"My First Rifle" Ad is freaking everyone out.

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After all the gun violence in the news lately, including a 5-year-old killing his 2-year-old sibling with his own single-shot 22-caliber rifle, people are admittedly a little freaked out when someone pulls this Cricket Rifle spot out of the archives.

If some parents want to increase the likelihood that someone in the family will be injured or die from a gun accident in order to give their young kid a John Wayne complex, who are we to say no? We'll think they're crazy, but hey, that's America. What we're nearly as outraged over is that the girl's rifle is pink. That just puts everything over the top.


Fuck the NRA and their profit-protecting politics. Children represent a large market.

They used to represent the gun OWNERS, now they represent the gun MANUFACTURERS!!

wow. i love how the mom has the barrel pointing at her sons head at :22.

This is how America is supposed to be. Pussies.

Yeah, this isn't at all insane. Nope...it's totally normal to hand a kid a weapon that can KILL people.

Pink?!?!?!? HOLY FUCKING SHIT! Nothing but OUTRAGE!!!!!!!!!!

Surprises me how many creatives/designers are against guns. Go out, take a safety class, Shoot. Realize it can be an ultra safe activity and is only unsafe when put in the hands of people that will do whatever it takes to murder people with anything, including a carrot. Just shut the fuck up about how guns are ruining the world.

"only unsafe when put in the hands of people that will do whatever it takes to murder people"



Let me know if you want me to continue...

Focus on the real problem. THE MOM GAVE A 5 YEAR OLD A GUN FOR HIS BIRTHDAY!

Wouldn't you rather have a generation of people who are trained to respect the inherent danger of a firearm instead of one that doesn't even know what an "assault rifle" is? Ignorance the problem here - and handing a kid a very low power rifle and giving them supervised training them on how to handle it is a damn good solution.

^ Previous comment is the best comment.

Learn the right ways, be safe for life. Keep guns locked away unless under the supervision of an adult.

Fact: If no one had a gun, there would be zero gun accidents.

But you point has merit - so why aren't we requiring extensive, mandatory training for anyone with a gun? Why isn't there a "driver's test" for gun owners?

You have to prove your ability to safely handle a car. You have to prove you're ability to pay for any damage your car does. And at any time, if you seriously violate any of the major car laws, you can have your right to drive taken away. So why don't we do that with guns?

Oh that's right - because that would somehow create imaginary restrictions on your 2nd Amendment.

"Fact: If no one had a gun, there would be zero gun accidents".

In a pre-gun world, that is true. The existence of guns makes that "fact" a moot point as there is and always will be a black market.

The exact same argument you made could be made for meth. Being illegal clearly keeps it out of everyone's hands - especially the hands that would abuse it.

Fact: driving is not a right.

Fact: Creeper will never change anyone's stance on guns, nor will I.

Fact: the denver egotist's political view points or color choice of a firearm is unwanted by the majority of it's readers.

The Denver Egotist. Come by and read our anti gun fear mongering propaganda! Spoon fed and proud! Helping denver suck more, daily.

The SF site pushed this post our way, so don't get too torn up that we're not on your side.

Yeah, if you want anti-gun fear mongering propaganda from a bunch of hippie gay commies who want to roll the 2nd Amendment and smoke it, we're your guys.

Or maybe we just don't like pink.

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