rennich

Marketing Director looking for an exciting and challenging position. My career highlights include: - Developed social media marketing campaign. - Responsible for implementing first marketing plan for new market sectors. - Developed ROI program for marketing plans and lead generation efforts. - Responsible for developing and implementing social media strategy. - Created web strategy and oversaw implementation and maintenance. - Oversaw migration to paperless office

Lauren Brekke

• Marketing is both a passion and a career. I thrive on the challenge of balancing creative campaigns with strategic business elements. • Outside the office, I am a frequent indulger of local fare, hot yoga and spending time in Copper Mountain. Life is good in 5280!

Lauren Brown

Director of Marketing at InspiringApps

Lauren Dordal

I have a fresh mind and a strong work ethic. I'm motivated by design, strategy & good food. I am a sucker for scented candles and pretty packaging.

Lauren Parker

It goes something like this... Skier Lego enthusiast, Sleepwalker, Writer, Model United Nations geek, Muggle, Cultural Explorer, Sour Patch Kids addict, Political Scientist, hula-hooping hippy, Mountain Sports Media editorial and marketing intern, Teton County redneck, Outdoor Industry PR Account Coordinator, Dog foster parent turned dog owner, Boulder Digital Works 60 Weeks Student, Survivor of twenty-two cavities, Digital Cultural Creative.

Lauren Plumer


Lawrence Phipps

• Lead consultant for a firm providing product and brand strategy, marketing campaign development, market research design, web application and user experience development, media relations and creative services • Specialization in launching brands, products and programs across multiple channels – emphasis on word-of-mouth marketing • Emphasis on strategic direction for product development and branding, and also executing results-focused marketing programs to drive growth

Leah Spokojny

Just go.


LeeReedy is an innovation, brand, and marketing agency. We are experts at efficiently discerning the true essence of a brand, whether it’s a new brand or one that needs repositioning. Our unique process is highly collaborative and ensures buy-in from crucial stakeholders at every step. With years of experience working for the world’s leading brands, including Atkins, Hunter Douglas, Naked Juice, Clorox, Pepsi, KC Masterpiece, Dr. Pepper/Snapple Group, General Mills, and Sports Authority, we are uniquely positioned to add value to any marketing effort.

Lesley Yarbrough

Community Manager, cinephile, cyclist, nerd.


Looking for new connections, possible job opportunities in marketing, social media or project management.

Leslie Hebron

I am a Marketing Specialist who wants to bring my NYC experience to Colorado. I grew up in Breckenridge and love to ski!

Lexi Lincoln

A smart, fun, curious, and driven young adult with a passion for all things creative. I have a very strong sense of branding and its importance. I have a passion for marketing, branding, and advertising and am confident with what I could bring to a company. I have a degree in Visual Communications from FIDM and a BA in Design Management from ASU. I have real work experience from DC Shoe CO, where I worked as an Inside sales Rep and also a Boys and Kids Apparel Designer.


Born from necessity and bred from a connection to the artists and entertainment we love, lg.group harnesses innovative marketing strategies, industry connections, and decades of combined experience from the best in the game. As a premium agency, we believe in working only with the most talented and progressive artists- the artists that hustle and the artists that demand hustle on their behalf. lg.group is proving to be the biggest weapon in an artist's arsenal. We are a one stop shop for all things productivity and are changing the way the game is played .

Lindsay Hunt

As a consultant, Lindsay advised Fortune 500 companies on their strategies, using analytics to evaluate new markets and developing plans to launch new products. After consulting, she worked at a .com company evaluating website analytics, optimizing sales and developing pricing strategies. Lindsay also spent time consulting with nonprofits and learned how to bootstrap with limited resources while living and working in a third world country. Now, Lindsay uses the skills she developed to help businesses navigate the often confusing world of social media and online marketing. Social media represents a fundamental shift in the way we communicate with each other and opens up significant opportunities for businesses, but especially small businesses. Lindsay focuses on helping businesses create strategies and employ tactics to achieve them, all with the goal of producing measurable results. Lindsay graduated magna cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School.

Lisa Taylor

Hi! My name is Lisa Taylor, and I am the owner of Wazee Marketing, a consulting firm specializing in brand identity, marketing analysis, product positioning, strategic communications planning, and the development of marketing materials. I have more than 16 years of marketing, advertising, and PR experience on both the agency side and the client side of the business, and I have worked with brands of all sizes and budgets. I'm available for three types of work: 1) I can be hired as an extension of your marketing team in a brand management, product management, or marcom management capacity, 2) I can serve as your full service agency, collaborating with my network of agency partners, freelancers, and suppliers to execute all initiatives, or 3) I am available for freelance assignments in the areas of strategic planning, account management, copywriting, and proofreading.

Liz O'Neill

I'm the marketing manager at ONE, a global campaigning and advocacy organization with three million members worldwide. I turn opaque policy information about the developing world into captivating narratives that inspire action. I also manage all creative campaigns and partnerships at companies including Facebook, AOL, Hulu and YouTube. Skills include Google Analytics, InDesign, Photoshop, Action Kit (an advocacy software). I'm relocating, and am searching for opportunities in the Boulder and Denver area. Interests include reading, beekeeping, running, and creative writing.

local thinking

think about yourself, think about your community, think about your hood.

Lori Stikeleather

Strategic Designer in Colorado Springs

Lucas Clarke

Marketing Director for MAD Greens- Inspired Eats. Denver's very own fast-casual salad restaurant concept. My main focus is constantly working on making the brand better. I work with a great team of people who help me design the look and feel of the restaurants/website and other brand elements to our fantastic operations team that is always trying to enhance the customer experience. Loving food and the restaurant culture is always a constant and I eat more salad in a week than most people do in a year, that's one of the many reasons why I love my job. Some of my goals are to grow the MAD Greens brand into a household name and in and around Colorado in the next 5 years, launch a viral website & social media campaign, develop a broad/integrated/detailed and memorable marketing campaign that makes people love MAD Greens and laugh at the same time. Ultimately I want to inspire people to eat healthy, feel good and live well. I love networking and meeting cool creatives as well as people in the advertising/marketing/PR fields. lclarke@madgreens.com

MARCA Strategic

MARCA Strategic is a Branding, Public Relations Inbound Marketing, and Web Design/Development Agency. MARCA Strategic catalyzes your company to grow, thrive and transform into a bigger and better venture. Your mark will be made.

Marcel Venter

Strategic thinking blended with creative design solutions - each project delivers a compelling brand experience.


Experienced Marketing Professional


I'm in the process of making the move from Colorado Springs to Denver and am on the job hunt in the marketing and advertising world. Any suggestions with networking and job searching in the area would be very much appreciated. I have a marketing and advertising background in non-profit, IT and the newspaper industry.

Mark MItchell

Package design and product strategy

Mark Sorensen

Creative Director at integrated agency Seed Factory Marketing. We specialize in communication platforms–big ideas with smart strategy the can transcend PR, advertising and digital.

Marni Myers

Marni Myers Creative | Graphically Telling Your Story. I am a seasoned Brand Strategist and Graphic Designer who Graphically Tells Your Story. I help business professionals grow their business by building a solid design foundation and consistent branding system that stands out and gets noticed. Specializing in Branding Identity Programs and Integrated Campaigns, I customize the creative for Healthcare and Education businesses and organizations.

Mary Anne Bishop

Greetings! My name is Mary Anne but you can call me by my initials, MAB. I've recently relocated to Boulder, CO from San Francisco, CA. In my suitcase, you'll find an international traveler, 5 years of legal research coupled with a passion for brand strategy, new technology, and the hunt for awe inspiring gigantic ideas. Please be at liberty to contact me at anytime. Portfolio: www.bonjourmab.com

Mary Healy

•Accomplished brand and communication strategist with an MBA and over 18 years of experience leading large-scale initiatives including market segmentation, brand development and (re)positioning, integrated digital and traditional advertising programs, new product launches, and public relations/ public affairs programs •Expertise in several industries including: technology and software; e-commerce; CPG; QSR; telecom; energy and natural resources; state and federal government; travel and tourism; healthcare •Experienced team leader with strong track record of managing and growing effective teams

Matt Brown

I was born and raised in Kentucky, where I just relocated from. I lived about two hours from the famous Red River Gorge and, despite 14 mpg in my ’88 Toyota Land Cruiser, Gertrude, would make it out there as much as I could for a day of climbing or hiking around with my girlfriend. I skateboard in the summer, snowboard in the winter, and, during a brief stint as a Hawaiian resident, tried my hand at surfing. I love to cook and am a huge advocate of local, seasonal food and the deindustrialization of the food supply in the US. I love to travel, having recently spent a month backpacking through the Portuguese countryside and volunteering on an organic farm. I also have the world’s craziest cat, Brain, but I wouldn’t trade him for anything. I graduated from the University of Kentucky in May of 2010 with a degree in Marketing, which, let’s be honest, doesn’t set me apart from anyone qualified to get a job in marketing. The things I learned at UK aren’t the things that will help me succeed in a real job. It’s my badassitude. What is badassitude? It’s hard to qualify, but bear with me. Imagine a blend of Denzel Washington’s level-headedness when the whole world is swinging machetes at you and, oh yeah, you’re blind. Couple that with a MacGyver-like ability to improvise and adapt, like making a bomb out of a sleeping bag, some vodka, and an oxygen tank to escape an avalanche careening down the mountainside. Not that I’ll be building bombs, per se, but you get the idea. I’m quick on my feet, calm in the face of crazy, and quick to adapt.

Matt FaJohn

Visual Communicator. Experience Organizer. Deal Closer. Partner at Legwork Studio.

Matt Filippini

Specialties: Marketing Strategy and Solutions, Business Development, B-to-B & B-to-C Sales Expertise, Operations, Product Development, Target Marketing, Negotiation, Specification, Partner Development, Long Term Business Relationships, C-Level Strategies, Account Management

Matt LeBeau

• Marketing, advertising, PR, and business development professional with over seven years of experience • Experience working with B2C and B2B clients, including global brands, start-up companies, and local non-profits • Expertise in strategic planning, creative development, and client/project management • Effective manager of teams, budgets, timelines, and vendors across all marketing channels • Measurable success working in digital/web, film/video/TV, radio, print, outdoor, in-store, and events • Personally committed to delivering great work combined with passion, integrity, and a sense of humor

Matt Moore

I am a creative, driven, and career focused individual eager to contribute to a rad company. Currently, I am in Alamosa, Colorado finishing the last semester of my MBA and working as an intern for the City.

Matthew Bodien

I am a high school Mathematics teacher in Denver Public Schools and the program Teach For America. I will be leaving education this summer for the world of marketing. I am looking for opportunities in marketing strategy and brand management.

Max Lenderman

Max Lenderman is founder of School, a strategic and creative firm that creates purpose-led stories and products for brands, companies and organizations. Boulder, CO-based School is part of Project:WorldWide.

May Mullin

Hello! I am looking to relocate to Colorado to be near my family. A graduate of Art Center College of Design, Pasadena. Holder of a Bachelor's in Graphic Design. Enthusiastic thirty years on this earth. My focus is in art direction, identity, branding and packaging design. Would love to participate in creating the next big thing.


Thanks for looking. Not currently available for hire.

Megan Clifford

Recent college grad in Boston looking to show Denver what I'm made of.


Philanthropic Visioning Firm.

Michael Bracher

Seasoned marketing professional with a diverse background in start-up strategy. Specializing in ground up branding strategy and execution.

Michael Doyle

As president and CEO of Brand Iron, a leading national branding firm based in Denver, Michael has been shaping successful brands in various industries for more than 20 years. Michael has led more than 250 of his signature BrandStorm sessions that help companies analyze and identify their position in the marketplace. He then provides a strategic assessment and recommendation. He also consults with a number of major companies on a monthly basis to make sure that their executives are developing their leadership skills and maintaining a successful brand.

Michael Hadley

I currently work with Red Door Interactive as an Associate Business Manager, to help develop and evolve strategy for our clients. Previously, I worked at another agency in account management, as well as in the CU Athletic Department, doing marketing and promotions for several of the sports teams. I earned my MBA in an accelerated 11-month program, and completed an undergraduate degree at CU in Business Administration with an emphasis in marketing. I intend to continue a career in advertising and marketing in an agency setting, specifically working with digital mediums on client side operations.

Michael Koch

Creating Advanced Visual & User Experiences

Mighty Fudge Studios

Welcome to Mighty Fudge Studios. A creative agency specializing in creative solutions for the world’s most important creative problems: yours. We offer a full-range of services that are focused to meet your needs (and only your needs.) We have worked with companies large and small championing brands with innovative solutions for packaging, graphic design, animation, illustration, app development, social networking and viral marketing.

Mike Geraci

Chief Creative Officer at MercuryCSC.

Mike Heinrich

Mike's specialty is creating results-driven media neutral campaigns and building brand awareness through all available touch points including digital, TV, print, point of purchase, on premise and collateral marketing materials. He strives on creating robust marketing campaigns to meet the objectives of his clients. What sets Mike apart is his ability to assess and understand a client's business, goals and target audience. Combine this with Mike's calm demeanor and responsiveness - he has proven to be an effective marketer. In Mike's decade and a half or of agency experience he has spearheaded projects for clients such as Invisalign, LVI Global, CoBiz Financial, Eagle Custom Builders, Einstein Bros Bagels, 20/20 Institute, Dish Network, Slim for Life, Source Gas, and the Westin, Starwood Resorts, Hyatt Regency, Apple Vacations, Arby's, Noble Energy, MoneyGram, Village Inn, Variety Pet Foods, The Wildlife Experence, InfoUSA, Good Times Burgers and Frozen Custard, Elitch Gardens, Flatiron Construction, Kiewitt Construction, Exempla Heath Care, Colorado Ski and Golf, Wells Fargo, Macy's, Qwest, Dex, First Horizon, and Wynkoop Brewing Company. Mike directs both in-house and contract Art Directors, Copywriters and Directors of Photography. In Mike's free time, he enjoys photography, skiing, hiking, golfing, and walking his Jack Russell Terrier, wife Laura and daughter Emma.

Mike Margiotta

I’m a new resident of Denver and am actively seeking a career in marketing for a dynamic organization. I recently graduated from Elon University, where I studied strategic communications and business. I’m an adaptable, dedicated professional with experience in digital marketing, brand development, and project management for a number of reputable companies in Cleveland. I pride myself on having a strong, results-driven work ethic and am never afraid to step up and take on a challenging task. On a personal level, I’m a music enthusiast who loves new adventures and am dedicated to succeed in all that I do.

Mita Edles

I'm currently a business student at the University of Colorado Denver working towards an MS in Marketing with an emphasis in Brand Management and Marketing Communications. I am also in the College of Arts and Media working towards a TFVP minor. I am currently working as Marketing Director for Xplosive Athletic Training as well as the photographer for the company. We work with athletes of all ages and provide them with a positive athletic training environment to encourage success not only with the sports they participate in but in the classroom as well. We train our athletes as well-rounded student athletes to help prepare them for their future ambitions. I am a very quick, creative learner and self motivated ambitious worker. I love a good challenge as well as learning the things that I can improve on and applying them to every aspect of my work.

Molly Ernst

Hi! I am a Marketing professional. I strive to learn more every day and create something beautiful out of everything I touch. I am on the hunt for where I belong.

Mustafa Horton

Accomplished, results-driven, and dedicated professional with more than 10 years of extensive experience in overseeing company sales, marketing and branding initiatives, as well as graphic design projects. Proficient using Adobe Creative Suite 5 for Mac and PC.

Natalia Klishina

Originally hired as a copywriter, I've carved out quite a few other job descriptions for myself in my constant quest to be learning: UX specialist, content strategist, business analyst, information architect, wireframer, and a few other things. At the end of the day, I like to think of myself as a modern storyteller. I create compelling stories that define brands, engage audiences, shape websites, and drive business results.

Natalie Komitsky

I provide expert writing, editing, and research at your convenience leaving you free to recapture time and energy for the things that matter most.

Neal Stewart

Neal Stewart’s marketing career includes both agency and client side experience in a variety industries including retail, non-profit and consumer package goods. From 2000–2006, Neal worked at Pabst Brewing Company as the Brand Manager and eventually, Marketing Director with a primary focus on the Pabst Blue Ribbon brand. At Pabst, Neal’s marketing strategy focused on initiating word of mouth and loyalty with influential consumers by supporting grass-roots and subculture events. As a result, in 2002 PBR’s volume increased for the first time in 23 years and eventually increased volume 45% from 2002 – 2006. Neal also managed several other brands within the Pabst portfolio, including Rainier Beer which was recognized with several advertising and marketing industry awards for its “RainierVision” branded entertainment campaign. In 2006, Neal moved over to the Craft Beer side and was the Director of Marketing for Flying Dog Brewery in Denver, CO where he is led the craft brewer’s branding efforts. In just over a year with the company, Flying Dog was recognized within the beer industry as a brewer who has embraced social media and leveraged it for increased exposure on a lean budget. Neal was recognized in 2004 by Fast Company as one of the “Fast 50” and was named to the Event Marketer Magazine’s 2005 “Dream Team”. Neal has also been a presenting speaker at several marketing and beer industry conferences. Specialties: buzz/viral marketing, strategic planning, brand planning, budgeting, agency management, creative concepting, field marketing, on-premise promotions, web 2.0 marketing, blogging, social networking, event marketing, branded entertainment, public relations, media planning, mobile marketing, packaging design, product launch, digital marketing, turkey sandwiches, go-karts, beer

Nick Williams

Innovator, opportunist, strategist, persuader, promoter, T-shirt cannon sniper. And I apply these skills as the Sales & Marketing Manager for Xylem Digital


New Product and Business Development * Marketing * Social Media * Photography

Nicole Marshall

I joined architectural design studio, Eskew+Dumez+Ripple, in New Orleans in the Summer of 2007 upon graduation from Louisiana State University. After starting as a Marketing Coordinator, I have gradually grown in my knowledge of the design industry and today work in Business Development on behalf of the firm. Since being appointed an Associate in 2010, at the firm I have had an increasing role in Strategic Planning, Client Management, and strategic marketing. Specialty Skillsets: Selling and Marketing Creative Services, Business Development, Proposal Writing, Graphic Design, Strategic Planning, Human Resource Management

Nikki Jackson

• Consultant for various organizations looking to re-brand themselves, develop communications strategies, and/or add the dimensions of corporate social responsibility and environmental stewardship to their bottom line. • Design and present social media strategy workshops for SBDC and Create Denver. • Develop and teach social media curriculum for non-profits. • Design website landing pages with an eye towards clients’ communication goals. • Write “human interest” stories for Annual Reports and Corporate Sustainability Reports. • Write and design traditional and social media news releases, video news releases, news articles, newsletters and brochures for clients

not verified (verified)

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One Tribe Creative

One Tribe Creative helps socially and environmentally responsible businesses, organizations and community groups tell their story. One Tribe Creative is a full service branding agency offering marketing, graphic design, website design, copywriting, and innumerable other services to help businesses and organizations speak clearly, honestly and compellingly to their audiences.

Onit Marketing

Digital Media Marketing Alchemists specializing in all your Social Media needs.

Pablo Lozano

Graphic Designer with 9+ years experience. Strong typographical skills, print experience, and web knowledge. Interacts with others effectively, and is able to understand and learn quickly. Excellent skills in developing creative concepts and layout composition. Able to work in a fast-paced environment, with strong research and problem-solving skills. Fluent in Spanish.

Paige Lockhart

Marketing professional with 6 years of experience in field. I recently relocated from Los Angeles to Denver and am seeking marketing employment opportunities. I have worked for both global media investment agencies and private companies within the marketing department. I have experience with a variety of product categories: CPG, Telecom, Beauty, Children's Toys, and Health/Wellness. I have extensive experience developing integrated strategic plans to launch a campaign, brand, or product on both national and local levels.

Parker Sperry

Graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder - Leeds School of Business in December. I received a marketing degree and a minor in Technology, Arts & Media. The power of technology and social media mesmerizes me, and its impact on today’s society is indisputable. I want to put my dynamic educational background into action and help bring brands to life in the digital world.

Pat Flynn

Marketing Manager at Prima Capital

Patrick Cowan

Multi-disciplined marketing professional. Demonstrated successes developing and implementing strategic business and communications initiatives. Expertise in dynamic, entrepreneurial environments, market analysis, marketing strategy, branding and communications.

Paul Eastwood

Online marketing solutions for the real estate industry.

Paul Merrill

Social media and branding consultant.

Paul Vorreiter

design, creative direction, brand development, marketing strategies

Pavel Herůfek

Young man from Czech. Master degree in Marketing comunication. Intrested in advertising, new media, ICT and marketing general. Now doing B2B marketing for living...

Peter Downing

Versatile education, mark/comm veteran with leadership experience in all aspects of marketing and communications, from high level strategic planning to project management to copywriting to all facets of PR.

Peter Maffey

Product & Brand Manager / Entrepreneur


Internet marketing maven | SEM nerd | Hot sauce snob

Rachel Grace Hultin

After seventeen years in real estate brokerage and project development, I have decided to transition into a career that benefits communities, builds relationships and allows me to give more energy to my passion: marketing. As a sole proprietor business owner, I understand the demands of a successful organization and the value of forging beneficial partnerships. My background in project marketing, business development and nonprofit fundraising has bestowed a broad skill set: Meeting sales goals; inter- and intra-agency reporting and communications; budget management; targeted social media and web-based marketing; contractual negotiations; and even fixing a jammed laser printer without expletives. I have experience with WordPress, Google Site and various other proprietary web templates. I am working on expanding my knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3, which is very basic. I participate in Twitter and a few years back, I made international headlines using Facebook and a poetry contest as an act of protest. My career began in 1995 working with my father, developer Wally Hultin, to market and sell The Overlook, a three phase, mixed-use project in LoHi. At the time, it was a relatively unknown, under-developed area; certainly not on the radar for desirable places to live. By harnessing the up-and-coming reputation of LoDo, we were able to successfully convey and sell the vision of LoHi’s future. Today, The Overlook stands as the original gateway to one of the nation’s most vibrant and desirable places to live and do business. Since then, my job has involved numerous connections with various city agencies, non-profits and civic organizations.

Rachel Ward

Experienced marketing professional looking to enter the marketing agency space.

Ratiba Mekki

• Experience includes in both B2B and B2C business models • Vertical experience includes Consumer Goods, HiTech (Products and Services), Media, Digital marketing and more

Reid Auger

- Seeking a marketing position that allows me to leverage my advertising background and analytical skills to make a direct impact on a team devising integrated marketing strategies. - Motivated individual with a passion for learning about marketing strategies and trends, dynamic media platforms, and consumer behavior. Strong background in management of traditional and digital advertising, and a successful track record at both a prestigious advertising firm and a start-up company.

Rein Boyd

22 years old. Raised in Wisconsin but evolving in Minneapolis, Mn. Student at the University of Minnesota. I enjoy adventure, new experiences, and I try to treat everyday like a gift.

Rex Roberts

I’m Rex, I bring things to life. And I’m good at what I do. Graphic, Audio, Web Design, Voiceover, Strategy, Extensive non-profit experience. And I'm exceptionally good at recruiting help for a problem that needs it. Visit the website, reach out. Lets work together.

Rich Kelleman

An account planner with more than 17 years experience helping advertising agencies and companies navigate their brand, product and communication challenges.

Rich Miller

brand || strategy || ideas || creative guy who really just wants to do great work, make the world a better place, and have fun doing it.

Richard Yager

www.rsyager.carbonmade.com My present role as Marketing Manager has allowed me to wear several hats which have given me experience in online marketing, copywriting, design and SEO. My work related skills involve putting out fires, meeting impossible deadlines, and exceeding expectations. My non-work related skills include quoting Beatles lyrics, driving with my knee, and bowling a solid 135 on any given day.

Rita Johnson

Managing Director - Lombardo & Partners

Robbie Herzig

Brand Strategy & Account Planning Executive with 20 years experience with start ups and Fortune 500 companies, on both the agency and client side of the business, with expertise in CPG, High Tech, Telecom, B2B, and Hospitality/Tourism marketing. MBA from Kellogg and BA from the University of Michigan.

Robert K. Maxfield

** I don’t know about you, but I have found that it is far more effective to help others with their issues than it is to help me with me own. For that reason, and the obvious reasons of us living in an era of prolific social & video networking, I created RKM Development. ** RKM Development Specializes in creating Viral Video and Mobile Marketing Strategies, Business Development Networks, Sales, and Audio/Visual, Campaigns that Drive prospects and customers to buy your company’s products and services. ** My professional background lies in 30 years of motion picture production with radio, TV, and major Hollywood production companies. I’ve worked with over 22 Academy Award winning Actors, Producers, and Directors on some of Hollywood’s most notable productions. ** My Marketing and Sales background lies in working for two of the country’s most prestigious financial service providers, Edward Jones Investments and New York Life Insurance Co. ** And, my Business Development background includes 11 years of operating my own Video Production, Marketing and Sales company. ** RKM Development’s network of experts spans the gamut of services needed to design, implement, and manage world class video productions, printed collateral, websites, SEO systems, Social Networking campaigns, Advertising, Sound recordings, Motion Graphics, Google Analytics & Metrics, Research, and DVD & Blu-Ray Authoring. ** Our network creates world class Video content for Mobile Phones, Corporations, Organizations, Movies, Live Camera productions, Broadcasts, and the Internet. ** RKM’s network of experts rents, stages, and operates all audio and visual projection & recording systems for small, medium, and large scaled events at hotels, corporations, and convention centers. ** Feel free to Google me at Robert K. Maxfield, feel free to call me to have coffee or lunch, and definitely contact me at any of the following links. And when you contact me, let me know how I can help you! Robert K. Maxfield RKM Development www.robertkmaxfield.com rkmdevelopment@gmail.com

Ruby Chen

As a self-employed hand drawing designer for seven years, creativity has always been one of my advantages, especially in the wedding industry in Taiwan, where I held over 300 customized weddings. My experience as a wedding consultant brought me a more integrated sense of project management, client relationship management, and media production. Execution is just as critical for the events I’ve managed and for a firm in creative industry. Transforming imagination into a meaningful reality is another skill of mine at Denwell Wedding Company, where I was selected as Most Creative Wedding, and the reason many clients employed me even after I left the company, a testament to the strength of my word-of-mouth customer relationships. I have also designed brand logos, postcards, clothing and accessory merchandise, including a Taiwanese stylist for re-branding her business logo, business card, and social media marketing. I’ve gained solid marketing knowledge from University of Colorado at Denver, where I specialized in branding management, and particularly enjoyed market research and analysis. In a practical application, through an internship in Digital Communications at Denver Art Museum, I worked on market research into the e-mail marketing engagement, to interpret the satisfaction of their subscribers and presented insights and strategies to attract new segments of patrons through the future digital communications. Integrated marketing involving social media and e-mail has become one of the most important tools to increase profitable brand equity. Last but not least, as a native of Taiwan, the creative land, I have more capability in offering a diversity of cross-cultural ideas for any company.

Rustin Coburn

Own and operate DVLP Clothing. I have been blessed to have taken DVLP and our community on a wild ride for the last 6 years. It has been such an amazing and valuable learning experience and I feel blessed to be where I am. My goals now, are to be always learning new things, and continue building brands and business. My responsibilities and skills include; brand management, investor relations, product design and development, sales management, marketing, motivational speaker, financial forecasting, Team building, and leadership

Ryan Glisan

I am currently a professional musician as well as working in Marketing. I play for a band based out of Colorado who signed a record agreement with a large Indie label out of LA. Also perforoming Marketing and CRM services for my families business.

Ryan Moede

Director of Client Strategy at 14Four

Ryan Mullin

An artisan myself with three years of architecture training at Orange Coast College, I followed it with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design from Art Center College of Design, Pasadena. Prior to Orange Coast College, I attended CU Boulder. Recently snowboarding in Aspen; my love and adventures for the outdoor has brought me back to Colorado. My focus has been on art directing/ collaborating on photo-shoots, as well as packaging/ branding. While designing I take special notice of the tactile look in certain environments.

Sam Anemone

Marketing Consultant for Startup Technology Company

Sandi Ciz - Creative Strategist

Over 18 years of Marketing/Branding experience via agencies and my own clientele. "Creating great design is mere design. Creating great design on strategy – it what sets me apart." – Sandi Ciz

Sarah A. Adams

I am seeking a position in Marketing, Advertising, Sales, and/or Business Development in the Communications Industry. After reviewing my credentials, I hope you agree, my skills are qualified for an opportunity. As a full-scholarship athlete and graduate from the University of California at Berkeley with a major in Business and Mass Communications, I present solid academic credentials and competitive industry experience. I can offer you 5 years of experience marketing for large companies and niche brands, consulting for startup companies and small businesses, developing and implementing creative strategies, and establishing brand identity while engaging the target market. I am skilled in synthesizing market trends and formulating synergistic campaigns, successful in building and maintaining valuable relationships to enhance customer experience and increase ROI, and I am proficient with internet marketing, social media channels, search engine marketing, mobile advertising, email marketing, and content curation. As a dynamic team player and influential leader, I am confident that my strong business and creative marketing foundation will benefit your department, customers, and bottom line. I welcome the opportunity to speak with you.

Sarah Anderson

I'm a media-marketing professional who recently moved to Denver and is looking for a mid-level position within the marketing industry.

Sarah Brizendine

I am a recent graduate from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a B.S in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing. I am fascinated by the "people" aspect of marketing, consumer behavior, and how it can affect a company's marketing strategy. Additionally I am curious to learn more about branding and branding strategies. I am interested in learning about all types of marketing in many industries, but specifically my passion is international marketing. I love the challenge of figuring out how to enter new markets, which markets to enter, or how to adjust product offerings to fit different cultural values and needs. While first and foremost I strive to develop a solid marketing foundation to support me throughout my career, I look forward most to being able to work with a company with an international presence.

Sarah Ewalt

You will absolutely be impressed with the work I produce, the speed in which I do it, and the positive attitude I have along the way. Energetic and inventive creative, with degrees in graphic and industrial design and over twelve years of design experience, who thrives under pressure and loves collaborating with others.

Sarah Russell

Ambitious and versatile professional with a specialization in brand identity, campaigning, and event planning. Emphasis on creative environments, with strong communication skills and sensitivity to business needs.

Scott Chavkin

I'm a marketing mad scientist who has served a variety of senior marketing and communications roles. I have a proven track record in brand development and positioning, effective marketing communications, hands-on product development and launch, marketing campaign development, improving brand awareness and increasing sales. Specialties: Brand Positioning • Market Planning • Research & Analysis • Product Launch • Strategic Planning • Media Relations • Consumer Touchpoints • Marketing Communications • Channel Strategy • Customer Retention • Team Leadership & Motivation • Event Planning • Grassroots Marketing • Collateral Design • Key Account Relationship Management • Promotions • Trade Show Management • Crisis Communications

Scott Crane

Marketing and branding guy with long track record of success in music, events, partnerships and biz dev. Turning ADD into a business model for 20+years.

Scott Gales

Simply put, I'm an experienced jack-of-all-trades in sales, marketing, public relations, media buying and partnerships - familiar with brands and products both large and small. No job duty is above me or below me. Most importantly, nobody will outwork me! I bring a healthy, underdog-type of attitude and approach to everything I do. I have extensive experience (15+ years) in managing, marketing and selling a variety of properties, brands and products. From top venues (varying in size from 500 to 22,000+) and the array of events they host, to sold-out concerts, family shows, festivals and private events. That far-reaching experience has been further-enhanced by the ski/snowboard industry, the NBA, NHL, MLS and other professional and college sports teams. I've led and coordinated the execution of integrated marketing, advertising, fundraising, promotions, online efforts, special events, branding, public relations and sales initiatives for a variety of brands. I've managed unique staffs of full and part-time employees and set company records in my first season with my most recent employer!

Scott Luther

Digital Strategist with an MBA in CEM...That's Customer Experience Management, currently part of The Richards Group on several national brands ranging from healthcare to aerospace and video games.

Scott Reese

For 20 years Scott has been a creative thought leader and brand strategist working for some of the largest brands on the planet ranging from legendary rock acts, pharmaceutical products, consumer electronics, telecom and automotive. His career has taken him from New York to Paris, Washington DC, Chicago, South America, and Asia. Scott has held a variety of senior management positions (SVP/EVP) with global marketing and communications agencies including Publicis Groupe, Digitas and iXL/Scient/Razorfish. Scott led the development of many first to market web programs and new technology applications. He was the conceptual architect of the first in market, branded, consumer social media platform in healthcare. Scott served on the Global Envisioning Board for a publicly traded marketing organization and on the Marketing Innovations Board for a global pharmaceutical company. Over the course of his career, Scott has won over 50 industry awards and he has been a guest speaker at many industry events. Scott has written and has been the focus of numerous articles including MM&M, Pharmaceutical Executive, the Center for Business Intelligence, Health 2.0, AIGA Design Camp, Design Management Institute, Social Media Plus, Art Center College of Design and others. Scott lives in the mountains of Colorado but commutes to the East and West Coasts regularly. He is a professional ski coach, art collector, musician, former triathlete, Dad and husband. Specialties: Creative Management, Creative Direction, Digital Marketing, Brand Development and Management, Marketing and Communications, Digital Media Technology, Social Media, Advertising, Market Research, Design, Systems Architecture, Agency Executive, CRM, Data Analysis, Executive Management, Investing, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Financial Services.


Current senior at UCDenver's Digital Design program. Great interest in branding, positioning and creative direction.

Shane George

SPECIAL TODAY! Up to 300% off the "typical agency" attitude. Lean and Mean Workhorse is built to adapt to each design and branding project. Never pay for time not used for yours. Creative Expertise Talent that has created some of the most recognizable brands is ready and available. Flat-Fee Pricing "Change" you can believe in. We agree on a price, then focus on creative, not hours.

Shannon Caldwell

I am a marketing professional with over 12 years of experience.

Shawn Axelrod

Shawn Casey

Brand Maker. Agency & Big Brand Experience. Denver Lover. Sports Nut. Workhorse.

Sheryl Dawson - Creative Marketer

Creative marketer who thrives on developing fresh approaches to lead generation. Specializing in developing big-picture strategical plans, key messages, visual and written communications, and Internet marketing tactics. Includes social media, SEO, tracking, analyzing, and modifying.

Sid Benvick

Sid Benvick main focus is web design and internet marketing, Sid enjoys watching business find their niche in the internet market and growing with it. Most business have the potential to become successful they just need to find the place to grow, just like a seed needs certain elements so does a business. If a business is not in the right elements it will just struggle to eventually die, that’s why internet marketing starts before the website is built. The website must be in the right elements to make it.

Silver Spur Marketing

Silver Spur Marketing is a working trust of talented creative, like-minded folks who are passionate about merging people, ideas, products and brands.

Spin Creative Studio

Why Spin? It's our favorite motion. Spin is all about revolutionary. Turn it around; look at it from all sides. Push it farther than you ever thought possible. We've got momentum and we won't stop.


Sprout Strategy is a brand growth boutique dedicated to brands that make a difference by providing or promoting health, wellness or sustainable solutions to the world. By adding "Human Sense" to every engagement -- a deep and methodical understanding of the passions and perceptions of the people (a.k.a. customers) who decide whether your brand just survives -- or thrives, we're able to cultivate relevant and motivating business, brand, marketing, and communication strategies that help people live their best possible lives. Our sister company, gem, is a qualitative research recruiting service that is redefining the research recruit. gem goes out into the world, not into a database, to find real honest people who can actually contribute to your research process. Our exclusive partnership with Emergenetics allows us to deeply understand the thinking and behavioral preferences of each recruit, as well as the group at large, before your research methodologies are ever executed, adding an additional level of insight unlike any other recruiting process.

Stephen Riggins

Problem solver & story teller.

Steve Klinetobe

Entrepreneurial Creative Director/Strategist who is so handsome some clients ask for him not to attend meetings.

Steve Strecker

Colorado native - the rarest breed! I love fresh air, sunshine and working for a cool brand. If I'm not at work you'll find me outside enjoying everything Colorado has to offer.

Tanner Fritz

I'm an innovation and design enthusiast. I've been fortunate to have been immersed in a variety of marketing disciplines including in-store media, retail/shopper marketing, print/online/mobile advertising, digital/new media, innovation/new product development, and product marketing. My professional experience has included working with clients such as Microsoft, Qdoba, Burger King, and Hilton among others. Recently, I've been integral in launching a small business unit, digital signage platforms, social media platforms, music delivery concepts and an agency. I've led strategic efforts at Muzak (www.muzak.com), Fern Templeton (local Charlotte innovative consulting group, www.ferntempleton.com) and in the mobile world at Neomedia (a mobile company with a focus on the bar code industry, www.neom.com). For fun I dabble in photography, play basketball and run around with my new puppy, Finley.

Taylor Cunningham

Senior Marketing major thirsty to prove his salt in the advertising world. Trained up as an Egg strategist and ready to roll.

Taylor Lynn Harrell

2013 MBA Candidate University of Colorado Leeds School of Business

Taylor Thomas

Highly confident, creative, and accomplished marketing specialist with a combined 5 years experience in music, art, and entertainment. Skilled in creating marketing strategies rooted in the overall business plan, and not the other way around. I’m a team player who is never afraid to take on a challenge or spearhead a project on my own. I am a successful multitasker who will never lose sight of the overall goal. EDUCATION St. Edward’s University Bachelor of Arts in Political Science — 2005 - 2010 Austin Community College Commercial Music Management — 2005 - 2011

Tena Olson

Brand, Advertising and Marketing consultant with over 20 years experience working with brands like Microsoft, Universal, Taco Bell, Pepsico, Epson, Universal, Subaru, Kaiser Permanente. Specialize in brand strategy, providing targeted consumer insights, research and analysis, marketing and advertising recommendations.

Terese Sundseth

Self-motivated, detail-oriented individual ready to apply administrative and managerial experience in a progressive environment while leveraging flexibility, high energy and can-do attitude with strong communication skills, technical expertise, and solution-oriented approaches.

Terry Morris

I think advertising is a lot like music, and if you can find the right riffs you've got a pretty good shot at making grown men act like 14-year old girls. Hit those same riffs in the wrong sequence, and you’ll end up with an angry mob of drunken sailors tossing empty beer bottles at you. Now don’t get me wrong, I fully realize that I have much to learn, and I don’t mean to sound as if I’ve got it all figured out. What I do know is that if you're looking for a quirky dreamer with a true passion for advertising and impeccable taste in music, I'm definitely looking for a place to call home.

The GRO Project

Denver Premium Brand Clothing In 2009 The GRO Project seed was planted. Our goal was simple, to build a foundation that cultivates artist growth. We joined together from all walks of life with the same idea that creativity can connect the seemingly unconnected. Today. We continue to create our art through unlimited dedication with the message of progress.

The JTA Group

The JTA Group is a multidisciplinary creative agency and consultancy with focused specializations in | :: Creative Talent + Artists Development :: Professional Artists Management :: Professional Actors Management :: Professional Model Management :: Personal Branding Strategy :: Guerrilla Marketing + Advertising :: Global Marketing + Advertising Strategy :: Multi-cultural Marketing + Advertising Strategy :: Diversity Management + Competency Strategy :: Professional Talent Casting Services :: Fashion Design + Creative Direction Strategy :: Fashion Brand Marketing + Advertising Strategy :: Event Productions Strategy, Consulting + Management :: Fashion Runway Show Production: Design + Management FOUNDER + EXECUTIVE CREATIVE DIRECTOR | :: Justice Kwesi Kwarteng, BFA, MFA CONTACT | :: Email | justice@thejtagroup.com

The Seach Monitor

The Search Monitor is a vendor of saas software that crawls all search engines 24x7 to monitor your brand and trademarks across the web. Our tool can automatically alert you to buzz on social sites or misuse of your copy or trademarks by affiliates and competitors. Ultimately, our service ensures that the work you put into your websites and effort you put into driving traffic will not be squandered by shady weirdos.

Tiffany Bachman

Tiffany Handshoe Bachman has been designing and implementing brand strategies and integrated communication materials for over 15 years. From small businesses to corporations, from property development to pharmaceutical, she has experience with a vast array of clients within many industries. This eclectic portfolio of work keeps ideas fresh and brings a breadth of new knowledge and creativity to every project. Her current goal is to use this experience in a way that not only helps businesses and organizations thrive, but may also contribute to the betterment of small communities, healthy living and preservation of the environment.

Toast & Jam

Toast & Jam a firm that specializes in brand activation and event production and many of our most recent projects have been collaborations all over the country with other creative agencies on ways to incorporate some of the more cutting edge marketing techniques into campaigns for their clients. For example we have been handling some of the bigger product launch events for google and youtube over the past two years and we would love to show you how we do this. Our approach to brand activation is to develop campaigns around event based experiences and then leverage the big idea and the event itself to create a wealth of measurable content and interactions to engage customers and populate social media channels BEFORE DURING and AFTER these events. And working with agencies allows these events to be supported with a wealth of collateral, advertising, interactive elements, etc. creating a lot of very meaningful touchpoints and interactions that can be blogged about retweeted, viewed on youtube, or even used as the primary advertising campaign! We create experiences that bring the emotional connection between the brand and its demographic! lets start with a conversation! justin@toast-jam.com 303-916-4999

Todd Lilienthal

Digital Strategy, UI Leadership, Project Management, Resourcing.

Tori E. Hyman

I specialize in strategic editorial alignment for brand sponsorships across the Yahoo! network and our partner sites. I deliver highly engaging custom content that connects our clients to their core consumers through search, social media, and custom advertising units. I am an essential bridge between our sales team and our clients.


Design Specialist: Using inventive thinking, innovative technology and good old creativity, I will meet your design needs. I work with you and/or your team to customize your projects into eye-catching concepts that make an impact. A versatile and reliable contractor, I easily complement in-house design teams, manage complex and stand-alone projects, and will rescue you when urgency demands. Design Services Include: Identity, Brand, Marketing, Collateral, Advertising, Signage, Packaging, Exhibit design, Events & Tradeshows, Promotions, Web design, In-house or telecommute-based contractor

Tracy Schrauben

Starting my career in marketing communications at a financial services organization, I returned to business school to develop my analytical skills and strategic thinking capabilities. The program has afforded me several opportunities to take on leadership roles, make a difference, and shape the MBA Program. Last summer I spent 11 weeks at Johnson & Johnson as an MBA Marketing Summer Associate on the Clean & Clear brand, providing recommendations on three key business problems, to be implemented during 2014. The noted experiences have sculpted the skill I will bring to your organization: ● Creativity and consumer insights: experienced leading both internal and external focus group to understand how a brand is perceived, exploring and developing a revised vision for the brand and generating a roadmap to reach that final objective. ● Lead cross-functional teams and project management: cross-functional collaboration was critical during my summer at Johnson & Johnson. In order for my recommendation to be successful, I needed all functions of the business to be aligned with the strategy and tactics I presented to senior management. ● Develop and maintain business relationships through effective communication: understanding an audience has been key to delivering a strategy for internal brand roll out at a small firm, to category expansion for a major brand in North America. I have experience developing and presenting a story and thinking on my feet to answer any questions generated.

TRANSUM Strategic Business Solutions

Founded in the mid-1990s, Transum specializes in the strategic and creative disciplines essential to developing, fortifying and improving brand identities and brand messaging. Most widely recognized nationally for the dozens and dozens of successful brand name and nomenclature projects it has developed from coast-to-coast as well as internationally, Transum's areas of expertise include but are not limited to: Strategic Brand Planning & Development - Brand Positioning & Repositioning - Name & Nomenclature Development - Branding Architecture & Standards - Brand Evaluation - Creative Development & Copywriting. Transum clients represent nearly every business and industrial sector, as well as extensive work in the not-for-profit realm.

Travis Rice

Digital Marketer

Trevor Campbell

I am a humorous, outgoing, marketing professional that loves to create authentic projects. I will not stop until the client, event, or promotion I am currently on is successfully completed. I have a passion for extreme sports, and am constantly trying to push the boundaries. I am extremely adaptive, and have an enormous amount of experience within marketing and sales roles. My successes with Red Bull and Kraft-Nabisco gives me a particular value within the marketing/sales business world. I am eager to showcase my talents and creative ideas.

Tyler Knapp Lane

A highly capable, career driven individual interested in pursuing a career in the marketing and communications industry. Recognized for exceptional communication and organizational skills. Proven ability to exceed customer expectations when working on tasks. Solid background and experience across a variety of marketing disciplines, including: Brand Marketing, Graphic Design, Project Management, Public Relations, Social Media, and Networking.

Up and Up Creative

We are a small, Denver-based agency, passionate about using our talents and energy to help the greater good. We specialize in helping nonprofit organizations tell their story and further their reach through top–quality design and branding.

Ursula Webhofer

You own a start-up company and don't have the time or know-how to get your marketing organized? Consistent branding, packaging development, website creation and social media presence? Email me! I have 13+ experience as a marketing professional/brand manager in the CPG world, especially in the food industry. I can help!

Valerie Baum

Recent MBA graduate from the University of Denver - Daniels College of Business with a concentration in marketing. Work Expertise -Marketing Communications: Social Media, Copy Editing, Event Management, Press Releases -Marketing Concepts: Customer Experience Management, Consumer Segmenting, Brand Positioning, Market Research, Competitor & Market Analysis Technical Expertise -Adobe: Illustrator, InDesign, PhotoShop [See Example Using All 3]; Dreamweaver -Microsoft: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, SharePoint -Macintosh OS: iPhoto, iDVD, iMovie -WordPress -Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Flickr

Vanessa Schneider

StandUp Branding + Design is a full service creative agency specializing in brand identity. We have the vision to take your brand to new heights. Whether you’re starting a new business or your brand needs a facelift, StandUp has the wit and the creative courage to go above and beyond. In other words, we have the eyeballs to go out on a limb and create a brand as unique as you are.

wet paint creative group

Full-service marketing, branding and business development agency--specializing in disruptive story-telling and brand building.

William Roth

Right now, I am moving fast and not looking back. By day I am the Social Media Coordinator at the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS). At night, I take runs and listen to electronic music where I come up with crazy ideas to blog about related to social and new media, technology, art, and design.


Looking to come home to the Rockies after an amazing decade in Chicago.

Wynter Johnson

An enthusiastic marketing and communications professional who loves building, exploring and refining brands. Experience with small businesses, national corporations and nonprofit organizations. Skill set includes - social media, branding, communications, Illustrator, InDesign, Joomla, Wordpress, budgets, media buys, digital media, public relations and all things marketing and branding.

Yuong Phu

Graphic designer with a solid illustration background. Awesome with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign. I have a passion for branding/identity solutions, photography, and layout design. I'm very comfortable on both PC & Mac, and work well with people =)

Zack Svoboda

I'm a young marketing professional looking for the right opportunity to engage in strategy and brand building. Creating emotionally resonant connections between consumers and brands is what I aspire to build my career upon. I consider myself an especially valuable asset to small offices: I have a level of analytical, technical, strategic, and creative proficiency that helps cover the gaps when resources are limited.
Rocket Fuel