Banksy's Anti-Advertising Manifesto

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Oh, the irony.

the circle of life.

Your counterpoint is out of context with what he is saying...well done.

He forgot to mention that advertisers pay for 90% of your entertainment and news. If you don't like it, stop watching, reading and buying. Easy as that.

If he's so opposed to advertising, why did he choose to advertise his name at the bottom of the bottle?

The counterpoint does not fit the argument. Many ad campaigns are intentionally ubiquitous, and some can be nauseatingly repetitive. Banksy chose to lower the likelihood of his artwork being ripped off and redistributed against his will, thereby cutting down his exposure. The fact that he made a profit is impertinent (so long as you like your artists fed).

Sorry for not clarifying. But the point we're trying to make is that the guy thrives off the same thing advertisers do, yet knocks their practices. He copyrights his images — which become "forbidden to touch" — the same thing he's bashing advertiser's for. Oh, and no one invites him to paint his pieces on walls where people will be exposed to them. Yet, it's wrong for advertisers to do that. He's a marketing machine, he's just doing it in a more subtle way than your average brand.

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