Here's What North Korea Tells Its Citizens About the Way Americans Live

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Mashable points out that the video was not posted to the YouTube channel where other North Korean propaganda is usually posted. Despite its authenticity as something created by the North Korean government, you can bet it pretty well resembles the outlandish brainwashing they're fed.


Seems about right. This could quite possibly be what America is headed for with a financial collapse set to happen this summer. Many, if not most Americans have no idea how badly our government is selling the people to the Corporations, and we call it job creation. It's more like slavery. Debt slavery. And if you can't pay your bills when the shit hits the fan you're thrown out on the street and then charged for a crime for being homeless. That's the way they've shaped this world now.

We already receive our own bit of propaganda here in the US. Every commercial for the armed forces or violent video games is brainwashing our children into believing war is the only way. One day when Big Brother has his drones in the sky, cameras on the streets, full control of the internet we will probably be receiving much harsher videos, but rest assured if we don't change our ways we will be just as bad off as N. Korea.

All I know is what I'll be having for dinner tonight: Wednesdays, it's always birds. They are yummy.

The video has already been taken down, but the first comment reminded me of the propaganda channel that our public schools show our high school kids to attempt to recruit them into the armed forces. They lose funding if they don't show it, but I think the scariest part is that they don't find it necessary to tell parents about it. I learned about it after my son graduated via an offhand comment!

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