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Art Direction

Egotist member

Aaron Adams

Experienced web pro with years of graphic design, web design, and social media expertise!

Aaron Ehrhardt

I am an ambitious creative with extensive experience in multimedia, social media branding, management, marketing, web and print design. My “healthy” obsession for perfection is satisfied with the consistent production of high quality work which is born from self motivation, my ability to work well in collaborative environments, and my eye for current design trends. I look forward to contributing my skill set and ability to work as a team player to drive new ideas and help to propel your business forward…. You can see my online portfolio @ www.justadlime.com

Aaron T Duran

Hello, My name is Aaron Duran and I am an ambitious mid-level creative professional. I have over 7 years experience working in digital design and layout as well as experience in various media ranging from charcoal drawing to digital art and design. However impressive that may seem it is greatly overshadowed by the fact that the Visual Arts have been my passion since I was only three years of age. Though the spectrum of my work was mostly stick figure at that time I must say that I learned a great deal about simplicity in communicating visual messages clearly and concisely. To add to that I have hands on experience with many other forms of the arts including but not limited to, music, poetry, video and photography (with expert knowledge and experience in each field). All of my qualifications aside, I believe that the most beneficial aspect of what I have to offer the design world is a unique look at different concepts and Ideas. That being said I believe that my exposure to multiple forms of expression and media has given me the tools that I need to successfully produce visually stimulating and compelling designs from the ground-up. Afterall, as an artist, I am looking to challenge myself and the rest of the artistic community to be something more than just cliché, or kitsch. I am a firm believer that as a designer I have the responsibility to not only create captivating images, but I also to create things that are unique, original and brand specific. Taking all of that into consideration, I do believe that my hard-work ethic, my devotion to the arts, and my lifelong desire to keep creating are the characteristics that most set me apart from other designers. Afterall, I believe that anyone can add text to an image and call it a day, but it takes true talent and desire to be the best designer that one can be. I thank you for your time and consideration and assure you that you are making a great decision, if you choose to move forward with me as your designer. Sincerely, Aaron T. Duran

Abby R.

My passion is creating powerful and dynamic marketing videos, graphics and copywriting. I combine my high-tech video/graphic experience with a gift for exceptional marketing strategies for client needs – resulting in unique business marketing campaigns. How did I get here? Over 6 years of industry experience with various companies and freelance projects. Also, a degree from UW-Stout in Graphic Communications Management with an minor in Business Administration and emphasis in Marketing & Video Production. I'm a driven, excited, creative, hard working and reliable individual...always looking for the next great opportunity. Specialties: Video editing, Adobe Premiere, After Effects, writing and editing scripts, video production, video post production, sound editing, problem solving, copywriting, pre-press, digital print, multi-tasking, production artist, offset printing, color management, graphic design, marketing, teamwork, creative thinking, management skills, Adobe Creative Suites, Final Cut Pro, self-driven, written and oral communication, catalogs, color correction & variable data.

Abstract Symmetry Design Studio

ABSTRACT SYMMETRY is a multi-disciplinary studio whose projects include web, print, identity + branding. The following is a selection of work that displays my range of art direction, design and web development. I have over 10 years of agency, client-side and freelance experience. I have worked with various clients across multiple communication channels demonstrating results-based success.

Adam Allen

Adam Allen has initiated industry research for further understanding of client’s brand, product and customers. He has ensured the quality and craft of assigned projects before public release. He has a mastery of visual executions for all forms of media: print, package, apparel and web. Over his career Adam has collaborated with photographers and copywriters to execute creative concepts for a variety of companies: beauty, financial, mobile technology, fashion and event promotion. He completes packaging projects from concept to market with his expertise in offset, flexographic, and screen printing techniques.

Adam Kendall

I like creativity, brainstorms, good ideas, over thinking, problem solving, when my team wins, snow, and good design. I don't like salads, when people use "idk," mean people, mainstream music, and being bored. And I love Emma Stone.

Adam Lichty

As an art director, I am involved in every step of a project. From conception to the finished product, I oversee the visual components of advertisements, social media, editorial pieces and promotional materials. Excellent creative work requires control over the details. I plan extensively beforehand with a multi-faceted approach to storyboarding, from the overarching concept down to a detailed set of shot lists, so time on set is maximized. This is imperative to increase productivity and ultimately reduce cost, but also sets us up to have the freedom to seize the inspiration that inevitably comes forth during the production. I collaborate with everyone so when shooting starts, they can focus more on capitalizing on that inspiration than working out any kinks. Anyone can handle the details, but knowing that the details exist to aid creative inspiration is what results in a client’s optimum satisfaction. The business side is as important to art direction as the creative and I work with a range of budgets to produce quality tailored results each time. I’ve also produced shoots in connection with brand liaisons for co-op advertising, another way to reduce costs at the benefit of the client and brand relationships. I also invite communication up to the level of coders, whom with we communicate a stronger sense of digital infusion into the work, like having rich data sets associated with images, empowering them to generate automated accurately targeted advertising. Collaborating with graphic designers and coders who can utilize the creative work to establish effective marketing campaigns is key to adding extra value to productions and the success of the client. @MrJadaml

Adam Nelson

Art Director

Adam Obendorf

Peak bagger, river rat, powder junkie, designer. Currently an art director at Faction Media. Represent E.Colfax.

Adelina Green

Because I believe that progress is required, I like to push the envelope by creating elegant, clean, usable design for print, web and other digital sources. My obsession with perfection and attention to details is haunting me in everything I create. Building from the foundations of art, design and coding, I like push the boundaries through beautiful typography, good color choice, interesting layouts and great solutions. I have been called an over-achiever, but the knowledge and desire is unstoppable. I’m currently in Seattle, Washington and willing to relocate to Colorado in the near future.

Adriana Tamayo

I have graduated from RISD with a Certificate in Advertising Design and previously a bachelors in Psychology majoring in consumer behavior. I have frequently done free lance projects for advertising agencies while I was studying, ranging from market research to advertising design projects. The combination of working while studying has given me the theoretical and practical knowledge of the marketing and advertising domain. After school I worked in NYC for a year gaining further experience in my field giving me 2 years work experience total. I currently visit several online design magazines and forums, to help keep me in touch with the latest developments in the industry and allow me to interact with other marketing and advertising professionals. I love to get involved in my work and usually go beyond what is required. I am confident that I can make a substantial contribution to your company. I work well under pressure, am reliable and carry out tasks in a thorough, precise manner. I am a fast learner and meet challenges head-on finding ways to effectively complete multiple projects -as my referees will vouch for. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss my application further. Sincerely, Adriana Tamayo

Agnieszka Puchala

Originally from Poland, now I am a Orange County based, experienced designer who delivers visuals and branding strategies for web, as well as print. I've worked for high-end corporate clients, small start-ups and everything in between. • Logos/Brand identity • Press Materials • Website design, on-line banners and email blasts • Print ads, pubs • Signage (including billboards and outdoor) • Corporate collateral • Photographic art direction As an interdisciplinary one-stop shop, merging high-end design sensibility with technical expertise in various related media and platforms, I'm a flexible, perfect fit for your business or project. Available on a per-project, freelance basis.

Agustina de la Plaza

Based in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, Freelo specializes in print and packaging design, and in thinking outside the box! With 10 years of experience in the field, and a lot of passion and understanding of it, we can handle any kind of project you bring to our table. Let's make dreams and ideas come true!

Alan Hesker

Currently, I serve as the Design Studio Manager for National Jewish Health. I am an award-winning Creative Director and Designer and an expert at creating and implementing corporate brand initiatives. I specialize in corporate identity and branding, campaign development, retail environments, environmental design, annual reports, corporate and consumer collateral, promotions, packaging, special events, magazines, catalogs, advertising and online design. For my resume and additional work samples, please contact me at alanbarryhesker@gmail.com, or call me at 720 209 8150.


To learn more about me and see my work, please visit my website.

Alexander Diner

I’m a thinker, maker and builder with focus in the areas of art direction and user experience design. I love to work with good people and build awesome things.

Alexandra Sobiecki


Allison Jackson

A highly adaptable designer with in-house design experience in both the outdoor and publishing industries, I'm currently looking for full time work and excited to relocate to the Denver/Boulder area. With 8 years of experience as a designer, most of my experience has come from smaller teams where I've often sketched initial concepts for projects that I also later press-checked. I manage projects, advise interns, and mentor junior designers. In college, I studied magazine journalism as well as design and today, my passion still lies in holistic communication for niche audiences. Teams energize my work, boundaries give clarity, and I never mistake en-dashes for em-dashes. I have the vision of an art director but the detail of a production designer. My Strengthsfinder Profile: Adaptability, Individualization, Ideation, Strategic, Maximizer.


As a young designer, I am always looking for new creative challenges. Driven and imaginative, I am constantly striving to better myself by learning new skills, ideas, and techniques to solve problems. I love what I do and thrive in the challenges being a designer presents. I aim to be the best, do the best, and inspire others to reach their potential through simple, interesting, and well-planned design.

Alyx Chapman

In the Spring of 2013, I will graduate with a major in Digital Design from the College of Architecture and Planning with a minor in Technology, Art, and Media at the University of Colorado. All summed up, I am going to be a well rounded within the field of digital art. I love graphic design. A few years ago, my major was actually Architecture. I took one class on digital media and knew that I needed to pursue that path. I've always had an eye for geometries and space. I use those abilities in my all my designs from architectural to vector.


I am a recent Boulderite with a love of all things art. I am an art director in a love affair with graphic design. I am passionate about great packaging and setting the tone for a brand. I believe information can be artful and art can be informational. My desire is to turn advertising into a welcomed form of artistic expression that combines brand truths with high design.

Amanda Ringel

Art Director at Amelie Company

Amanda Villalobos

Give it all you got, good is never enough, let’s make it better, hurry up and solve, kind of gal seeks big hearty budgets to manage, hairy problems to solve, and inspirational people to collaborate with. Thinks macro, plays fair, gets her hands dirty, and still feels an adrenaline rush when she’s up to present her ideas. Likes Helvetica, but prefers hand drawn type, abhors structure but likes Haiku, and knows how to be organized to get it done. Loves singing with the mariachi, painting with filbert brushes, cooking with saffron, and run on sentences that end in 4-letter prepositions. Has collaborated on killer projects with amazing people, which she now calls friends and insists on feeding them home-cooking because her mama taught her well. Loves a challenge, doesn’t comprehend why people get bored, and will always take one for the team. So now that you know where to find her, please, touch base so that you and she can make beautiful design together, solve big beefy communication problems (on time and within budget of course), and bring ideas to life.

Amy Kaffka

I was always told growing up, if you don't do it, someone else will. I came into the design industry knowing very little. All I knew was that I was passionate about it, and that with time and dedication, I would get there. So I put my head down, observed and listened with intent, taught myself what I didn't know, and here I am! An art director. I am able to design a magazine from start to finish, build an iPad app, create a business flyer, redesign a company's branding, and create a website - just to name a few. I multi-task like its second nature, stay organized like nobody's business, and always try to give more than is expected of me. I've never let what I don't know hold me back. I know that if I decide to not learn it, not try, and not push myself, then someone else will.

Amy Miller

I am a graduate the Art Institute of Colorado studying Design Management with a major in Photography and minor in Graphic Design. I was born and raised in Mound, MN. I moved out to Colorado for an adventure and fell in love. I enjoy skiing, tennis, golf, hiking, bike rides and photography.

Amy Taylor

Creative Director • Art Director • Graphic Designer • Project Manager • Team Lead With oodles of passion for marketing, branding and design, I'm a talented and experienced creative professional who: • strives for brand consistency • transforms marketing objectives into effective creative strategies • develops teams that produce on-time, on-budget, brand-accurate creative that works • speaks the languages of marketing and creative

Andres Garcia

I love building brands. And I have a passion for directing all aspects of creative through and through. Jack of all trades doesn't quite say it. With skills in every aspect of media production, I do a lot and I do it because I truly love it. My extensive time working and learning in media and marketing fields have given me a keen eye for editorial style and the many volunteer projects I've committed to have given me proven experience in leadership that can be counted on. I have a passion for brand identity design and love putting it to use as an Art Director. I believe it gives me the liberty to look at the big picture, but the perspective to be as nitpicky as possible for creating programs that just "fit".

Andrew Geppelt

more to come…

Andrew Krzysiak

Creative Director, Pivot Communication – A member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts, Andrew is a visual problem solver who has been leading creative teams in the design of cohesive print, online and mobile media campaigns since 2005. He specializes in taking complex messages and boiling it down to a universally understood design, and has an advanced understanding and command over a variety of professional design programs, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. As a back-country guide for over 10 years, Andrew’s experience outdoors has spawned enough stories to fill countless evenings around the fire pit. He enjoys collaboration, wandering in the mountains and the color blue.

Andrew McGuire

Creative gun for hire able to do that whole under-promise and over-deliver thing that everyone seems to like. Creative/art direction, content strategy and production chops in social/web/mobile/broadcast. Able to jump in and add value at any point of the process from initial strategy to conceptual development to full-service production. Recently with Denver's Impossible (www.impossible.tv) as CD branding TV networks and previous at Saatchi & Saatchi's Team One leading integrated advertising and brand campaigns for Lexus, Ritz-Carlton, and Belkin.

Andrew Snider

I have 25 years experience in art direction / graphic design for the publishing, merchandising, marketing and advertising industries. The diversity of the work I've done is a reflection of my flexibility and commitment to produce results that meet and exceed the intended goals. My skills include, but are not limited to, concept development, design, art direction, assigning and directing photographers and illustrators, as well as executing illustration of my own. Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, pen and paper are my daily tools. The most important goal I have at this point in my career is to create work that helps people understand their world better in an honest way. Making a positive difference is as important as the bottom line for me. I will entertain any opportunity to contribute in this capacity as an Art + Creative Director or Graphic Designer with people who still believe that ideas can change the way we look and live in our world.

Andrew Thompson

My name is Andrew Thompson. I’m a self motivated guy. My passion is creating things. I like working with people, especially people who are smarter than I am. I enjoy learning new things and testing myself. I am addicted to my senses which explains my love of good art, good food and good sights. My passions are directed carefully and expressed with abandon.

Andria Marshall

Resident smarty pants and wrangler. when Andria isn’t cranking out very satisfying creative she is amassing brilliant teams and juggling jobs like any accomplished busker

Andy Burdin

I am an interactive designer with a penchant for creating groundbreaking digital experiences grounded in strategy, storytelling & craft. I've had the pleasure of working on campaigns large & small, including theatrical and television campaigns for Prometheus, The Hobbit, Ender's Game and brand work for Dodge, Capital One and more.

Andy Jepkes

I'm totally addicted to design! I can't help it. All I think about is what I'm going to create next. It might be a motion piece, or I might build something with sensors so that people can interact with it. I'm currently seeking work so maybe you have some ideas for me. Take a look at my brand new portfolio and shoot me a line if you're interested in working on something together.

Andy Mason

When you boil it down, I like things with strong colors, good type, and things that you wouldn't mind looking at everyday. Coming up with great ideas and great solutions is one of the most enjoyable and exciting experiences.

ann marie auricchio

Production Design, Art Direction, Scenic Arts for all Film, Video, and Theatrical Productions.

Anna Faye Hunter

I'm young and hungry.

Annelisa Armenta

looking for Art Director Internship or Junior Art Director position. I have a Bachelors of Arts-Advertising and went to Chicago Portfolio School. Ready to get into the advertising world! Will you be the one who gives me a chance? :)

anthony castellano

Senior level AD/ACD. Available for freelance or full-time work. Passionate, easy to get along with and a brand new dog owner.

Anthony Cozzolino

I'm a healthy, motivated 31-year-old. Love the outdoors, illustration, and open mics. I value relationships, family, energy, human potential, and intelligent communication.

Anya McManis

Innovative, focused marketing and advertising professional with excellent design skills and a track record in all aspects of the creative process from initial concept to production. Experience in managing agency resources and developing strong relationships with clients, employees and vendors. Ability to deliver projects with great accuracy and within budget requirements. Excellent communicator and team player with a hands-on approach to visual problem solving.

Ariella Jasmin

Talk to me!

Art Director / Designer / Education

A highly trained Art Director, Graphic Designer and Educator with 10+ years of experience. Proven abilities in managing talent, leadership, creative problem solving, managing daily operations and creating effective design. Effective in meeting my deadlines to always produce an outstanding result with any design style or need.

Arthur Marquez

I take pride in creating brands. With over 10 years experience in creative design and product development, i have learned what works and what doesn't work when designing brands and products to make them successful in the retail environment. I am a highly skilled multimedia designer but I also love to work with a team to throw ideas off each other . I like to guide all the right players doing what they do best. It creates amazing results.

Ashley Meyer

Hello There! I'm Ashley, a visual communicator that loves to splash beauty throughout my little corner of the world. My specialties include brand and logo development, print design and editorial layout. I also design stationary sets, invitation suites, event collateral, and dabble in prop styling. Calling Denver home, when I'm not at work I can be found thrifting, brunching or making pretty things for my etsy shop. Thanks for stopping by!

Ashlynn Dawes Haynes

An imaginative creative out of Denver, Colorado. I am fueled by great typography, interior design blogs, and the constant flow of NPR & coffee. I absolutely love colour, letter press, smart logos, beautiful kitsch, progressive environmental solutions and any design that makes me laugh out loud. I want to see the whole wide world designed.

Aubrey Wullschleger

Graduate from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a Bachelor of Journalism, concentration in creative advertising and emphasis in economics. I want to change the world by making work that moves people, even if that means inspiring only one person.

austin Lane

husband. surfer. dog lover. traveler. artist

Bari S Wiens

Highly self-motivated, professional graphic designer of 15 years who has an extensive background in branding, print and environmental retail design. Strong work ethic and ability to follow through with projects from concept to final product. My commitment lies in concept driven design that emphasizes intent & effect. I do very well in collaborative environments where ideas can be pooled and then grown collectively. I also work well independently, welcoming direction as an opportunity to improve my craft. With experience in both small studios and corporate creative departments, I understand the limitations and assets of each environment and how to work effectively in either situation.

Ben Ogren

I'm a Product Designer, Art Director, UX/UI Designer

Benjamin Bowes

Breed is the synthesis of marketing and design. We’ve taken the best of both worlds and combined them into one company capable of anything. We’re big picture preachers, analytics addicts, search savants, design debutants, and code commandos who will stop at nothing to get the job done right. We have a passion for passion, we believe that inspiration is infectious, and we love what we do. Working with non-profits, small businesses and start-ups is what we love but we don’t discriminate against big businesses either. With all of our clients we strive to create trusting long-term relationships because your continued success is also our success.

Bill Casadei

Marketing design for businesses of all sizes. Providing a wide range of design styles for all types of business, from small retail shops to corporations.

Billy Abbott


Blue Fruit

Blue Fruit is a design and motion graphics studio specializing in homemade, precision-engineered, lovingly handcrafted content for interactive and broadcast media.

Brad Dechter

Integrated Art Director

Brad Stephens

By day I'm an art director, creative director, illustrator, designer and retoucher. By night I'm the same thing. I’ve created and managed campaigns for brands large and small. I've got more ideas than time, enjoy humor and tasty beer.

Brandon Wheatley

I've been working in the design world with a mix of motion, web and print.

Brendan Finlayson

I am an Art Director with ten plus years of experience, I love to work hard, have fun and go for long walks on the beach.

Brennah Rosenthal

Denver area Designer and Photographer

Brian Barnum

I am an Art Director/Designer. I do print, interactive, broadcast, design and even writing. I live in Minneapolis but I would like to live in Denver. I am tragically nice. I'd also love to live in Denver where people might be more tolerant of my extreme midwestern lifestyle.

Brian Gerbetz

12+ years of experience transforming business objectives & strategies into creative marketing concepts for developing brands. 847.404.9463

Brian Leonard

Creative Directory for Symplified in Boulder, CO. Currently in the trenches building the Symplified brand. We're really kicking ass... prepare for lift-off.

Brian Son

By utilizing multiple medias and combining them within a digital canvas, gorgeous textures and imagery can be achieved. Balanced within text and objective, the piece becomes a means to communicate a product or idea.

Brian Suter

I'm an art director & designer who pretends to be a copywriter.

Brian Wilson

An experienced individual with 13 years of professional Creative Direction, Motion and Graphic Design know-how with an advanced background in Audio Engineering and Production. Through the experiences of MANY ad campaigns, a unique skill has been achieved. A keen understanding and practical approach to connecting, creating AND delivering Digital Creative Media. Client-facing and presentation delivery are specialties, but are second-to-none regarding the responsibilities of deliverables going live and producing results that agencies AND clients can appreciate. Please visit my website for examples of my work: www.misterwilson.com

Bridget Ehmann

Creative Lead with over eight year digital art direction experience.

Bruck Tewahade

Results orientated Freelance Designer with 10 years of diverse marketing experience. Strong background in advertising production, catalog design, content and creative management, ad planning and direct mail. Exceptional project management skills and efficient execution of marketing campaigns within allocated budget requirements. Adaptable to fast paced, changing environments and deadlines.

Bryan Cavanagh

I'm currently working as an independent creative contractor in Denver, Colorado.

Bryan Giese

Creative designer working in Denver.

Bryant Fernandez

Bryant is senior level art director, experienced in creating integrated campaigns for national and international brands, including: Budweiser Select, Energizer, Sony, Epson, Neutrogena, Giorgio Beverly Hills, Domino’s Pizza, Quaker State, Kahlua Liqueur, Vans shoes, The Walt Disney Company and most recently Procter and Gamble and Kellogg's. Adept in a broad range of mediums, Bryant has vast experience in Broadcast, Print, Outdoor, Interactive, Direct Response, Direct Marketing, Direct Mail, Editorial Print, Guerrilla marketing. Contact: heybryant@yahoo.com, or 720.625.0340

C. Mores

Ten years + in agencies around the midwest creating print communications and strategy.

Caitlin McNeill

Art director, graphic designer, copy writer when the mood strikes.

Cameron Bridges

I have over 25 years of art direction and creative direction experience ranging from television to print to web design. I started at Karsh & Hagan then worked for McClain Finlon then back to Karsh. I started CCT Advertising in 2003 and was the creative director there until 2011 until I went out on my own. I believe great communications start with great insights. I base my thinking on what the end user needs and formulate creative ideas that motivate and inspire. At least that's my goal.

Camille Lacey

I am a young professional entering the fields of art and design. Currently I am working on a Master's Degree in Graphic Design. My ideal career would be to manage an art gallery. I also create paintings which are available for purchase.

Carl DeCaire

Let's talk about me. I've been designing (award winning in some cases) interactive websites for nearly nine years. In that time, I've taken part in pretty much every aspect from strategy, architecture, design and development of many small and large projects. My experience and knowledge is what one would expect from that but definitely not limited to it. I find inspiration and experience from everyday interactions to going out with friends on a weekend. I am not a person who lives to work but being creative doesn't turn off at 5:30pm like a switch. When I'm not sitting in front of my computer, you'll find me enjoying the company of friends or doing any number of things that are outdoors from sand volleyball and riding bikes (road and mountain) in the summer time to snowboarding in the winter time. I love playing video games and harassing my cats when they are sleeping just to remind them who's boss. I'm currently living in Columbus Ohio, but I have dreams of living next to the mountains. The scenery and outdoor activities are something that Columbus simply doesn't offer.

Carol Montoto

Creative Director | Art Director


I am an art director currently working at Ibotta in Denver.

Cesare Perrino

I am an experienced Art Director/Graphic Designer for print and web, known for providing distinctive vision and innovation while serving the overall objectives of the project, brand, or publication. Excel from start to finish, taking direction well and also able to execute independently, setting benchmarks and meeting deadlines. I am a very dedicated and personable person.

Chase Middaugh

Print designer/brand strategist/coordinator in Denver, CO


I'm Chee, I'm a creative working in the marketing/advertising industry in London.

Chelsea Hope Dutton

On the lookout for an entry-level position utilizing my skills in photography, design and creative direction.



Chip Cole

I'm in this field for the Folger's moment. As we watch the son coming home from college and we get to share in the excitement as the parents are awakened to the aroma of coffee, knowing that their little boy is home. For me marketing is about that instance where a product/service intersects with life and magic happens. I strive to keep that thought as the soul of my work and concepts.


Design / Illustration / Photography

Chris Faria

Strategic Insight // Courageous Concepts // Killer Design

Chris Heine

Nine years of digital design experience at an AdAge A-Listed digital agency.

Chris Kline

I direct the media production team and support the design and marketing teams. Together we create innovative educational simulations for commercial and government clients such as: United States Air Force, McDonalds, Burger King, Air Command & Staff College, Air War College, ACS, NYC Department of Education, CDOT, CDLE, NREL, NOA HMS, National Wildfire Coordination Group, Deloitte, and many more. • Manage internal resources, contract artists and production houses • Support marketing in defining internal branding standards, advertisements, and sales material • Discover and manage clients artistic preferences, branding standards, and expectations • Support instructional designers to add new creative approaches to our simulations • Create style guides to define the standards agreed upon with the client • Create User Interfaces and supporting 2d and 3d content for the simulations • Create immersive motion graphic video content to support the story • Create supporting audio to compliment the visuals Specialties ● Well versed in 3d Studio Max and Maya ● Excellent time management and natural leadership ● Very clean and highly optimized modeling techniques ● Vertex Lighting, Global Illumination, HDRI, Normal Mapping ● Stretch and seam free UVW unwrapping ● Realistic & stylized texture painting ● Rigging with Bones, IK, and Character Studio ● Animating ● Particle Systems & Special Effects ● Soundtrack creation and Sound Effects ● Scripting and Programming Software Experience: Autodesk 3d Studio MAX, Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Equilibrium Debabelizer Pro, After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Director, Macromedia Flash, Cakewalk Sonar, Sonic Foundry Sound Forge, Tascam Giga Studio, Adobe Audition, Perforce, File Maker Pro, Dev Track

Chris Powell

Hi! I'm Chris. Thanks for visiting my profile on The Denver Egotist. My skills range from boutique branded websites, to full web apps and software, e-commerce and retail, as well as design for Mobile and iPhone. The print and production world is no mystery to me either. Having started my own agency, I know what it's like to build brands from the ground up, and wear all the hats needed to bring them to life. Yep, I can conceptualize, wireframe, think through visual issues, and together we'll create some amazing stuff for our clients.

Chris Sywassink

Graduate from Texas A&M-Commerce, with a BFA in Art Direction, and minor in photography, looking to move to the denver/boulder area.

Chris Vanderhoof

Im just a dude with the voice of an angel.

Chrissy Coffinger

Graphic Design ninja with over 6 years of experience.

Christina Costabile


Christopher Chin

I manage the creative for all of our company's online marketing efforts.

Christopher Magruder

Creative thinker. Innovative designer. Problem solver. Versatile art director and digital designer experienced with advertising, branding, packaging, website design, UI/UX, front-end development and interactive media.

Christopher Rowe Jr

I do advertising.

Chuck W

In design, there are not problems - only solutions.

Ciara de los Reyes

I’m an art director with a 10+ year background of diverse design experience that energizes visual communication experiences and creative proposals, utilizing print and interactive media. As an expert in Adobe Creative software and the versatility like a LBD, I can manage, create, and execute deliverables in an effective, efficient process. My ability to dig thru problems and lead projects as a core team member, have brought excitement and motivation among my teammates during product and brand campaign launches. A strong suit of mine is producing concepts—I’m sought out by my colleagues and friends as the idea generator that raises the playing field. These examples are best viewed thru my online portfolio at: www.ciaradelosreyes.com.

Clayton Meador

I am an art director & designer with strong front end dev capabilities. I have worked at Torque Interactive Media for the last 3 years as AD. I am well versed in UI and UX product development. In addition to my work with startups in the Denver Area I am also co-founder of Solid Bump Records. A San Francisco / Denver based record label. I frequently work with San Francisco based Iris Distribution and Love Bizarre Clothing.

Colorado Fashion Week

As an integral part of CFW’s purpose is equally feature established designers, emerging designers, and student designers. We will also showcase the industry talents of a wide variety of other professionals such as local salons, aspiring professionals models, interior decorators, and more. COLORADO's Fashion Industry presence is on the rise but there is still a lot of work that the greater local professional fashion industry needs to take care of in order for it to fully come into it's own. We at CFW exists to strategically change the preconceived notions about the state of Fashion in Colorado. The mission, vision and purpose of CFW is to foster the establishment of an economically sustainable and a deeply respected fashion industry in, and for, Colorado. CFW exists to nurture, mentor, market and present the next generation of Fashion Industry experts and professionals. CFW exists to present a very well organized and one centralized professional fashion trade and marketing event for the beautiful state of Colorado. CFW exists to create new jobs and elevate Denver's brand as a city beaming with great potential for business growth CFW is more than a simple Fashion Week: CFW is about the comprehensive branding, marketing, promoting, brand identity development and the strategic career launching of new fashion designers, labels and/or brands. CFW exists to position Colorado, and the city of Denver, as the fashion capital of the west. As a testament to the credibility of CFW, Colorado Governor, John Hickenlooper last year proclaimed October 1st-7th, 2012 as Colorado Fashion Week. Thus, making CFW the official Fashion Week for the City of Denver and the State of Colorado. CFW exists to create jobs and positively impact the City and the State’s economic health. CFW exists to retain Colorado’s fashion design talent--as opposed to loosing them to the more established cities of New York City, Paris and Milan.

Connie Tran

corien de Jong

Creative professional.

Craig Nelson

Recent graduate of the University of Minnesota.

Craig Pritchett

I have enjoyed working as the sole Art Director at a small advertising agency for nearly 19 years. I am the one and only designer in the firm, having created a huge body of work that consistently pleases our diverse and faithful clientele. I possess a combination of personal traits that are somewhat rare for art directors/designers: natural artistic talent, strong writing skills, and an analytical personality. My work habits are conscientious, ethical, and detail-oriented. I am seeking a creative environment where my talents and artistry will be challenged while contributing to the success of my employer.

Dan Ragland

Former Creative Director at McClain Finlon Advertising, freelancer for many years. Experience in print, web, TV, outdoor, catalog and magazine.

Dana Barak

Award winning art director with many years' experience in different fields including print advertising and design, magazine publishing and illustration and web design.

Dana Taylor

I come with 20 years of hands on experience with many major advertisers and emerging businesses, both nationwide and worldwide. Not only do I have strong artistic talent, but I can strategize, brand and develop a marketing plan to fit individual client needs. I am to thoroughly research, organize, direct and manage each project from start to finish. I have extensive experience in pre-press, printing, production and project management in print, interactive and multi-media, television and radio. Specialties: Branding, marketing, advertising, creative direction and graphic design. Pieces I create: Brochures, Logos, Ads, Direct Mail, Web Sites, Ecommerce Marketing, TV and Radio spots.


Приятното сърфиране в интернет през свободното време.

Daniel Ariniello

Ciao. Art Director looking for a job.

Danielle Ceruti Espinel

With more than ten years of experience as an art director and a graphic designer, in the digital, print and audiovisual areas, I am able to develop successful advertisement campaigns, give life to award winning magazines, and creating or refreshing corporate images for any type of company. I am constantly actualizing my skills by using the latest technologies and learning different languages, such as CCS, Html5, Javascript and jQuery, to achieve my clients’ objectives. I have been using programs such as CS6, Dreamweaver and Flash to fully develop simple web pages, modifying any already existing web page, redesigning layouts, refreshing any design element, adding pictures or videos and manipulating any necessary item to achieve the best result for the client. With a very detail-oriented common sense, a sophisticated taste and an extremely motivated personality, I enjoy finding solutions to any challenge that the working environment may bring.

Danielle Wasserman

A recent graduate from the College of the Holy Cross, MA, with a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art. Being from Boulder, CO I love the outdoors especially skiing, and hiking, as well as playing all sports. I played D1 soccer at Holy Cross dedicating approximately 25 hours a week, as well as balancing my academics. Because of this, I am able to multitask and stay organized with deadlines, and I am a team player dedicated to anything and everything.

darren bockman

This is the graphic design and illustration portfolio of Darren Bockman. I'm located in sunny Denver Colorado. CV and additional samples available upon request.

Dave Traylor

Graphic designer who is passionate about creating dynamic, and attention-grabbing design. Experience in broadcast television, magazine layout, and apparel design. Specialties include: motion graphics, animation, logo design, visual effects, art direction, video production, and print. Additional samples of my portfolio including a demo reel can be seen at my website, www.davetraylor.com.


Web/UI Designer with experience in branding and advertising.

David Jones

Art Director/Designer

David Levin

Cat loving creative director type.

David Rossa

I am a graduate from Metro State University of Denver with a degree in Communication Design. My goal in college was always to find a career path that would allow me to be creative but in a larger capacity. I am a hands on kind of guy, passionate, motivated, energetic, positive and always looking to create and be part of fresh, exciting and big ideas, whatever that may be! So, while I was educating myself, I made sure that I applied what I was learning, at the time, to real life experiences. I started freelancing as soon as I knew how to use the design software and worked on projects and internships on a regular basis to hone my skills with real problems and solutions. School is one thing, but to be able to really get your hands dirty is another. I have always been a proponent of “I would rather work on creative project, than sit in front of the TV” mentality. During the last 10 years from college until the present, I have enjoyed building my career as a simple graphic designer into a well-rounded Creative/Art Director. Today, I have stretched my breathe of abilities into a “One Stop Shop” (Creative/Art Direction, Photography, Post-production and Graphic/Layout Design), yet still focusing in a particular area without diluting myself with TOO much variation. I think that in today’s creative job market, companies are asking for an individual to be able to do so many skills that I feel focused talents are getting watered down, so a good compromise is good to have. I have taken one step at a time mastering each area and in the end bringing it all together into one seamless process. I am able to brainstorm the project creatively, direct the art accordingly, photograph the images beautifully, edit the photographs wisely and then design and layout the end result concretely. The best part of this is that I can either do it myself or oversee the whole process with a team. For five years I was the Art Director for 303 Magazine. I came on board with the magazine seven months into its inception when it was just a half size pocket book with a distribution total of just 2,000. During that time I had the exciting opportunity to grow the small booklet into a full size publication with a distribution of 20,000 and directing an art department staff of a minimum of seven employees at one time. Becoming the art director for 303 was not a first time achievement for me. It was my past job experiences that really led me to acquiring the position. Every job that I had held since college led me to a management position in a variety of thriving businesses including a jazz club, night club and now a local city magazine. Within those businesses, I was able to gain other important experience involving marketing, PR, advertising and day to day operations. It is this secondary experience that has built me into a valuable and well-rounded individual with an overall understanding of how a business operates beyond my skill set. After 303 Magazine, I was hired on by Sontec Instruments. My goal there was to rebrand the business and reorganize the creative department. I streamlined the creative department including graphic design, website, marketing and advertising. I also was able to assist in making the IT department more efficient by improving the office communications with issues involving general everyday user problems with the work stations in the office. Prior to my arrival at Sontec, the material and content being used to promote and market the company was very dated and needed some updating to today’s standards. There was also a need to reorganize and overhaul the work flow and processes that are needed to allow the creative department to be more productive and efficient. As of today, Sontec Instruments is a solid brand with a consistent look and feel to it and with an organized and efficient work flow and process. At the end of the day, my experiences have taken me on an exciting adventure with a wide variety of clients and projects. I have worked with clients ranging from Dazzle Restaurant & Lounge, a small independent jazz club to DGL Products Inc., a large multi-million dollar lip balm company. I have worked on wonderfully successful photo shoots with a budget as little as $200, to shoots with a budget as much as $20,000, instilling the same standards of quality that I expect in all my work. I believe in keeping my work and my relationships real and honest. My portfolio is designed to reflect my growth and showcase my range of skill and talent. Now on to my next adventure…

David Saucedo

H, I’m David, a graphic designer from Boulder, CO and I’m always looking for new opportunities in the creative industry. I have 3 years experience in graphic design working in areas of print and digital. I know the pressures of working under tight deadlines and am comfortable crunching work out quickly while still creating thoughtful and simple designs. Collaboration is one of my favorite parts of design but I’m also able to work alone and stay organzied through the entire process. Let's make something great together. I'm available for hire of freelance.

David Sheets


Abstract Artist. Opening Reception_Flood the Subconscious, August 6th at Studio 12 Gallery.

Deborah Miller

Deborah Miller specializes in creative graphic design solutions at an affordable cost. Each project is addressed by thorough communication, attention to detail, and speedy turnaround.

Dennis Wright

My enthusiasm, entrepreneurial spirit and experience allow me to bring a unique understanding to Brand development and integration. To relentlessly pursue the understanding of client objectives, and their brands cultural relevance is my passion.

Devin Gonzales

I have 10+ years experience in graphic design most of which is interactive art direction. I have expert knowledge in user experience design. I enjoy creating useful digital experiences that inspire. My effective communication skills, front-end development knowledge and graphic design education makes me an ideal candidate for your next creative project.

Dhruv Chanchani

Suffering from East Coast overdose. Looking for a job in mountainous Colorado to be outdoors, be healthy, and charge my creative spirit. Itching to work really goddamn hard for a great company, using my skills and experience in design, photography, and video production.

diaz nett

A team of Wilmington NC Realtors and Wilmington NC real estate agents that specialize in the Wilmington NC real estate.Are you looking for Wilmington NC homes for sale or Wilmington NC homes for rent? View recently listed Wilmington NC real estate properties throughout the Wilmington NC area


Branding guru and strategic creative leader with domestic and international experience. Capable of wrangling cats, free-spirited designers and the occasional executive. Continuously brews effective visual solutions with a curious, cleaver mind.

Donna Crain

Creative and Editorial Director with extensive experience building effective brands including digital, app and print design, UX design, photo direction and copywriting

Doug Jeremias

As a multidisciplinary designer with nine years of experience, I bring a dynamic range of skills from concept development to final production and every step in between.

Doug Kohnen

I'm an ACD/Art Director available for freelance on advertising, design, and motion graphics in Boulder, CO. I'm available to work on- or off-site in the greater Denver area. I'm a digitally focused creative but am more than happy to work in any medium.

Drew Wallace

Creative/Art Director with a fire. Specialties include hand-lettering, art direction, photo direction, editorial layout design, print and interactive design and mobile application design.

Dustin Cornell

Art Director at Avocet Communications

Dustin Sharp

Associate Art Director in the Kansas City area looking towards the mountains.

Dwane Cohen

Art Director in Denver.


Editableclips.com is a community of motion graphics designers. Editableclips offers a growing library of conformable motion graphics for use in film, television, commercials, interactive web sites, and other multimedia productions. You can order customization directly from the Author! Almost any change of animation is possible, according to customer's requirements. The Authors of all clips are experienced artists, who own full copyright to their works as all necessary source assets. Join us if you are talented Artist. As you probably know our library of customizable motion graphics is focused on high quality 3D/2D animations, backgrounds, loops, broadcast designs and visualizations. From now on our doors are open for motion graphers to upload video-files directly to our platform. You will receive 50-70% of the net price paid by the customer without concluding an exclusive contract with us. For further informations please have a look at: http://www.editableclips.com

Edward Cinefro

Accomplished designer with a unique balance of creative and technical expertise, coupled with a strong background in print and web design. A master understanding of color, space, and typography with attention to detail and a proven track record of producing consistent clean icons, graphics, and layouts for print and web. Ability to work and adjust in a fast-paced environment and keep a forward thinking momentum. What Drives Me: Always challenging myself to find new and innovative ways to evolve brands to draw in a new adopters while maintaining the core audience. I am a forward thinker, pushing boundaries and going where others might not have considered. Specialties: Branding and Identity, Print, Direct Mail, Collateral, Billboards, HTML, CSS, Flash and Mobile.

Elise Herrmann

I'm a Junior Art Director and Graphic Designer on a creative journey. I have a love affair with compelling design and smart ideas. I enjoy all nighters, learning new design techniques, photographing live music and writing music of my own.

Elizabeth Weglicki

Hello! I am new to Denver and am looking to find permanent placement as an Art Director, or Jr. Art Director in the Denver/Boulder area. I am a recent Art Direction grad from Miami Ad School and have 3+ years of previous experience in media and broadcasting. Please feel free to check out my online portfolio and contact me at any time! www.elizabethweglicki.com email : LizWeglicki@Gmail.com Thanks! -Liz


EMIDOODLE started her career as a graphic artist way back before they started calling Bauhuas darkwave. A fan of Japanese Snack, she can cut some mean amberlith, hates words that are pronounced more than one way, enjoys parenthetical remarks (and drawing the foul). She doesn't like having machine guns pointed at her and is looking forward to the day she evolves into a new species. Sometimes a good metaphor is the only thing that keeps her going although she has been known to find comfort in photographs where one person is laughing and the other isn't.

Emily Jarrett

I am a passionate Graphic Designer with over 10 years experience of work, and almost 20 years experience with Adobe software. I have a traditional Graphic Design background, but also have background in motion graphics, infographics and digital design.

Eric Aluise

I’m an award-winning art director focused on providing smart materials with the highest degree creativity. With more than 15 years of creating thoughtful communication programs specifically designed to reflect the strategic initiatives of each clients project. I’ve achieved success by maintaining an unwavering commitment to exceeding expectations. My focus is, and always has been, to push the creative whether its with type, illustration, photography or all of the above. I am passionate about what I do, and I think it shows. I like to believe my work, my awards, and my experience speak for themselves. My work encompasses all areas of high-end visual communication including: complete corporate identity and brand programs, corporate sales and marketing collateral, annual and quarterly reports, print advertising, comprehensive web sites, packaging systems, retail, environmental and exhibit graphics.

Eric Lindgren

I'm always open to new challenges and I would really like to gain more experience in above the line advertising. I have hazel eye's, brown hair and I can almost do 50 push ups. You can contact me through my website and I'll prove it.

Eric Ronshaugen

Creative Director-Art Side Left New York area for a lifestyle change. Was lead creative at TracyLocke in Wilton CT. Nice person...

Eric Smigelski


Erin Gardner

As I am new to the graphic design field and new to Colorado, I am searching for a job in which I can use my technical and creative abilities. I have lived in Atlanta, Georgia all my life and graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia. I moved to Colorado Springs in April 2011 and am loving the city.

Erin Horn

art direction, advertising and all things fun.

Evan Chute

Innovative, experienced Graphic Designer/Art Director with 10+ years practical experience developing and executing visual communication solutions for sole proprietorships through multi-billion dollar corporations. Strong expertise in brand identity, logo design, print collateral, packaging, vehicle graphics, web and interactive design including user experience, there is no project or opportunity I won't rise to.


Why me? I have the passion and the skills for art and design and don’t settle for average. Besides, you can’t really beat working with someone who loves what they do. People like me are generally more pleasant to be around and work with. Rest assured that I am a accomplished designer with a unique balance of creative and technical expertise, coupled with a strong background in fine art and graphic design. For over 10 years, I have helped understand the needs of employers and clients’ from both a corporate and consulting point of view. As an art director and lead designer, I am involved in all aspects of creative development, including the design of comprehensive branding programs, the planning and development of all high visibility design and advertising applications, and the development and documentation of corporate identity standards. I understand the importance of knowing the long-term vision of a company and how to accurately and consistently reflect and strengthen that message in all visual and written communications.

Frederick Allen

I lead teams and brands to achieve simple and beautiful design. As a creative director, I a designer, a developer, and a leader. I belive in clean balanced design, streamlined solid code, and creating an encouraging comfortable work place to inpsire both. //// Skills: Adobe Creative Suite, HTML, CSS(3), HTML(5), PHP, Cinema 4D, Sketchbook Pro, jQuery, JavaScript, Microsoft Office, SEO, Google Analytics/Adwords, eCommerce (Magento, Cart 66), Wordpress Expert

Gail Olsheski

I am an experienced Art Director/Designer/Creative Manager. I specialize in brand management and development, typography, marketing, and I am passionate about all things design! I also embrace mentoring young professionals and teams, giving guidance and understanding to the design and creative process.


Art Director + Designer

Garrett Beach

Hi. I'm Garrett, a conceptual, outdoor junky, with a love of art & design, strategy, presenting, and dogs. Pencil, paper, and collaboration are some of my best friends. Challenges are opportunities, and whether big or small, can be figured out by a few smart, passionate people in a room covering the walls with ideas and solutions. This is my wheelhouse. My passion to create is never-ending. This has lead to the development of two products currently in the patent process. Also, throughout the year, I volunteer as a high school and middle school lacrosse coach, with my focus on developing goalies. Mentoring young athletes brings me much happiness and I will strive to continue to help them through my life.

Geoff Burkert

Gentle brainwasher, action inciter, typophile, strategic geek. Music City transplant.


Gordy Hirsch

CD @ Amélie Company

Greg Ryan

art direction + design

Gregory Althoff

Designs for a living & dreams for others. Husband & father of two. Has worked with many international organizations & design teams to provide creative solutions. Has over 10 years of experience designing, branding, launching campaigns. Explorer at heart.

Greta Burandt

Professionally, I have found understanding and research yield powerful creative briefs that result in successful, profitable design stories. I have a strong belief in listening carefully to find the story that is worth telling whether visual or written. Over the past 16 years I have designed hundreds of building interiors, client profiles and marketing campaigns. Having a great story, telling it well and placing it in front of the right audience is the difference between success and failure. Whether writing proposals for commercial new construction projects or residential client profiles I have always respected the power of written communication. In 1999 when I founded Burandt Designs, House Calls a small a la carte interior design business for young professionals I found myself developing mission statements, contracts and brochures - communicating my brand and values to potential clients, vendors and contractors. I graduated magna cum laude this spring with a degree in design management. My focus has shifted from the artistic design details to the strategy and communicating the design ‘idea’. In 2010 my work with Art Director’s Club of Denver, Denver Aurora Visual Arts and Philosophy Communication garnered the Voter’s Choice Award at the 2010 ADCD Paper Fashion Show. During this same time I worked on the Clarion award winning “Uncover the Genius” campaign promoting Montessori Children’s House of Denver. My time at Philosophy was well spent discovering the latest means of communicating (social media, viral campaigning and the power of ‘link’). I was able to work on both traditional and digital media projects observing the value and power of each.

Gretchen Rudat

I grew up in rural Knappa Oregon, where I spent a lot of time in the Columbia River.I then went to the U of O where I was a Computer major, then Education, then Advertising. I know how to polka, make my own patterns and sew like a champ, I have watched every Stargate episode, I can make a bed in about 7 minutes (depending on the pillowcases), I wear tiny combat boots, and have a taxidermied alligator head named Jethro.

Hanna Waters

Working artist.

Heather B.

Art Director at BrandJuice

Heather Thill

Heather Thill has over a decade of experience in creative services, communications and project management. She provides clients with graphically designed brand elements which include logo creation, brand standards, brochures, newsletters, press kits, website design and blog elements, advertisements, posters, video production and storyboarding. In addition to design services, Thill has created and executed multiple internal and external communications strategies for Chevron and EnCana Oil & Gas, including company newsletters, crisis plans and safety campaigns. Previous to creating Julipp, Thill was a designer at LeGrand Hart Public Relations, spearheading the creation of the design department and heading up digital offerings to its clients. She skillfully produced digital and graphic work for a variety of corporate and consumer clients. Thill also has an extensive background working in economic development and downtown revitalization through her career in Des Moines, Iowa at the Downtown Community Alliance. Her involvement at DCA ranged from Business Improvement District (BID) expansions to producing strategic marketing and communications plans that advertised the successes of downtown Des Moines’ economic growth and popularity.

Heidi Yarger

Spitfiregirl is a collaborative design studio specializing in branding and identity, packaging, and web design for emerging and established brands. Based in Denver and San Francisco, we’ve got nineteen years of experience working with businesses around the country and around the world. Whether our team can help by consulting on a comprehensive new business approach, by designing an authentic and memorable brand identity, or by creating a stylish and functional new website, we’ve got you covered. Clients like Style Me Pretty, Women to Women, Old Navy and Leapfrog come to us because of our innovative designs for the wedding, fashion, youth, and lifestyle markets. We are a one-stop branding shop, ready to deliver compelling and profitable solutions for your business. If you bring the intent and drive, we’ll bring the expertise and verve.

Hillary Gronvold

What is mini design co.: All things creative; creative services within the fields of editorial, advertising, and design. Who is mini design co.: I am a east coast native, RISD grad, survivor of LA, where I worked for 6 years before moving to Boulder in June 2012.


Just Looking

Hustle: Design Works

Freelance Art Director: Donny Wells

Ian Karczewski

AD @ BBDO SF | iankarch@gmail.com | iankarch.com | @iankarch

J Chavez

Creative Director for Dane County Credit Union

Jack Ryan Schuler

Let me tell you this, the older you do get the more rules they're gonna try to get you to follow. You just gotta keep livin' man, L-I-V-I-N.

Jacob Alan

I've got design between my teeth & photography under my fingernails. But really, I'm quite hygienic. I've been lusting after intelligent beauty since 1988. I grow with every project from before the first sip to beyond the the dregs.

james kovac

Freelance Art Direction

James Lambert / Lambert CREATIVE

Creative Consultant and Art Director with fifteen years of international experience in identity/graphic/package design, corporate marketing materials (including PowerPoint), print and television campaign advertising, UI/UX design, screenwriting and story boarding, naming, signage and exhibit design.

James Pelz

I am comfortable pushing pencils, pixels and ideas for the greater good.

James York

Creative/Art Director/Designer with experience in design, branding, positioning, and strategic communications for national top-tier brands such as Bacardi Mixers, Baileys, Carlsberg, Coors, Dawn, Doritos, Dos Equis, Gatorade, Gillette Venus, Killian Irish Red, Tide, Downy, Moosehead Lager and Tostitos. Local marketing campaigns include Arc Thrift Store, Denver Grand Prix, Outlets of Colorado and YMCA. I offers good design and strategic thinking that transcends all (Print, Broadcast, OOH, Digital, Shopper Marketing, Environmental Design) He is available for hire, so if you have any needs for brand development, packaging, advertising, design or just a trail running buddy-feel free to contact James directly at hello@whatnext-design.com.

Jamie Bolak

I have lots of energy, enthusiasm, and some silliness. I bring creative problem solving, leadership and momentum to any design project I do. I love music and laughter.

Jared Hardy

I'm a visual designer, art director, and an artist. My life started in Nebraska but I've been in Colorado since 2007. I'm currently employed by Sterling-Rice Group as a Senior Interactive Art Director. I enjoy throwing myself into every project I undertake, whether it be a Web Site at work or skateboard design for an art show. Visual communication has many outlets and I work hard to explore every one of them.

Jason Johnson

Currently Creative Services Manager at Arrow Electronics.

Jason Jumaquio

Art Director

Jason Levy

Insightful, conceptual, natural leader with innate ability to map creative to measurable results. Motivated by continuous improvement, and highly driven toward perfection, quality, and professionalism.

Jason Shiskowsky

Jason Shiskowsky is a senior art director with over 15 years experience. His brand experience includes Callaway Golf, The North Face, Oakley, Audi, Coors Brewing Company, Eagle Creek, Winter Park and more. Disciplines include broadcast, print, online, social advertising. Logo design and brand development. Packaging design and immersive product experience. Jason has worked in Denver for the past 12 years for firms such as Factory Design Labs, McClain Finlon and The Integer Group.

Jay Weise

Creative Director for Weise Communications, an Integrated Advertising and Public Relations Agency


art director


integrated creative team.

JB Leach

Over the last 15 years, I've worked on a diverse spectrum of design and advertising. This experience has taught me how to approach every creative challenge with effectiveness and efficiency. It's been extremely rewarding to see our industry grow more dynamic in the digital age, and I'm anticipating more exciting things to come. I'm always interested in trying new things, learning as much as I can and continuing my growth as an idea-driven creative.


I'm just signed up to see the job board

Jeff Euteneuer


Jeff Koeneke

I'm a hybrid marketer and graphic designer with a passion for culture, technology and human communication. I've spent the last 4 years working with agencies, startups and independent clients to turn ideas into visually translatable design. For the past year I've been providing in-depth analysis of B2C marketing for independent clients, and tailoring graphic elements to their needs. My technical proficiency stands in the Adobe print production software (Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign) and back end web development (Dreamweaver, content management, HTML and CSS).

Jeff Previdi

My name is Jeff and I'm a Designer In Denver.

Jeff Stamper

Freelance creative talent with over 10 years of solid experience in many aspects of design and advertising. Great with imagery and headline copy. I can get the right kind attention for your business that will lead to financial results. Proven trail of satisfied and successful clients and businesses.

Jen Scheid

Hard worker who loves dry, sarcastic, British humor.

Jennifer Habig

Driven, energetic seasoned team leader who can oversee an organization in the visioning of a sales and marketing strategy. Hands-on senior manager able to execute an economic business case while creating an aggressive project plan. Skilled in effective sales and marketing communications, public relations activities, business partnership developments, fund raising and team building. 15+ years’ sales and marketing leadership experience with Fortune 100 companies and small business start-ups. Consistently increasing revenue, brand awareness, streamlining processes and decreasing expenses. Executive-level contributor and developer of multiple web integrated companies. Responsible for launching and managing all national sales management, accounting and marketing procedures. Coordinates strategic and tactical functions of the organization(s) while reporting to multiple boards and councils. Successful at creative direction, execution and brand development for-profit and non-profit companies in multiple service and manufacturing industries.

Jennifer Smoot

I just relocated to Denver from NYC. I am looking for a creative position in house or with an advertising and marketing firm. My background is in art direction and design though I am open to other opportunities. Please take a look at my portfolio with the link below.

Jeremy Hess

Jeremy Hess is an Art Director and Graphic Designer who is a recent transplant from Louisville, KY. His hard work and focus on the overall brand experience has enabled him to work with organizations of a varied scale, from large multinational entities to small privately held companies and universities. Whether it be aiding a company in starting a brand from scratch, designing and developing a new product or helping an existing brand take on new life, Jeremy's focus and project execution ensures the brand experience is truthful and properly delivered.

Jerimy Brown

I am an Art Director, Artist, and Illustrator from the Denver area.

Jerod Bunjer

CD / Art Director - Lived and worked in Denver since the late 90's. Have enjoyed being able to work on vast and varied brands; Denver Zoo, Botanic Gardens, Wells Fargo, Pentax, Clairol, Tide, and many others. Currently handle regional and national print / broadcast for the Ford account, and I've been a board member Ad Club of Denver for 2+ years. Over the years I've met and worked with most of the others on this list.

Jerry Stafford

Art Director - Pure Brand Communications

Jesse Alkire

You might say I’m an eclectic person, long excelling in areas such as art, music, film, and competitive eating. Rather than narrow my focus to just one discipline, I'm looking for an agency that will utilize my veritable cornucopia of skills and won't balk at my propensity for thinking outside the Capital Adway. An agency that will help me find a way to successfully use my amalgamation of talents to achieve the kinds of innovative solutions that will one day be dramatized on episodes of Mad Men: The Next Generation.

Jessica Lukon

Jesus Alvarez

I recently graduated from Fort Hays State University and I'm looking for any freelance opportunities. To contact me email me at jesus@roguebrainstudio.com or call me at 6204304551.

Jim Strachan

Joe Graziano

Self-motivated Art Director-Designer with great attention to detail. Creator of effective enterprise identity programs. Client companies have ranged across diverse industry sectors including: electronics, residential real estate, financial, insurance, medical, retail, and many more. Experienced in directing in-house studio/design staffs, handling pre-production and on-press quality control.

Joel Gentry

Art Director looking to get his feet wet in the worlds of advertising and design.

Joelle Stevens

The creative process is about exploring and discovering ideas then shaping them to become smart and relevant business solutions. Creative thought drives communication design, and with the right mix of visual and verbal balance, begins a journey towards inspired innovation. When generating concepts, I am able to lead teams of designers, copywriters and developers while working closely with other departments to meet deadlines. In absence of a team–or time–I have the ability to design and develop projects in print and web.

joey manin

Just graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Check out my website for some examples of work www.joeymanin.com

John Herd

Seeking Denver employment as Art Director or Designer. Work is at johnbherd.com. I've been working under the \TBWA disruption planning and media arts model for over two years now and have a fervent desire to create meaningful, sustainable work.

John Krull

I’m a father, a husband, a fisherman, a hunter, an experimentor, an art director, a Viking fan, a sandwich lover, a sushi eater, a straight shooter, a mentor, a listener, a leader, and a guy who believes in a firm handshake. Nice to meet you.

john meow

I love art and art loves me

Jon Loether

I'm designer at heart, I love the timeless process of printing but understand the need for the new digital era that is growing every minute. I can't settle for less and understand that 9 to 5 is different then getting the job done.

Jon Toney

Associate Creative DIrector - Intouch Solutions

Jonathan Cho

I am an art director, with experience in most all aspects of print design. I have worked with a number of national and international brands, including beauty and fashion, food, beverage, retail, and tourism to name a few. Contact me at jon@jon-cho.com or 303.915.6968.

Jonathan Moreno

I'm a seasoned, award winning creative/art director/designer, journalist, illustrator, audio and multimedia specialist. An experienced manager and advocate for graphics and visuals, possessing a solid commitment to improving their function. I am in search of a lead/collaborative position in visual communications that will advance the progressive vision of a forward-thinking organization. I have been creating award-winning graphics and communication design for over two decades. I have always approached projects from a big picture perspective, feeling comfortable as a designer, illustrator, copywriter, photographer and videographer as well as managing projects from concept to completion. In addition, I have a strong client-relation history and enjoy direct interaction with principals, both internally and externally. With a well-rounded history in the execution and direction of design, communications, and marketing, I feel I could make an immediate contribution to any visual project. Here are some additional highlights of my qualifications: • 20+ years in the design, publishing and communication industry as a creative director, graphics editor/art director, technical writer, illustrator and audio designer covering a wide range of national and international marketing campaigns and media, with an emphasis on scientific and technical communication and multimedia. • Technical proficiency in numerous platforms for advertising, communications, and publishing. I have a thirst for knowledge that keeps me at the forefront of visuals, both conceptually and technologically. I work comfortably in print, web, interactive, and mobile platforms. • In addition, I offer a calm and organized method of managing and meeting deadlines, either as a lead or a collaborator. I’m also quite at ease working with clients to help them realize their design and communication goals, and have years of experience establishing and maintaining these relationships. Specialties: Proficient and regular use of all standard industry programs: Adobe Creative Suite, Flash, Dream Weaver, Maya, Cinema 4D, Logic Pro, SoundTrack Pro, Strata 3d, AfterEffects, Final Cut, Indesign, Quark, Word, Excel, Power Point, etc. Mac and PC literate. I would welcome the chance to discuss the needs and objectives for your company and the possibility of working together to meet them.

Joni Osuga

I want to make an impact on the world through advertising. I'm constantly learning new artistic mediums (ceramics, weaving, etc) and random things in general (like building and programming robots and CGI). It was my dream to go to art school, which I'm successfully accomplishing May 2013, graduating from the College for Creative Studies with a BFA in Advertising Design.

Jordan Coombs

Interactive Art Director, Video Game Designer, Chum

Joseph Paul

First I was an Interrogator with the U.S. Army, then I became a Commercial Diver and dove for Sea Cucumbers in Alaska and got more than my fair share of radiation diving in nuclear cooling tanks. But I was young and hungry for adventure so I signed up for the most dangerous assignment yet... Advertising! Now, 14 years later I live and breathe it, I eat it for breakfast. I'm a highly creative Art Director/Illustrator with a passion for print and brand development. I have worked on marketing materials for Fortune 500 companies, small business brand development and package design for beer and vitamins. I absolutely love the creative process and all of the challenges that go with it. I'm new to Denver and would like to connect with other creative people.

Joshua Kruger

Although a designer at heart, I like to think I'm more then a pretty type face. Developing engaging dialogs between client and consumer is paramount in our industry. I want to create those conversations.

Joshua Wills

Denver based Art Director / Graphic Designer / Thing Maker. Creative Director at Factory.


20+ years of experience.

Julie Prilling

A creative consultant whose speciality is in visual messaging.

Justin Clark

nature and technology.

Justin Paluch

Moved to Denver from Cleveland in 2006. Started Adapter Design in 2009.

Justin T. Jones

I'm a freelance art director, designer, and photographer who's looking to work with good people on projects that need help.


Graphic Design. Work with your hands.

Justine Camille Basa

Justine is seeking jobs/ freelance work as an art director/layout artist. She is passionate about everything regarding design photography and advertising. She sings in the shower too.

Kalos Interactive Design + Art Direction

Kalos Interactive Design is a creative and interactive design studio, offering interactive design & art direction with an emphasis on aesthetics, creative ideas and communication goals — all with a high attention to detail. We are repeatedly recognized for the quality of design & projects we contrive. Kalos means 'good', both in an aesthetic and a moral sense. 'Kalos' embraces our company philosophy, our aspirations for design, and how we do business.

Kat West

I am a designer who is passionate about the connections between art and design. I am looking for a position in a fun and innovative environment that offers opportunities to achieve personal, career and creative growth.

Kate Hanson

art director / graphic designer / adventure seeker / animal lover. 7+ years agency experience in traditional and non-traditional art direction, design and production.

Katie Matteo

Creativity has always been the primary drive in my life whether it be on the stage or visually representing a brand. Over the past few years I have dipped my foot in a variety of design pools, gaining experience in small in-house design departments to large national advertising agencies working with brands like Kellogg and MillerCoors. I have supplemented these experiences with a Bachelor of Fine Art degree in graphic design and a Master of Management Practice degree emphasizing in marketing from Colorado State University while searching for career opportunities in the creative industry. These degrees provided me with a unique combination of design, marketing, and management skills which have prepared me for a variety of roles for now and the future. Even while in school I wanted to be a part of the greater creative community. Starting as a sophomore, I began attending ADCD events and eventually moved through the ranks of volunteer, event planner, and currently Secretary of the Board. I am also highly involved in AIGA, helping with events and by creating a student group at CSU to get students more involved sooner in their careers. Outside of design, I enjoy exploring the Rocky Mountains, honing my culinary skills, experiencing new things, and searching for the best wine and beer in Colorado and beyond. My desire for new adventures and experiences has led me across the country as well as overseas to Italy, France, and Spain.

Katie Phillips

Art director for Edge Music Network, co-founder of Squeeze Art Collective.

Kay Borleis

Art director residing in Boulder, CO.


Visual designer and creative director with a lot of interactive experience. Okay, time for a joke. Q: How do you kill vegetarian vampire? PL: With a steak to the heart. I said I was a visual designer...

Kelli McKenney

I'm the Gallery, Events & Bar Manager here at EventGallery 910Arts. An innovative fusion of art and green building - a civic gathering place for art and ideas. It is a place designed to advance all art forms right here in the heart of Denver's Art District on Santa Fe Dr. - a place where all people can come together to work, play & live...creatively! Stop by and see. hear. smell. taste. feel. be ART.

Kelly Barringer

I concept, design, direct and manage the production of advertising, web sites, promotional pos, direct mail, corporate identities and supporting collateral.

Kelly Morgan

Art Direction

Kelly Pickering

: : visual gunslinger : : Freelance creator of visual goods. Specializing in Print, OOH, Interactive, Retail Marketing and Fine Art.

Kelsey Wittenberg

Art Director @ Karsh/Hagan

ken Fukuda

Widely skilled designer and art director with a history of developing interesting ideas and executions for some of the world's brightest brands. Accomplished across media and marketing channels, makes concepts, crafts design to tell stories and inspire conviction. Urban artist and creative agitator. A Japanese American born in Lima, Peru, fluent in Spanish and English. Sucks at Japanese.

Kendall Schlichting

Print design as well as packaging, identity, art direction, illustration and some interactive Experience on global brands and regional/local clients Daily, direct client interaction; comfortable presenting work to clients and peers Independent management of projects from estimation to production

Kevin Bradshaw

I have an unique skill set. Specializing in art direction, graphic design and file prep with equal passion for each. Experienced in doing work for small to large companies. My track record of achieving the client's marketing goals is something I am quite proud of. Simply... I love what I do. Specialties Concept, Problem Solving, Branding and Identity, Art Direction, Graphic Design, and File Prep

Kevin Duran

Marketing, Advertising, and Graphic Design Firm located in Colorado.

Kevin Heinz

Colorado native creative with a focus in photo, video & music production.

Kevin Kochevar

20 years of experience in Advertising/Martketing/Art Direction. Looking for Full Time position. Along side working in the industry for 15 years I've taught industry topics as well for 13 years.

Kiki Karpus

Michigander Art Director/Designer recently relocated to Denver, CO. Have been traveling the country for over the year with stops in Tucson, AZ, Monterey, CA, & Tacoma, WA. Loves art, beer (homebrewing), hiking & travel.

Kiley del Valle

Art Director & Designer recognized for the ability to confront visual communication challenges while cross-pollinating traditional and digital platforms in an efficient, strategy driven and aesthetically inspiring manner. Let's collaborate...

Kirk Erickson

Agile brand development and digital technology specialist with clientele ranging from early stage start-ups to established Fortune 500's, across all categories. Creative / Art Director of Device Creative.

Kirsten Klieman

Art Director

Kristy Lehman

With 10 solid years of experience and a B.F.A. in graphic design I am confident in my abilities to successfully translate a client’s objective into a targeted, impactful design. My professional design skill set includes (print, web, illustration and tradeshow). As a Senior Designer for Group Publishing, I highlighted my creativity and strong conceptual design skills by directing photo shoots with 30+ children and branding a multimillion dollar children’s curriculum. At Launchpad Interactive I excelled in web interface layout and managed small teams of designers and programmers. For Jobson Publishing I independently managed press checks, budgets, quotes and deadlines for nationally recognized clients. I possess print skills in prepress, offset printing, proofs and color management. In addition, being Graphic Design Coordinator for Colorado State University allowed me to work with clients from over 150 different countries, spanning language, cultural and design barriers across ethnic boundaries. My diversity of talents allows me to create compelling designs with many different types of media. I look forward to hearing from you!

Larry Leung

me make pretty.

Lauren di Scipio

Art Director + Photographer Extensive experience in editorial, catalog and advertising design. Web and graphic design. Developed brand identities, ads, brochures, direct mail, logos, magazines, annual reports, presentations, trade show displays for clients in the real estate, extreme sports, travel, luxury, recreation, professional services, retail and technical industries. Social Media and SEO. Experienced in CMYK print, web, production, photo concept/styling, shooting and image manipulation.

Lauren Gray

I am a web designer located in the Denver, CO area set on making the web a prettier place.

Lauren Nadrowski

I am an art director who thrives on creative challenges and operates very well under strict deadlines with consistent attention to detail. I value each opportunity I have to work with others to take simple ideas and turn them into innovative solutions, but also excel in self-maintained brainstorming and project management. I have proficient experience in creative strategy for both healthcare and retail markets, including: print, social media, web design and interactive.

Lauren Ray

Whipping up wicked strategic concept development and design. Let us put a spell on you. Here are the goods. From dogs to beer to college to non-profits to cleaning products, we've got you covered. Owner Lauren Ray was raised in Chicago by way of Eagle, CO. She moved to Denver and attended the Art Institute of Colorado, graduating with honors and receiving her BA in Graphic Design with the honor of Portfolio par Excellance in 2002. She landed an Art Director position at The Integer Group in 2004, where she worked on everything from Iams to Coors to Dunkin' Donuts to soap. Agency life taught her many things. The most important advice: if you gotta cry, do it in the bathroom. You can find her enjoying a long run, snowboarding, Instagraming her cat like an idiot, and being an urban explorer. She lives in the Baker neighborhood of Denver.

Lauren Taber

A recent college graduate looking for full-time employment in the Denver area in advertising, design or marketing. Or all three.

Laurent Xenard

... more to come

Len Eckstein


Liane Ray-Schulte

I live in Austin, but looking for my new creative home in Denver, or wherever the path takes me. After 11 years at my current agency, I've worked on print, broadcast, web and outdoor, from consumer to B2B. My proudest moments are selling ideas to clients who are resistant to moving the needle, completing a 5-week photoshoot for the U.S. Army, rebranding a local high end golf course community and for upholding the SUBWAY brand integrity of 29 markets nationwide. I’m proficient in CS5 and my multitasking would make Martha Stewart proud. And I still love what I do.

Lillian Montes de Oca

We are a Denver design firm passionate about making your communications stand out and get noticed both in print and on the web. As a designer and art director, I have worked for corporations and non-profit organizations including Burston-Martseller, The New School for Social Research, The University of Denver, Strategic Medical Communications, Planned Parenthood and the Denver Foundation.

Lindsay Berry

I'm a business woman who happens to have a knack for technology and design.

Lindsay Loftin

Lindsay Loftin has a strong design and production background with six years of agency experience in general and Hispanic markets. Equipped with a creative mind, a passion for details and ninja-like skills in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop, she thrives as a hybrid designer/production artist.

Ling (Sigstedt) McPhail

Award winning creative manager and designer. Looking for a creative leadership position, utilizing diverse skills to develop beautiful and effective design communications.

Lisa Wright

Hello! I am an art director, designer, kung fu nerd, and avid crafter. I am available for freelance, collaboration, and handstand contests.

Liza Nelson

Art director, designer, dreamer, creator, pattern aficionado and color fiend currently living in LA.

Lonnie Weis

Lonnie is an Creative Director/Senior Art Director with extensive experience in advertising, brand identity development, web and collateral design. He has developed top level creative for clients such as Coca-Cola, Starbucks Coffee, PEMCO Insurance, the Sports Authority, the Seattle Mariners, Chateau Ste. Michelle, American Express Publishing and numerous start-up companies. Lonnie's work has appeared in prestigious industry award shows such as Communication Arts, the One Show, and Archive, as well as winning awards from the Seattle Show, Northwest Addys and National Addys. Contact him for your next project at lonnieweis@mac.com.

Lori Hamilton

Freelance art direction & design

Marc McMillen

Designer. Art Director. Illustrator. Creative Agent. Prosecuting the bad, while protecting the good.

Mario Rini

design, ux, culture and smart conversation.

Marisa Jarae

here's something you should know about me: I like to be creative. And I like to solve problems, manage solutions, hit deadlines, and work under pressure. That's when the creativity really starts to ignite. I work across several types of media because connecting with an audience requires more than a single print ad. I think aesthetics are important, but should always help enhance the message; and written voice, whatever it is, must be clear and consistent. But most of all, I believe that imagination and stagnation have no place for one another. I am constantly learning, pushing the boundaries of my abilities, so I can continue to grow as an artist, designer, writer, and manager.

Mark Edmonds

Bringing ideas together

Mark Lesh

Recent projects range from traditional print design to user experience design for web and mobile platforms. I am happiest working with smart innovative teams on challenging and new projects to find solutions to visual problems. Selected clients include Inspirato, Falcon Guides ebooks, 5280–The Denver Magazine, The Drake Magazine, and ActiveJunky.com.

Mary Kelly Chesebro

HIGHLY-SKILLED & TRAINED GRAPHIC DESIGNER... MEETS BRAND MARKETING SPECIALIST Dedicated, reliable and self motivated leader who’s able to adapt to multiple situations in a fast-paced environment. Passionate and enthusiastic with strong communication skills, an easy going attitude and refuses to sacrifice quality - regardless of deadline. Extremely knowledgeable in the creative process from concept to execution via print, web and video. Thorough understanding of all facets of marketing, from brand positioning, communications, channel and product. Hands on, with the ability to collaborate and work closely with executives, internal staff, agencies and vendors.


A little about myself.

Matt Jurgemeyer

I've been a designer/art director working in advertising and interactive agencies for the past 10 years. I'm a little unusual in the fact that in addition to doing design, I also do a majority of the development for the projects I work on.

Matt Norton

Senior Art Director

Matt Parris

Art Director & Designer

Matt Rickman

I am a nightmare walking, psychopath talking King of my jungle just a gangster stalking Living life like a firecracker quick is my fuse

Matt S Merrill

I’m a versatile, traditional and digital Art Director. With over 15 years of experience, I've led conceptual development, design and execution of brand experiences for clients. I'm extremely detail oriented and constantly experimenting as technology evolves. I am able to bring highly creative conceptual thinking and intelligent design together, to produce captivating solutions that always points to the marketing strategy. Online Portfolio: www.mattsmerrill.com

Matt Thomas

I am an Interactive Art Director living in Denver, CO. Clean, functional design is my passion, along with visually connecting people with brands. I specialize in brand identity, advertisement, and interactive design.

Matt Varnish

Matt "Varnish" Taylor is a Grammy award-winning art director and the proprietor of Varnish Studio Inc, founded in 2006. Varnish Studio Inc has worked with some of the most prominent names and brands in music and entertainment from Red Hot Chili Peppers to Blizzard Entertainment. Varnish prides itself on the ability to quickly adapt to a client’s needs and create compelling art and design across a wide spectrum of genres and applications. Varnish has extensive packaging experience and can provide complete production and manufacturing solutions in addition to the design. Over the years, Varnish has expanded its services to include the craft beer and restaurant industries, offering design, production, merchandising, packaging, websites and branding. In 2012, Varnish’s Lost Abbey Ultimate Box Set won the attention of the craft beer world as well as a BevStar award for “Most Innovative Product Collection.” After serving a 14-year creative tour of duty in the City of Angels, Varnish Studio Inc relocated to Denver and is loving its new home.

Matt Wengert

University of Nebraska-Lincoln senior focusing in graphic design and creative strategy

matt whitfield


Matthew Sharpe

Senior Art Director | rabble+rouser

Maureen Setsma

Senior Art Director

Max Pollak

Art Director & Web Entrepreneur

Megan Bryant

I have a strong work ethic and a positive attitude. I am a graduate of The Art Institute of Colorado with a Bachelor of Arts in Design Management, a major concentration in photography, and a minor concentration in graphic design. I am currently a multimedia developer II at The Breakaway Group, A Xerox Company. I am also a freelance graphic designer and photographer. I have been doing freelance work since 2007. I have experience in art direction and project management from managing a team of graphic designers while working on projects for a nonprofit organization, Safari Seconds. I also have marketing experience through an internship as a marketing assistant as well as through my freelance business. My interests include advertising, art direction, eLearning, graphic design, internal training, marketing, photography, and process improvement, project management.

Megan Johnson

I went to school at the University of Redlands in Southern California, where I majored in Studio Art. As well as art, music is also my passion. Music is in my everyday life, I love discovering new artists and going to live shows. I'm going to be new to the Denver area in a few weeks and am seeking a job in PR/music/art. I'm hardworking, organized, and very focused...and ready to start the next chapter of my life in Denver!

Megan Reddish

Most bang for your buck! This Syracuse grad is experienced in branding, packaging, web design, brochure and collateral design, environmental and exhibit design. She's fresh out of college and can't wait to get her hands on brands! She may be in Connecticut but distance makes us stronger. Hire her for some freelance work!

Meredith Williamson

Very talented Interactive Art Director with 14 years of creating engaging digital experiences.

Mia Nogueira

Art Direction Advertising and Communication student at University of Colorado at Boulder, also a team member of BOULDERcreatives!

Michael Connolly

Colorado Art Director + Graphic Designer currently living in Bonn, Germany

Michael Dusing

Freelance digital art director, flash coder, UX consultant/designer, 3D artist and blogger. My talents include design, strategy, digital thinking and integration. I like to get my hands dirty and continuing to learn. Doer, Thinker, Maker. Born in Iowa and living in Denver, CO. World traveler and French speaker. Follow my eats and craft beer obsession on Forkly and Untappd.

Michael Dusing

Doer, Thinker, Maker. Freelance digital art director, UX consultant/designer, 3D artist and blogger. My talents include design, strategy, digital thinking and integration. Born in Iowa and living in Denver, CO. World traveler and French speaker. Follow my eats and craft beer obsession on Forkly and Untappd.

Michael Emmerson

I'm currently a freelance art director that has the ability to design a variety of print collateral such as brochures, flyers, advertisements, packaging, trade show marketing materials, retail POP displays. I strive to consistently produce dramatic results for my clients each and everyday.

Michael Graham

Designer, photographer, developer and equestrian - more to come

Michael Hartmann

I am an extremely hard working young man, who desperately needs to be a part of a creative community where I can thrive. I graduated with a BFA and business minor almost a year ago. I really want to work for a business where I can demonstrate the skills which I have gained through my studies. I am reliable, friendly, and down-to-earth.

Michael King

I make things look cool. I've worked with: The Onion, Examiner.com, Prime Books, Sakura Publishing, The Nix Bros, Machinima.com, as well as myriad authors, publishers, comedians, brewers, musicians, and fellow creative minds both local and national.

Michael Maciolek

Denver based art director/beardpuncher.

Michael P McCoy

I'm a senior-level advertising art director with seven years of experience, primarily in the categories of food and aviation. I'm well-versed in all the Adobe Creative Suite programs for print and motion, and I'm currently attending the CU Boulder Digital Works grad program so I can become dangerous in web development as well. Then I'll be unstoppable!!! Also, I'm from Kansas, so hills and mountains scare me.

Michael Sizemore

I'm Michael Sizemore - a Designer living and working in Denver, Colorado. I specialize in brand identity, illustration, print, web and packaging design. My design sensibilities are derived from a great love of typography and user functionality. I strive to communicate ideas well and solve problems through clean, modern, tasteful design. Design plays an integral part in my life and I love all aspects of it. I tend to grab inspiration from the environment and history among other things, but this changes and evolves constantly. I am definitely a people person who loves interacting with the design community, be it with clients or other design professionals.

Michael Steeby

Freelance Art Director

Michael Vinluan

Digital Art Director and Photographer

Michael Wilson

Philly. New Zealand. New York. Next stop: Denver. Art Direction. Illustration. Interactive. Print. Branding. Posters. Marketing. Advertising. Willing to take on any challenge.


I specialize in creating strategic, engaging user experiences that live across multiple media, including online, print, TV and point-of-sale. My passion for interactive media comes from the early days of discipline, when in 1995, I saw the potential of the early web and left the world of traditional art direction to focus on building brands on and off line.

Mike Hagy

I am a passionate designer with nearly a decades worth of experience with print/interactive design, art direction, and print production.

Miles McIlhargie

Creative Development & Brand Management

Monte Mead

Partner at Cultivator Advertising

Morgan McDonald

I'm an Art Director who loves the outdoors, is obsessed with details, and loves adventure. Give me a shout if you like my work.


Naomi WIlcox

As a Coloradoan through and through, I spend most of my non-working hours pedaling, hiking and running around the Colorado backcountry. I joined Integer 3 months ago and I'm loving every minute of it. What a phenomenal company to work for. http://integer.com/ naomivictoria.com

Nathan Telford

I am a student at FHSU majoring in Graphic Design. I have attended FHSU for 5 years and have an Internship at Sullivan Higdon & Sink in Wichita, KS. Recently, I have had an Internship with WBO. Co. designing logos for starting businesses and also hold a job with DSNWK working with a student to design projects for her schooling. Creative planning by using conceptual thinking, design, layout, drawing, and typography (which is my favorite) Extensive knowledge of Macintosh Computers Programs used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Flash Epson Printers used: Pro 4880, Pro 7700, Pro 7880

Nathan Winter

I’m a Visual Designer with experience in UX, UI, Digital Publishing and Branding currently residing in the Greater Denver Area.


- Not Available

Nik Ridley

“Innovation is borne of beans and rice…working with what one has – which is never enough…a healthy blindness…a willingness to discard “safety” for inspiration and the boldness to BE oneself…It is guts…not being married to “knowing” everything, all the time…it is not a weekly paycheck…it is not for the weak, either…it is not for the quitter. INNOVATION IS THE DOMAIN OF THE COURAGEOUS.” – NR Artist Statement: I am an interdisciplinary artist. Music, Word, and Design are the foundations that I lay my work upon, and I incorporate them in all that I do. My perspective is that all forms of art are, in their bare essence, shades of the same Source. I believe that the “shades” are mirrors, and an outlet for humanity to experience itself, learn, and grow.

Noah Dempewolf

I'm a multi-disciplinary designer, digital craftsman and lover of great sandwiches.

Noel Adolph

art director/copywriter working in san francisco

Pablo Colomban

I am currently the Art Director at a magazine publishing house where I have been in charge of two magazine titles for the past 8 years. My duties have included magazine layouts, proof checks, giving art direction to photographers, artists, etc., and working with editors to create the publications. I have also gained valuable experience in press check, proofing, creating advertisements, social media, web sites, and posters. I was recently in charge of launching the new tablet version of a magazine title. I have also been partnering with the design firm, Green Jeans Creative to create logos, brochures, stationary, etc.

Pam Stone

Accomplished Sr. Art/Creative Director with more than twenty years’ experience formulating and executing memorable visual communications and brand-marketing strategies. Highly practiced in production and project management. Veteran of numerous product launches. Team leader effectively motivating troops with opportunities to show what they can do on plum projects. Inspired photographer skilled in location shooting and photo direction. Manager of content providers and other vendors. Dedicated to finding the most cost-effective and innovative solutions for all challenges.

Patrick Anders

Digital Strategy & Creative

Patrick van den Broek

Patrick is an award winning Art Director, digital creative and illustrator and fine artist. He has brought his unique approach to develop and implement successful campaigns and digital applications for IBM, HP, Remy Martin, Michigan State University and more.


Peju Alawusa an Art director /designer with over 8 years of experience designing print, interactive and promotional media for brands such as Miller Coors, Remy Amarique, Cleo Parker Robinson, Denver Pan African Arts Society and The Kaleidoscope Project. Peju is Sharp. Intuitive. Patient. Comfortable in a fast-paced multi-project environment. Passionate for color and typography with a strong, clear message. "i am a result driven, highly creative thinker." I am a creative designer with an integrated marketing background. I am a team player who designs with the team and help the team design. I work on projects that include brand development, corporate identity/collateral, retail program development, web and print media publishing, email marketing, marketing and promotion.

Pendleton Than

Passion for solid design and delivering compelling art. My experience includes developing conceptual designs into refined products. Communicating through the media arts is a powerful skill that is honed from studios such as Authority FX in Vancouver as well as several small firms in Colorado. The realm of multimedia is a powerful tool when used collectively as a team. Revitalizing and capturing corporate energy to best represent companies along with their vision is my goal, whether it be 2D or 3D.

Pete Alwan

Art Director // Senior Designer

Peter McEwen

Creative Director at dojo4.com

Peter Stumpp

With over 20 years experience I have the ability to think up, develop and create on target work. I am more than just a designer I come with a wealth of knowledge that makes me valuable in strategy and innovation too.

Rachel Johnson

Hello everyone ! my name is Rachel and i am am a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communications of Advertising Design graduating from the Savannah College of Art and Design. I have experience in art direction, copy writing, as well as graphic design, and social media. I just finished an intership at juice communications in Denver and am just starting up helping a designer from NYC start up a branch of his company here in Denver.

Rebecca M. Raymond

I am a recent gratuate of UNC with a degree in Visual Arts: emphasis in panting. I would love to be a part of the creative process and I am currently looking for an internship to gain more experience in that field.

Richard Page

Freelance creative/art director based in New Orleans, Louisiana

Rob Solomon

Strategic Creative, Client Service & Sales, Sculptor & Badass Grillmaster

Robb Taft

Hands on creative leader with a proven record of successfully selling ideas, motivating and inspiring teams, delivering superb creative under tight deadlines, and designing complex initiatives which spark results.

Ron Van Harpen

I've been working as a Creative Director; Art Director; Designer; Illustrator and Sculptor since 1992. My experience has been primarily in the realm of New Product development/Consumer Goods--Gift; Seasonal; Toys; Home and Collectibles. But I also have solid experience in conventional Design and Marketing Agency work as well. In addition--I am experienced and at-home as a formal presenter of campaigns and product line launches. Beyond that--I'm a Good Guy! I have great energy which allows me to work hard and to also laugh and have fun with the people I work with AS we are getting the job successfully executed. I've known real career success--both professional and financial, but I come from a very humble background and am not afraid to have to 'prove myself all over again' if the situation would ever merit having to do so. I was raised with solid values; I have never equated money as the yard stick measure to happiness. Happiness is about richness of life--which is I love Colorado!

Rory Overdorff

As a Communication Designer I am inspired by other artists; I constantly seek new sources of art and media to draw influence from. It is any person who uses their hands to create, however, that influences me the most. Watching my mom cook a meal, or my friend work on his bike - that's the kind of thing that inspires me. In turn, I hope my work will inspire others and spark conversations for future artists. Design is my passion. It engulfs my entire being. I have always had a need to create, whether it be painting a canvas, snapping a photo, or simple doodles in class. Passion is infectious, and good design should always exemplify passion. It also doesn't hurt that I'm a bad ass who can play a fierce game of badminton. I currently reside in Boulder, Colorado and in 2012 I graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver with a BFA in Communication Design.

Ross Evertson

Art & Design

Roy Kaufman

I believe in the idea. It should drive the campaign, no matter the media. Idea first, with compelling and flawless execution driven by media that makes sense for the person we are trying to reach. Now lets do some storytelling!

RT Herwig

Creative Director/Art Director with a reputation for conceptual thinking. I'm focused on creating unique multi-platform stories and compelling brand experiences. I enjoy leading the creative process, motivating teams, building agency culture and staying in touch with what's next.

Ryan Casey

I'm Ryan, an interactive art director & designer. I believe in creating systems that solve problems, and look beautiful doing it. I think that great work comes from great client relationships. And really, I just like to make great things.

Ryan Meloy

Born in San Francisco. Raised on the coast of Florida, living large in Charleston, South Carolina. I’ve been obsessed with design and detail for as long as I can remember. After graduating with a degree from the Art Institute in Fort Lauderdale, I have been a student of the creative industry and haven’t looked back. I’ve built and managed brands from the ground up, worked as Art Director for a mid-size agency, owned an actual light saber, and had my work published. I’ve worked for the most recognized brand in the country training customers on pro programs, and worked as a consultant in the creation of a local creative community for entrepreneurs. I am currently located in Charleston, SC. I am extremely interested in relocating to the Denver/Boulder area. I have been looking to experience a new part of the country, and would be willing to relocate for the right position.

Sam Chandler

Art Director currently living in St. Louis, looking to come to Denver ASAP.

Samuel Schimek

Artist / Designer / Guru I live and work in Denver, CO using my art and design as a way to explore the relationship between fine art, design, and business. I promote collaboration with other artists through my projects within 15 min. and YesPleaseMore.

sandy bassett

I am new to the Front Range, and ready to take on your next project. I would like to bring my passion for great design to create successes for your company and clients. I have a great work ethic, and I love to learn something new every day. I delight in providing strong, successful design solutions. I am a self-motivated and innovative designer with a wide range of work experiences including logos, publications, catalogues, brochures, direct-mail and POS pieces, corporate communication literature and presentations, photography, art direction, packaging, advertising agency work and website creation and maintenance. To view and download a pdf of my case studies portfolio, please go to: http://www.scribd.com/xandybassett

Sara Marker

At design tree, we create custom & distinctive identity,collateral & interactive design solutions. Our goal is to reach the tip of every branch — creating and executing strategies to reach the right people and achieve your company goals.

Sarah Jensen

::: Designer / Art Director / Brand Manager ::: Denver transplant from Portland, Oregon with broad design experience in retail, publishing & advertising. Looking for the next big career move where I can fully utilize my talents, be inspired & feel like part of the Denver creative community. I know you're out there somewhere! Take a gander at my website and let's talk. We could be stellar together.

Scott McClure

Creativity runs deep in my veins and I often see the world from a unique perspective. I've honed a career in advertising but still consider myself a designer at the core of my mentality and process. I love to collaborate and thrive in a fast-paced team environment. I have a blend of expertise in both traditional media and digital/mobile experiences, having worked for high-end corporate clients, small start-ups and almost everything in between. I'm rarely bored, often inspired, versatile, ambitious and looking for the next big problem to solve.


Senior Designer (Marketing and Product)

Sean F. Hosley

Creative director/designer

Sean Grimes

I am originally from Arizona where I hated the heat, but developed the love and skills of design. I worked as a graphic designer there for about a year before Hurley and I packed up and traded the Grand Canyon State for beautiful Colorado. I spent the best two years of my life in Denver before I decided to take a risk and move across state lines again. This time, I headed to San Francisco to study advertising at Miami Ad School. Shoot me an email if you would like to chat about a project.

Sean Ryan

As an art director and designer, I strive to deliver elegant and thoughtful design across a broad range of platforms. From art direction and visual design of web interfaces to product UI design of next generation devices and platforms each project presents a new opportunity to innovate and an experience in which to learn. During my career, I’ve applied my knowledge of design and interaction to numerous projects for well-known clients such as Google, Microsoft, Pentax, Nokia, Samsung, Callaway Golf and the National Parks Foundation. My work has been featured in the Communication Art Interactive Annual, and recognized by the SXSW Interactive Conference, Dope Awards, Hive Awards, Webby Awards and the American Design Awards. Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to work with some amazing people at Texturemedia, FL2, Method and Factory Design Labs .

Shane Grajczyk

Not your typical creative. I go beyond the "box" to create unique designs that captivate and won't let go. Some call it engaging, others call it gifted. I call it me. I live and breathe creativity. I'm most alive when I have a mouse, Wacom or pencil in my hand. I'm not typical. I'm a director of art. Specifically, for the last 8 years I've worked as Lead Designer/Art Director, providing support for various clients. I love being able to bring ideas to life. Plain and simple. It's something that many want to do, but few truly can.

Smithwood Drive

Multi-disciplinary and collaborative design, ideation, strategy. Lending gray matter, wit and concepts for brands big and small, for-profit and non, since 2000.


SP3KTR(spek-ter) likes to make bright and shiny things for you to enjoy while listening to music.

Spence Trierweiler

Art Director. Denver. 4 years. Tourism to food and fashion work. Print. Interactive. Collateral. Identity. TV. Photo-shoots. Outdoor. Non-traditional. Concepting. Snowboard/Skateboard/Ski Design. One Show Student Merit. Leo Burnett Worldwide Student Award Winner. Denver 50 Award Winner. 2009 Telly Award Winner. Microsoft Worldwide SharePoint Design Honors. Art Director's Club of Denver Award Winner. Art showing at Access Gallery, Denver. Dogs. Live music. Recorded music. Boisterous merriment and laughter.

Spencer Schutz

Art Director at Mondo Robot

Srey Pen

Art Director /// Graphic Designer /// Exacto-knife Ninja Master

Stacie Karle

I've been doing what I do for around 17 years now. What is it that I do? Everything under the sun. I like to call it mutton busting but some refer to it as art direction, graphic design, image retouching and project management. I enjoy doing doing the down and dirty meticulous production jobs like clipping, color correction etc.

Stan Lee

First name Stan. Last name Lee.

stefania pruscino

I'm a freelance stylist and blogger. I'd love to collaborate with models, photographers, and editors to learn and grow as a fashion stylist and writer. My dream job would be to become an editor for a fashion magazine. I'm eager to begin my journey into the fashion world and would appreciate any and all help to gain a job in this exciting field. Blog: http://www.effyseyeliner.blogspot.com/

Steph Hayden

Steph Hayden is an Advertising and Digital Design dual degree student at CU Boulder, minoring in Technology, Arts, and Media. Still recovering from her brief stint in the school of engineering, Steph is thankful to have found her niche in Art Direction (although programming still makes a fashionable appearance every now and again). Steph sums up her passions as art and words, although she recognizes it’s more complicated than that. Most days, Steph can be found stuffing her face with delicious food, obsessing over well-written television, pretending to read palm lines (if she likes you), and trying really really hard to impress her 12-year-old self. Steph’s biggest aspiration is to make super-cool beautiful things and people watch like it’s her career. If you see her on the street, feel free to pretend you’re her best friend with a super secret handshake. She’ll go along with it

stephen beneski

Working hard to design fun, strategic, creative solutions for businesses world wide.

Stephen Fitzgerald

Concept / Design / Direction for advertising

Steve Faramelli

Thanks for taking the time to check out my graphic design and illustration. My name is Steve Faramelli, and I’m an Art Director - Graphic Designer - Illustrator. I can be reached at srf@freshandmodern.com. Art/creative director and graphic designer with extensive experience. Excellence in art direction, creating, designing with others, and generating unique visual solutions for a variety of business directives. Inspired by creative challenges and conceptual thought which lead to business results. Background includes graphic design, illustration, as well as managing a team of graphic designers. Strong knowledge of sales teams, working with field teams and connecting sales to marketing. Specialties: Art Direction,Creative Direction,Visual brand development and implementation, Creative team management, Advanced graphic design skills, Advanced illustration skills, Advanced Adobe CS software knowledge, Pre-press and print production knowledge

Steve Lopez

I am a native of Denver and Colorado and have worked in the advertising and marketing field for 25 plus years. I provide design solutions for print and web as well as art direction. My family is my greatest priority, followed by my friends. I am an avid fly fisherman who enjoys catching but is more concerned with the resource. And, I would like to spend more time painting.

Steve Thomas

I've been working as a senior-level creative professional (creative director/senior art director) in the advertising industry in Kansas City for the past 20+ years. My family is planning to relocate to the Denver area soon, so I'm working to explore opportunities in the market.

Steven Burns

Creative Director in Denver, Colorado

Stuart Confer // stuartconfer@gmail.com // 720 988 7427

I have been creating things ever since I was little. For example, I made a large pulley system off my tree house and attached a wrecking ball. My parents are so glad that I found a career where I can continue that creativity and not destroy their Ford Taurus. If anyone wants to come over and screenprint, let me know. Pass around tricks / pointers.

Tanya Jacobson

Prolific, innovative, results-oriented creative powerhouse with 20+ years invaluable full-service experience across all channels–online and off. Resilient, flexible and detail-oriented strategic thinker, conceptual designer and hands-on production. Strong photo composition, typesetting and layout skills. Proven ability to lead and develop diverse, cross-functional teams. Consistently delivering solutions that are fresh, unexpected, market moving, award winning and revenue generating.

TaRosa Jacobs

Wishlist Vintage is an outstanding resource for creative projects of all kinds. Since starting out as Thriftonista in 2007, the ever-evolving Wishlist collection has styled photo shoots, fashion shows and independent film. The Wishlist collection is available to filmmakers, commercial producers, designers and anyone else who needs quality wardrobe and/or styling for a shoot or event. The collection is available on a rental basis with a signed contract or can be sold at reasonable rates. Wishlist also works closely with a classically trained photographer and we can put together a team that will help to style and photograph your projects. Wishlist Vintage is committed to supporting the Denver creative community and all forms of creative expression. Contact us to find out how we can help your vision become a reality. WISHLIST VINTAGE IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC AND ALWAYS AVAILABLE BY APPOINTMENT.

Tayler Berger

I am seeking new challenging endeavors in the creative field. I have been in the creative advertising business as an Art Director for 4 years now. I have been on numerous accounts (Pepsi, Applebee's & Pizza Hut). My philosophy is to make your hobby your career. My team called me a hybrid because I am an unusual creative, in that I can create and I am organized. I previously worked at TracyLocke in Dallas. Every team I have been on has been fast and furious, therefore, I work well within tight timelines. Check out my work on taylerisawesome.com. I am very enthusiastic and optimistic. My rate per hour is $65 for freelance. Tayler Berger 281.450.5253

Taylor Carpenter

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the ten years I’ve been helping build brands, it’s that ideas can come from anywhere. In fact, there’s no shortage of inspiration. The trick is to sift through it all and determine what revelations make a brand unique. What’s strategically appropriate. And doable in the client’s budget. I get that. My approach is high output with low BS and low maintenance. Of course, my husband might disagree with the last one, but hey, we’re talking advertising and marketing here, not spouses. Check out my work at taylorcarpenter.com Art Direction Graphic Design Web Design

Teri Gosse

I'm Teri, a UX designer at Markit on Demand. In my free time, I love going to concerts, reading books or watching movies, parties, cooking, camping, SCUBA, travel, sailing, interior decorating and wine. I live in Erie with my husband, daughter and furry friends.

Terisa Bradley

Award-winning graphic designer and art director experienced with corporate identity, packaging, print collateral, advertising, annual reports, web and multimedia. Special emphasis on conceptual design and communication goals, high attention to detail. Comfortable with information architecture, project management and business development.

Terry O'Leary

A CD/ Senior Art Director with years of experience branding companies from 15 different categories. Executing broadcast, print, direct mail, logos and the web. Went to Parsons School of Design and worked in New York at Ogilvy, Bozell, and DDB before coming to Denver to work at TTD along with freelancing at a number of agencies. Has crafted advertising strategies along with executing creative campaigns.

Thomas Seidl

I am an Art Director and Artist located in in Denver, CO- looking for the next step on this journey. Please have a look at my portfolio, resume and bio at www.stormcloudimages.com to find out more about me and my work- ~Thanks Thomas

Tiffany Furman

Fun loving girl from Nebraska.


I specialize in branding, print campaigns and digital media, and also have management experience within an agency. Winning Addys and numerous other awards is a nice bonus, but my true passion is for rockin' creative

Todd Stanich

Interactive Design intern, Northern Michigan University Art & Design Student, and freelance designer

Todd Van Fleet

Hi there. I’m Todd Van Fleet. With over 12 years experience in design and photography. My experience ranges from production to photography to creative direction, and I’ve honestly touched everything in between. In everything I do, I’m proud to say I’m a dedicated, hard worker. When I’m not working, I’m working. Well, it’s technically work, but it’s also a passion. I shoot cruiser bikes in landscapes. Actually, I shoot all sorts of things on the side, but cruiser bikes are what really brings out the best in me. I also helped found PICS – Photographers in Community Service. It’s a partnership with Habitat for Humanity to take family portraits of the receivers of a Habitat house so when they move in, they’ll have something to hang on the wall. I would love the opportunity to contribute to your company's success! Oh yeah, in my free time I'm a Senior Art Director at the Integer Group. Contact me: phone: 303.246.8633 email: Todd@ToddVanFleet.com web: www.toddvanfleetdesigns.com

Tony Thielen

I have learned through trial and error that great insights come from the combined knowledge of my experiences. These experiences have given me the ability to think differently, analyze objectively and produce magnificently. I am (replace with any fragment below). a student. a dog person. a boyfriend. a homeowner. a DIYer. an uncle. a triathlete. a beer & brats kind of guy. a damn good friend. a zombie nut. a Mad Men watcher. not the man you wish your man smelled like. a Gemini. a hockey player. someone who looks forward to the next challenge. in love. driven. curious. competitive. independent. rebellious. direct. sarcastic. well-traveled. thankful. The culmination of all I am has led me to see past the obvious and into the obscure, to offer up a unique perception, and to realize I can experience even more.

Tory Dawson

Talkative, imaginative, furry-animal-loving, espresso-chugging, awkward-hugging, twenty-something-year-old TV-show nerd obsessed with the ad world.

Travis Menke

Artist looking to shine.

Tu Phan

I am currently at student at the University of Colorado at Boulder pursuing degrees in both Advertising and Linguistics. I have experience across multiple fields as well - I was an undergraduate researcher, with funding from the NIH Scholars program, and now serve as the head graphic designer/art director for the CU Environmental Center. Going forward, I seek hands-on experience within the advertising and marketing industry bringing my experiences from areas unrelated to the field such as scientific academic research and non-profit management.

Tyler James Glasser

I am a student at the University of Colorado, Denver for Digital design and Art History. My specialty is in Art directing, I have an eye for guiding people's ideas or my own in interesting and wildly creative paths. My inspiration comes from my favorite designers, Stefan Sagmeister, Erik Speakerman, and Michael Beirut.

uday khatri

I have a full working knowledge of print, photographic and design processes and experience in managing a creative team. I can progress work from initial brief through to finished art and liaise effectively with management, staff, photographers, illustrators, printers and suppliers. Uday offers solid, sophisticated and successful design solutions and approaches each project with creative flair. I've experienced working in the corporate world at large publishing, marketing and ad agencies. My goal is to bring that big world experience to our small more intimate studio. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Philosophy: Uday has been the Creative Director of his own company since 2007. He has a solid industry reputation for providing his clients with an excellent product, which is delivered on time and on budget. An innovative graphic designer and project coordinator, He offers a unique combination of sophistication, resourcefulness and visual sensibility. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I work remotely as I am based in Gujarat, India but work in the US, Canada, UK. I've completed many US, Canada and UK contracts. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My work Portfolio URL: http://www.coroflot.com/ukdesignstudio ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I execute each and every project using these key elements: Client Collaboration | Informative Communication | Immediate Response Enthusiasm | Creative, Strategic, Conceptual Thinking Deadline Accuracy | Extreme Eye for Detail ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I look forward to hearing from you! P: +91-93740 69644 / 96628 47478 Skype ID: ukartlife E: udaykhatri@hotmail.com ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Areas of Expertise: Logo, Corporate Identity, Packaging Design, Print Advertising/Marketing Material, Brochure Design, Signs & Displays, Website Design, Consulting and Implementation, Photography & Photo Editing. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Industry Experience: Fashion, Food and Beverages, Personal care, Home Decor, Automobile, Corporate, Construction, Energy, Oil, Information Technology, Electronics, Media, Advertising, Public Service, Entertainment, Real Estate, Insurance.

Urban Canvas

"It's better to fail in originality than succeed in imitation." - Herman Melville

Veronica V R Reeves

Director at NEXT Gallery, Denver, CO Artist - Painting, Drawing, Installation, Performance, Small Sculpture

W Breakell LLC

We specialize in user experience, design and story. Ideas that capture the defining moment, absorb the character of the message… a dance of light, sound, textures and color. Expressing the moment for others to share. It is with patience and experience that we are able to find the essence of the story and communicate that through substance and beauty.

Wally Hitchcock

ACD currently living in Mobile, AL.

Ward Woods

I am a motivated creative leader with 11 years’ experience in team building, managing, and executing innovative marketing solutions. My specific areas of expertise include: brand development, packaged goods, logo design, and website design & development. My goal is to exceed clients’ expectations. I believe it is crucial to effectively collaborate with clients and manage expectations, budgets, and deadlines to ensure that those priorities are surpassed.

William Carlson II

Where there's a Will, there's a Way. That's what I've been doing for the past 20+ years, designing, creating, and finding solutions.

Woody or Scott Schauer

Creative and dynamic communications professional with over 10 years of marketing, branding and advertising experience that has contributed to the success of family owned storefronts, national chains, e-commerce websites, and global corporations. Recognized for innovative and effective problem solving capabilities and a never-ending desire to continuously improve.


This candidate is a talented Art Director and Graphic Designer with 8 years of experience working in agency, in-house, and freelance settings and he has thrived in them all, cultivating new ideas into designs for actual pieces. He is hard working, dependable, and creative; kind of like you’re your childhood dog, but he can concept and design. This is the man you need to hire to get the job done

Zachary Pollack

I am a graduate of Boston University looking to get my foot in the door in marketing and media in the Denver area.

Zack Davis

The saying "Jack of all trades" can sum up my experience throughout my life. At first I perceived this as a weakness, but then as I began to experience more, I saw that my knowledge of other skills were greater than many of my peers who were studying . I used this to my advantage and began to work harder on learning other technologies that could increase my design skills. I now consider being a “jack of all trades” as a strength , I am a quick learner and with my knowledge of many technologies I am able to reach goals that I once thought were impossible. My goals are to be able to manage an interactive design department bridging the gap between designers and programmers and creating new and exciting sites. I am constantly trying to learn new languages and train myself to code in unique ways with different technologies, pushing the boundaries of UI and information architecture. I believe the only way to truly immerse the viewer in your project is to know all of the technologies available and how to create a diverse interactive experience. I am a graduate of the University of North Texas ("Go Mean Green") with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design.

Zoe Lotus

Zoë Lotus (Heatwole) is a lefty. She was raised in the northeastern United States on a steady diet of cartoons, comics, and pasta. As an adult, not much has changed. She has a B.F.A. in Animation and intends to use it only for the power of good. Her main focus is in design, illustration, and art direction.

• Cole Sletten

Fluent visual communicator with an obsession for building better brand experiences, online and off.
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