Holy mother of Christ. This is REAL.

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This is NOT a spoof. We repeat: This is NOT a spoof. This is a real product. And God help any kid whose parents buy this torture device.



This may be the first commercial ever to deploy the hair raising, full-body cringing, flashback-inducing sound of the dental drill. Am I wrong? I can't stop shaking.

When I was a kid, my dentist convinced me that I didn't need to have anesthetic to get a cavity filled. I tried it out and he was right. The grinding feeling is a little unnerving but there is no pain until you hit the root, which most cavities never get close to.

To this day, I insist that my dentists don't numb me before filling a cavity because I hate the numb feeling that lingers after I leave the office.

So you probably could fill a small cavity painlessly. But if you screwed up, you could lose a tooth or worse. Probably a good idea to leave it to the professionals until they invent a over-the-counter way to regrow enamel.

Is it safe?

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