You Think 3D Printing is Neat? Not So Fast, Shooter

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In this newly-released documentary, Vice profiles Cody Wilson — who is designing a semi-automatic weapon that can be printed out on a 3D printer. You just download the plans, print it out and you're armed like a terrorist. This shit is no joke.



If people want guns, they will get guns. It's not a matter of legal or not. If people want to print guns, let them print guns. I see no problem with this.

What about conducting background checks and providing licenses to carry? This allows a complete end-around the safeguarding that's in place. Get real.

If you watch it, you will find out that hes only got two parts successfully made. They have a long way to go.

You're right, 3D printing isn't neat at all. It's a dangerous thing.

We need more safeguarding! I want background checks done on anyone who buys or rents a 3D printer!


You miss the point- the lower is the only part that has a serial number. All the other parts can be purchased completely anonymously, and are untraceable...

Anonymous #2- You miss the point. Just because you can order the other parts doesn't make the printing of a lower that scary. Like anonymous #1 said, if they want to get a lower, doing it the legal way probably isn't what they are looking for if they are going to do harm.

I know many people (friends) that have AR 15s and they only use them for target shooting and hunting. They went about everything the legal way and are safe. If they could print a lower instead of spending 1300 dollars I KNOW they would.

we should ban hammers, knives and baseball bats because they can be used to kill someone

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