Dove Puts Ads In Photoshop that Retract Retouching on Women's Bodies

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Does it get designers and art directors — whose job it is to retouch lady photos for a living — to stop that evil practice? Hell no. Does the idea win awards for Ogilvy, Toronto? Sure does. Seems like the agency wins here, but maybe not the client.


Scapegoat much? Dove - way to blame the probably underpaid designers and not very billion dollar, warped beauty industry you are part of. BTW, in case you forgot, your parent company owns Axe; wonderful portray of women there.

Creative masturbation from the agency that came up with it. They will continue to do retouch photos, the same as every agency, design firm and magazine. This is something that was designed to go viral (how else would regular people see it?) and make the Dove customers think "yeah, cool" but that's all it will do. And maybe win an award, but let's hope the juries see past that thinly-veiled strategy. Bollocks.

Yeah, this is in bad taste. I don't appreciate them blaming designers for this, many of us got into this industry to change exactly what it is they are talking about. Talk to advertising executives and people profiting from those ads, we could care less how pretty people look in finalized designs. More times than not, making people look pretty is no where near our end goals for a project.

Designers are the most shallow people ever, retouching photos to make a living, how disgusting -_- common dove, blame someone who pays the designers to retouch photos, like yourself.

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