Here's What TBWA\Chiat\Day Did with Southwest Airlines

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Long known for putting their down-to-earth employees in their irreverent advertising, Chiat is taking Southwest Airlines on a different course. Not sure about you, but we're tiring of these brand anthem commercials. This one in particular feels so inauthentic to the experience you actually get face-to-face with the brand. We want GSD&M back.


Where is the fun? Where is the touch of irreverence?
This looks like a Delta or United commercial.
I thought Southwest was different. Now I'm not so sure anymore.

Agreed. There was a reason Southwest left GSD&M. Maybe it's because they wanted generic.

Fun. was the soundtrack. That's where the fun is.

...which was poorly cut at the end.

This feels like another case of the client shooting the "rip". i.e. Agency pitches an idea with an "anthem" for the brand using stock footage, etc. Client loves the video and re-shoots the rip. This seems to happen way too much these days - especially when new agencies have pitched and are given the business.

Oh my goodness. Did Herb Kelleher see this spot before it got approved? Southwest is not like every other airline, but this spot is like every other airline. This is nothing at all like what the Southwest experience is like and is so generic which Southwest is not. Someone needs to be stuck in the middle seat in the back of the plane with a kid kicking his seat on a transcon flight for concepting, making, and approving this spot.


Jesus H. Christ. What a pile of dog excrement. Southwest Airlines is like your older brother. Still lives in the parent's basement, smokes a bit of herb, beats off to a bit of German porn, sleeps in and listens to Jethro Tull. Can't fault the guy, because when push comes to shove, he gets the job done, even if he is a little slow in the head. This commercial is not the Southwest Airlines I've grown to love.

hater's gotta hate.

then they gotta go work on that FSI with the snipe.

10 bucks says that spot would be the best thing on anyone above me's reel.


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