In-Disguise Jeff Gordon Takes Car Salesman on the Test Drive of His Life

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Super soft brand tie, but we dig it — even if the guy in the passenger seat is faking his scared shitlessness.


Obviously the entire thing was set up prior. Look at the after-market cup holder placed perfectly in the middle of the dash. So, do you guys think the car salesman really didn't know about it? Or was he an actor?

Total setup. No way would Pepsi's lawyers let that big of a lawsuit risk happen. I guess Pepsi likes to make people feel dumb.

Good point Wyatt. Bastards.

having paid actors in a commercial means its designed to make people feel dumb?

I guess ever commercial ever made then has been an insult to people watching it.

Well, no comment to your second point. But yes, trying to fool people into virally spreading something around that isn't what they think it is makes people feel dumb. At least once they realize they were duped. But that's pretty much what this industry is about right?

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