Movie Marketing Gone Too Far

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Put any product in this "ad" and it's one we can't support. There's too much bullshit already happening in the world to fake a murder in front of unsuspecting bystanders. It's for the upcoming thriller crime film ‘Dead Man Down’ if you care to join us in not seeing it. We typically love Thinkmodo's work, but this one's in really poor taste.


I don't know how i feel about this. Nobody appears to have been hurt. While for marketing purposes this is a little fucked, it's an interesting social experiment. Suppose one of those unsuspecting witnesses had a concealed firearm and used it to help the "victim"... could have had a whole effect.

I'd be interested, on a more scientific level, what sort of data they took from this. How many people knew it was fake, ran away, got help, took matters into their own hands, etc.?

I actually don't mind it. For instance, from the previous comment, what if it were a social experiment? I feel like it would be ok for that so why not an ad?

It got me thinking, what would I do. It got my attention and got my heart pumping. I was upset with the individuals that walked away or didn't do anything, proud of the people that helped however they could, and surprised that nobody pulled a gun on them. It may be not everyones cup of tea but with everything an ad strives to accomplish I feel like this one grasped it all.

Yes it was a bit startling but I liked it. I also like the fact that it wasn't riddled with advertisement. It focused on a situation and ended with a simple title.

all actors

What moron wrote this post? This video is great. Provocative. Engaging. Viral.

I don't know if "genius" is the correct word, but according to everything I've learned in my marketing classes (marketing major at CSU Fort Collins), this does exactly what an effective ad is supposed to. It grabs the viewers Attention, it peaks their Interest, makes them Desire (something), and calls them to Action. Some, of whom, chose not to act, which is an act in and of itself. In regards to us, the tv viewers, it took us through the same steps by making us think, "Well what would I do?" No matter how you feel about the ad itself (horrible, great, etc.), the point is, it evokes a feeling, even if that feeling is hatred and disgust; you will remember this ad above others. That's the entire goal of advertising, isn't it? Brand Recall.

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