Because Typing T H E Is Such a Huge Pain in the Ass

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Paul Mathis has invested $75,000 of his own money in developing a single symbol that can replace the word "the" when typing — the most commonly used word in the English language. He's integrated it into a keyboard app he created and he'd like you to pay money for it. He's crazy.



Bring on the NEWSPEAK. Do as Big Brother says

Even as a writer, I can tell that cap t on this will look like crap within paragraphs and documents.

He's also like a thousand years too late.

Yep, don't like the capitalization of the 't' portion, it makes it always feel capitalized. The ampersand is it's own symbol, not just letters combined into one...

Yep Scott.
Sort of like the difference between a logo and a type treatment...

and discuss.

The ampersand IS a combination of letters - e and t. Et is French for 'and'. Some ampersands show it better than others.

I agree with all the comments on the characters form and can maybe buy into the thought of saving space in tweets. The saving of keystrokes isn’t compelling. Most likely the number of keystrokes saved would be one or zero - depending on the keyboard layout.

On a computer keyboard the special characters most often require a "shift" plus the character keystroke – saving one keystroke.

On some smartphones, iphone for example which is pretty popular, only the alphabet is readily available, the special characters are accessed by pressing the "123" then pressing "#+=", then the special character - zero keystrokes saved

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The ampersand is an E and a T for the Latin/Old French "et". Hence, the old (circa 18th and 19th century) usage of "&c." as an abbreviation for "et cetera".

Thorn is a perfectly fine letter.

þis is written wiþ þe þorn letter.

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