Venables Bell is out with really incredible "Look Inside" spot for Intel.

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The VB&P "Look Inside" work for Intel has yielded some pretty great stories so far, but we think this one takes the cake.

After reading an article about a lone doctor working in a solar-powered hospital in the Nuba Mountains, Sudan, and a boy named Daniel who lost both his arms during a bombing raid, Not Impossible Labs founder and CEO Mick Ebeling turned to technology to help. Armed with 3D printers, Intel 2-in-1s and spools of plastic, Ebeling traveled to South Sudan’s Yida Refugee Camp where he custom printed a prosthetic arm for Daniel. As a result, Daniel fed himself for the first time in two years. But Ebeling didn’t stop there. With Intel’s help, Ebeling went into the Nuba Mountains where Project Daniel established the world’s first 3D prosthetic printing lab and training facility, allowing Daniel’s village to continue making these prosthetics for others.

There's a host of other digital extensions to this one, including a Reddit AMA, Twitter engagement and more.



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