Countour Camera Copying the GoPro Ad Formula

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While this is quite thrilling to watch, we're a little put off by how closely Contour's mirroring GoPro's first-person perspective thrill videos. Maybe it just proves how unownable that style really is and that GoPro needs to push things further to keep differentiating.


Too long! GoPro nailed the :30 "epic moment" ads. This just doesn't hold a candle.


I'm a little confused on why you're put off by this video? It's one of many videos on the company's youtube channel that display what the camera was made for. It looks like a video from the bike rider because contour hooked him up with a free camera.

For me, it's good for what it's for. A youtube video for their youtube channel.

Looks like a new route at Valpo this year - and fewer stray dogs on the course:

I wouldn't worry too much about it. If you come into the ad a second or two late, or if you have no idea what a Contour camera is, you'd still think of it as a GoPro ad because they did it first. I could see GoPro going the way of Kleenex, in that no matter how the video was shot, with whatever product, the experience is still "Did they GoPro that?".
Ironic considering Contour's been around longer.

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