The One Club's 'The Real Mad Men and Women of Madison Avenue' Documentary Premieres Sunday

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The One Club has made a documentary about the famous men and women of Madison Avenue during the height of the creative revolution. It airs at 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. this Sunday on PBS. It looks like a worthwhile glimpse at the history we should all know.

Watch First Look: The Real Mad Men and Women of Madison Avenue on PBS. See more from The Real Mad Men and Women of Madison Avenue.


It's airing only in New York in those times and on PBS. However, it should be posted online afterwards:

The "real" mad men like Jerry della Femina and the rest are no more real than the actors on the TV show. They were and some still are, overpaid for writing glib witticisms that purportedly altered American business. Mary Wells, for example, became famous for having Braniff aircraft painted like jelly beans putting on hundreds of pounds on each aircraft. Where is Braniff today?

Not one of them, especially so with the braggarts among them, could spend 36 hrs non-stop, writing and producing a national securities analyst presentation, down in the arena where business is truly formed.

Real advertising is hard work and no one brags about it. The only similarity they had with us is that we all faced idiotic, sometimes illiterate clients.

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