Rock Magazine Rolling Stone Tells DJs What They Really Think of Their Music, It Ain't Pretty

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There is so much to love here. The writing. The talent. The visuals. The editing. The message. Bravo.


that is seriously one of the best visual communications I've seen in a long time.

that being said... love live house music.

Who did this? Couldn't have been internal....could it?

Couldn't figure that out. It's the Italian version of the magazine that released it.

I'm curious to know what the strategy was behind this campaign; if it's stupid on purpose or merely clueless. Did they even do any research to find out if they'd be offending their own existing readership? Bizarre they think that people who read their magazine also wouldn't like dance music. Especially in Europe.
This sucks so badly that it's being shared all over the world right now. Which makes it... successful, right? Sucks-sessful?

Rolling Stone is the "music" equivalent of People magazine.

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