Why People Hate Advertising

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Creators of this, do us all a favor and throw in the towel.



its not very often a commercial really bugs me.
just last night this commercial came on and I muted it.

The song is certainly silly, but the I liked the concept of the spot blue for the card & guitar throughout this piece. It just keeps my attention on the card the whole time.

Spot blue or not, I change the channel the second I see this :30 pile of crap.

The Fashion Prince sez: This spot makes my bottom hurt.

I also despise this spot, but at :22 I cant help but laugh because that lady's expression is so ridiculously out of place.

Sure it's an annoying ad with the new lyrics shoehorned in.
I'm more puzzled by my actions after watching.
I sign up for 14 Chase cards?

I think people hate advertising for more reasons than a shitty spot or two.

Frankly, ads I see during the 5 p.m.news make me feel left out and alienated since I don't suffer from ED, Low T, Restless Leg, Dry Eyes, Hot Dog Finger, Twitchy Liver, or Chronic Spastic Sack.

Thanks to advertising I now feel inferior and uncool.

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