Ogilvy Corn

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Shot in 1982 for Ogilvy's annual holiday soiree and featuring real employees. Zing.


We're gonna sell more coffee
We're gonna Shake n Bake
We're gonna sell more make-up
Oh how much money we'll make.

We're gonna get those billings
We're gonna cut overhead
We're gonna get new business
We might even make more bread
And Playtex
And Kotex
And QTips
And AmEx…



I just threw up in my mouth. A lot.

That made my ogilvy shrink like a cold shower.

Sad part is, they showed this at the company meeting and everyone laughed hysterically.

wow! this was painful. even for 1982!

Don't mistake hysterically for uncomfortably, Chris.

It's hysterical laughter induced by Kool-Aid.

Many of those people felt shame years later, after the Kool-Aid wore off.

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