Oh Apple, where have you gone?

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You were inspiring. Then you were clever. Then you were cheeky. Then you were cool. Now you're... um... what exactly?


And what is exactly wrong with this TDE? How would you sell a phone purely on color?

Agree with the comment above.

And "where have you gone?" Really?

Actually like this a lot stylistically. They are trying to be sexy in a motion graphic manner. The process for this style of animation is intensely difficult. Pure and simple, its a technical spot showcasing the new metal and the fingerprint device.

SImple, to the point and beautiful to look at.

Quite refreshing to see something like this from Apple. It's execution is A+ and mesmerizing. Look forward to seeing more visual brand tidbits, like this, from Apple.

A step in a new direction will always be questioned...

I actually noticed this spot at my local bar the other day and it caught my attention right away, I was very impressed by the visuals. TDE likes to hate just as much as the commenters now it seems? lol

Agree with all above. Great fluid sims and technical artistry. Now, lets all just all calm down and get back to work criticizing the Colorado logo, K?

i like turtles

in the past apple has always let the simple genuine beauty of their designs to do the talking. they left it up to the other guys to dress up their products with the sci-fi treatment. with this they've lowered themselves by using that crutch.
that's why this feels like a step down to me.

I can't believe so many people are critiquing this on the "fluid sims" and technical crap.

There's no idea here. None.

Apple used to stand for "Think Different" or even "We're not a PC." This is just empty calories - something ANY brand could do.


Yeah empty calories like this....


this ad is dope. I don't know who changes hands at tde but the writing on the posts has been really fucking trite.

Anyone want to try to explain what the CONCEPT of this ad is?

Don't hurt your brains thinking too hard.

Does it make someone want one? By initial sell numbers I'd say it's done it's job just fine with or without the concept king's idea of a concept.

Why in the world does a concept always need to be present in communication?


Whoops - meant: ^^ -facepalm-

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