Side projects get you jobs.

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It's sad that ad students think side projects are more important than your actual portfolio. We guarantee that recruiters will take an A+ book featuring creative, well-thought-out ideas over a B+ book with some cool side projects. Just in case you'd still rather spend time on something other than your book, three Miami Ad School grads have come up with "Side Projects Get You Jobs."

Neil Lopez, Steve Torres and Tim Noble have created the site that helpfully generates an array of crazy, out-there side projects. Now you can skip connecting the idea and just straight into execution. Sigh…


Its good to know that ad students can't even use Photoshop anymore. How hard is it to adjust the bevel settings on the "metallic" type? I think your "bling" has blung.

Its good to know that designers in Boulder are still condescending douchebags. How hard is it to adjust your douche settings and offer constructive criticism? I think your douche has douched

Oh Anonymous, I'm glad I can depend on you to call me out! What I should have said was " Dear Neil Lopez, Steve Torres and Tim Noble, I don't know which one of you created the "blingy" logo for your side project that i saw posted on an advertising related website, but I have just a teensy weensy bit of constructive criticism. I think the logo could achieve a more realistic and finished look if you adjusted the "Bevel and Emboss" settings. Make sure the "style" pull down is set to "inner Bevel" and the "Technique" set to "Smooth". I would then adjust "Depth","Size" and "Soften" settings till your text appears to be made out of actual gold. Also, one last thing...I would make sure the smaller text is adjusted separately from the larger text, I will create a better illusion of real gold."
Once again, thank you Anon, I am truly humbled by being called a feminine hygiene product several times on a popular forum such as "the Denver Egoist".

"Douchebags are hygenic products so I take that as a compliment, thank you."

Man, you're a pretentious asshole. Do you feel better trashing students? maybe next you can go beat some grade schoolers at basketball.

It sucks neither of your parents ever showered you with any kind of praise. It's tough growing up in an unloving environment.

Perhaps someday you will realize it's all right not to be super special, and just be. Then you wouldn't feel the need to elevate yourself by trashing others.

give it a try.

@Anonymous (not verified)For the record, it's true. I am a pretentious asshole. I like to use a fake British accent and call my Barista "the help". With that said I don't see why you have to drag my parents and how they bath me into it. Sure the bleach stings a bit, but that's the only way to get the evil out isn't it. I wasn't going to re-butt your scandalous screed but you cut a little too close when you suggested I "go beat some grade schoolers at basketball" . You know I suck at hoops. Now if you had written ""go beat some grade schoolers WITH a basketball", I would have remained silent.

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