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Art Direction

Egotist member

Aaron Adams

Experienced web pro with years of graphic design, web design, and social media expertise!

Aaron Ehrhardt

I am an ambitious creative with extensive experience in multimedia, social media branding, management, marketing, web and print design. My “healthy” obsession for perfection is satisfied with the consistent production of high quality work which is born from self motivation, my ability to work well in collaborative environments, and my eye for current design trends. I look forward to contributing my skill set and ability to work as a team player to drive new ideas and help to propel your business forward…. You can see my online portfolio @ www.justadlime.com

Aaron T Duran

Hello, My name is Aaron Duran and I am an ambitious mid-level creative professional. I have over 7 years experience working in digital design and layout as well as experience in various media ranging from charcoal drawing to digital art and design. However impressive that may seem it is greatly overshadowed by the fact that the Visual Arts have been my passion since I was only three years of age. Though the spectrum of my work was mostly stick figure at that time I must say that I learned a great deal about simplicity in communicating visual messages clearly and concisely. To add to that I have hands on experience with many other forms of the arts including but not limited to, music, poetry, video and photography (with expert knowledge and experience in each field). All of my qualifications aside, I believe that the most beneficial aspect of what I have to offer the design world is a unique look at different concepts and Ideas. That being said I believe that my exposure to multiple forms of expression and media has given me the tools that I need to successfully produce visually stimulating and compelling designs from the ground-up. Afterall, as an artist, I am looking to challenge myself and the rest of the artistic community to be something more than just cliché, or kitsch. I am a firm believer that as a designer I have the responsibility to not only create captivating images, but I also to create things that are unique, original and brand specific. Taking all of that into consideration, I do believe that my hard-work ethic, my devotion to the arts, and my lifelong desire to keep creating are the characteristics that most set me apart from other designers. Afterall, I believe that anyone can add text to an image and call it a day, but it takes true talent and desire to be the best designer that one can be. I thank you for your time and consideration and assure you that you are making a great decision, if you choose to move forward with me as your designer. Sincerely, Aaron T. Duran

Abby R.

My passion is creating powerful and dynamic marketing videos, graphics and copywriting. I combine my high-tech video/graphic experience with a gift for exceptional marketing strategies for client needs – resulting in unique business marketing campaigns. How did I get here? Over 6 years of industry experience with various companies and freelance projects. Also, a degree from UW-Stout in Graphic Communications Management with an minor in Business Administration and emphasis in Marketing & Video Production. I'm a driven, excited, creative, hard working and reliable individual...always looking for the next great opportunity. Specialties: Video editing, Adobe Premiere, After Effects, writing and editing scripts, video production, video post production, sound editing, problem solving, copywriting, pre-press, digital print, multi-tasking, production artist, offset printing, color management, graphic design, marketing, teamwork, creative thinking, management skills, Adobe Creative Suites, Final Cut Pro, self-driven, written and oral communication, catalogs, color correction & variable data.

Abstract Symmetry Design Studio

ABSTRACT SYMMETRY is a multi-disciplinary studio whose projects include web, print, identity + branding. The following is a selection of work that displays my range of art direction, design and web development. I have over 10 years of agency, client-side and freelance experience. I have worked with various clients across multiple communication channels demonstrating results-based success.



Adam Allen

Adam Allen has initiated industry research for further understanding of client’s brand, product and customers. He has ensured the quality and craft of assigned projects before public release. He has a mastery of visual executions for all forms of media: print, package, apparel and web. Over his career Adam has collaborated with photographers and copywriters to execute creative concepts for a variety of companies: beauty, financial, mobile technology, fashion and event promotion. He completes packaging projects from concept to market with his expertise in offset, flexographic, and screen printing techniques.

Adam Kendall

I like creativity, brainstorms, good ideas, over thinking, problem solving, when my team wins, snow, and good design. I don't like salads, when people use "idk," mean people, mainstream music, and being bored. And I love Emma Stone.

Adam Lichty

As an art director, I am involved in every step of a project. From conception to the finished product, I oversee the visual components of advertisements, social media, editorial pieces and promotional materials. Excellent creative work requires control over the details. I plan extensively beforehand with a multi-faceted approach to storyboarding, from the overarching concept down to a detailed set of shot lists, so time on set is maximized. This is imperative to increase productivity and ultimately reduce cost, but also sets us up to have the freedom to seize the inspiration that inevitably comes forth during the production. I collaborate with everyone so when shooting starts, they can focus more on capitalizing on that inspiration than working out any kinks. Anyone can handle the details, but knowing that the details exist to aid creative inspiration is what results in a client’s optimum satisfaction. The business side is as important to art direction as the creative and I work with a range of budgets to produce quality tailored results each time. I’ve also produced shoots in connection with brand liaisons for co-op advertising, another way to reduce costs at the benefit of the client and brand relationships. I also invite communication up to the level of coders, whom with we communicate a stronger sense of digital infusion into the work, like having rich data sets associated with images, empowering them to generate automated accurately targeted advertising. Collaborating with graphic designers and coders who can utilize the creative work to establish effective marketing campaigns is key to adding extra value to productions and the success of the client. @MrJadaml

Adam Nelson

Art Director

Adam Obendorf

Peak bagger, river rat, powder junkie, designer. Currently an art director at Faction Media. Represent E.Colfax.

Adelina Green

Because I believe that progress is required, I like to push the envelope by creating elegant, clean, usable design for print, web and other digital sources. My obsession with perfection and attention to details is haunting me in everything I create. Building from the foundations of art, design and coding, I like push the boundaries through beautiful typography, good color choice, interesting layouts and great solutions. I have been called an over-achiever, but the knowledge and desire is unstoppable. I’m currently in Seattle, Washington and willing to relocate to Colorado in the near future.

Adriana Tamayo

I have graduated from RISD with a Certificate in Advertising Design and previously a bachelors in Psychology majoring in consumer behavior. I have frequently done free lance projects for advertising agencies while I was studying, ranging from market research to advertising design projects. The combination of working while studying has given me the theoretical and practical knowledge of the marketing and advertising domain. After school I worked in NYC for a year gaining further experience in my field giving me 2 years work experience total. I currently visit several online design magazines and forums, to help keep me in touch with the latest developments in the industry and allow me to interact with other marketing and advertising professionals. I love to get involved in my work and usually go beyond what is required. I am confident that I can make a substantial contribution to your company. I work well under pressure, am reliable and carry out tasks in a thorough, precise manner. I am a fast learner and meet challenges head-on finding ways to effectively complete multiple projects -as my referees will vouch for. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss my application further. Sincerely, Adriana Tamayo

Agnieszka Puchala

Originally from Poland, now I am a Orange County based, experienced designer who delivers visuals and branding strategies for web, as well as print. I've worked for high-end corporate clients, small start-ups and everything in between. • Logos/Brand identity • Press Materials • Website design, on-line banners and email blasts • Print ads, pubs • Signage (including billboards and outdoor) • Corporate collateral • Photographic art direction As an interdisciplinary one-stop shop, merging high-end design sensibility with technical expertise in various related media and platforms, I'm a flexible, perfect fit for your business or project. Available on a per-project, freelance basis.

Agustina de la Plaza

Based in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, Freelo specializes in print and packaging design, and in thinking outside the box! With 10 years of experience in the field, and a lot of passion and understanding of it, we can handle any kind of project you bring to our table. Let's make dreams and ideas come true!

Alan Hesker

Currently, I serve as the Design Studio Manager for National Jewish Health. I am an award-winning Creative Director and Designer and an expert at creating and implementing corporate brand initiatives. I specialize in corporate identity and branding, campaign development, retail environments, environmental design, annual reports, corporate and consumer collateral, promotions, packaging, special events, magazines, catalogs, advertising and online design. For my resume and additional work samples, please contact me at alanbarryhesker@gmail.com, or call me at 720 209 8150.


To learn more about me and see my work, please visit my website.

Alexander Diner

I’m a thinker, maker and builder with focus in the areas of art direction and user experience design. I love to work with good people and build awesome things.

Alexandra Sobiecki


Allison Jackson

A highly adaptable designer with in-house design experience in both the outdoor and publishing industries, I'm currently looking for full time work and excited to relocate to the Denver/Boulder area. With 8 years of experience as a designer, most of my experience has come from smaller teams where I've often sketched initial concepts for projects that I also later press-checked. I manage projects, advise interns, and mentor junior designers. In college, I studied magazine journalism as well as design and today, my passion still lies in holistic communication for niche audiences. Teams energize my work, boundaries give clarity, and I never mistake en-dashes for em-dashes. I have the vision of an art director but the detail of a production designer. My Strengthsfinder Profile: Adaptability, Individualization, Ideation, Strategic, Maximizer.


As a young designer, I am always looking for new creative challenges. Driven and imaginative, I am constantly striving to better myself by learning new skills, ideas, and techniques to solve problems. I love what I do and thrive in the challenges being a designer presents. I aim to be the best, do the best, and inspire others to reach their potential through simple, interesting, and well-planned design.

Alyx Chapman

In the Spring of 2013, I will graduate with a major in Digital Design from the College of Architecture and Planning with a minor in Technology, Art, and Media at the University of Colorado. All summed up, I am going to be a well rounded within the field of digital art. I love graphic design. A few years ago, my major was actually Architecture. I took one class on digital media and knew that I needed to pursue that path. I've always had an eye for geometries and space. I use those abilities in my all my designs from architectural to vector.


I am a recent Boulderite with a love of all things art. I am an art director in a love affair with graphic design. I am passionate about great packaging and setting the tone for a brand. I believe information can be artful and art can be informational. My desire is to turn advertising into a welcomed form of artistic expression that combines brand truths with high design.

Amanda Ringel

Art Director at Amelie Company

Amanda Villalobos

Give it all you got, good is never enough, let’s make it better, hurry up and solve, kind of gal seeks big hearty budgets to manage, hairy problems to solve, and inspirational people to collaborate with. Thinks macro, plays fair, gets her hands dirty, and still feels an adrenaline rush when she’s up to present her ideas. Likes Helvetica, but prefers hand drawn type, abhors structure but likes Haiku, and knows how to be organized to get it done. Loves singing with the mariachi, painting with filbert brushes, cooking with saffron, and run on sentences that end in 4-letter prepositions. Has collaborated on killer projects with amazing people, which she now calls friends and insists on feeding them home-cooking because her mama taught her well. Loves a challenge, doesn’t comprehend why people get bored, and will always take one for the team. So now that you know where to find her, please, touch base so that you and she can make beautiful design together, solve big beefy communication problems (on time and within budget of course), and bring ideas to life.

Amy Kaffka

I was always told growing up, if you don't do it, someone else will. I came into the design industry knowing very little. All I knew was that I was passionate about it, and that with time and dedication, I would get there. So I put my head down, observed and listened with intent, taught myself what I didn't know, and here I am! An art director. I am able to design a magazine from start to finish, build an iPad app, create a business flyer, redesign a company's branding, and create a website - just to name a few. I multi-task like its second nature, stay organized like nobody's business, and always try to give more than is expected of me. I've never let what I don't know hold me back. I know that if I decide to not learn it, not try, and not push myself, then someone else will.

Amy Miller

I am a graduate the Art Institute of Colorado studying Design Management with a major in Photography and minor in Graphic Design. I was born and raised in Mound, MN. I moved out to Colorado for an adventure and fell in love. I enjoy skiing, tennis, golf, hiking, bike rides and photography.

Amy Taylor

Creative Director • Art Director • Graphic Designer • Project Manager • Team Lead With oodles of passion for marketing, branding and design, I'm a talented and experienced creative professional who: • strives for brand consistency • transforms marketing objectives into effective creative strategies • develops teams that produce on-time, on-budget, brand-accurate creative that works • speaks the languages of marketing and creative

Andres Garcia

I love building brands. And I have a passion for directing all aspects of creative through and through. Jack of all trades doesn't quite say it. With skills in every aspect of media production, I do a lot and I do it because I truly love it. My extensive time working and learning in media and marketing fields have given me a keen eye for editorial style and the many volunteer projects I've committed to have given me proven experience in leadership that can be counted on. I have a passion for brand identity design and love putting it to use as an Art Director. I believe it gives me the liberty to look at the big picture, but the perspective to be as nitpicky as possible for creating programs that just "fit".

Andrew Geppelt

more to come…

Andrew Krzysiak

Creative Director, Pivot Communication – A member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts, Andrew is a visual problem solver who has been leading creative teams in the design of cohesive print, online and mobile media campaigns since 2005. He specializes in taking complex messages and boiling it down to a universally understood design, and has an advanced understanding and command over a variety of professional design programs, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. As a back-country guide for over 10 years, Andrew’s experience outdoors has spawned enough stories to fill countless evenings around the fire pit. He enjoys collaboration, wandering in the mountains and the color blue.

Andrew McGuire

Creative gun for hire able to do that whole under-promise and over-deliver thing that everyone seems to like. Creative/art direction, content strategy and production chops in social/web/mobile/broadcast. Able to jump in and add value at any point of the process from initial strategy to conceptual development to full-service production. Recently with Denver's Impossible (www.impossible.tv) as CD branding TV networks and previous at Saatchi & Saatchi's Team One leading integrated advertising and brand campaigns for Lexus, Ritz-Carlton, and Belkin.

Andrew Nolte

I'm a Senior Art Director/Designer with over thirteen years of professional design and art direction - identity, brand development, web, print, etc. I'm a driven creative that contemplates composition, font selections, custom icons, UX, layout, and unconventional color palettes daily. Left and right brained with a healthy knowledge of development, Wordpress modification, CSS, and obsession over details and bringing concepts to life—true to the original vision. Fell in love with Denver in 2009 on a visit and moved here within a month after returning home. I drink dangerous amounts of coffee.

Andrew Snider

I have 25 years experience in art direction / graphic design for the publishing, merchandising, marketing and advertising industries. The diversity of the work I've done is a reflection of my flexibility and commitment to produce results that meet and exceed the intended goals. My skills include, but are not limited to, concept development, design, art direction, assigning and directing photographers and illustrators, as well as executing illustration of my own. Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, pen and paper are my daily tools. The most important goal I have at this point in my career is to create work that helps people understand their world better in an honest way. Making a positive difference is as important as the bottom line for me. I will entertain any opportunity to contribute in this capacity as an Art + Creative Director or Graphic Designer with people who still believe that ideas can change the way we look and live in our world.

Andrew Thompson

My name is Andrew Thompson. I’m a self motivated guy. My passion is creating things. I like working with people, especially people who are smarter than I am. I enjoy learning new things and testing myself. I am addicted to my senses which explains my love of good art, good food and good sights. My passions are directed carefully and expressed with abandon.

Andria Marshall

Resident smarty pants and wrangler. when Andria isn’t cranking out very satisfying creative she is amassing brilliant teams and juggling jobs like any accomplished busker

Andy Burdin

I am an interactive designer with a penchant for creating groundbreaking digital experiences grounded in strategy, storytelling & craft. I've had the pleasure of working on campaigns large & small, including theatrical and television campaigns for Prometheus, The Hobbit, Ender's Game and brand work for Dodge, Capital One and more.

Andy Jepkes

I'm totally addicted to design! I can't help it. All I think about is what I'm going to create next. It might be a motion piece, or I might build something with sensors so that people can interact with it. I'm currently seeking work so maybe you have some ideas for me. Take a look at my brand new portfolio and shoot me a line if you're interested in working on something together.

Andy Mason

When you boil it down, I like things with strong colors, good type, and things that you wouldn't mind looking at everyday. Coming up with great ideas and great solutions is one of the most enjoyable and exciting experiences.

ann marie auricchio

Production Design, Art Direction, Scenic Arts for all Film, Video, and Theatrical Productions.

Anna Faye Hunter

I'm young and hungry.

Annelisa Armenta

looking for Art Director Internship or Junior Art Director position. I have a Bachelors of Arts-Advertising and went to Chicago Portfolio School. Ready to get into the advertising world! Will you be the one who gives me a chance? :)

Annie Herzig

I'm currently art directing and designing for the Rocky Mountain Region of Whole Foods Market, but am always seeking inspiring endeavors on the side. I am passionate about beautiful typography, hand lettering and illustration. I'm also passionate about anteaters and sloths (they're cousins, did you know?), eating quality food for every meal, making plants grow and serving as hard as I possibly can on the tennis court—it makes me feel powerful.

anthony castellano

Senior level AD/ACD. Available for freelance or full-time work. Passionate, easy to get along with and a brand new dog owner.

Ariella Jasmin

Talk to me!

Art Director / Designer / Education

A highly trained Art Director, Graphic Designer and Educator with 10+ years of experience. Proven abilities in managing talent, leadership, creative problem solving, managing daily operations and creating effective design. Effective in meeting my deadlines to always produce an outstanding result with any design style or need.

Arthur Marquez

I take pride in creating brands. With over 10 years experience in creative design and product development, i have learned what works and what doesn't work when designing brands and products to make them successful in the retail environment. I am a highly skilled multimedia designer but I also love to work with a team to throw ideas off each other . I like to guide all the right players doing what they do best. It creates amazing results.

Ashley Meyer

Hello There! I'm Ashley, a visual communicator that loves to splash beauty throughout my little corner of the world. My specialties include brand and logo development, print design and editorial layout. I also design stationary sets, invitation suites, event collateral, and dabble in prop styling. Calling Denver home, when I'm not at work I can be found thrifting, brunching or making pretty things for my etsy shop. Thanks for stopping by!

Ashlynn Dawes Haynes

An imaginative creative out of Denver, Colorado. I am fueled by great typography, interior design blogs, and the constant flow of NPR & coffee. I absolutely love colour, letter press, smart logos, beautiful kitsch, progressive environmental solutions and any design that makes me laugh out loud. I want to see the whole wide world designed.

Aubrey Wullschleger

Graduate from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a Bachelor of Journalism, concentration in creative advertising and emphasis in economics. I want to change the world by making work that moves people.
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